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Tuesday Poll: What Was 2012 The Year Of?

At the beginning of the year, we asked the DL readers what they were looking forward to in terms of mobile technology. With a large majority of the vote at 24% for the first batch of quad-core devices, I think it’s safe to say that how many cores your phone has really wasn’t the biggest deal of the year. In terms of what impacted us the most, we might have to give it up to Jelly Bean. It brought Android performance to an all-time high, introduced Google Now, and is what everyone has been hoping to have running on their device.

Followed by Jelly Bean, as Verizon customers (new and grandfathered), the introduction of Big Red’s Share Everything plans will eventually affect us all. The days of unlimited data are coming to an end as tiered data coupled with high prices will reign supreme over new mobile subscribers. And for you grandfathered users, your time will come as well.

You may think the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 would take the cake, but permit us to say we had hoped for more. With a lack of 4G LTE connectivity, a design that needs to be babied out of fear of breakage, and the simple fact that buying was completely ridiculous, it’s hard for us to give credit to Google on this one. On the other hand, the Nexus 7 has grown on us and we can’t imagine our Android lives without one.

What do you think? Let us know your full thoughts down below in the comments.

What was 2012 the year of?

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  • shane lawson

    iPHONE5 getting gadget of the year, iphone5 > best android phone

  • Alexander Garcia

    The RISE of Android!!!

  • Paul Gouldhawke

    Year of the Lawsuit.

  • Chris

    To me it was the year of some great new devices (I just got a Rezound as a phone, and over this past weekend bought a white EVO 4G LTE to replace my 5 inch Samsung Galaxy Player).

    I also think it was a year that HTC came out with some great devices. I just hope they will re-add SD card support, bigger batteries, and release their phones on all carriers. HTC is my favorite and I hope they can keep making phones and making some profit!

  • SeanBello

    how could it be the year of JB when only 5% of devices have it?

  • gotrubberducky

    The year of the patent wars.

  • legend618

    year 2013 should be year of great battery life

  • Jelly Bean took Android from a nerd obsession to a polished beast that will destroy iOS.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    The year Android OS fragmentation broke wide open

  • 7 Inch tablets. Nough said.

  • jb

    HTC screwing over it’s early adopters by not releasing updates.

  • Zach Karabatsos

    The Year of Apple v Android Lawsuites

  • i think is was the year of the samsung galaxy s3 but not the note 2. but im not gonna lie that jelly bean was huge too!

  • Alan Paone

    2012 is the year Google really started to ‘get’ design.

  • noisemakr

    2012 was the year of patent based lawsuits.

  • cooksta32676

    Samsung making fools out of the rest of the OEM, and selling anymore devices than all other OEM combined.

  • satsmine2k4

    2012 a year when everyone realized apple is tech public enemy no 1

  • i think 2012 was the year of the portable tablet. 7″ tablets made a HUGE impact on the mobile world this year. with the Nexus 7 and Kindle fire HD and the iPad Mini. they take the greatness of a larger screen device and the portability of a handset and combine them into one kick ass package. i couldn’t live without mine.

  • MattInPDX

    The year of Apple suing everybody for BS patent violations.

  • Famouz Starz

    another year of vzw withholding updates 😉

  • EC8CH

    2012: The year of FACKWORS!

  • Rob

    I only voted Galaxy S3/Note 2 because Samsung sold SO MANY FREAKING S3s. Jelly Bean was definitely important – it made a lot of Apple fanboys drop the “iOS is so smooth” argument. The Nexus program was a surprise with the device line up, but I would have been more impressed with multiple OEM Nexus phones (like a lot of us wanted) on all the major carriers (and not just carriers with HSPA+, but we all know Verizon probably wouldn’t be down, I mean look how bad they jacked with the GNex in terms of software updates).

  • JoshGroff

    Quad core! Loving my launch week N7 so freaking much, it’s literally the best device I own.

    • LionStone

      Agree…the N7 coupled with my DNA is kickin some serious butt. The DNA is the first device I can stream Pandora in 2G without any buffering!

  • John Zandig

    iphone 5!

  • The year of quad core AND LTE paired together.

  • The year of hashtags

  • Michael33704

    Samsung clearly demonstrated its dominance as the preeminent Android manufacturer…shame on you Motorola for being late to the party…..

