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Finally Official: Verizon and Samsung Announce the Galaxy Note 2 Will Arrive in Stores Tomorrow

Verizon and Samsung announced moments ago that the Galaxy Note 2 will finally be available in stores and online starting tomorrow, November 29, for $299 on new 2-year contract. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, since the shipping date has been set as November 27 for weeks now, something that usually happens 2 days before a launch. And actually, we first reported November 29 to be the launch date over a month ago.

As for those who pre-ordered, your orders will ship any minute now, if they haven’t already. We know that many of you were noticing that your cards were being charged for the transaction early yesterday.

Well, folks, the time has come. The Note 2 is here. Excited?

  • Replacing my GNex with this today…come on FedEx, get here already!

  • gfacekilla01

    Calmly waiting for tomorrow. GN2 will be delivered and activated and then I can introduce my Razr to a demolition hammer. And I still have my unlimited data HAHAHA

  • DNA

    If I want to Upgrade a phone this is not the choice! if i want to upgrade a Tablet this maybe suitable. too big for a smartphone…

  • 4hifi

    Any word on if/when there will be a 32 gig version?

  • Nicholassss

    Cool I pre ordered it and fed ex says it wont be here until 7pm. Whats the point of preordring if i can get it at the store sooner.

    also way to not anounce it until the day be fore verizon, we know you had to make money off the DNA but theres been almost no push for this phone from verizon.

  • I definitely sold the Note 2 in my store today.. and its an indirect agent…

  • wm snyder

    Aaaaaggh i cant see the phone for the Verizon logo button! They will have to make a bigger phone now!!

  • Trevor

    If AOKP makes a ROM for the Note 2 (maybe they have already, assuming the phone is unlockable/rootable?), that phone will be awesome, if you can get past the size anyway. I went from GNex to Galaxy S3 and was pretty put off by Touchwiz, but AOKP’s milestone 1 for the GS3 is frickin awesome! Just like my GNex, but with optional UI tweaks, some of which are wonderful.

  • N8shon

    Yes, extremely excited. I have my 64GB Micro SD card waiting for my beautiful marble white Note 2. Christmas is here early for me!

  • RaptorOO7

    So why the hell has Fed Ex not updated my tracking since 2am this morning? It says its arrived at FedEx location NEWARK, NJ Nov 28 2:00am with no progress. WTF it better be here tomorrow.

  • Carl

    I’ve loved my Gnex but thankfully I’ve come to learn my smartphone experience can be excellent even without vanilla android. Based on the many YouTube videos I’ve watched, the Note 2 is a very special device. Samsung is to be commended.

  • DC_Guy

    FedEx delivered mine today. I have to say I absolutely LOVE this phone! So long iphone 5!

  • chris125

    Well if the logo is the only thing people are complaining about it must be a pretty good phone

    • LionStone

      You mean phablet … Physical Home iButton- weak. VZW-slathered logo- insult to injury but can easily be remedied. It’s a shame though, no matter how much you tweak n whatnot, that iButton will always be there…sigh…

      • chris125

        Home button isn’t that bad. Its still one of the best specd phone on Verizon and any carrier for that matter

  • man, this thing is pretty amazing, huge, but amazing (and fast)

  • thedanks

    it really took them a whole month beyond the other providers release date to put that logo on the fackwors button?

  • DonDemon

    Has anybody tried scratching off the verizon logo on the home button? Or come out with a decal to cover up the button?
    Im going to head down to Verizon tomorow and attemp to get it off a display Note2 before hacking on my own Note2 (when I get it)!
    PS. If anyone see’s a Note2 on display thats home button is hacked up just know that I was experimenting. HAHAHA!

  • Tim242

    The home button is small. The logo is tiny. It’s not a big deal. I’ve been playing with this phone for a month in my Sprint store, just waiting on Verizon to release it. The phone is the best device you could imagine. Once you get it, you won’t even think about the tiny logo, on the tiny button. Stop whining. Get it, or don’t.

