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Motorola Goes After Samsung’s Galaxy S3 in Latest Ad, “Don’t Get Stuck Downloading From Another Galaxy”

Motorola certainly likes to do product and feature comparisons with its competitors. They first started with the RAZR M and Google Now vs. the iPhone 5, but today’s battle goes a different direction. Instead of taking on Apple or Microsoft, Motorola is targeting the biggest Android player on the block, Samsung. I’m not sure that we’ve seen many Android manufacturers attack other Android manufacturers in the past, so this is definitely something to keep an eye on.Β 

In the new ad/campaign that was posted to the official Motorola Facebook account this evening, Moto wants to make sure that you “Don’t get stuck downloading from another galaxy. Get faster download speeds with DROID RAZR HD.” (Which is funny, since they use the same exact Qualcomm processor and modem.) They also present a link which takes you to a landing page on their site that compares battery life, build quality, and design of the RAZR HD to the Galaxy S3.

Moto mentions that the RAZR HD gets up to 24 hours of battery performance which equals to 20% more than the Galaxy S3. They talk about the KEVLAR fiber backing and water-repellant nanocoating that makes the device more durable, something the GS3’s “plastic back can’t say.” Finally, they talk about design, in a comparison that shows a really bloated and oddly shaped Galaxy S3 from the side against their perfectly rendered RAZR HD.

It’s an interesting move by Motorola. We all know that Samsung is the king of the mobile landscape these days, so it makes sense that others would start to attack them rather than spend all of their energy on Apple. I think it caught me off guard because it’s Android on Android crime. We should probably get used to it, though. Android is no longer the up-and-comer, it’s the front runner with one company leading the charge over the rest. Motorola, HTC, and LG are no longer just battling Apple, they are battling someone on their own turf.

Via: Β MotorolaΒ | Facebook

Cheers Andrew!

  • yungqb7

    I’m still sticking with Samsung for my next upgrade choice. Nice try motorola.

  • yarrellray

    Pretty comical Motorola can’t be serious with it’s Mack truck design and just bloated motoblur and crappy Verizon bloatware. We are pretty sure that sales must be drastically down in moto land. Ain’t nobody buying anything from moto hard pill to swallow. All Verizon cares about is it’s crappie bloatware filled Droid devices. Piss on Motorola and Verizon.

    • bananatroll

      thank you! Shame is, most people don’t even know the difference between an Android device, and a DROID device. Skins, bloatware, carrier branding are totally foreign and unknown to them. All they see is “iPhone 4G”, “DROID”, etc,.

  • lemonhead127

    On this website anything that isn’t a nexus or a Samsung phone gets kicked to the curb and trashed. πŸ™

    • cancerous_it

      maybe because the readers of this website are very knowledgeable about android and android devices. maybe there’s a reason most people on this website have samsung and nexus devices. maybe there’s a reason why some manufacturers and phones are struggling and some are not. capitalism works. if a company honors its commitments, gives customers what they want and produce quality up to date devices, they are usually rewarded. companies which are sucking wind, well there’s a reason.

      • bananatroll

        because Samsung has had a damned monopoly on the Nexus series for a while… until now.

  • Percy Snow

    Oh yea, i knew the convos would be great behind this comparison, bottom line its what you prefer you know a red car or a blue car? Red might be my favorite color blue might be yours, that’s why u got competition i use my phone for calling i own a bionic my wife own a GS3 and she always say i can’t see that little screen and laugh but when we travel and get in dead zones she ask to use my phone because she has no signal, i just laugh, and we both are on Verizon so, but moto my choice, Samsung is nice too….

  • mgamerz

    Motorola’s bootloader is locked up so tight it’s cutting off blood to all the developers brains. That insecure developer friendly bootloader those Galaxy S3 phones can’t say that.

    Motorola keeps their promises to upgrade your phones, so buy our phones. Until we revise the page saying you won’t actually get any updates. Samsung can’t say that.

  • Adamania

    The RAZR still sucks..

  • David dent

    Ive had my red sgs3 now for a while. Its the very best smart phone out there period.!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ motorola get over it already. No comparasion. Sgs3 Rules Hands Down.

  • frankandsimple

    Motorola any day better than Shamsung. That hack South Korean sham of a company needs to be driven out of business.

    • bananatroll

      hahahaha i’m glad i’m the only one to feel that way about the el cheap OEMs

  • David Narada Brown

    I actually dont see any harm in this. If all the android OEM’s advertised the unique feature their phones have over the others, I think this just markets the features available in android without even mentioning competition from apple or windows. Im more interested in android phones anyway so this helps android fans decide which phones best for them. Just my thoughts.

  • mcdonsco

    I’ve been a die hard moto fan for years, since the first og droid, had that, the x, the x2, the *cough* bionic, the razr, razr maxx, then recently got the maxx hd. Motos build quality is 2nd to none, the hardware is just about perfect…but with the maxx hd, there was one thing missing that a number of others were doing that forced me to return it…wireless charging.

    its awesome to have a battery that gets you through most of the day (but even on my busiest days, it would still die by. 2pm or so…but what would have been better, for me at least, is just when I set it down, It starts charging.

    now I’ve got the DNA, build quality is mattellish by comparison, but I’m sold on wireless charging…even installed one in my jeep…now, my battery, even this 2020 one, is always close to full.

    really wish moto would have done this on the maxx, when they do on upcoming phones, ill return.

  • J Davis

    As a proud owner of both the Droid Razr Maxx and the Galaxy Note II I will say.. Motorola go to your room and don’t come out till you can play nice, ohh and unlock your bootloaders, and get rid of Blur, and improve your screens, and cameras, and and and…

  • No

    Yea wall chargers usb chargers car chargers case chargers Razer keep your 20% batt I’ll keep my 50% more usefull TW features…

  • anon565

    And here starts the Android civil war.

