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Motorola Goes After Samsung’s Galaxy S3 in Latest Ad, “Don’t Get Stuck Downloading From Another Galaxy”

Motorola certainly likes to do product and feature comparisons with its competitors. They first started with the RAZR M and Google Now vs. the iPhone 5, but today’s battle goes a different direction. Instead of taking on Apple or Microsoft, Motorola is targeting the biggest Android player on the block, Samsung. I’m not sure that we’ve seen many Android manufacturers attack other Android manufacturers in the past, so this is definitely something to keep an eye on.Β 

In the new ad/campaign that was posted to the official Motorola Facebook account this evening, Moto wants to make sure that you “Don’t get stuck downloading from another galaxy. Get faster download speeds with DROID RAZR HD.” (Which is funny, since they use the same exact Qualcomm processor and modem.) They also present a link which takes you to a landing page on their site that compares battery life, build quality, and design of the RAZR HD to the Galaxy S3.

Moto mentions that the RAZR HD gets up to 24 hours of battery performance which equals to 20% more than the Galaxy S3. They talk about the KEVLAR fiber backing and water-repellant nanocoating that makes the device more durable, something the GS3’s “plastic back can’t say.” Finally, they talk about design, in a comparison that shows a really bloated and oddly shaped Galaxy S3 from the side against their perfectly rendered RAZR HD.

It’s an interesting move by Motorola. We all know that Samsung is the king of the mobile landscape these days, so it makes sense that others would start to attack them rather than spend all of their energy on Apple. I think it caught me off guard because it’s Android on Android crime. We should probably get used to it, though. Android is no longer the up-and-comer, it’s the front runner with one company leading the charge over the rest. Motorola, HTC, and LG are no longer just battling Apple, they are battling someone on their own turf.

Via: Β MotorolaΒ | Facebook

Cheers Andrew!

  • yungqb7

    I’m still sticking with Samsung for my next upgrade choice. Nice try motorola.

  • yarrellray

    Pretty comical Motorola can’t be serious with it’s Mack truck design and just bloated motoblur and crappy Verizon bloatware. We are pretty sure that sales must be drastically down in moto land. Ain’t nobody buying anything from moto hard pill to swallow. All Verizon cares about is it’s crappie bloatware filled Droid devices. Piss on Motorola and Verizon.

    • bananatroll

      thank you! Shame is, most people don’t even know the difference between an Android device, and a DROID device. Skins, bloatware, carrier branding are totally foreign and unknown to them. All they see is “iPhone 4G”, “DROID”, etc,.

  • lemonhead127

    On this website anything that isn’t a nexus or a Samsung phone gets kicked to the curb and trashed. πŸ™

    • cancerous_it

      maybe because the readers of this website are very knowledgeable about android and android devices. maybe there’s a reason most people on this website have samsung and nexus devices. maybe there’s a reason why some manufacturers and phones are struggling and some are not. capitalism works. if a company honors its commitments, gives customers what they want and produce quality up to date devices, they are usually rewarded. companies which are sucking wind, well there’s a reason.

      • bananatroll

        because Samsung has had a damned monopoly on the Nexus series for a while… until now.

  • Percy Snow

    Oh yea, i knew the convos would be great behind this comparison, bottom line its what you prefer you know a red car or a blue car? Red might be my favorite color blue might be yours, that’s why u got competition i use my phone for calling i own a bionic my wife own a GS3 and she always say i can’t see that little screen and laugh but when we travel and get in dead zones she ask to use my phone because she has no signal, i just laugh, and we both are on Verizon so, but moto my choice, Samsung is nice too….

  • mgamerz

    Motorola’s bootloader is locked up so tight it’s cutting off blood to all the developers brains. That insecure developer friendly bootloader those Galaxy S3 phones can’t say that.

    Motorola keeps their promises to upgrade your phones, so buy our phones. Until we revise the page saying you won’t actually get any updates. Samsung can’t say that.

  • Adamania

    The RAZR still sucks..

  • David dent

    Ive had my red sgs3 now for a while. Its the very best smart phone out there period.!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ motorola get over it already. No comparasion. Sgs3 Rules Hands Down.

  • frankandsimple

    Motorola any day better than Shamsung. That hack South Korean sham of a company needs to be driven out of business.

    • bananatroll

      hahahaha i’m glad i’m the only one to feel that way about the el cheap OEMs

  • David Narada Brown

    I actually dont see any harm in this. If all the android OEM’s advertised the unique feature their phones have over the others, I think this just markets the features available in android without even mentioning competition from apple or windows. Im more interested in android phones anyway so this helps android fans decide which phones best for them. Just my thoughts.

  • mcdonsco

    I’ve been a die hard moto fan for years, since the first og droid, had that, the x, the x2, the *cough* bionic, the razr, razr maxx, then recently got the maxx hd. Motos build quality is 2nd to none, the hardware is just about perfect…but with the maxx hd, there was one thing missing that a number of others were doing that forced me to return it…wireless charging.

    its awesome to have a battery that gets you through most of the day (but even on my busiest days, it would still die by. 2pm or so…but what would have been better, for me at least, is just when I set it down, It starts charging.

    now I’ve got the DNA, build quality is mattellish by comparison, but I’m sold on wireless charging…even installed one in my jeep…now, my battery, even this 2020 one, is always close to full.

    really wish moto would have done this on the maxx, when they do on upcoming phones, ill return.

  • J Davis

    As a proud owner of both the Droid Razr Maxx and the Galaxy Note II I will say.. Motorola go to your room and don’t come out till you can play nice, ohh and unlock your bootloaders, and get rid of Blur, and improve your screens, and cameras, and and and…

  • No

    Yea wall chargers usb chargers car chargers case chargers Razer keep your 20% batt I’ll keep my 50% more usefull TW features…

  • anon565

    And here starts the Android civil war.

  • rockstar323

    Maybe they were tired of the Samsung fanboys giving Android a bad name. They’ve really become more annoying than the iPhone fanboys. For the record I’ve owned a Fascinate, Charge, SGS3 and currently a GNex. As someone who has owned multiple phones from Samsung, I have no clue where all the hype is coming from. Their radios are crap. Their GPS is crap. Their phones feel cheap and fragile. The only reason I have a Samsung is because it’s the only Nexus available on Verizon.

  • Superdroid

    I have had Motorola phones for the last 15 years, this week I got a Galaxy Note II, will never look back. My wife is doing the same. Sorry Moto.

  • Knlegend1

    Lol this is pure comedy. Motorola if your software wasn’t so bad we wouldn’t need the extra juice. Tell that to the customers.

    • JoshGroff

      Compared to Touchwiz? Or are we talking about bugs?

      • Knlegend1

        Touchwiz is really bad but something about the Motorola software eats battery. That’s the reason they make the Maxx.

        • JoshGroff

          I can’t really say much about the drain since I only had the notoriously bad bionic, which I ended up flashing to liberty ROM (major battery improvement even with it overclocked at 1.3GHz,) and the Atrix 4G, which had decent battery life. The X2 I didn’t think was bad from the month or so I owned it.

  • Mark

    Non related to this post it appears Grand Theft Auto Vice City is back in the Google Play store

  • Honestly, Nexus or nothing end of story. If you think the new blur isn’t skinned you have played with or owned a nexus device. Completely open and you can do what you want with them. Hell I dual boot ubuntu and android which is truly only possible on a nexus. Other devices are cool, but none are as open.

  • cancerous_it

    As someone who’s owned 3 different Moto phones starting with the OG Droid, I say F Moto.

