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Clock Plus Brings Much Needed Features to Android 4.2 DayDream

When Google introduced Android 4.2, one of the features that seems to have been overlooked a bit, is DayDream. For those not familiar, think of DayDream as Google’s attempt at a more robust docking station app. If setup properly, you can have your phone or tablet automatically display a clock, secret BeanFlinger screen, Google Currents, or photos upon docking. The clock, for whatever reason, is a bit lacking, though. Enter Clock Plus.

In Clock Plus, a free app on Google Play, you can have the clock display an icon for missed calls, unread texts, new Gmail emails, and your next scheduled alarm. While these are simple additions, they are greatly welcomed.

Also, since DayDream is an Android 4.2-only feature, Clock Plus is an option for those not running the newest version of Android. If you are running Android 4.0+, you can install this app and use it as a clock replacement.

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Cheers Martin!

  • Raven

    My biggest disappoint between the clock from 4.1 to 4.2 is that the old clock used to have a transparent background that let me see whatever live wallpaper I have on my background. Now, the new clock has a boring gray background and it appears that this app follows suite. I wish they would add in an option for transparent background.

  • Stewie

    For most running custom 4.2, it won’t mean a thing, since Daydream is one of those things that suck battery life when idle, and is turned o f f …

  • Mr Furious

    Anyone know of a way to get rid of the BOLD hour? The old format looked much classier.

  • feztheforeigner

    I need more DayDream apps!

  • SeanBello

    I don’t have the options for Currents or the beanflinger screen? just clock, colors, photo frame, and photo table

  • George Davis

    Doesn’t seem to do anything on Bionic (running 4.0.4 so it should work according to the post). I can launch the Clock Plus app and change settings there, but when I dock my phone it’s just the same old dock screen. No new options are listed in Choose Dock Mode either. Nothing about DayDream listed anywhere, not even in the Clock Plus settings. :/

    • PuzzleShot

      Daydream is 4.2+. The 4.0+ thing is just using it instead of the regular clock app, not using it as a dock thing.

  • First time I read this headline I thought it was “Cock Plus…”. Thought Droid Life had suddenly started reviewing NSFW apps.

  • Inquizitor

    If only it showed Google voice notifications too. Or even better, just every notification icon. Is this an Android limitation, that most apps (launchers etc) can only display notifications of Gmail, texts, and missed calls? I never really got it, but I wouldn’t be so surprised. I don’t think GVoice has any, or at least not many, APIs…

    • Evan T

      They could access Google voice. The app just has to ask to have accessibly privileges

  • Bsulla

    Are there any docks for either the Nexus 7 or Nexus 4?

  • Matt

    What would make this awesome is for it to be a clock widget that you can put on your home screen.

  • Martin Pelant

    Thanks Kellex 😉

    I’ve got several reports about a weird bug on HTC devices with HTC Sense, which cuts of part of the clock, I just don’t have any device to test it on right now so I’ll try to fix it as soon as I find the device to test it on.

    I hate the OEM’s customizations, why can’t they just offer the stock Android as it is supposed to be experienced? Maybe add some features but not completely redesign the UI!

  • TheRealKingOfAllMedia

    what is the point of the bolded hour value? i missed something i think.

    • Martin Pelant

      It’s the deault “clock style” on Android 4.2

      • ToddAwesome

        and I still think it looks like something is wrong with the software.

    • it represents the thicker hour hand in an analog clock

  • alex

    Ok, android is still the best.


  • Chris Hollenbeck

    I use my old Thunderbolt as an MP3 player (with Bluetooth speakers) and a bedside alarm clock. I use the “Alarm” app by DoubleTwist. Works great and with plenty of settings.

  • When do you think my Verizon Razr Maxx will get 4.2?

    LOL jk. 🙁

  • KleenDroid