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Google Now Cards – The Complete List

With today’s update to Google Now, we have more than 25 cards that can pop up and show us information depending on our location, recent searches, or location. It can even pull from our Gmail inboxes to track packages, remind us of hotel or restaurant reservations, and make sure we get to our flight on time. As a Jelly Bean user, it’s probably my favorite feature, and one that I’m glad more and more phones are now taking advantage, thanks to recent updates.

Below, and thanks to Google Support, we have the entire list of Google Now cards that can pop up on your device. Since many of us won’t have the opportunity to see some of these, we thought we’d share. 

Activity Summary (Walking and Biking)


google now birthday



Gmail:  Boarding Pass

google now boarding pass

Gmail:  Events

Gmail: Movies



Gmail:  Flights

Gmail:  Hotels

Gmail:  Restaurants

Gmail:  Package Tracking

gmail packages

Last Transit Home

now last transit



New:  Albums, Books, TV Episodes, Video Games

now new3

now new2

now new1


Next Meeting

Photo Spot Nearby



Public Alerts

Public Transit

Real Estate

real estate1

real estate2

real restate3


Reminders:  Events, Location, and Time

now reminders3

now reminders2

now reminders

Research Topics

Saved Offers

now offer




Travel:  Currency

Travel:  Attractions Nearby


Travel:  Time Back Home

Travel:  Translate

TV Cards

now card tv2

now card tv1

now card tv3


Via:  Google Support

Cheers Grady!

  • feztheforeigner

    How do you get the biking and walking distance card to pop up??

  • MikeKorby

    Is there a way to prompt the activity card or is it strictly done on a first of the month basis?

  • GalaxyBob

    Google Now eats my battery hard! Using the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and it chews it twice as fast than leaving it off. Cool stuff in there, but I need a charger in every room, office, car, and location I go to to keep it charged now… I have since turned it off.

    • That’s not the fault of Google Now, it’s the fault of you owning a Verizon Gnex.

  • Liquidretro

    How do you get the news card to show up? I have never seen that one.

  • Thomas

    Why did you have to chose the Giants/Cards game for sports? AHHHHHHHHHHH, painful memories.

  • nimicitor

    How do you add your own birthday to Google Calendar so that it comes up in Now?

  • Aardvark99

    What is this ‘Google Now’ you speak of? – signed a Verizon SIII owner

    • Seiga

      Root your phone to find out.

  • Marcus Reid

    I’ve gotten every card except the Activity Walking/Biking.

    • I got the activity card once for October, but it hasn’t shown up yet for November… still waiting, is there a manual way to trigger it?

  • I love that you put the Giants Playoff game card in there….GO GIANTS!!!

    • Danrarbc

      Shame the World Series got canceled again. Just like 2004.

  • Joe

    I STILL have yet to have the activity monitor (walking/biking) card show up…on my NEXUS 4 no less. WTF?

    • Justin Swanson

      I think you need to turn on “Report my location from this device” from location settings. unfortunately, it’s a battery hog.

      • xgregx

        I dont think everyone has that card yet. I have friends that have it and friends that don’t. The setting Justin mentions probably helps if you have the card, but mine has been turned on and I still dont have it.

        • kennyidaho

          If you look in the settings it seems it only comes once a month.

          • Justin Swanson

            Yeah, I don’t know. I was spit-balling. I have seen the card before, but not after I turned off “report from this device” but I saw it this morning so /shrug

  • Nick

    Does anyone know how to get the package tracking card to show up? I’ve looked everywhere in settings and I’ve had numerous packages delivered with not Google Now card.

    Please let me know.

    • ConCal

      Did you get email’s with tracking number’s included? I bought stuff from Amazon, and they showed up no prob.

      • Jess B

        I’ve ordered stuff from elsewhere that didn’t include the actual tracking number in the email, and tested it by emailing myself the tracking number. No card showed up.

        • ConCal

          hmmm, maybe it just has some algorithm that detects the sender + tracking number and other bits of info like what’s in the package.

  • I’ve not been able to make any other card appear other than events from corporate email, places, sports, and weather. I haven’t gotten a single package or flight or any other card to pop up. I’ve poured over the settings to no avail.