    Here’s a novel idea. Make better phones and quit lying to your customers. For the 3 or 4 of you who have Razr’s spare me how great it is. If it were universally true, there would be more people with Razrs, like 5 of 6. And Moto wouldn’t have to resort to such crappy marketing because the product would sell itself.

    • LionStone

      Hey it worked for Samsung! πŸ™‚

      • Probrono

        Except Samsung actually makes great products, not just hot air like Motorola.

        • LionStone

          Well that’s your opinion…many people say the same thing about apple πŸ™‚

  • PetiePal

    Too bad the Note 2 spanks them both. Yeah the Razr Maxx HD has 100 mAh more…but it doesn’t fare any better.

    Too bad the phone is “so protected” it’s bootloader is locked πŸ˜›

  • rawson815

    Moto who?? O wait the galaxy note 2 boot loader is unlocked…. hell ya

    • Sad, but almost all of Moto’s bootloaders are pretty locked as well. But OH WAIT, the Note 2 bootloader has recently been unlocked by Adam Outler. WINNING!

  • rawson815

    Lol moto who….. o wait the galaxy note 2 boot loader was unlocked….

  • I bought a 3800 mAh battery on eBay for my Note 2 for less that $20. Can you replace the battery on the RAZR? Nope. Not only can I swap when I feel like it, but even with the 3800 in my phone I still use the stock battery cover. My 2GB of RAM stomp on the MOTO as does the quad core proc.

  • There needs to be a battle, and a winner! They are just trying to sell phones, it will always be this way. What would things be like if we all agreed ALL the time and never took shots at one another? No competition..??? Nah, they need to do this to draw attention to themselves.

  • chadstone30

    “Don’t get stuck downloading from another galaxy.”

    What does that even mean?

    • flosserelli

      I was wondering the same thing. Its like they recycled an Asian ad, but something got lost in the translation.

  • RaptorOO7

    So Motorola compares their RazrHD instead of their standard Razr for battery life, okay, so what about the ability to swap batteries oh wait Moto doesn’t offer that. What about JB Moto and your lack of support on most every device.

  • bogy25

    apple is the enemy not each other …. come on Moto! I have the Maxx HD too…

  • tony

    I think the SGS3 is a garbage phone just took it back and got the droid razor hd

  • schoat333

    If you want people to notice your device, you target the best seller with your ad campaign. The Galaxy s III is on top right now. Its not rocket science.

  • Make some good Nexus inspired phones and promise about updates then I’ll leave Samsung

  • teeth

    My screen time is always higher than my system idle time and battery last 2 days on the ol Sammy, and I don’t even touch my backup battery I keep in my car. Oooooooooooooh. Nice plastic fiber on the back do you race M. Ooooooooooooh.

  • number01pup

    Getting galaxy note 2 next week. Its called interchangeable batteries, you remember those Motorola. I do.

  • stubb15

    I love Moto hardware but not pentile displays and camera sensors from three years ago.

    • Danrarbc

      1 year ago.

  • cooksta32676

    Motorola must be very butt hurt that the galaxy s 3 grossed more in sales than all of Motorola phones combined all year.

    • cooksta32676

      oh yeah, it was only out for 6 months anyway.

  • DJ SPY

    Hmm Google going against its “partners” yeah, that Moto Nexus is coming! I’ve been thinking, maybe Samsung’s success has given them the balls to create their own OS and dump Android.

    • bananatroll

      The Nexus series is a South Korean Exclusive series of devices. This is why you will NEVER see an official motorola Nexus device.

      Sweat shops and slaves produce and design smartphones way cheaper than any Japanese, Swedish, or American company ever could.

      There is no competition with Samsung, and most folks don’t give a crap about radios and build quality anyways. The Folks in south Korea see this, and have capitalized on it. What little market share Motorola has left is slowly being eaten away by smarphone users that simply don’t know any better…

  • Ray

    Suck on my nexus 4

  • mxracer9111

    Moto is better than Samsung. I own Samsung Tv’s they are good. Moto invented the radio in a phone. They have the best build quality, BTW i am running Jelly bean on my Moto device (Razr Maxx HD). I believe Verizon has not pushed out that one for S3. Droid does. I do have respect for the Samsung tho. They are a great company.

  • feztheforeigner

    I’m still going to stick with my Droid DNA…

    • Ibrick

      One of the few sensible comments in this thread..

  • see i use to be a moto fan boy. the S3 is my first samsung phone since the old classic Juke. Android manufacturers shouldn’t attack each other just yet. just my opinion

  • Akashshr

    Finally the right person to pick fights with!
    Plastic piece of plastic S3 crap!

  • nsnsmj

    So many annoying Samsung fanboys in these comments.

    • Hmm….

      Sammyfanboys are the new iSheep, and quite frankly, it’s encouraged by the snide comments from the writers here on DL. I said it and I’ll stand by it.

      • Immolate

        Who’s a fanboy? I buy the best phones available, one every few months. The best phones right now are Samsungs. If Moto doesn’t get over its inferiority complex and play to win, it will keep being Samsungs, unless HTC keeps stepping up that is. I have zero brand loyalty. If I did, I’d still be using Motorola.

    • azndan4

      Agreed. But the Motorola fanboys are even worse.

  • Ignacio Cardenas

    What ever happened to paying respect to the company that helped make android successful and this site possible???

    • Immolate

      Much love for Moto, but Samsung didn’t pick this fight.

  • roberthenderson

    Moto: feels great in hand, great battery life
    Sammy: screen, memory, camera/video, (you don’t even need to download a Rom, several launchers can give you the unskinned feel).
    Went with the gs3

  • azndan4

    Motorola – Crappy software, questionable build quality (I’ve had numerous defective Motorola devices in the past), outdated tech in each new phone. Samsung – Crappy reception, ugly software, phones feel cheap. Both companies suck.

  • DigitalDK

    I love how Moto totes their water repellent nano coating like it’s some holy grail, however they build the battery into the device so if it gets wet (which the nano coating doesn’t really protect from all that well) it’s undoubtedly toast. Nothing but a gimmick just like using Kevlar .. start using a poly carbonate body like the big boys I say πŸ˜‰ (not referencing the GS3)

  • I’ll take Samsung over Motorola any day of the week and twice on Sundays. I’ve owned phones from both and Sammy is far more superior.

  • Hmm….

    About time Moto starts standing up for itself, and also time for someone to call out the fanboy attitude about the plastic fantastic Samsungs with their crap radios. Sure, an extra bit of ram would be nice, but neither that nor the extra processor cores are even used at this point in phone development. It’s pretty much just marketing bs, whereas the superior build and radios of the Moto make a real world difference right now, not just for vaporware that might exist in the future. I say go gettem Moto, and follow up the tough talk with constantly better devices.

    • azndan4

      You’re a noob. There is no excuse for coming to market 6 months late (Razr HD) with the exact same hardware as your competitor (S3). I dislike both companies for a variety of different reasons but having more advanced technology is not a reason to dislike a phone.

      • Hmm….

        Try working on your reading comprehension instead of failed name calling. Nowhere did I say anything about liking or disliking anything. Factually incorrect and ignorant statement.

        • azndan4

          Samsung with their crap radios = dislike samsung. Rationalizing weaker specs = liking Motorola.

          • Hmm….

            Yet another utterly oblivious statement. Try actually discussing my points and if you disagree with them, try to disprove them like a mature, rational adult. My statement is based on well documented fact, which has nothing to do with liking or disliking any device. Whether or not you “like” a company is irrelevant. Or perhaps you’re just another fanboy trolling for attention, in which case there is no value in wasting time on the uninformed.