    • hkklife

      No, the best device I could imagine would be a 64Gb DNA running stock JB and with the RAZR Maxx’s microSD slot & battery.

      • Tim242

        The Note 2 has up to 80 GB of storage. It is very close to stock JB. If that isn’t good enough, it is easily unlocked. The battery is 3100 mAh AND REPLACEABLE. I already bought the extra battery with charging dock. So, I have 6200 mAh of juice. The screen is non pentile. So, this device is your ideal phone : )

        • Its not PenTile? Still AMOLED though surely? Which means crap for color balance… 🙁

          • Tim242

            It is not Pentile. Color balance is fine. Plus, Samsung has a settings option to set the color balance to your liking : )

  • flosserelli

    It’s about damn time. It’s only been out since September and sold over 5 million units worldwide. Except on Verizon, of course.

  • Br_d

    I can’t wait for 6 months from now when I can get one of these babies for $200 unlocked on Craigslist!

  • Fackwors! It’s about time!!

  • freethehomebutton

    Buy 1 get 2 free. This is a PRE-ORDER these decals will ship by November 30th by the latest (more than likely sooner).

    Are you bothered by the Verizon logo on your Note II? These decals will cover the home button to give you a cleaner non branded look. These covers are made from high quality adhesive vinyl which will not fade or crack. The vinyl is rated for 7 years outside so it should last longer than the life of the phone.

    We will ship as soon as we can confirm the shape and color will fit Verizon version of the Samsung Note 2. These decals may be a slightly different color but will be as close as possible to the color of the phone.

  • I’m still torn between the DNA and the Note II. My S3 front glass has a single line crack in it somehow and I cant deal with it. I will be paying retail as to keep my unlimited data. Oh the decisions.

    • KT

      The DNA’s screen is AWESOME. But I’m still going with the Note 2 b/c of the software features.

  • cooksta32676

    Looks like one of my kids gets a DroidX deactivated media player tomorrow.

  • Octotron

    I have mine in hand.. it is real… and it is spectacular.

  • michael osborne

    Is there any way to upgrade and keep unlimited data? I know there was a way to use the feature phone upgrade but I read that they closed that loophole.

    • Tim242

      That is not a loophole. They offer cross upgrading. That is just a SIM swap and doesn’t change your plan.

  • Got mine in today from Verizon.

  • Called Verizon ” I must have this phone by today as I currently do not have a working phone!!!” Long story short I can pick it up tonight at FedEx once I see the tracking info has updated! At 1pm EST it just left NJ for York, PA so I should be able to cruise on up at 5pm ish! I am soooo impatient!

    • You scored pretty good, I have never found anyone at Verizon that would notify FedEx to let me pick up a shipped device without at least 1 delivery attempt and I have used every excuse known to man on a ton of devices.

  • Brian Parkerson

    I have two lines on Verizon. One 2gb per month plan and one unlimited plan. The unlimited is up for a new comtract,however I don’t want to loss my unlimited. Does anyone know if I can swap phones, phone numbers, or a combination so I can receive the subsidized price of $300.00 and still keep my unlimited?. I hate to have to fork out full price for this beast but if I gotta ,I gotta!..PLEASE, SUGGESTIONS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

    • Can only upgrade the number that is ready for upgrade. Pay full price or lose unlimited period.

      • jasonar

        Not true. Go into my verizon at vzw.com and transfer the upgrade to a line without unlimited data. When you get it in, activate it then swap. Have done it 3 times without a problem including last month.

    • Chris

      I can’t believe this actually worked but i got the DNA two days ago and “lost” my unlimited plan. I acted like it was no big deal… today called Verizon and told them I was standing in a Sprint store ready to make the switch because I had to have the unlimited data unless they gave it back. (since I was still in the 14 day limit i can return and cancel the contract) In less then 30 seconds she updated my account and right now once again have Unlimited Data. I was shocked and of course bluffing… but she did it for me.

