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Predators On Sale For $0.99 Through Google Play, Austrian Oak Approved

This isn’t the first time we have brought up Predators, because frankly, it’s a total blast. For a limited time, the game is on sale through Google Play for only a dollar, instead of the usual $2. At this price, it’s a steal. What makes the game intriguing is that you don’t play as humans trying to escape or defend themselves. Instead, you play as the galaxy’s ultimate hunter (sorry, Governator), slaying prey and collecting trophies. 

Now, get to the choppa!!

Play Link ($0.99)


Cheers Mr. E!

  • Simon Belmont

    Thanks for the tip. I just grabbed it for my EVO 3D and N7.

    Apparently it has “Tegra optimized graphics.” That will be interesting to compare with my phone.

  • vitriolix

    It’s not $0.99 … it’s $0.99 and then a bunch on IAP

    • Not really. The IAP are available, but definitely not required. There are no prompts to buy any IAP or upgrades, which is nice compared to a lot of games nowadays that have the option of IAP.

      I’m about halfway through the game & haven’t even seen why an IAP would be needed at all considering each mission gives enough points for upgrading weapons.

  • Nick

    Is pricing in the play store consistent across the globe or does it vary by region? The post says it’s on sale for 99 cents but it’s coming up as $2.99 for me in the play store. It was 5.99 the other day, not the normal $2 like the post says…..

  • iamjackspost

    This game will make you a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus, just like me.

  • Downloading now thanks! I assume it doesn’t have controller support?

    • ^ Wondering the same thing. I assume sixaxis could be setup to work at least.

      • EvanTheGamer

        I can confirm that using the Sixaxis controller app does not work with Predators, unfortunately. Damnit! I tried everything, too and still couldn’t get the app to work with the game. Ah well.

        • I am sure a touch profile can be created for use with Sixaxis. I have done it a few times works wonders 🙂

          • EvanTheGamer

            Excellent tip! I’ll try that now and report back.

  • Hey that’s me!

    So any DL-reader opinions on the game now that it’s been out a while? I gotta spend that $0.99 wisely!

    • I think it’s EvanTheGamer approved. If he likes it, then you know its gotta be good.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Yes, I approve this message. 🙂 lol

        Predator is indeed lot of fun, and for $.99, it’s a steal. The gameplay is pretty smooth, although the left stick(to move) does stick sometimes where you can’t move at all. Then when you start swinging you’re able to move again.

        Other than that small issue, it’s a fun game, and one that shouldn’t be missed, whether you are or aren’t a Predator fan. Good action title.