      • Tyler Cameron

        What’s with this myth that Motorola has superior radios? I have a RAZR M. I had a Rezound. The Rezound got WAY better signal than ANY Motorola I’ve ever seen.

        • yep got to say htc as the best radios out of all of them

    • Immolate

      When Moto start making phones that are as appealing as the Samsungs, I (and a lot of others) will start buying Moto’s. Don’t blame others for the lack of Moto’s success. That’s on them. Of my last two phone purchases, an S3 and a Note 2, only the DNA gave me reason to consider something else. Both Note 2 and DNA are in whole better class than the Maxx HD, which was engineered to compete with the GS3.

  • bananatroll

    about damned time Motorola! Googles OS needs a little I’m house quality competition. Not that the bloatware ridden SGS3 would ever compare in quality and cellular reception to anything Motorola had to offer, but still… About damned time. The next one needs to be about metal vs plastic… and how samesungs phone have virtually none at all.

    And that is the same reason google repetitively picks the mass market propagandist south Korea junk phone producers as the Nexus manufactures every single time without question.

    Lets go over yet another Nexus phone history review:

    Nexus One: HTC
    Galaxy Nexus: SAMSUNG
    Nexus 4: LG

    Sony, Motorola, Nokia, etc, will never get a shot at Googles flagship line of smartphones if the cheapskates in mountain view have anything to say about out…

    I’m not trying to sound anti capitalist here or whatever but doesn’t seem at least a little screwed


    Because they’re cheapskates. the cost of producing a nexus device via an OEM like Sony our Motorola would not justify the superior quality hardware, more efficient radios, superior GPS chips or (insert more excuses here).

    Bottom line is the Nexus program has nothing whatsoever to do with hardware quality, radio firmware, or even developer experience……

    Its this simple:

    Its all about the absolute cheapest, simplest, easiest to mass produce device compatible with the most carriers at once add physically possible.

    Do these folks I’m mountain view even give two flying ****s about CDMA carriers like Sprint our Big Red?


    Does Apple? Does RIM? Yes.

    Google still hasn’t learned the rules of the game yet.

    If you want to produce superior quality product for carriers nationwide you have to be willing too spend a little extra money.

    I used to think the whole open source OS idea was a great one. But for those who
    Demand consistent quality and solid customizable end user experience…


    I’m sorry to say, but unless Google ceases their policy of picking the elcheapo south Korean/Chinese OEMs like they always duo rather than one of the oldest communications pioneers of the last 100 years or the inventors of the infamous windscreen CRT sets of ages gone by.

    They will always be viewed as ad based pawns whom sell out too the lowest bidder, while at the same time having no backbone whatsoever with US mobile carriers.

    Why is there no Sony, Motorola, or Nokia Nexus phones? Why well there NEVER be a Nexus phone produced by a American or Japanese manufacture?

    Because Google has a bunch of damned cheapskates running their developer hardware division, That’s why!!!

    Eric Schmidt is a cheap butthead, and he just doesn’t want to pay higher quality cost off labor associated with a superior product from the likes of Motorola, Nokia our Sony.

    Shame on you Google, shame on you!!!

    • summit1986

      tell us what you REALLY think…

  • SexciiP

    This ad is a bunch of lies. Everyone knows that the GalaxySIII reigns supreme over all smartphones!

  • William_Morris

    Problem with both phones? LOCKED BOOTLOADER.

  • Theot

    After a fascinate, X2 and now a Verizon GNEX build quality is about more than the feel of the phone to me. I love having these devices on hand to do all kinds of stuff when I need it to. My Verizon GNEX will barely last 8 hours with light use as it sucks the battery dry while idle , drops calls, has a horribly weak radio and an even worse wifi radio. Moto’s have superb radios and battery life. To me that is build quality and the fact that I don’t have to carry extra batteries and wonder if I’m going to have signal tops having a quad core with extra memory. The camera on my X2 fit my needs very well so as long as it’s at least as good as that I’m happy. I just think Samsung phones are cheap, cheap radios and horribly inefficient for the most part.

  • I personally would LOVE to see Google push its own Nexus line more, since it’s THAT line that’s the purest, most up-to-date, least bloated Android experience of them all…

  • JPose

    I only wish moto had gotten their shΒ°t together in time to offer some sort of choice on Verizon prior to the demise of unlimited data! In June Verizon only had one new flagship model, the GSIII!

  • salberto1

    Moto blur is by the ugliest on Android I’ll stick with my Note 2. Thank you, best battery life on any v4G Devices. . #Verizon LTE

    • And Motoblur has been dropped with ALL ICS and up devices, replaced with a more Nexus-like experience…

    • Mike


    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Actually, MotoBlur has been scrapped and now Motorola uses stock Android with just a few modifications (and the carrier bloat of course), so that’s not a valid point anymore. For those who don’t want the cartoon fest that is TouchWiz (albeit with some useful features), RAZR HD’s interface is a better choice.

    • summit1986

      This isn’t twitter, stop using hashtags

  • markopolo

    I’m done buying phones I bought almost all Motorola phones since the og droid n I’m on the first RAZR .. I agree to Al of the above. But I’m not buying the s3 or the notewhich I did want the note but that button in the middle I hate ghats why I never bought the iPhone .. I’m keeping myraZr til I get a Motorola nexus. . if not than I’ll stick to this phone til I. ant make a simple call or browse the internet …

  • Mike

    I’m not into rooting that much but as far as right out of the box motos skin is far better than touchwiz. On screen buttons like Google intended Sammy?

  • Its pretty bad when you go to a Verizon store and they tell you that the radio’s in the Samsung phones are not that good and your better off with a motorola. I found out the hard way with the Gnex never again

    • Immolate

      Thankfully, the reps in my Verizon store are smarter than that. If they weren’t, I’d educate them.

  • Okay, Motorola, Samsung is not the enemy. Go back to making fun of Apple. I like Moto’s stuff myself, but the choice is what makes Android so great.

  • Christopher Williams

    Wow looks like someone is butt sore… make a nexus moto then we’ll care…

  • I dont own a s3,but the wife does and i like feel of the s3 and even the note 2(even if its two big for me) over any of the droid razors

  • Mike

    Ugly touch wiz vs nearly stock android…hmm

  • Warwick

    Why android trying to eat android. Go eat IOS first.

  • Jack

    Sooooooo happy with my S3.

    Motorola phones simply can not compare. Sure you can always look around and find something that might have one thing better than the S3, but as a whole there is not one device that is as awesome as the S3, except for maybe the Note.

    • Ibrick

      Are we just talking on VZ here? Or including the other major carriers?

      Just on VZ, the DNA is a better phone.

      Across all carriers, I’d take a One X, One X+ over the S3 as well. Haven’t even held an Optimus G, so I won’t comment on that, but the S3 is not the, end all be all, phone.

      • Immolate

        I studied the DNA and Note 2 extensively and chose the Note 2. The DNA was clearly inferior overall. More pixels just doesn’t overcome the DNA’s other deficiencies.

      • Derek

        The DNA’s only selling point is the screen, which incidentally becomes irrelevant since human beings can’t even physiologically see that many ppi’s. Sure it has a marginally better processor since it’s a new device compared to a 6 month old one. But that’s exactly the point. Samsung’s half a year phone still offers an equal or superior experience than the DNA. Ditto for the other two phones you mentioned.

        Not to mention HTC’s Sense and build quality is a piece of sh**.