  • I’m sending this message from one 🙂 really really big…

  • Dale Pascascio

    My droid x just got mad at me!!!!

  • Mine is in route.. should be here late tomorrow.. I cant wait to get off my Thunderbolt and onto my Note 2.. and I have intentions of buying my Girlfriend a SIII.. they will be a cute couple sitting side by side..

  • Is there any way humanly possible I can use an upgrade and still keep me unlimited data? Please say there is a loophole! Otherwise best buy credit card haha

    • hkklife

      Not BB! Their full retail price on the Note2 is a full $100 higher than directly from VZW!

    • jasonar

      Open a new line with 2gb data plan. Get device. Go on ebay and buy a cheap flip phone with a clean ESN. Swap Note 2 for cheap ebay phone (dropping the 30/month data plan automatically) then swap the note 2 on your unlimited line.

  • Somebody please let me know what the radios are like. I want to pull the trigger on this but not if it means spotty LTE

    • Droidzilla

      Pretty sure it’s the exact same hardware as the SGSIII.

      • I’ve heard that before but wasn’t the GS3 still behind HTC’s and Moto’s products radio-wise?

        • Droidzilla

          Moto will almost always have the best radios. Samsung uses Qualcomm sets, as does Apple. I’m not sure if HTC uses Broadcom or not. Motorola uses a combo of Qualcomm and their own, in house radios which are the best in the business. After all, they are essentially the guys who invented the cell phone.

  • roberthenderson

    I am really torn right now. I want the note to very badly, but I just got my galaxy s 3 a couple of months ago and it is running really well. Compound ing that with the fact that when the Galaxy Note 3 comes out it will almost assuredly have a 1080 p screen and maybe even the 8 core processor.

    • hkklife

      My advice: I have a bad feeling that the Note’s radios will be no better than the S3. So I would sit tight with the S3 for now, as once it gets JB or is rooted & ROMmed, it’s still smokin’ fast. Then the S4 will be out (hopefully) by next summer and will give a slight bump in performance and screen size and likely more efficient than the Note 2. At least, the above scenario is what I am planning on doing IF Moto does not release a 5″ phablet or 1080P in 1H 2013.

      • hfoster52

        Note 2 has Jelly Bean already.

        • trixnkix637

          He meant S3

      • roberthenderson

        I am running a jelly bean rom right now and you are definitely correct, it makes all the difference in the world. on Ice Cream Sandwich, my speaker phone was unusable, my calls dropped constantly, and my high definition video was choppy.as soon as I switch to jelly bean all of these problems went away

    • i would stay with the s3, and if you are a person that roots, there are some good jellybean roms out

    • Droidzilla

      Wait for the GN3. The Note 2 is just a GS3 with a bigger screen (that’s not a bad thing).

      • Tim242

        wrong. Quad Core, non pentile, S-Pen, multi window.

        • Droidzilla

          Verizon’s getting the quad core? Well shoot, that is good news! The S-Pen is nice, but not that big of a deal outside of the big screen. As for pen-tile vs. non, I personally couldn’t care less. If that’s a huge deal for you, though, it’s a big selling point.

          • Tim242

            Yep, the Exynos quad core works on LTE. All carrier versions have it. I compared the screen next to my GNex and the S3 in my Sprint store. The Note 2’s screen is much more crisp.

          • Droidzilla

            The processor part is good news. As for the screens, the size is a big deal, but the pen-tile vs. non is a total non issue for most. If you have to have them side by side or be staring at static text to tell, it doesn’t matter. The whole pen-tile thing has been way overblown by tech sites.

          • Tim242

            The pentile screen is overblown. However, non is better : )

          • Droidzilla

            True. If I were picking up a Verizon phone right now, GNote II would be a no brainer. But if I were already on an SGSIII, I don’t think I’d pay for this one. Better to save for the next one that would be more of an upgrade (or a 2013 Verizon Moto Nexus made of unicorn horns and fairy tears).