  • Shame I can’t link more than one google account – I use different accounts for different purposes

  • Rich R

    Google Now would be amazing if after looking up two NFL teams to see who they were playing for my fantasy team they never showed up in my Google Now. I still can’t figure a way to get these 2 teams to stop showing up!!!

  • RampageDeluxe

    I’m getting nearby events from places that are 2 states away.

  • alexkirkp

    Does anyone know how to get the activity summary card to show up?

  • DroidJ

    So that’s what the package tracking card looks like! I have yet to get one, despite ship notices for nearly 20 packages, at least half from Amazon.

  • ceejw

    Google needs to make a Google Now locks screen widget

  • KevinC

    The update is cool and all, but when are we going to get college sports?

  • Have they enabled device controls yet? I tried it on my Droid Razr which is rooted and running Jellybean but it just said “coming soon” is it just my ROM or have they not added support for it yet?

  • Geo

    I want google now to browse things withing google now instead of opening another browser
    I just like the card UI

  • QQpayne

    Wish i had more control over Google Now, some of the cards i would be interested in trying out, but can not until the appear magically on there own. I think this is the only major oversight they have mode with this huge feature of JB.

  • mike

    Green Card?

  • Lyn Scott

    Nice.. Very impressive! I hope they improve Spanish version too because half of this is only available in English

  • ddevito

    Add QR Code scan airport checkins and research topics to this list also

  • nsnsmj

    Have soccer/futbol teams always been available to add? I see US teams like the LA Galaxy, and European teams like Manchester United available now, and I don’t remember them being there before.

  • Royal2000H

    The package tracking card showed up in my Google Now a total of just 1 time.
    It’s a great card, but I’ve had over 10 packages recently and none showed up!!

    • What’s funny is that the shipping info for my Nexus 4, which i received via Gmail, from Google, doesn’t show up on a card, but everything i order from Amazon appears with no problem.

      Don’t get me wrong, i love Google Now, and i use it all the time. I just find it strangely amusing that it doesn’t pull in this info that i get directly from Google itself.

      • Royal2000H

        Same with my Nexus 10 order.
        The 1 package it did track was indeed amazon. But I’ve since had another Amazon package and that didn’t show up.

        I don’t think anyone, anywhere has had a package tracked by Google Now that wasn’t from Amazon.

        • Buckoman

          Try putting the sender’s email as priority?

          Just throwing it out there.

      • Alex Murphy

        Yep has only worked with Amazon thus far. They must hav to improve their algorithm for detecting key words in shipping emails.

  • ddevito

    I want a Chuck Norris (Google) Card :p

  • I’ve been a little annoyed there hasn’t been NCAA Football in the sports cards.

    • Brent Cooper

      Agreed. I’d like to see some college sports. It may not be as big in California, and but it’s huge in the south east

      • angermeans

        Amen to that. I miss the South and going to Georgia Bulldogs games. Such a great year and came to an end in such a dramatic and heartbreaking way.

    • angermeans

      That is one of the main reasons I still feel like Google Now is behind Siri.

      • Siri was out before Google Now which means it will be behind for some time, but from the looks of it, Google will have no problem catching up. On top of that, the scary accuracy and mind reading abilities of Google Now will, in my opinion, always put it far ahead of a talking phone app.

  • ddevito

    Also – isn’t it funny how Google Now is basically replacing the need for (most) widgets?

  • droidify

    Still no college sports cards?

  • ddevito

    Google Now is slowly becoming its own OS – it’s a full dev platform it seems. And funny how it uses Google services in the background on an Android front end. I believe GNow will be the core of the joining of Android and Chrome OS.

  • Justin Bowers

    Cant wait tell I get jelly bean on my RAZR

  • ddevito

    Don’t forget the ‘Search with Camera’ menu option – which, to my knowledge, is new

    • WAldenIV

      Not a card, though.

  • Perry Megginson

    Can I see the back of your phone please =|

  • Austin

    I see that there is a lot of development for Google Now, so that really excites me for what google can do down the road.

  • I don’t care how visible this makes me in the digital world behind the scenes, I LOVE Google Now.

    • Amen to that.

    • EC8CH

      We are all being tracked whether we like it or not.

      At least Google Now gives us some sort of benefit.

    • I love Big Brother. Bring on 1984!

  • Tony


  • EC8CH

    Jedi Mind Trick Card…. coming soon!