        • Ibrick

          Marginally better processor? Really?

          HTC’s build quality is sh*t?

          Get Sammy’s d*ck out of your mouth, nothing Samsung has ever put out comes near the build quality of any phone HTC has put out this year.
          Samsung makes a quality phone, no doubt about it, but the S3 is 6 months old and is no longer the king of the hill. It happens to every phone. Accept it.
          I also don’t recall mentioning the Note 2.. thought we were just comparing the S3 here?

          • Jacket0wned

            Yes the processor is marginally better. You’re not going to see a screaming difference between the S3 and the Droid.

            Sorry but go to XDA or any real tech enthusiast site and read comments about build quality for HTC devices. You’ll find a lot of HTC customers saying they were fooled into thinking HTC has good build quality. HTC only seems like it has good build quality at first, but they have a high malfunction rate. HTC phones break down very quickly into their product life.

            On the flip side, Samsung seems to not have good build quality, but you’ll find their products last longer and don’t damage or break down easily. Not to mention most people don’t even realize both Samsung and HTC use the exact same body materials.

            It’s a very, very, very common misconception.

            I used to work at a company that flips used cell phones, and I see more HTC devices in poor quality than other brands.

  • TylerChappell

    I am not a huge fan of either Samsung or Motorola. But really now? I’m sorry, but I will take an extra gig of RAM over a mere 400mAh of non-removable battery life any day! Not to mention the RAZR’s vastly inferior camera.
    This is just sad., Google needs to give the motorola marketing team a little slap on the wrist.

    • BSweetness

      Yep. When that massive battery in the MAXX HD runs dry earlier in the day (and the battery in my MAXX did on several occasions), you’re stuck being tied to an outlet or portable charger for awhile. I’d much rather be able to just pop in a spare battery and keep going.

      • TSY87

        exactly why I would chose a removeable battery over a large capacity non-removable one. a lot of isheep don’t understand that just because you get good performance out of your battery, it can still be a limiting factor when you can’t be tied down to a charger and need your phone longer than usual.

        • BSweetness

          And it’s one reason why I love the Note 2. A removable battery that’s almost the same size as the battery in the MAXX HD.

          • TSY87

            my friends that have the note 2 get INCREDIBLE battery life.. Im totally jealous.. I usually carry 2 extra batteries when I go out for the day (vzw galaxy nexus)

      • mgamerz

        Why wouldn’t you just get a portable charger? Then you don’t have to break open the case.

        • BSweetness

          Because it’s awkward to be connected to a charger when you’re needing to use the phone or don’t have a lot of space for it.

  • I’m sure Sammy will snap back. They are both good phones with some things better on each one. If Motorola would stop sucking up to Verizon and make the same phones for other carriers then they would probably be doing much better.

  • sh*t just got serious.

  • Michael G

    S3? Meh…. I have a few friends who have it and I’ve played around with the S3. I just can’t get past Samsung’s skin! It’s horrible! I am still rocking my G-Nex from last year and don’t see an end in site ’til Moto comes out with a Nexus device.

    • Trevor

      The S3 + AOKP = awesome. Just like the GNex (software-wise) but upgraded internals. Love it!

      • Michael G

        Yeah I guess after awhile I could put CM on it. I usually wait a few months before rooting to enjoy the device though. What forces my hand is when Verizon pisses me off with the lack of updates. It all started with waiting for Gingerbread on my OG Droid. lol

        • Well, rooting will eliminate waiting for VZW updates.

          • Michael G

            Like I said, I enjoy the device itself ’til VZW pisses me off enough to root.

        • Trevor

          Yep, that’s what caused me to finally root my GNex and put Bugless Beast on it. I love the S3 now, except I do miss the onscreen navigation buttons. That was a step back in my opinion.

      • Tyler Cameron

        I know this is nitpicky, but I can’t stand the buttons on the S3. Why do the side buttons disappear when you don’t touch the screen for 2 seconds? Why is there a menu button??? Menu buttons are obsolete. There needs to be a recent apps button. And why did Samsung fragment Android by changing the way you take a screenshot????

        • Trevor

          I’m not a fan of the buttons either. You can set up the capacitive buttons to stay lit for longer than the default 2 seconds or whatever it is (at least in Touchwiz you have this option).

          You access recent apps by holding down the home button. It’s not as quick as the Galaxy Nexus or anything with onscreen buttons, but it gets the job done.

          I also hated Samsung’s implementation of screen capturing, but unlocking, rooting and AOKPing has solved that issue, as I essentially am running stock 4.1.2 Android right now (with some AOKP tweaks of course).

    • Phil Onyschuk

      Apex launcher…….done.

    • Immolate

      I ran AOKP ROMs on my S3 for most of the time I owned it, but I finally went back to TouchWiz. I missed all the cool stuff that Samsung put in their skin. I’ll stick with TouchWiz-based ROMs for my N2.

    • Jack

      I actually love Samsung’s interface. It offers so much functionality.

      IMHO, plain Android is overrated in terms of looks and functionality. I notice that anything Google branded gets automatic approval no matter how mediocre it is. It’s like people unwittingly think they should like it rather than really thinking about it to see whether they really like it or not. It’s almost as bad as being an iSheep.

      But speedy updates is a plus.

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t have a problem with the GSIII’s battery? If it’s that much of an issue, buy a backup one for what, $20?

    • Mine lasts all day even with a couple hours of screen time.

    • MicroNix

      My GS3 battery lasts all day and still has >30% at 10pm. No problems here!

  • Thomas

    What do you do when your product is inferior ? You attack your competitor. Hey Motorola make 1 flagship RAZR not a RAZR this & RAZR that. Focus on making better products rather than cashing in off an old name ( RAZR ).

    • Not always true. Samsung attacked the iphone 5 with it’s line of commercials of people outside of apple stores waiting in line. Yet the GS3 is superior to the iphone 5. In that case they attacked the Iphone for shits n giggles.

      • K-Solo

        No he was right…

      • Sammy attacked the iPhone5 and the sheeple that line up for it because Apple really didn’t do much to upgrade it other than a slimmer profile and a SLIGHTLY larger screen.

    • Mapekz

      They will. Watch next year possess just three RAZRs max (pun intended), the same three Droids on VZW except on all carriers and globally. I hope they also squeeze in a Nexus.

    • Justin W

      Your forgetting the Galaxy S III Mini, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Premier… It goes on. At least with Moto, you know the M is the mid-range one, the HD is top-range with a smaller battery than the Maxx.

      • MicroNix

        Your forgetting, it was the Razr, Razr Maxx, Razr HD, Razr Maxx, Razr M…. At least with Moto, you know that no matter which one you get, you still get blur, the craptastic software they provide.

        • Justin W

          The Razr, Razr Maxx were last year’s model, similar to the Skyrocket, Stratosphere, etc. Even including last year’s models, Moto has made far less models than Samsung.
          In addition to that, Blur is extremely close to stock, while TouchWiz is no where near stock. Blur was horrible back when the Droid 2 came out, but now, it’s almost nonexistent. The main differences between stock and blur are the swipe-left to the access quick settings, the circles widget, and SmartActions.

  • Bionic

    That plastic feels Sooooooo flimsy on the note 2 backside

  • Attack iOS, not Android

  • shooter50

    I Had the RAZR Maxx first and dumped it a soon as the S3 came out. No looking back. In the real world the S3 beats the MAXX in every way.. I had my doubts about the S3 build quality, but no more. Dropped twice with no case on wood floor and no damage. Love Samsung, goodbye Motorola

    • Dain Laguna

      just not in battery life. screen, camera yes.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Yeah, people seem to think that just because Samsung’s devices “feel cheap and are all plasticky”, the build quality isn’t good. Their phones are pretty well-made and durable, had a Galaxy S, Omnia W, and now a Galaxy Nexus, no problems at all.