  • Dave

    I’m glad Verizon has the fortitude to put their ugly logo on the front of almost all of their devices. Because every time I pick up that device, I don’t want to forget I’m on Big Red’s network. Never mind I’m reminded of that fact when I get the monthly bill, pull down the notification tray, view the lock screen, flip over the device, etc.

    • ToddAwesome

      I’m surprised it’s not up in the notification bar itself by default when you don’t have any notifications. Verizon, are you listening, there is still more space to put your brand!

    • A bastard file will take that right off.

      • Are you sure? I thought I read its not just painted on the surface but under the coating. Same is true of the DNA sadly. I am so spoiled by my Gnex… I want NO branding on the front of my phones!

  • LegalAmerican

    I’m so excited to see what the Verizon Button does.

  • My friend got his today…

    He’s in love with it and wont stop telling me how awesome it is.

  • Daistaar

    First new android user complaint: “My phone doesn’t work. I keep trying to call Verizon with the Verizon button but it keeps taking me back to the home screen every time!”

  • sidney547

    I’m due for an upgrade in a couple weeks and I’m torn. It would be this phone hands down but I just really don’t know if I want something that big. I cant decide between this, the S3, Droid DNA, or the Razr Maxx HD.

    • BroRob

      This was my dilemma! Luckily Costco made the decision for me. I picked up the S3 on a black Friday deal for $30.

      • sidney547

        yeah Sam’s club had them for $.97 that day so my wife got one, but i was still a few weeks from an upgrade. so now i’m going end up spending a lot more on it.

    • roberthenderson

      beautiful screen on the DNA. And it’s obviously very fast. But the Galaxy S 3 I have right now running jelly bean is blazing fast as well. If you need storage though the DNA is not going to satisfy your needs. It will be best for people who don’t keep a lot of APs or movies or music on there phone then like to stream a lot of video over wifi.hi went to the Verizon store the other day and ran the high definition of vendors clip on both side by side and I just couldn’t justify in my mind calling the DNA screen better than the Galaxy s3 screen. Also the DNA screen is long and narrow like the iPhone 5 screen. I actually like a little bit of extra with that I have on Samsung phones.I have always liked Motorola build quality, but the camera applications have always been very lacking to me.

      • sidney547

        thanks for the reply! that helps a lot actually. I think I’ll probably end up with the S3. Really the only downside of it is the dual core as opposed to quad core but i doubt i would notice much difference anyway. i’m coming from a T-bolt and it has kind of soured me on HTC.

    • Droidzilla

      Go into a T-Mobile store or Best Buy and play with one. You’ll either love or hate the ginormous screen, and you’ll know pretty quickly. My advice: if you’re even considering it, I’m sure you’ll be able to live with the phone size. I’m betting you’ll absolutely love that extra large screen and S-Pen, and within two weeks you won’t even notice the device size.

  • hfoster52

    Does it come with a roller case so you can tote it behind you?

    • The hobbit

      No, but you can put it in your purse if you aren’t man enough to carry it in your pocket

  • Chris

    Even tho I’m really excited, I want to wait and see what real life battery use comes out to be. With that monster screen and 4g, it’s doing to be interesting..even with a huge battery.

  • My wife’s arrives tomorrow. Used the Verizon basic line upgrade loophole to pay subsidised price and keep unlimited.

    • Chris

      more details please 🙂

      • hfoster52

        Yeah I was thinking of doing the same. Want to know you did this.

        • ozo012

          Basically what you do is:

          1. Upgrade the basic phone to the phone you want (with a 2GB plan)

          2. You then switch the upgraded phone to your line (which allows you to keep unlimited)

          3. You roll back to a dumbphone on the other line and dump the 2 gb data plan.

          • roberthenderson

            thanks for the reply. I find it hard to believe that Verizon is going to let something like that stand for much longer.when I, within the legal window, ordered my galaxy s 3, they “mistakenly” tried to take my unlimited data. So I am a little gun shy about using this loophole. I guess if the worst happens within the 14 day return window I could probably just return the note.

