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Twitter Update Introduces Photo Filters Just as Instagram Updates With New “Willow” Filter

(Sam Elliot voice.) The battle of filters. Instagram and Twitter. Both receiving updates. Who will push beyond photo boundaries? Defy the social networks? Bring the the “Like” and “Retweet” buttons to their knees? The road doesn’t end here, this is only the beginning. RAM…errr…

Anyways, both Twitter and Instagram did receive updates this afternoon. Instagram introduced a new filter called “Willow,” that to me, just looks black and white. Twitter on the other, included filters into their app for the first time, something we have been expecting. There are eight of these lovely little image enhancers, along with auto-fix and crop actions. And yeah, that’s pretty much that. Both updates are available, so hit up the links below so that your world can become vintage. 

Play Links:  Instagram | Twitter


  • JoshGroff

    An all filter preview, that’s pretty neat. Besides that, I’m not really interested as I don’t use filters, or my camera, for that matter.

  • Freakin’ hipsters and their filters are taking over the world….

  • If Twitter charged $1 / year, they could remove all of their draconian API rules and allow 3rd party apps to flourish. Instead, they’ll keep polluting their own system in the search for revenue, and finally end up with a system that nobody can or will want to use.

    Twitter sucks.
    (posted from my Twitter account)

  • PyroHoltz

    I’m going to ask what everyone seems to be thinking….

    Why is this on DL? Sponsored post?

    • DigitalDK

      I highly doubt that this is what people are thinking. Several times DL has covered twitter and photo applications that are on the Android platform, so I don’t see why anyone would think it’s weird that they cover a Twitter and Instagram related article.

  • Zach Jacobs

    i don’t..understand.

  • poeddroiduser

    Instagram = Worst billion ever spent

    • Brian

      What’s wrong with taking pictures of your food?? lol jk

  • ArrowCool

    So this is what the Mayan’s were talking about…

    • Justin


  • sk3litor

    Ok ill say it. Twitter having filters is just plain stupid

    • michael arazan

      Great, food, half naked girls and internet memes all with filters, a sad day for innovation

  • FortitudineVincimus

    AWESOME! more…. over…. used…. photo……. effects…… oh….. great

    • JoshGroff

      I know right. Although, occasional filtering is good, but it must be used with discretion.


  • maximx6

    What, no sepia??!!