    • drinksprite

      earlier this year i had a maxx, then bought an S3 on craigslist cuz it looked amazing. after three weeks i sold it and went back to the maxx. the battery sucked and the unnecessary physical home button was driving me crazy. i also like blur over touchwiz

  • Altechi

    Hmm, on the Samsung I can replace the battery for a bigger one, and if I damage the back cover, I can replace it as well

    • Daniel Maginnis

      it’d be quite difficult to damage kevlar. but i am biased holding my razr m

  • FINALLY Moto is bragging about it’s battery life

  • kixofmyg0t

    Even *I* don’t think it’s a good idea to target the S3….

    • LiterofCola

      Yeah but when I heard that ATT is requiring people to download their Jellybean updates from Kies instead of an OTA, I was turned off. I began the process of upgrading the wife’s GS3 and thought….”When did Samsung become Apple?” Having to download from Keis is just as bad as having to download from iTunes versus an OTA process. We all used to mock Applie users because of that….buuuuuuut now it’s okay because it’s a S3? I call BS

      • EC8CH

        While I have no experience with Kies, it seems to me a step in the right direction. Anything that removes carriers from involvement in the software on our devices, even in the slightest, is a positive in my opinion.

        • Ibrick

          ICS for the OG Note was done the same way so this isn’t anything new.

          I don’t think it really eliminates the carrier either, I had the help my ‘not so tech savvy buddy’ install the update, and you did need to select the model no. and carrier to download.

      • William

        To be fair, Kies is just awesome to use.

      • BSweetness

        “Yeah but when I heard that ATT is requiring people…”

        Well, if AT&T is requiring it, then you should direct your displeasure towards AT&T and not Samsung, right? The S3 Jelly Bean update for Sprint and T-Mobile have all been available OTA.

  • Moto is nice but my S3 battery is plenty big enough, and I can change it out if needed. Kevlar back? Who doesn’t use a case as it is?

    • Bionic

      I don’t use cases because of docks.

      • FAL_Fan

        Don’t they make docking adapters nowadays? Honestly a phone is safer with a case, regardless of build quality.

        • Trey Mitchell

          and also uglier(granted my opinion) and harder to pocket

      • Mark Mann

        razr hd+case=perfect fit with no adapter to the motorola razr hd car dock…

      • EC8CH

        I don’t use docks because I have a VZW G-Nex :’-(

    • kixofmyg0t

      Are you asking who doesn’t use a case?

      I don’t. Never have on any phone I’ve ever had. I think they’re ugly.

      But I’m really fond of my non Verizon branded RAZR MAXX HD.

      • LiterofCola

        Never uses cases either

    • Trey Mitchell

      most of us done like cases

      • Immolate

        What? Most of whom? Almost everyone I know or see walking around uses a case. I’ve done both, and not being a phone dropper, I can usually get away without one, but I am convinced that you’re completely wrong with your statement.

        • Trey Mitchell

          well, I can’t be Completely wrong as my post has 3 ups and 3 downs
          Its been my experience that many smartphone enthusiasts don’t like cases I could have a skewed sample but that is my experience. no need to get hostile.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Um, lots of people? I use a cover of sorts for putting the phone in when I’m not using it (Samsung provided one with the Galaxy S and Omnia W, so did Nokia with their Symbian devices), but to have a case on it all times just makes it ugly and takes away from the looks of the device. It’s good to use a case, but considering my last four smartphones have had no problems with a permanent case on, I’d say people give them too much importance.

    • drinksprite

      i only use a screen protector. i don’t like adding bulk to my phones. what moto needs to do is make the sides kevlar…dropping the phone never results in it falling perfectly on its back

      • Jim McClain

        a screen protector adds bulk to your phone ? lol

        • blackmagick20

          Where did he ever said a screen protector added bulk? He didn’t…and it doesn’t…the ‘i don’t like adding bulk to my phones’ statement was directed toward cases

    • Suralin

      Motorola’s phone durability is top-notch. Say what you will, but I run around without a screen protector or case on my OG Droid Razr and it doesn’t even have a dent and I’ve dropped it plenty.

      • MicroNix

        Bah, I’ve had multiple hardware failures on multiple Motorola phones that were babied and never dropped. Top notch nothing. Threads are still probably out there for the digitizer going out just after a year on the OG Droids with tons of complaints.

    • ExSpectator

      I bought a case for my S3 only because it came highly polished and it was so slick it was hard to hold onto. I dropped it once, leaving a large dent in the soft plastic construction. If it had the RAZR’s construction, I would not be using a case. That being said, I still prefer the S3 for the extra gb of ram and the vastly superior camera.

  • GregSki86

    Are you kidding me, take a second to think…..motorola has released about 6 versions of the Razr while Samsung releases ONE galaxy device per year which is excellent and truly ahead of the curve, motorola just keeps playing catch up. I have tried both companies, I got my girlfriend a Razr last December, then after they released 5 models after, I can say I will NEVER purchase another Motorola product again.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Galaxy R, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Player, Galaxy S3,Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Camara…. What were you saying?

      • Yes but all of those Galaxy devices how many Verizon has? 2 GS3 and GN2. Every dumb Razr lands on vz not on other carrier. πŸ˜‰

        • kixofmyg0t

          You do realize you’re helping my point right?

          • GregSki86

            Clearly you don’t even understand your own point

        • Justin W

          In addition to helping his point, the Razr line only has a mid-range and a top-range device. The HD/Maxx HD are the same device, and the international versions are the exact same. Galaxy devices come out on what seems like a weekly basis…

      • chris125

        2 of them aren’t even phones, plus all of those never even made it to verizon and the galaxy nexus is a nexus( well a half assed one at that)

        • kixofmyg0t

          Oh so now we’re only gonna count “one galaxy device” as being one galaxy PHONE only on Verizon? Hmmm Ok. So we had the RAZR and the RAZR MAXX……..oh wait you must have meant all the different colored RAZR’S right? Let’s just ignore the different colored Galaxy phones then.

          Oh and let’s just limit it to one carrier because that would make Samsung look bad. Let’s ignore that the Galaxy S2 alone was released in the same year time frame under different hardware configurations with the same name……same with the S3. Yeah let’s do that.

          I’m not even saying the S3 is a bad device, but trying to say that Samsung only releases ONE Galaxy “device” (which by the way the term “device” should include Tablets….oh wait let’s just ignore those even though they were on Verizon and that would make Samsung look bad in thus argument) per year is simply not true.

          • Motorola seems to release a Razr every six months. How about they just work on releasing just one phone a year with amazing features instead of pumping out crap every six months to try and keep up? Wow, they have a big battery!!! Wooohoo!!!

          • InyRules

            I wish they would break free of the “Droid” death grip/contract Verizon has on them. I would love a RAZR MAXX type phone to use on T-Mobile. Samsung is successful for a couple of reasons Motorola needs to emulate 1. Flagship powerhouse phone makes it to every carrier. 2. MARKETING! Those commercials taking a jab at Apple fanboys waiting in line are just amazing. They showcase what the phone actually does and is capable of, not a ton of futuristic fight scenes and motorcycles.Release an excellent phone that is ahead of the curve, market the crap out of it, and get it on every carrier.