  • Stevedub40

    Very tough one. I went with JB just because this is the version of Android that really put anything apple has done to shame. In fact, apple should be embarrassed with what they have released. I wish there was an all of the above option 🙂

  • bsilver2988

    The Patent War

  • The year apple got too high off their smug. ::South Park reference::

    • Bob O’Daniel

      They do like the smell of their own farts, huh?

  • tanknspank

    I honestly feel like it’s the new Nexus linup. Google showed it was serious about tablets and gave another great example in a phone for manufacturers to beat. Google is just as serious about good hardware now as it is software.

  • Guest

    I think this is the year of TV. Lets see some Google TV revolution

  • 2012 was year of Sammy VS Snapple and other frivoalous lawsuits.

  • no doubt 2012 was the year of JB. latest pole show JB use doubled in the last quarter

  • zepfloyd

    I would say having a new Android version mid year instead of end was a pretty big deal. I don’t think this year was about any one phone either – we get new Nexus every year and the 4 wasn’t the hype the Galaxy Nexus was last year. You could argue 7in tablets/Nexus 7 were the story this year, so much so it twisted Apple into pushing one out too.

    • The Gnex was total hype because it was the holy grail, a Nexus device on Verizon. Now that Nexus devices aren’t on Verizon anymore, we’re back to only being able to get Nexus phones on crappy networks.

      • zepfloyd

        The Gnex was not total hype, the world is bigger than the Verizon bubble. The previous device was the Nexus S, and for that the Gnex rumors dominated tech headlines starting in the summer. HD screens, what would the first phone and tablet OS merge really be like? (ICS) Would the screen be curved? Would it have LTE?

        • michael arazan

          Because the Nexus was on Verizon, the Nexus brand has grown exponentially because of it. The Galaxy Nexus was the most sold Nexus phone to date and now People Know what Nexus is.

          FYI FCC just granted DISH spectrum for a carrier and will auction off more spectrum. Sprint and DISH will be competing for this spectrum. Hopefully Google will Partner with DISH and together they will Brand A Nexus Network!

  • DanSan

    apple patent trolling.

  • Internet

    The Linux desktop.

    • Alan Paone

      No man, thats NEXT year. Its just gotta happen this time!

  • The year Verizon alienated it’s customers and pissed off manufacturers.

    • sonicyoof

      Isn’t that every year?

  • Tony

    Google Now?!

    • “Jelly Bean”

      • Tony

        I believe your site recently reported that Google Now is coming to Google Chrome in future. Therefore, Google Chrome =/= Jelly Bean.

        Also, it won Tech Innovation of the year (Google Now did, not Jelly Bean).

        • Google Now was introduced with Jelly Bean. No need to get all smart and what not lol

    • For the time being JB = Google Now. Until GN seperates itself from JB, that will hold true. And even if/when it does, it won’t be 2012 anymore.

  • QQpayne

    I’m going to have to agree with you here Tim, Jellybean is what has encompassed 2012 in the android landscape. It is one the most impactful changes to the android ecosystem in recent years, with significant updates to features as well as major gains in performance all stemming from an update that was not even a redesign of the current layout of the OS.

  • Greg C

    I actually need some help here..should I really spend and extra 300-400 bucks to get the note 2 if I can get the GS3 for 350?

    • PhoenixPath

      GS3, hands down. The only thing you’ll be missing is the S-Pen….not worth $300 for that one feature (especially if you plan on custom roms)

      • Greg C

        ok, I was an original droid owner as well as a droid x and x2 way back when they first came out. I, for some stupid reason, switched to apple. I am ready to come back to the android world. I havent rooted any since my droid. lol has it gotten any easier?

        • PhoenixPath

          Depends entirely on the device. If you really want to get back into that the easiest devices to root/install custom roms on are, by far, Nexus devices….but shy away from the Galaxy nexus if you use VZW.

          On other devices, it’s not as simple (and probably shouldn’t be) and I would not recommend the “one click” methods (of which there are many) until you are first very familiar with doing it manually (adb commands, and such).

          I’d supply some links, but it all depends greatly on your device/carrier….and if you’re at alla nxious about it, your best bet is to stick with a device you’d be fine with remaining on stock. 😉

      • Oh and the Premium Suite thats already installed, and the bigger screen, and the quad core, and 3100 mah, and the multi-window.. and the list continues ..

        • PhoenixPath

          Wow. A Note II fanboy. How cute.


