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Verizon’s Galaxy Note 2 Available From Amazon for $279

If you were waiting for Verizon’s version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to start hitting online retailers at a discounted price, then today is your day. Now available on Amazon, the Note 2 for Verizon can be had for $279.99, a $20 discount. Well, almost had. It does list the device as “backordered” and that it will ship within 1-2 weeks. Just in time for X-mas, right?

Amazon Links:  Grey | White ($279.99)

Cheers EJ!

  • NiccoNYC7

    ok…so I’m thinking about switching from Sprint to Verizon with the Note II — thoughts? Suggestions?

  • Niccco

    ok…i need some suggestions — i am thinking about leaving Sprint for Verizon and the Galaxy Note — thoughts? Suggestions? Things to consider / look out for?

  • x5denali

    It’s now $199 on Amazon. And Best Buy price matches for the holidays if u print the page and take it in. No need to wait the 1-2 weeks when can get same same day. I got one last week for AT&T for $174.99 when on sale at Amazon with bestBuy priceMatch!

  • Arun01

    I have the gs3. Bought it a month ago..I’m on a family plan..I heard adding a line with a dumb phone is just $10 a month. But if you have a old droid x laying around you have to pay the $10 plus the $30 data plan even though you will never use the data on that phone. Anyway to add a line without all the extra money to pay out?

  • Christopher

    Wal-Mart $299 for Galaxy Note OK and $100 gift card.

  • C-Law

    Are there ever sale prices for full retail anywhere? I want this phone but so far am waiting for a used one to come up for sale

  • Hmmm, too bad my family plan’s lines are maxed out at 5 or I would use a workaround. I just thought, however, if I can buy an upgrade from someone in my family that still uses a dumbphone. Wait, I think I know just the person…

  • manny108

    Why won’t they drop the off contract price too. Verizon is such a rip off!

  • hfoster52

    Still back and forth about this or the DNA.

  • That guy

    You could just put “the holidays” instead of x-mas, that way you won’t alienate a portion of your readers.

    • T4rd

      This is ‘Merica, if you’re alienated by “X-mas”, then we’re alienated by you! =p

    • billy routh

      Maybe because its not the holidays its Christmas.

  • T4rd

    I hope I get one of these used or on sale in the next month or two for < $500..

  • George

    Will Verizon allow this?… I want to upgrade my dad with this phone (his contract is up), give him my Gnex (to replace his OG Droid), and take the GNII. Will he still be allowed to keep his current (unlimited) plan?

    • CaptainHowdy13

      No he wont

      • Not necessarily true, call verizon and threaten to leave. My mom did it two days ago when she wanted to get the 8x but didnt want to pay full and they allowed her to keep her full and take the upgrade from a standard phone line

    • I was able to. Still says unlimited. I paid the 2 year agreement price. It extended my plan, but didn’t change it. Still unlimited.

      • BSweetness

        Typically the change in data won’t take effect until your next billing cycle starts.

    • BSweetness

      If you use any line with unlimited data for an upgrade, that line will lose unlimited data.

      And Amazon doesn’t allow you to switch the phone from the upgraded line to another line within the first 181 days: “Phones purchased from AmazonWireless must remain on the line upgraded for 181 days. If you move the device to an alternate line within the first 181 days, you’d be subject to additional charges by AmazonWireless of up to $250 (per phone), plus applicable taxes.” (http://wireless.amazon.com/help/200307850/ref=hp_faq_up_fam?#upgrade_switch)

    • Tony Byatt

      That’s a good question…I have the old NATIONWIDE TLK&TXT SHARE 1400 with one line unlimited data and one line 2GB data. The 2GB data line is due for an upgrade in April and the unlimited line in August. I would attempt pretty much the same thing. Anyone know if we could keep the unlimited data?

      • As long as you don’t use the upgrade from that line, yes. The only thing you can do is use the upgrade from the line with the 2GB plan and then switch phones.