          • chris125

            +1. These “droid” commercials show very little of what the phone actually does and more of a sci fi type commercial. Go back to the “droid does” when they used to compare what it does to what the iphone doesnt and make a true flagship product, not just something that is mid range at the time of its launch

          • chris125

            Clearly if you could read I never said only counting “one galaxy device” I was making a point to what the Op probably meant, but it seems the moto fanboys get very butthurt like the isheep over things like this. I have used both and they both have their pros and cons but to say moto is immune to releasing a ton of phones and since you want to break out phones not even coming to verizon what about all of the razr m variants alone that are in the US?

        • Justin W

          How many Galaxy devices have been released over the past two months? Scratch that – how many have been rumored to be released within the next few? Galaxy Premier, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S III Mini, Galaxy Note II, etc. There are a larger amount of Galaxy devices than there are Moto devices.

      • GregSki86

        Smh, those are all devices that…yes, while phones (or other devices), serve different purposes. Motorola releases the same Droid Razr (only specs upgraded) in order to pretty much rape as much profit as possible. Your confusing products for specific preferences to b*llshit that is being re-sold with slight variation, smh

        • kixofmyg0t

          Hey you said one galaxy device per year(Btw the the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket ring any bells? No? Galaxy Tab 2? Anything?) which what you should have said was ONE Galaxy S Phone per year.

          I took your statement and ran with it just for the point. I’m not even arguing that Moto DIDNT release a lot of the same device last year, but Samsung isn’t innocent either.

          Somehow HTC and the million One-X variants missed out on this rant….they’re getting bad about it too.

          What’s important is the S3 IS a great device, as is the RAZR HD IMO. But you have to admit that Moto slowed down on the RAZR overload.

      • Immolate

        S2 was 2011’s phone for the crowd. Nexus phones stand alone, like ’em or not. S3 is this year’s phone for the crowd. Note 2 is its own line – a huge screen with a stylus. Camera is a camera. None of the devices listed are upgrades to the others except the 2011 S2 and the 2012 S3. All of the Rzrs from 2012 are incremental upgrades to the original Rzr. Rzr begat Rzr Maxx. Rzr begat Rzr HD. Rzr HD begat Rzr HD Maxx. Incremental upgrades.

    • endurotech

      In 2012, Samsung released the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S III Mini, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Camera, and probably more. Which craft?

      • kixofmyg0t

        Don’t forget all the different colors the Galaxy S3 came out with, because he’s using the different colored RAZR’s as a fault against Moto. Let’s compare apples to apples here.

        • mxracer9111

          Haha, that is funny. Yea you are right. i thought that was the point of android, freedom. freedom of colors.

          • kixofmyg0t

            No no no, look at what everyone else is saying, “one device a year”. The “freedom” and “open” Android means ONE device a year.

            Now boys and girls, can we name another company that releases one phone a year? *Hint* It’s a fruit!

            Listen, I’m not saying Moto needs to release 137 different phones a year, but only one phone a year isn’t gonna make everyone happy.

      • Okay, so Sammy has released several Galaxy versions, but at least they are jam packed with amazing hardware and features. Moto just pumps out garbage. LG and HTC are even better than Moto.

        • mxracer9111

          Wow, i am sorry for your bias wrong opinion.

    • Diablo81588

      You make no sense.

    • I love my GS3 but I’d be a liar if I said that I didn’t miss my Razr Maxx. That battery, removable or not, was second to none. I hate the thought of lugging around an extra battery like a chump. That’s just chintzy. When I go to Disney World and all the iPhones in my immediate group last the entire day while my GS3 maybe lasts 3 hours, all the quad core processors and NFC in the world won’t comfort me.

      • I seriously doubt any iPhone will outlast the GSIII battery. Spin again.

        • Hate to say it but it happens. I frequent Disney (passes) and I do a lot of day trips. God and you should see some of the terrible recommendations people actually consider good ideas. “Oh, use Juice Defender! It pretty much kills all functionality but it saves battery like a BEAST!” OR “Oh just carry a different battery and charger!” Lol that’s terrible. I love Android. But after seeing that the battery of Maxx is possible, I wonder why it’s not being focused on more. Big specs are great but so is great battery life. Maybe an extended battery for GS3 is worth a shot.

          • Tyler Cameron

            I call BS. I was recently in Disney with a Thunderbolt and one battery easily lasted me 5 hours…

          • Ibrick

            The TBolt isn’t exactly the model of battery life..

          • Jason

            That’s his point.

          • But why would I lie? It varies from person to person, of course. I’m just giving my experience with the thing. The most I ever get on the GS III 3 hrs screen-on. Great phone, mediocre battery life. It happens.

          • Immolate

            Get a Note 2. Blows anything (including iPhone5) except the Maxx/HD out of the water.

          • I’ve been thinking about it. I had the first note and loved it.

          • Figured I’d update. Got a Note II for New Years. Its awesome. Best battery since the Maxx!

      • Derek

        I really think you just have a defective model.

        There is no way an S3 lasts only 3 hours. Nobody, and I mean nobody, I know who has an S3 complains about battery life. In fact, it’s a well known comparison when the S3 debuted for it to have better battery life than the iPhone.

        You should be getting nearly a full day’s worth from normal usage so your experience sounds like an extreme anomaly.

        I love how Samsung gives the option for replacing batteries, so maybe you can try buying a new battery to see how that helps. Hopefully that solves your ordeal.

    • Motorola released Razr + Razr Maxx last year. That’s 2, not 5, and for the whole year.

      This year they have Razr Hd and Hd Maxx.

      If you want a smaller phone they have Razr M.

      That’s super simplistic yet a nice set of options. Atleast on Verizon Moto has their stuff together and everything makes sense. I can’t tell you the different between a S3 Mini, Blaze, Skyrocket and Stratosphere 2 for anything.

      • GregSki86

        Your comparing Samsung products across different carriers now

    • blackmagick20

      CrApple also releases one device per year…

  • CHRIS42060

    When will this Android on Android crime come to an end?

    • Sobr0801

      Hopefully never, one of them needs to canabalize the other, hopefully Motorola ends up on top in the long run.

      • billy routh

        Then we would be stuck with Motorola’s crappy software

        • Trey Mitchell

          have you seen the new blur?
          they’ve sharpened it up quite a bit

          (pun intended)

          • michael arazan

            If moto wanted save more battery and run faster, than just get rid of blur all together and be the first Manufacturer to use Vanilla android on all their devices. Who said you needed a skin anyways. Just make all the add-ons apps for the phone.

          • Tyler Cameron

            The Motorola phones aren’t even skinned. They just have apps with different icons… Android 4.1 on my RAZR M: I see no skin whatsoever.

          • bananatroll

            the lock screen is non AOSP… so yes motoblur is still there bro.

          • onDroid

            Verizon, that’s who. Moto was trying to go stock but Verizon wouldn’t let them and they need Verizon’s support since they are Moto’s biggest partner and the majority of their phones are sold on Verizon’s network. Not saying I like it but Moto doesn’t have much of a choice.

          • Eric

            Who said? Verizon said. At least that’s what the Motorola CEO has claimed — that carriers (specifically Verizon and AT&T) don’t want a bunch of phones from different manufacturers with identical UI sitting on their store shelves. The new Blur (or whatever, I don’t know what they call it now) is the closest to stock android that I’ve seen.

          • bananatroll

            If anyone remembers it was HTC that started the skinning game. Those guys are too blame for this obnoxious trend of bloated, stupid, cartoony looking, matrix wannabe skins.