          SIII. Quad Core. Premium Suite on the way. Troll on, fanboy.

          (You could simply have stated you think it’s worth the $300 instead of being an ass about it…people are allowed to disagree on the internet without being jerks about it)

          • JMonkeYJ

            actually, if you read his comment, he wasn’t an ass at all. he just listed a bunch of features. at least, that’s how i read it. i guess starting with “Oh” was very slightly ass-ish, but really not bad in the scheme of internet comment-dom.

          • PhoenixPath

            if you read his comment

            I replied to specific statements he made in his comment. How could I not have read it???

            “but really not bad”

            I’m not grading posts on a curve, here… I called it as I saw it. Sheesh. 😛

          • JMonkeYJ

            i was really just saying i think it pays to give people the benefit of the doubt and not assume they are attempting to rankle you.

          • PhoenixPath

            Maybe I’ve grown to cynical over the years…

  • Jason Sznol

    Can we do a write in of ‘The year of #DroidRage’

  • teevirus

    2012: The year I started to hate Verizon.

    • michael arazan

      The year I cursed Verizon to hell, just the execs and those running it.

  • sc0rch3d

    i only voted for higher quality displays b/c there was nothing related to the ridiculous size of screens that are on phones now (looking at you Note)

  • chris125

    The year of patent trolls and lawsuits

  • Mapekz

    Easily Nexus branding. Google is now able to advertise Android and control it to reign in the poor choices the OEMs have made with their devices (though Google isn’t perfect of course). We now have a global brand guaranteed to be stock Android and developer-friendly in all key form factors; it’s no wonder that the new Nexi are leaders in all of their form factor markets as per polls and surveys made on this site and others.

    Yes JB was awesome but it was a incremental upgrade over ICS whose main draw was the performance boost via Project Butter (seemingly nullified with all the extra features in 4.2.x).

  • I finally left Verizon, so 2012 is going to be the last year I bent over the table for them.

    • I’m going to when my plan is done. Where did you move to? I’m thinking of going back to Sprint.

      • I went to T-Mobile. Coverage and data speeds have actually been better compared to Verizon LTE (NC). I pay 30 bucks a month for 5GB of 4G (that gets capped if I exceed it), 100 minutes, and unlimited texting. I picked up the Nexus 4 coming from a Galaxy Nexus – I love it.

        • Kyle

          How much better is the nexus 4 compared to the Gnex spec wise?

          • I always thought my Galaxy Nexus was fast and smooth, but the N4 blows it out of the water. The IPS+ display is fantastic as well.

        • Good to know.

          I’ll have to do some research when I make the switch… see where the price/coverage/etc. is the best in my area. My brother has Sprint, and he seems to like it but, as I said, I need to do my own research. I could probably be fine with the 5GB you have.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            I switched from Verizon to Sprint. If I had it to do again I would I would have switched to Straight Talk. $50 unlimited everything, you can pick between AT&T & T-Mobile and you can used any unlocked phone.

      • I switched to Solavei (same as T-Mobile). $50/month for unlimited talk/text/4G (hspa+, throttled to 3G after 4GB)…perfect for the N4 🙂 …and they also have a referral plan that can get your monthly bill down to $0. Although I haven’t referred anyone, but $50/mo is still much better than $120 on vzw!

        • I pay about $80/month right now with Verizon (I’m still grandfathered into the unlimited plan, and have a 22% discount from my employer) but I’m so sick of their shenanigans. $50/month would be a nice $30/month drop, and still have basically the same plan from the sound of it. I just wouldn’t be on their super fast LTE, which I hardly use anyway.

          • yeah, I find that I’m on wifi most of the time anyway. And Solavei doesn’t make you sign a contract either (which is why I even tried them in the first place). And, it’s also nice to know that some day my bill could be $0 🙂

    • chris125

      I’m doing the same once my contact is up. Can save money with att and be able to get a nexus or unlocked phones

      • HTC1

        What? what you guys say? I can’t hear you, what? say it again. Still can’t hear you. Hold on, how about now, What?
        But hey, you saved money. Get what you pay for

        • chris125

          yeah I could say the same thing about some of the phones on verizon that I have had problems with lol. But I mean if you like being bent over and taking it then by all means go for it. But in my case I have coverage by all of the carriers in my area( all of which have lte except tmo) so I will spend my money how I want but thanks anyway =)