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Video: Unboxing and Hands-on With The LG Spectrum 2

Verizon and LG were kind enough to send us out the brand new Spectrum 2 that features some decent mid-range specs that sound good when read out loud. It has a very crisp 720p IPS display, 4G LTE, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, Ice Cream Sandwich, 8MP back-facing camera, and wireless charging capabilities. 

Now, no phone is perfect, but the Spectrum 2 is certainly one of the furthest-from devices I have had in my hands for a while. There are other devices that utilize a dedicated Settings hardware button, but LG’s rendition on the Spectrum 2 is an insult to Android’s beauty. LG has thrown in a few software features that I’m not too fond of (a constant WiFi reminder), bulky and rather weird feeling hardware, and to top it off there is one of the worst-placed power buttons I have ever seen attached to it. As for the goods, the camera seems to take some decent snapshots and video, as well as LG’s device Theme options that give users the ability to customize the look of their device without the need to unlock and root.

We’ll plan to have our full review up next week, so be on the look out for that if this device has caught your eye.


Unboxing and Hands-on:

  • yarrellray

    Lg is very weak it’s pretty comical. So is Verizon

  • PhoenixPath

    There is obviously something hideously wrong with me. Not only do I prefer my Spectrum (1) over my Galaxy Nexus (I can use my Spectrum as a phone or Camera, and the battery lasts more than 3 hours!), but I think the Spec2 looks amazing. I love having the power-button on the top where I won’t accidentally hit it, and don’t think the buttons look *that* horrible (they could be better or on-screen).


    If it was priced decently unlocked, I’d buy it..

  • themiracle2012

    Are you sure that’s not a slider?

  • pseudonym_b

    youre camera makes that look so thick and so wide. im assuming the razor hd isnt a 4:3 phone, but your camera sure makes it look that way.

  • Why is it so unbearably thick?!?!? Can you lay it beside a N4 in the review as a comparison?

  • Jigga_Z

    I’m not a huge fan of this, but isn’t the dedicated settings/menu button to avoid the long and ungly menu button from appearing on the bottom like on the HTC phones? It’d be better if they did software buttons, but if you’re going to do hardware buttons, I think you shoudl always have that menu button there.

  • Dain Laguna

    i had some hands on today, before checking out the DNA. it looked like a tablet given how square it is.

    hardware was interesting….not as nice as the dna however. camera was awful. ultra grainy

  • Sobr0801


  • TheWenger

    I’d be willing to bet that Verizon had more of a say in this phone than LG would have liked.

  • droidify

    I got excited when I saw the wireless charger because I thought that was the phone. Its sad that the charger is the best looking LG device on big red.

    • FAL_Fan

      I was on the same page there! I actually said “wow” out loud…then he opened the box and I was back to my normal anti-LG sentiments.

  • tomn1ce

    This looks like a baby LG Optimus VU….

  • yungqb7

    That wifi notification is a Verizon thing. I had someone from corporate (most likely a spokesperson) tell me that they wanted making wifi much more easier for people to access and so they been doing this modification to all the latest phones really.

    • LionStone

      Yep, its a shame…an absolute intrusion. They did that with the Inc4G but thankfully on the DNA they gave the option to turn it off which took the icon out of the notification bar, but in the panel it’s like this LG, says “WiFi Off – Tap to turn WiFi on”. It’s a small thing, but lame nonetheless.

      • yungqb7

        It was terrible on the Incredible 4G. I’ve seen it on the LG Lucid and even the Motorola Razr.

  • Marv Adan
  • chris125

    Well according to black man x at least we may finally get a top of the line lg device on verizon Mobile Panda [email protected]_man_x

    Will say this about Verizon.. Their Optimus G class device will make even sprints cry… #keeplookingatthatpieinthesky #bigredhatesyou

  • Apostrafee

    One of the ugliest phones I have a ever seen

    • OptimusVu.jpg

    • a.youth.in.Asia

      All LG phones look ugly. yeah even the nexus

      • michael arazan

        Between Samsung, Moto and HTC, LG got the nexus? This still shocks me to this day. Who’s next, Nokia?

        • Personally, i feel it was like a lot of business contracts, LG had the lowest bid.

      • Apostrafee

        It resembles a giant LG Dare

  • That looks JUST LIKE the LG Dare from 2008! I know I had one.

  • hkklife

    Capacitive buttons aren’t THAT bad, especially on devices with screen sizes below 5″ or so. At least you get 100% screen real estate usage all of the time with the capacitive buttons. I still cringe when I see HTC’s hideous black bar devoted to the menu button.

    LG’s seemingly endless string of mediocre VZW offerings continues unabated. At least this one doesn’t ship with Gingerbread and has a decent screen and amount of internal storage, unlike the Lucid, the first Spectrum and the Revolution.

    • Ibrick

      Eh, at least HTC lets you get rid of it, via long pressing the recents.
      The DNA needs root to do this however…

  • Captain_Doug

    Pretty sure the wifi on/off notification is all LG.

    • K is saying it’s a Verizon thing. I’ll dig into that, because frankly, it’s the WORST lol

      • Mustang5Oh

        Yeah it’s the same way on the VzW S3 unfortunately unless you root and remove it.

  • jer85008

    Meh – Droid M is $50 right now, seems like a way better midrange option.

    • Captain_Doug

      It’s a lot smaller though. Although for a larger phone, any other big phone Verizon is offering is better.

    • It’s actually a penny from amazon. Got my gf’s mom to buy it for such a steal.

  • Greg Morgan

    Ugh…that menu button…

    • I’d rather have the buttons in this layout vs a menu button that moves with different apps. I never know what app will have it where. I miss the traditional buttons like the Razr / Bionic and back had

      • Greg Morgan

        I’m not saying there shouldn’t be a menu button. I’m saying the actual look of the button is terrible for an on phone button.

  • Boblank84

    the are really trying hard to avoid rounded corner infringement..

  • I had no idea this device even existed as a rumor.

    • Captain_Doug

      You should check out PhoneArena sometime. Their device lists are amazing.

      • Paul

        Until the day the DNA was officially announced, they said it (the DLX) has a dualcore cpu and other things that were proven wrong. I never go to phonearena to look at phone specs now.

        • Captain_Doug

          I never noticed that one. However can you name any other website that has that kind of database besides GSMarena?