            Samsung saw what they did… “oh yes they skin is wewwy nice!” “we make touchwiz fow amewicans now”

          • blackmagick20

            Umm…where is the pun in your comment? Maybe I’m just missing it…but there’s absolutely no pun here…

          • Matt Larson

            Sharpen up a blur… As in sharpen up a blurry image maybe?

        • mxracer9111

          You haven’t played with the Razr Max Hd then. running Jelly bean. so light of blur you can’t notice that bad.

          • mgamerz

            Except for the 25 bloatware apps and all the cartoonlike icons

          • mxracer9111

            Every phone as bloat man. Cartoon like? Now that’s just a dumb statement.

      • Never going to happen. Even LG and HTC are head and shoulders above Motorola.

        • LiterofCola

          Yeeeaaahhh, tell that to people with broken glass backplates

          • Droidzilla

            I have to say, my Nexus 4 is the best Android device I’ve ever used hands down. I was very leery of getting an LG (I love Moto’s build quality), but the Nexus 4 is pure win.

            Of course, check back with me if the back glass breaks . . .

        • Suralin

          At least Motorola phones actually work as a phone.

          • r0lct

            Do you rub your Moto tattoo when you make these types of posts?

          • migamix

            care to repeat that to my Droid x’s face?

        • mcdonsco

          Your crazy…I’ve got the DNA now, choose it over the moto razr maxx hd for one reason, wireless charging. The build quality, compared to Motorola, may as well have a matte logo in it. Its not even remotely close to moto build quality

          • MicroNix

            And what makes build quality? My OG Droid had one replacement because the ear bud jack started to lose connection. Then after just a year the digitizer went out on the replacement. My Droid 3 from Motorola had a keyboard with keys that had to be pressed really hard after a few months and had a crappy pentile display.

            I’ve had no hardware issues with my SGS3 and to top it all off, it takes kick a$$ pictures because the software actually works, unlike Motorola’s lag infested POS blur that couldn’t get out of its own way to take a picture.

            I’m tired hearing about how great Motorola’s “quality” is. It is no better than the next manufacturer.

          • mcdonsco

            Go into a Verizon store and just hold the razr maxx hd in hand…then hold the s3, note…any HTC etc…if you can’t notice a HUGE difference from that alone then you have no idea what build quality even means.

          • MicroNix

            How something “feels” in your hand doesn’t mean squat about how well they are built and how *durable* they are. Anyone with half a brain about electronics knows that. If you base build quality on how they feel in your hand, you shouldn’t be commenting on this.

          • mcdonsco

            Aren’t you all full of yourself…you apparently have no idea what you’re talking about…when you hold the razr maxx hd in hand, its solid, no flexing, seams don’t flex/give off popping/cracking sounds with pressure, shake it a bit and you get zero noise from anything loose in the chassis…THAT is build quality…never mind the Kevlar backing, solid metal band, metal buttons that have perfect travel and feedback etc.

            None of the others I’ve held (s3, note 2, DNA, 8x, 822,.900, 920 etc) even come close…the only phones that do are iPhone’s, they are on par with Motorola in build quality.

            When I apply just a little pressure to the front and back of my DNA (yes, I choose a DNA over the maxx hd) it flexes, badly and starts to squish the thin fragile grill on the side…that’s POOR build quality.

            Get a clue buddy.

        • bananatroll

          in terms of sales and marketing yes. Not so in the build quality, skin, radios, or reliability department.

      • fixxmyhead

        typical verizon customer. u guys dont know anything else besides gay droid phones

        • LiterofCola

          You’re a moron

          • fixxmyhead

            nope thats you another ‘droid’ user i bet

          • John Chief

            The picture of your dog is gay dawg

          • fixxmyhead

            let me guess ur mad cuz u have a sh!tty ass droid phone and your verizons bitch

        • bananatroll

          believe it or not, some of us big red customers know what android is, and we cringe every time somebody calls our phone a “DROID!!!” and all the stupid TV commercials, ninja references, etc,.

          DROID = the ultimate android skin. From the OS, to the branding, to the commercials. It’s really only BASED on android – Verizon is not Google’s biggest fan and I’m sure given the chance they would buy out an OEM, and start their own OS, wiping Google from their lineup entirely.

          Great service, great call quality, but as always Verizon is a bunch of damned control freaks.

        • Sobr0801

          If your talking to me (which you did respond to me), I have a Lumia 920 on ATT as my one and only phone. So you couldn’t be more wrong. Otherwise yes, Verizon customers are pretty obsessed with (an)Droid, but they have a reason to be, its a pretty sweet ecosystem.

          • fixxmyhead

            i meant verizons gay ‘droid’ line. i know android is cool.

        • mxracer9111

          Gay? insult me as a DROID only branded guy cause I like the theme. Wow. Grow up.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    Stop this android on android crime!

  • paul_cus

    Motorola trying to get big with Samsung.

  • XvierX

    This kind of competitive approach to campaigning could prove beneficial for us consumers. Neither device is perfect and I doubt we’ll ever see a device that fits everyone’s personal needs but that’s the beauty of android. There’s a device for just about everyone.

  • chris125

    They aren’t even in the same class. The moto is a mid range device other than build quality the camera isn’t even close to samsungs plus more ram makes it more future proof than motos device. Moto should go after the spectrum 2. Samsung is so far ahead laughing at this while they sell another ton of phones

    • Justin W

      You do realize the only thing really different hardware-wise is the RAM and camera, right? They are built on the same Qualcomm chipset.

      • MicroNix

        And what he said would lead you to believe he meant otherwise?

        • Justin W

          The “Samsung is so far ahead laughing at this while they sell another ton of phones” does, considering the phones are almost exactly the same (build quality, camera, RAM aside).

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Sad to see that 2GB of RAM is now on smartphones, because of Android’s extremely high RAM usage (due to Java no doubt), but yeah, future proof for sure compared to the RAZR HD.

  • john

    200 bucks on either cheap plastic or first class device. Nobody talking about software here, so don’t start the ridicullous argument. If you pay for a device that can’t withstand a punch then you just buy shinny stuff. Shinny overpriced stuff. Hardware it’s not just specs but also the build quality.

    • FAL_Fan

      Yes, build quality is important, but your argument is like saying “why buy a mirror when I can see myself in the back of this shiny spoon?”. One can always suck it up and buy a case, then you have a safe phone with a great camera and specs, something that Motorola hasn’t offered in years.

    • DrewNusser

      I agree that the Kevlar is hardcore, but plastic has always held up really well on phones. It might not be considered “premium” material, but it’s less shatterable or scratchable than a lot of the competition. I’m not talking about the Kevlar.

      The Razr HD looks awesome, but to label the S3 as a “cheap” device is silly. They’re both great phones, and picking one over the other is just personal preference. Some want the great build quality of Motorola, while some want the bleeding edge specs and software enhancements that Samsung brings. By the way, I’m still rocking my 2 year old Motorola Atrix.

    • bob

      I dropped my X in the toilet and it stopped working, I’ll never buy another Motorola product again!!!!

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Why would someone punch a device? And Samsung’s devices have always been durable, if not premium feeling like @796f41e62bafc42c8b9b030564e9d0d6:disqus said. It’s all a matter of choice, and while Motorola’s build “quality” may be much better, Samsung’s durability is not a problem.

  • nightscout13

    I have a GS3, and those 2 points are real issues for me. The back of my GS3 is damaged, and the battery sucks.

    • KennyVeltre

      the back of mine is damaged as well but my battery is decent.