          • Droidzilla

            I bet they will. You end up keeping a $10/month line that has zero impact on their network, and it lulls you into staying on contract with them for even longer (different renewal periods for each line basically guarantees that you’ll never up stakes). $10/month for 24 months is $240 for them for zero network impact, and you end up with a nice discount on a new phone where they at least break even. It’s a no-brainer for Verizon to let this happen.

            If they dump unlimited, they’ll just dump it en masse. I’m betting they’ll do that when the bean counters estimate that there are few enough people on unlimited that the network impact outweighs the income generated. Plus, they know that probably at least 60% of those people will stick with Verizon if forced off of unlimited; their network is just that good.

          • GotSka81

            The only problem I see with this plan is that it would extend the basic phone’s contract every time you did this. If you have multiple phones you’re trying to keep unlimited data on, you would end up with a phone with a reeeeeally long contract, no?

          • ozo012

            Well it’s more that you’re using the upgrade on that other line in this case and they aren’t getting a “new” phone.

      • I have a line for my daughter with no data. On Verizon’s website I switched my wife’s upgrade to my daughter’s line and upgraded it to the note 2 and switch her line to the 2 gb option. When the phone arrives I have to activate it on my daughter’s line and keep it activated for about an hour then deactivate it for 24 hours and switch my daughter’s line back to her phone with no data. Activate the note 2 on any line you wish. My brother did this by calling Verizon and they are who told him about it.

        • FAL_Fan

          Actually not. I did it in store and did it immediately. It’s called a hardware swap and I’ve been doing it years, only recently with the intent of keeping unlimited. I called Verizon last month to ask them a few questions and I mentioned that I was going to pay full retail for the Note 2 and the rep suggested that I just do the hardware swap, to which I was surprised that they endorsed such an action.

    • roberthenderson

      walk me through that please. I have 2 separate plans 1 for my personal phone, which has the unlimited data. The other plan is my wife and daughter on the same plan with just basic Internet on their phones. exactly how would I work that loophole?

    • MichaelFranz

      I might do the same, the GF wants an iPhone for Xmas though…but this is how its done..

      If you have more then 1 line on an account you can transfer the upgrade from one line to another. So for me i’ll give you an example, i have 3 lines. my main line which has unlimited data, and 2 other lines that are Xoom 4G tablet lines on a shared data plan. I am able to take the upgrade for my unlimited line and transfer it to any other line. What then happens is the upgrade for that line then swaps with my unlimited. No questions asked. Kind of glad i have 3 lines for this 🙂

      You just have to go online to your account and do it, not sure exactly where but i think if you go to upgrade line status there is a small link somewhere

  • Detonation

    Interesting I’m playing with one in person, but I still think it’s going to be too big for what I want.

  • BroRob

    Removable battery that is more than 2020? sd card slot? more than 11Gb usable onboard memory?? sub par 720 screen resolution?? FAIL!! I dont know how anyone would consider buying this POS.

    • Chris

      …not following…are you saying removable battery and sd card slot is a con. . . ?

      • MichaelFranz

        i think its a joke, considering the specs point to the DNA

      • BroRob

        Yes, it was because all the posts about the DNA being a huge fail. All joking aside the GN2 would have been my hands down choice but it’s just a tad too big and didn’t want to spend the $300 on contract. Went with the GS3.

        • roberthenderson

          I think HTC missed a big opportunity.put a removable battery on that thing, an sd card (or at least a 32 gigabyte and 64 gigabyte option) and I would have given it serious consideration.

          • LionStone

            At this point, with the DNA, I’m so glad they did NOT put a removable battery. The form factor is so nice, light… storage could have been a little more but I can easily manage it, I have the N7 for backup storage if necessary, unlimited data, stream most of my content, music, movies, videos and photos backed to G+…I’m set

  • Chris

    Played with one in Best Buy yesterday. Wow!