  • rockstar323

    Maybe they were tired of the Samsung fanboys giving Android a bad name. They’ve really become more annoying than the iPhone fanboys. For the record I’ve owned a Fascinate, Charge, SGS3 and currently a GNex. As someone who has owned multiple phones from Samsung, I have no clue where all the hype is coming from. Their radios are crap. Their GPS is crap. Their phones feel cheap and fragile. The only reason I have a Samsung is because it’s the only Nexus available on Verizon.

  • Superdroid

    I have had Motorola phones for the last 15 years, this week I got a Galaxy Note II, will never look back. My wife is doing the same. Sorry Moto.

  • Knlegend1

    Lol this is pure comedy. Motorola if your software wasn’t so bad we wouldn’t need the extra juice. Tell that to the customers.

    • JoshGroff

      Compared to Touchwiz? Or are we talking about bugs?

      • Knlegend1

        Touchwiz is really bad but something about the Motorola software eats battery. That’s the reason they make the Maxx.

        • JoshGroff

          I can’t really say much about the drain since I only had the notoriously bad bionic, which I ended up flashing to liberty ROM (major battery improvement even with it overclocked at 1.3GHz,) and the Atrix 4G, which had decent battery life. The X2 I didn’t think was bad from the month or so I owned it.

  • Mark

    Non related to this post it appears Grand Theft Auto Vice City is back in the Google Play store

  • Honestly, Nexus or nothing end of story. If you think the new blur isn’t skinned you have played with or owned a nexus device. Completely open and you can do what you want with them. Hell I dual boot ubuntu and android which is truly only possible on a nexus. Other devices are cool, but none are as open.

  • cancerous_it

    As someone who’s owned 3 different Moto phones starting with the OG Droid, I say F Moto.

    Here’s a novel idea. Make better phones and quit lying to your customers. For the 3 or 4 of you who have Razr’s spare me how great it is. If it were universally true, there would be more people with Razrs, like 5 of 6. And Moto wouldn’t have to resort to such crappy marketing because the product would sell itself.

    • LionStone

      Hey it worked for Samsung! πŸ™‚

      • Probrono

        Except Samsung actually makes great products, not just hot air like Motorola.

        • LionStone

          Well that’s your opinion…many people say the same thing about apple πŸ™‚

  • PetiePal

    Too bad the Note 2 spanks them both. Yeah the Razr Maxx HD has 100 mAh more…but it doesn’t fare any better.

    Too bad the phone is “so protected” it’s bootloader is locked πŸ˜›

  • rawson815

    Moto who?? O wait the galaxy note 2 boot loader is unlocked…. hell ya

    • Sad, but almost all of Moto’s bootloaders are pretty locked as well. But OH WAIT, the Note 2 bootloader has recently been unlocked by Adam Outler. WINNING!

  • rawson815

    Lol moto who….. o wait the galaxy note 2 boot loader was unlocked….

  • I bought a 3800 mAh battery on eBay for my Note 2 for less that $20. Can you replace the battery on the RAZR? Nope. Not only can I swap when I feel like it, but even with the 3800 in my phone I still use the stock battery cover. My 2GB of RAM stomp on the MOTO as does the quad core proc.

  • There needs to be a battle, and a winner! They are just trying to sell phones, it will always be this way. What would things be like if we all agreed ALL the time and never took shots at one another? No competition..??? Nah, they need to do this to draw attention to themselves.

  • chadstone30

    “Don’t get stuck downloading from another galaxy.”

    What does that even mean?

    • flosserelli

      I was wondering the same thing. Its like they recycled an Asian ad, but something got lost in the translation.

  • RaptorOO7

    So Motorola compares their RazrHD instead of their standard Razr for battery life, okay, so what about the ability to swap batteries oh wait Moto doesn’t offer that. What about JB Moto and your lack of support on most every device.

  • bogy25

    apple is the enemy not each other …. come on Moto! I have the Maxx HD too…

  • tony

    I think the SGS3 is a garbage phone just took it back and got the droid razor hd

  • schoat333

    If you want people to notice your device, you target the best seller with your ad campaign. The Galaxy s III is on top right now. Its not rocket science.

  • Make some good Nexus inspired phones and promise about updates then I’ll leave Samsung

  • teeth

    My screen time is always higher than my system idle time and battery last 2 days on the ol Sammy, and I don’t even touch my backup battery I keep in my car. Oooooooooooooh. Nice plastic fiber on the back do you race M. Ooooooooooooh.

  • number01pup

    Getting galaxy note 2 next week. Its called interchangeable batteries, you remember those Motorola. I do.

  • stubb15

    I love Moto hardware but not pentile displays and camera sensors from three years ago.

    • Danrarbc

      1 year ago.

  • cooksta32676

    Motorola must be very butt hurt that the galaxy s 3 grossed more in sales than all of Motorola phones combined all year.

    • cooksta32676

      oh yeah, it was only out for 6 months anyway.

  • DJ SPY

    Hmm Google going against its “partners” yeah, that Moto Nexus is coming! I’ve been thinking, maybe Samsung’s success has given them the balls to create their own OS and dump Android.

    • bananatroll

      The Nexus series is a South Korean Exclusive series of devices. This is why you will NEVER see an official motorola Nexus device.

      Sweat shops and slaves produce and design smartphones way cheaper than any Japanese, Swedish, or American company ever could.

      There is no competition with Samsung, and most folks don’t give a crap about radios and build quality anyways. The Folks in south Korea see this, and have capitalized on it. What little market share Motorola has left is slowly being eaten away by smarphone users that simply don’t know any better…

  • Ray

    Suck on my nexus 4