  • Carl

    i’ll stick to my Galaxy Note 2.. it has a much bigger and better screen with more RAM and a quad core processor.plus the battery life is just as good.

    • jonya

      quadcore processor, 5.5inch screen and 200mAH less battery =/= just as good.

      • Immolate

        I’m not an heavy phone user. I turn it on maybe thirty times during the day. I make a call or two, send a dozen or so text messages, and look up the occasional factoid with Google Now. My Note 2 is always in the 80-90% charge range when I plug it in after 18 hours of being unplugged. My S3 was always between 20-45%, same usage. The battery life on the N2 is just insane.

        • K. Nelson

          It’s due to the bloat in the S3. I installed Slim Bean on mine (I know, not an option for everyone) and I consistently get 24 hours and more. Before the switch I would be lucky to make it home with 30% charge. Now I typically see 60% or more. One of the admins here at work was so impressed that he installed it himself…and yeah, he is loving it (he’s got the nexus).

          EDIT: Heh, I wonder if the bloat is the same between the two. I also wonder what the battery life of the Note 2 would be like with Slim Bean.

    • Sobr0801

      In this case I would have to say bigger doesn’t always mean better. Plus, “better” screen is subjective. Either way, I would take the smaller screen with the better build quality of a Motorola any day. Just my opinion of course. Last, I would rather have the next best thing to pure Android, not that Crayola box of a skin.

      • BAoxymoron

        if you don’t like the skin then simply flash a new rom on the galaxy s3’s unlocked bootloader…

        • LiterofCola

          Not everyone flashes their phones

          • Tony Allen

            No, but you CAN on the Note II, not on any modern Motorola device without jumping through hoops and wading through red tape.

          • LiterofCola

            True, but irrelevant to non-flashers

        • BSweetness

          Or, for those who don’t want to flash a custom ROM, just use a third-party launcher. That covers up most of the skin, and you can find replacement apps for many of the other stock apps.

      • Dain Laguna

        non pentile is always better than pentile. i still prefer motos feel in hand better however

        • Tyler Cameron

          The Note II has PenTile.

          • r0lct

            *The Note II does not have Pentile.

          • Tyler Cameron

            Yes it does.

          • Tyler Cameron
          • r0lct

            Thanks for proving my point. The one on the left is Pentile, the Note 2 isn’t. Sure you can see the difference in the pattern?

          • Tyler Cameron

            The one on the right is also PenTile. There’s different kinds of PenTile. The Note II just has a different variant. It isn’t standard RGB, or pixel layout for that matter – it’s PenTile.

          • r0lct

            OK, let’s move past Pentile because I can’t find a definitive answer on the Note 2. Even if it is looking at reviews they all say color wise Note 2 is on par with the iPhone 5/DNA (CNET, The Verge, DL) so clearly this new “pentile” is different and on par with non-pentile.

          • mgamerz

            That’s not pentile. AnAndTech did a review of the screen, and it’s similar but it has better color like RGB.

          • hot_spare

            Do you know what is a PenTile? A PenTile screen doesn’t have 3 sub-pixels per pixel. A PenTile matrix only has 2 sub-pixels per pixel. So, to show a pure white element, it has to “borrow” a sub-pixel from the next pixel.

            In Note2 , we have 3 sub-pixels per pixel, just exactly like in case of a RGB matrix. It does NOT borrow a sub-pixel from a neighbouring pixel to show white.

            How does Note2 differ from a traditional RGB? Note2 has 3 sub-pixels like a normal RGB screen, but the arrangement is not same. Note 2 have one tall Blue sub-pixel is perpendicular to Green and Red sub-pixels. In a standard RGB screen, all of them are parallel.

            Is Note2 RGB? Simple answer is YES. Because each pixel is made up of Red (R) Green (G) Blue (B) sub-pixel.

            Read the article you mentioned properly. Did you even read the article headline?


            It says clearly “The Galaxy Note 2 uses a non-pentile OLED display at 267 PPI”

            Read properly before commenting.

          • Tyler Cameron

            That’s not all PenTile is, the DROID 3, 4, X2, Bionic, and Motorola Atrix also have Pentile, but a really retarded version because 1. there 4 subpixels per pixel and 2. they’re not even AMOLEDs, so there is no excuse for it.

          • NO… It has regular RGB matrix, where he BLUE sub-pixel is long for long life (Blue sub-Pixel in AMOLED has relatively lower life comparing Green and Red sub-pixels)

            But both RazrHD and S3 have Pentile matrix AMOLED…

          • Tyler Cameron

            I never claimed the RAZR HD had a standard pixel layout.

            But the Note II has some form of Pentile. It’s this weird pixel layout with a normal blue subpixel and 2 small red and green subpixels in one subpixel; Wtf is up with that?

            The only AMOLED with the right pixel layout is the Super Amoled+, but unfortunately, Samsung has yet to make an HD version of that.
            And I never said the Note II is bad. It’s good for whoever wants it. You either want it or you don’t. There’s really no in between for it lol

          • Immolate

            I strongly suggest educating yourself on what Pentile is and what the Note 2 has rather than stubbornly insisting that you’re right just because you want to be right. The fact that the Note 2 does not use a pentile screen is well known among those who keep up with the industry. When I saw your original post, I had to reread it to make sure I hadn’t read it wrong the first time.

          • It does not have pentile. You need to do some research before you posted stuff making yourself look totally stupid. And I had a RAZR MAXX and the Note 2 is leagues better. But I would expect someone of your posting caliber to say some of the things I see you posting here.

          • lemonhead127

            Of course the Note 2 will have a better screen than the RAZR MAXX which came out last year.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more, sir.

      • cooksta32676

        I think the Motorola build quality has expired. The new razr series are just as plastic as everything else now. Regardless of actual materials, they feel no different.

        • Jorb the Borb

          It’s really just that Samsung is behind everyone now with that plastic feeling. That’s why I put a nice case on my GNex so I don’t even notice what it’s made of. I’M SO SMART.

          • Steve

            Uh almost every phone out their is made of plastic. Only a few can say otherwise.

            Almost all of the devices from Motorola, Nokia, HTC, etc are made of plastic. And. Please don’t come back with polycarbonate, because that’s a plastic too.

            So if you’re going to complain about plastic, realize everyone else is the same too.

          • mgamerz

            Plastic absorbs shock better than hard metal. The backplate is supposed to pop off when you drop it, expelling kinetic energy through it instead of the front of the screen.

      • Lucky Armpit

        Agreed. I’ve been burned too many times by Samsung’s inferior radios and horrible build quality. Not sure about the top poster’s comment of “inferior camera quality” because it’s obvious you haven’t used a Motorola camera in some time.
        I’ll take Moto’s vastly superior build quality over a slightly bigger screen any day.

        • Immolate

          I’ve owned three Motorola phones since the Og Droid, and I do like the build quality and the radio, but Samsung’s build quality is just fine and the radio is good enough. I’ll go back to Motorola in a heartbeat if they can start putting out phones that provide the breadth and depth of user experience that Samsung does.

          Denigrate Touchwiz all you want. It’s so far beyond Blur and Sense at this point, I’m not sure that Moto and HTC can catch up.

          • MicroNix

            Exactly. Except I’ve had WAY more hardware failures with Motorola phones than either HTC or Samsung.

    • Thomas

      Tru dat. Loving my Note 2 as well.

    • cooksta32676

      I actually get better life send my friends RazrMax. Not the HD, but last years.

  • Murphy

    Them be some fightin words!