    • TheFirstUniverseKing

      Yeah, it’s amazing, isn’t it? Can’t wait until mine arrives!

  • After playing with the note 10.1, i really want this phone. I’m going to wait a week, wait to hear if there are issues with it just in case.

  • Superdroid

    Camping out!

  • gbenj

    Interestingly, that Verizon branding on the Home button isn’t present on the billboard ads in NYC.

  • Joe

    Ordered mine yesterday and received it today! It is going to take some getting used to after coming from stock Jelly Bean!

    • Tim242

      I’ve played with one at work (Sprint). You will be pleasantly surprised at how much stock JB is there. TW is very light these days.

    • haupman

      Does the multi-window functionality come right out of the box?

      • Joe

        Yes it works out of the box!

  • This is my question, where is the cheapest it’s being sold without a contract?

  • nextstepbasketball

    Mine shipped yesterday and fedex tracking says it will be here tomorrow.

  • jldleo

    11-29-2012 = Merry Christmas to me

  • TheWenger

    What’s the Verizon button do?

    • YankInDaSouth

      Opens your wallet and steals your money …

      • Prison Rapee

        This made my butt cheeks clinch and weep a bitter sweet tear of pain while simultaneously urinating a little from laughing.

        • Droidzilla

          Butts don’t weep; you might want to grab some toilet paper and a new pair of pants.

    • TheFirstUniverseKing

      When inside an app, pressing it takes you back to the homescreen of the TouchWiz launcher.

      • ToddAwesome


      • Trey Mitchell

        yes yes but what does it do when I’m NOT inside an app????

  • I didn’t even order one and I’m excited.

  • Twofourturbo

    Good bye Gnex..

  • conazo

    I’m very excited! wooo hoooo bring on the beast!

  • Michael33704

    I would love to know the real reason why, once again, Verizon is the last to arrive at the party…..

    • just wait until the first update starts coming out… lol

      • Justin W

        My prediction: They’ll be last again, and will surprise no one.

  • Todd Murphy

    Best phone of 2012.

    • How can you coin something the best phone of the year if A its not even out yet and B will barely be a month old when we go into 2013?

      • joseph johnson

        Well it’s been out since early October internationally and for a month domestically so he could have been using it for a while now. The only contender to the best phone of 2012 would be the Droid DNA but it doesn’t have multitasking or a stylus so I don’t think its really that innovative. You may have other opinions on the best phone though

        • cooksta32676

          Exactly. The DNA is just a normal phone with mad specs. It doesn’t “do” anything (nearly) that a Droid X won’t.

          • Sure it does! It forces you to utilize 11.5GB of storage space with no possibility of expansion!

      • Dear Jason,

        It was a joke.

        With Love,

      • John Mozelewski

        how is it not the best phone of 2012? and its been out for over a month or so on some carriers

        • LionStone

          Its not because 1, it’s a phablet…and 2, the DNA

          • John Mozelewski

            what can a Droid DNA do that the note 2 cant?

          • LionStone

            The DNA won’t look like a clown phone when talking on it? 🙂

      • Tim242

        Ummm it has been out on the other 3 US carriers for a month. Best of the year is year released, not year most used.

  • Murph

    Can’t wait for it to arrive tomorrow. Good by Thunderbolt!!

    • Brent Callahan

      Ditto, Murph! Buh bye, T-bolt!

    • i”m spoiled by being the only smartphone on my family plan… I can upgrade every 7 months… I will go take a look at the Note tomorrow but I doubt it will sway me from the DNA its just a little too wide… my friend has the note 2 on Tmobile and I just can’t have the same phone as my friend either

      • duke69111

        Do you just upgrade one of the other lines and then switch it to yours. Then cancel the data plan on the dumb phone? I have three on my plan that are not smartphones.

