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Video: David Beckham Denies iPhone at Press Conference Because “It’s Not a Samsung”


In a press conference, just two days before the MLS Cup, David Beckham was addressing the media when an iPhone on the press table rang. The phone clearly belonged to a media member, as you can see the variety of devices laid out on the table to record the conversation. Beckham made a crack at the vibrating phone, asking the crowd if he should answer it. But like the good spokesperson he is, took a moment to plug his sponsor, saying, “It’s not a Samsung, sorry, I can’t.” 

As you may recall, Beckham was a part of one of Samsung’s commercials for the Olympics and Galaxy Note that went viral. In the spot, he kicks soccer balls into a wall of drums to play out Beethoven’s Ode To Joy.

Well played, sir.


Cheers @razinlightyear!

  • master94

    Translation, Beckham would never be caught using a iphone because he is not a sheep who follows the crowd.

  • Cheng GuanHao

    He was once a Motorola ambassador, because he was using iPhone, and that broke the contract!

  • Neomastermind

    Only on DL would there be an article praising a celebrity spokesperson for doing his job correctly. Much ado about nothing.

  • cyruss69

    I would say its not as much of being a good spokesman as watching out for himself because being a spokesman and sponsor of samsung I’m willing to bet he contractually obligated not to use or be seen with anything other than an a Samsung… other wise he can be fined or even lose his sponsor.. so really he was just looking out for himself lol

  • Liderc

    lol, Beckham is the man. Soccer is an awfully boring sport to watch, but he’s a baller for sure, no pun intended.

    • Dain Laguna

      Oh man…thats a travesty. How can you even say that with baseball still bring televised?

      • JDub

        Well you see, points and progress is actually made in baseball.

      • Liderc

        Oh baseball is terrible as well, but soccer definitely gives it a run for its money. I mean, watching nothing happen for hours is like torture.

        • JoshGroff

          I’d rather play sports than watch them.

          • Liderc

            Most of us work now, we don’t play sports anymore. It’s called having a career. I played D2 college baseball and soccer ironically enough.

        • terrible sports goes to American “football” that crap makes me want to watch golf

    • Morgan Freeman

      Soccer is boring to people who don’t know anything about it and only look for scoring. If you played the sport at a decent level and were a fan of it growing up you would appreciate every good touch on the ball and the whole game. I’m not blaming people who don’t like it and saying you should – but I hate to see people who don’t know about soccer and hear other people say it is boring so they declare that everyone should agree it is boring. It’s like me saying Cricket is boring, I don’t know anything about the sport.

      People who say soccer is boring are like iphone users who say it is better than android – you just don’t know.

  • Michael

    That’s cause his contract will be breached if he chose any other device. duh!

  • mark

    samsung product and brand placing sucks. Everybody loves samsung for being opposite to apple but the truth is that they are really the same…

    • JetBlue


      • Joey Funk

        Remember how apple is suing Samsung over everything they’ve made?

        That’s how.

  • Lyn Scott


  • [email protected]

    on a different note how can you clear frequent text when you text someone
    under groups show people you text and can’t remove

  • bkosh84

    It wasn’t more of a dig against Apple, it was more of a “Samsung paid me a metric-butt ton of money” type of thing.. If it were the other way around it would’ve happened the exact same way..

    • Yup, exactly. On a side note, there are celebrities who would take the money and totally forget what their clients are paying them for. So, +1 for David Beckham.

    • Pretty much. He probably just owns the iPhone but can’t be seen flashing the Apple Logo (sponsorship and that)

      • miiike

        You don’t seem to understand how a sponsorship works.

  • Yoderz

    He’s not such a douche after all.

  • a.youth.in.Asia

    He’s has the right mindset. I wouldn’t degrade myself lime that either David!

  • JamesU513

    I would’ve shoved it off the table

  • vitriolix

    That was an iPhone

  • Awesome

  • kennedy myril

    +1 for becks…

  • Beckham my respect for you is now over 9000

    • Captain_Doug

      That reference will never get old to me.

      • DBZ was the best show ever IMO.
        They shouldn’t have stopped it….

        • EvanTheGamer

          Agreed. Agreed. 100% agreed. And once more, agreed!

          DBZ was the whole reason I got into Anime in the first place. Then I started watching a little bit of DB, then a little bit of DBGT, but nothing compares to the awesomeness of DBZ. I even started collecting battle damaged action figures. Yeah, it was somewhat of a phase long ago, but an awesome phase at that!

          Vegeta FTW!

          • MichaelFranz

            IN case you guys don’t know, some guys are doing a extended 5+ minute trailer for DBZ Saiyan Saga, the costumes are legit, this is NOT no DB Evolution (CRAP on so many levels). I suggest googling it and checking it out if you havent already.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Thanks man, I’ll totally check it out.

            And agreed 9000 times over that that so-called horse maneuver of a movie is a disgrace to Super Saiyans everywhere! Seriously. It was a long while ago, but when I first heard that they were making a DB movie, I was kind of excited but new that since it’s Hollywood, they would butcher it to death(as they always do) that not even a senzu bean could bring it back to life.

            And what happened? They butchered it to death. I had only heard that everyone hated the film as I honestly didn’t even watch any trailers or the full-length butchered movie. I just couldn’t bring myself to.

            Hollywood will NEVER be able to make a live-action Dragon Ball film, and get the true DB fans to actually like it. Sure, people that know nothing of the DB/Z/GT universe will be amused by all the intense fighting scenes and special effects, but the dedicated fan base will not be so easily convinced.

            Only talented indie film makers will be able to make that happen. Like Kevin Tancharoen who successfully created a live-action incredibly fantastic and extremely gritty Mortal Kombat short film, Rebirth, and even though it was only 8 minutes, it was one of the greatest fan films I have ever seen. It was surreal. Google it and watch it if you haven’t already!

            Anyways, only indie film makers like Kevin(and the film makers of DBZ: Saiyan Saga) will be able to give Dragon Ball what it deserves in a live-action film. But it will never happen though. It would be just too damn expensive. Only Hollywood has the money that a successful DB film needs, and sadly they will destroy it every time.

          • MichaelFranz

            Preach it!!….lol Love the Senzu bean comment, i LOL’d

    • Killyourself


      • Dam the comments on Droid Life really went down the drain the last few months. How is this at +6? I miss the good ol days

        • Dr_Buttballs

          It was meant as sarcasm because of the overused meme.

        • Brandon Dean

          It’s spelled “Damn”…

          Would you pray tell be considering yourself part of what is dragging it down?

          • jimingo

            What? Can you please rephase that last statement?

    • devilfriend

      Over 9300

      • duoexo

        I’d gay up for Beckham over 9000 now.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          I believe you would have to gay “Down”

    • EvanTheGamer

      My respect for him is now infinite+2. lol

      If he wants a more than stellar Samsung phone, he best get a G-Nex. Yeah!

      • michael arazan

        He has been seen using an iphone in papparazzi pics in LA with his wife. She def uses an iphone because her iphone case cost more than the iphone.

    • MKader17

      But he still owns an iPhone…

      • iDiot

        The ringing phone was not his phone.

  • johnGearson

    i might start paying attention to soccer now