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Contest: Win a Nexus 7 32GB With HSPA+ and a $25 Google Play Gift Card! (Update: Winner Picked)

If you listened to The Droid Life Show from last week, then you’ll know that we have two weeks of contests ahead of us that are filled with tablets, tablets, and more tablets. For this week, Google is the host, having offered up five (5) Nexus 7 32GB HSPA+ tablets and $25 Google Play gift cards to go with them. Together, they make for one hell of a holiday pairing. You get our favorite tablet (Nexus 7 review), plus $25 to spend on content for it. How can you beat that?

So each day this week, we’ll be handing out a Nexus 7 and a Google Play gift card to one amazing reader. The contests, as usual, will be simple so that everyone can join.

But before we jump into this, we’d like to thank Google for putting up these great prizes. They told us that with Android having such an amazing year, they simply wanted to thank sites like Droid Life by giving away a bunch of goodies to readers. Thanks, Google.


Update: We have our winner. Their name is Its N1nja and their winning entry was:

From bombs and shrapnel
Android life is for the win
And down goes Apple

We received a ton of great entries, but of course the winner was selected at random. We will create a special honorable mentions post tomorrow so we can share our favorites. If you didn’t win, don’t worry! We have four more days of tablet giveaways.

Prize:  1 (one) Nexus 7 32GB HSPA+ tablet and 1 (one) $25 Google Play gift card.

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, give us your best Android haiku.
2.  If you need to learn more about haiku, hit up Wikipedia.


Today, at 4PM Pacific, we will choose the winner from the comments.

*Winners need to have U.S. addresses.

  • Android, oh so nice.
    How I wish to feel you twice.
    On toilet, and bed.

  • Jerod Singley

    An Android a Day
    Keeping the iPad away
    Purple monkey sway

    (I suck at haikus
    Because I’m out of practice
    But, Droid-Life is cool)

  • Droid is life.
    Google happens now.
    Nexus 7 makes happiness.

  • Bassam

    industry leaders
    its success continues to rise
    android believers

    ANDROID 4 Liiffeee <3

  • android is the best
    there is no doubt about it
    trust me on this one

  • Nick

    My phone has it all
    And enjoys eating Apples
    It’s Android, stupid

  • This looks amazing
    I wish I had one right now
    Please Droid Life Santa

  • Brad Heaney

    droid life is my life
    Christmas comes but once a year
    nexus connects us

  • Jeremy Nguyen

    Android Nexus tab
    Taking notes during chem lab
    Finals week’s a drag

  • android is amazing
    google’s better than apple
    i love my nexus

  • A nexus 7 that is
    I want to have
    I want to use
    to make my Android Life complete

  • Android is the best
    The Nexus will stand the test
    Craple, fools the rest

  • ScottyByrd

    The note 2 rocks
    It will never fail
    Android for life

  • I hate UPS
    They lost my lovely Nexus
    They are really dumb.

    Give me a Nexus
    I can use it as a phone
    Please make me happy

  • Martin Pelant

    With a Daydream or not
    Nexus always runs like clock.
    Android is so buttery
    That I want one utterly.
    Give it to me!

    • Trevor

      not a haiku

      • Martin Pelant

        Alright then:

        Nexus 7 wins
        With speed and ubiquity
        It’ll always be there

  • Joe Bassett

    Tiny Linux box.
    Most people have no idea.
    Finally I breathe.

  • erkleehoo

    My nexus is lost.
    To the kids when I am home.
    Give me back my own!

  • fifteen hundred posts
    my chances grow very small
    yet this will be mine

  • Matthew Herring

    Bionic mistake
    Then got Galaxy Nexus
    Now Nexus for life

  • Galaxy SIII
    Wow TouchWiz is so awesome
    Said no one ever

  • fajitatt

    To: Kellex and Droid Life

    Thanks for great contest and news
    From: Loyal reader

  • Guest

    The Galaxy SIII
    Wow, TouchWiz is so awesome
    Said no one ever

    • woops, forgot to sign in when I wrote this one.. Wrote another as signed in, can a mod delete this one?

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Lawsuits left and right

    Begun the patent wars have

    Can’t we get along?

  • How about you get
    a nexus for christmas too
    or we will boo you!

  • Theo

    Batteries delight
    When my device is in flight (mode)
    Worth it for control.
    (I think I’m high right now)

  • Matthew Kaufman

    I will use this for porn
    And playing games all day long
    But mostly for porn

  • Number7grace

    “Don’t Panic!” it says
    Large Friendly Letters in front
    Who reads Books these days?

  • Open and free
    Fast and reliable
    Sweeter than apples

  • Justin Latham

    Android blue light

    a nerd digs silently

    into the source code

  • How about you
    get a nexus too
    Iphone gets shoe!

  • Derek Gelinas

    the future is here
    of course it’s free as in beer
    we’re all google here

  • Nexus seven is
    The best tablet of them all
    pick me pick me please

  • Dashing through the snow
    On an open platform phone
    Running jelly bean

  • Craig

    Google, set me free!
    Wait, it’s just another tablet.

  • athom07

    nexus 7 here
    thanks to you droid life contest
    i am so grateful

  • SSR

    On cold Winter nights
    Nexus brings warmth and comfort
    iPad grows colder

  • Make me a winner
    I have been a long-time fan
    I need a Nexus

  • Mike M

    Can’t believe I’m doing this
    A haiku for a tablet
    Lament sets in

  • TimXer

    Haiku, droidku, applefu

  • glo

    Kindle or Nexus

    versatility does rule

    Nexus, the winner

  • Roboto is sleek
    Holo is clean, change is good
    This is Jelly Bean

  • My haikus are crap
    But trying to win tablet
    No, still pretty weak

  • Jeff Bank

    Galaxy Nexus
    Bastard child of Verizon

    Thanks for dev support!

  • Jason Kirk

    I once had a phone
    Now I have a smarter phone
    It is an Android

  • android3376

    Small and mighty
    Oh, those 7 inches
    Better than sex?

  • stephen shavers

    I use my android,
    To tape me punching your face,
    Man I am ausome

  • Two-Hundred Bucks, pal.
    More tablet for less money,
    Thanks again, Google.

  • Sam

    I love android haiku.
    I love writing it on Nexus.
    Droid-life knows it.

  • Ariej

    little green robot.
    your success always prevails.
    android never fails.

    ANDROID 4 Liiffeee! <3

  • Mike Ahnen

    my first, gingerbread
    along came Ice Cream Sandwich
    hungry for Jelly Bean