        • GotSka81

          You can transfer upgrades within your account. If you go to your “my Verizon” account, try to upgrade a phone. There is a link somewhere on the page to the effect of “transfer upgrade”. It will ask you ‘from where’ and ‘to where’ and boom, it’s done. Boom.

          • roberthenderson

            just have to make sure that I keep my unlimited data though.

          • duke69111

            Good Point.

          • duke69111

            That’s Awesome. I remember seeing that. Thanks.

          • GotSka81

            Sorry, I’m an idiot…didn’t realize what you were asking.

  • mb1108

    Actually, they are delivering today!!!

    • conazo

      not for me, my fedex tracking# says tomorrow the 29th it gets delivered

      • mb1108

        Well, yeah and we all had the 29th as the estimated delivery date but some of us have begun receiving them today :-). I meant they started delivering not that everyone will get it at the same time. Luckily, I didn’t live far from the facility it went to yesterday. I just wish there would have been more time between the preorders and the in store release. Doesn’t seem fair to get it the same day or one day before when we preordered a month ago!

        • conazo

          I agree not fair at all, we should of gotten this phone at least on monday, been that most of us preordered a month or weeks ago.

          • roberthenderson

            hey buddy keep your pants on, supergluing home buttons and locking boat loaders takes time.

          • conazo

            LOL, I personally don’t really care about the Verizon logo on the home button it doesn’t bother me at all in fact i’m happy to be on vzw network for 11 years now, they have the best and more stable network. and about the bootloader i careless cause are big dev community always figures something out to get the phone rooted, and custom rom it. I’m just excited to have my first white phone which is a beast! 🙂

          • roberthenderson

            exactly, my galaxy s3 is rooted ROMmed and unlocked courtesy of the great development community. I will also either rub off the Verizon logo on the home button or just buy 1 of those covers that they will surely be selling on ebay. I love my S 3 but the bigger better screen on the note, the quad core processor, and the S Pen are really tempting.

  • mustbepbs

    How could they possibly think the logo on the home button was a good idea? It’s unfathomable. It looks terrible, no matter what the logo is.

    • EC8CH

      Verizon doesn’t care. They’d tattoo their logo on their customer’s foreheads as a requirement for renewing their contracts if they could.

    • Jeremy

      It is pretty terrible. I honestly think it’s bad enough that if I was interested in this phone, I wouldn’t buy it because of the logo.

      • Tim242

        That is stupid. Tiny logo on a tiny button.

    • Jake

      my store just got dummy units. it doesnt look that bad.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing


    EDIT: Looks like I was too late.

    I’ve got mine pre-ordered from Walmart. It’s not shipping yet and probably won’t be until sometime tomorrow, but at least I get a free $100 gift card!

  • Thank God for that Verizon logo on the home button. I’d hate to forget who my carrier is.

    • EC8CH

      That button logo…


      • Mack

        Yeah I don’t think that will catch on, lucky for Kellen.

        • EC8CH

          u fackwors bro?

        • How dare you doubt fackwors

          • Mack

            Saw the comments on other posts…wow.

            Fine I take it back. It’s funny, just didn’t think it would catch on that much.

            Haha I am a doubter no more.

          • WELCOME BROTHER!

      • michael arazan


    • QuadNexus

      the vzw logo is the new ricer labeling. YO BRAH I GOT DEM 50/20Mbps. WHAT U GOT? OH NO LOGO?????. dirty gsm peasants.

      • vettedude95

        The more stickers, the more performance lol

        • michael arazan

          Next Verizon will add acid to the phones, so the first time you pick up the device the Verizon logo will be burned into your skin.

          • Or it could be the other kind of acid, leading to one unforgettable experience…….

          • vettedude95

            Lead paint? lol

  • alex simon

    was excited, then the home button got destroyed… *le sigh…

  • Radgatt

    Better late than never…now here come the arguments about that logo on the button.

    • You called it.

    • EC8CH

      maybe that’s because it’s quite possibly the worst logo placement in the history of horrible logo placements.