    • Brent Cooper

      I was just talking to VZW about this last night. I am trying to do the same thing. If the contract for unlimited data is up(your dad’s plan I think) then that contract(your dad) will loose unlimited data if you upgrade that line. The best option I have found is to add a line for $10 a month. when you get the N2 on that line you will have to get a 2gb data plan. As soon as you get the phone, you activate it on your line and then remove the 2gb plan on the line you just activated. This will leave the $10 a month charge on your bill for the new line(after you take off the 2gb/month plan), and your dad will get to keep the unlimited. You will get the N2 (even though your contract is not up) and you can give your dad your old Gnex.

      End effect: you get the N2(and keep your current data plan), your dad gets the Gnex and keeps unlimited, your bill will be increased by $10/month.

      To your question, Verizon will allow all of what you said except for your dad to keep unlimited.

      I got the Gnex last year so my contract is not up for about 8 months. This is the best way I have found to get the N2 and still keep unlimited.

      Let me know if this helps, if you have any other questions, and what you end up doing as I am still trying to figure this out myself.

      • BSweetness

        It’s important to note that the add a line option for $10 a month will only work if you already have a family plan.

        • Brent Cooper

          True. Didn’t think about that.

      • George

        I think I’m gonna go with buying my dad an off-contract phone on Ebay. He’s not much of a tech person and doesn’t need the latest and greatest, but his OG is really crawling these days (a problem I suffered from too). Though before that, I might try rooting his phone to see if that speeds it up.

    • hfoster52

      I talked with a rep today over chat. (I saved it to my email for evidence)

      Me: Just wondering if there is a way to upgrade my main line and
      keep my unlimited data.

      VZ Rep: The only way to keep the unlimited data plan when upgrading is by
      purchasing the device at the full retail price.

      Me: What about upgrading the phone on another
      line and swapping the phones?

      VZ Rep: You can do that as well!

      VZ Rep: When you get the device call customer care at 800-922-0204 to transfer the line to the line that has unlimited data.

      • billy routh

        All you have to do is switch the sim cards.

        • hfoster52

          That only works for non gsm phones and/or swapping lte phones.

    • George

      Thanks for the replies everybody. Since my original plan won’t work… if I buy my dad a phone with 4G on ebay or somewhere like that, will he be able to keep his original plan and get 4G data?

      • BSweetness

        Yes. Buying a phone at full retail, or buying a used device, will allow anyone with an unlimited data plan to keep it. It’s only by upgrading through signing a new 2-year contract that you lose unlimited data.

    • Manny

      Nope that plan will be gone

    • keith

      No If you upgrade you can’t keep the unlimited plan. Just buy a phone out right. and keep unlimited plan

  • Walked in to a verizon store and bought mine last night full price, as they tried to talk me into a shared plan I laughed and let them know that if they ever tried to touch my unlimited I would leave in a heartbeat #DROIDRAGE

    • T4rd

      Lol, nice. I’m surprised they let you buy at full price. I’ve seen reports from other people that Verizon refused to sell them phones off contract because they would rather sell them to other people re-newing their contracts. Blew my mind.

      • the guy who I bought it from was cool, he knew exactly what I was doing. The other morons walking around were the ones trying to convince me to pay more for less

      • hfoster52

        Sales people get a commission?

    • Brent Cooper

      What’d it cost full retail price for everything when you walked out of the?

    • Yep

      @facebook-563313398:disqus I’m interested to know why you decided to buy full price from Verizon directly. I’m going to be doing the same, except I will be buying it from anyone BUT VZW. I’m not rewarding them for forcing people like us to pay full price up front in order to keep our unlimited data. Not trolling, just curious.

      • I’m personally going to get my phone from Best Buy. At least then I can put it on my card as same as cash for a year and a half and space it out to pay it off. They have it for $800 now but we have a corp VZW store a few blocks down so they should price match it for $700.

        If I pay $300 up front on it (like I was signing a contract), that would leave $400 to pay off over 18 months… so, ~$22 month. I can live with that to keep my 5x unlimited 4G lines.