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Nexus 4 Available for Purchase Today at Noon Pacific

This morning, Google sent out a batch of emails with the headline “Nexus 4 will be available for purchase later today!” That’s right, the LG Nexus 4 will be back in stock and available for purchase for the first time in over two weeks since initial launch. At 12:00PM PST (3:00PM Eastern), you can order order directly from the Google Play store. Pricing should be the same at $299 (8GB) or $349 (16GB). We aren’t sure how many they will have, so get your credit cards ready.

Do we think that Google has prepared the Google Play store this time around? If they are sending out emails like this, one would think they may have a better system in place or at least learned from some of the past mistakes. After the disaster that was launch day, it can only get better, right?

  • Pulkit

    What about the hizz and clicking sound problem reported by many N4 users.. will that be resolved in this stock? any idea?

    • fdss

      Not for a while, hardware problems like that can’t be fixed easily. The next shipment of Nexus 4’s will be exactly the same as the first shipment. I personally think the device is sensitive to developing the buzzing noise problem but it doesn’t happen to everyone.

  • capecodcarl

    And… they’re all gone. LOL.

  • joejoe5709

    Sorry Kellen. I was on the fence, but I’m totally soured on this phone now. I’ll wait for the next Nexus.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    So in other words it will go on sale at 11:40 and be sold out when I logon to buy one? lol

  • really wish verizon would get this, guess im gettin the gnote 2

  • zwade

    I wonder how many people bought it on Daily Steals yesterday. Bet they’re kicking themselves right now.

    • flosserelli

      A fool and his money are soon parted…

  • JDizzle

    Pass…no LTE is going backwards. Don’t know why anyone would make a “smart phone” without LTE now. Anyone that buys this will regreat their decision that was use to LTE.

    • Droidzilla

      First, it has LTE. Second, HSPA+ 42 is as fast as LTE in many areas. Third, do you people not even read Droid Life? There’s a reason the Nexus 4 isn’t on Verizon, and it’s a reason we should all be behind. I’ve been with Verizon a long time, and I say it’s high time one of the big companies out there tries to shake up Verizon’s stranglehold on their customers.

  • YankInDaSouth

    Contract on my wife’s line just ended (mine is up 5/2013) … so tempted to try and grab one of these for her and get her on a monthly T-Mobile plan. We’ll be one step closer to ditching Verizon – plus she can be my T-Mobile guinea pig for 6 months LOL!

    • TheDrizzle

      I’ll be doing that with my GF. Her contract is up so she is going to buy this and try prepaid for a while. $30 a month for T-moblie. It’s only 100 minutes but she is going to try to use GrooveIP when she can. Best part is, if it doesn’t work, she can either try a new prepaid plan (there are quite a few good looking ones out there), or just sell the phone and jump back on Sprint without much of a loss at all.

      • YankInDaSouth

        Yeah, I just decided I am going to (hopefully) buy one for her … she has a basic phone now on VzW that is on the fritz.

  • Chris

    Anyone have this on StraightTalk?

  • Miss me with this. When Google gets serious about hardware design and releases a new LTE Nexus, I’ll be there.

    • TheDrizzle

      Specs joke? That is one of the areas this phone shines. It may be missing LTE but for some people HSPA+ is enough and it is going to be super nice not being tied to a contract. I agree that the glass back was a moronic idea, but for $350 and no contract, this phone looks really good.

      • My 32GB Gnex is half full. The N4 in its max config is pretty much obsolete at launch to me.

        • TheDrizzle

          Yes, for you this phone will not work. That does not mean it is a “major Google FAIL.” For many people (like me) 16 GB would be plenty. I don’t store a lot of music or videos. So Google’s mission to make a cheap, powerful, unlocked phone seems to be a success to me ( for the most part, I still don’t understand the glass back).

          • NexusPhan69

            I’m all cloud except apps. Only using 8gb.

    • Bob G

      The Gnex when released was a specs joke. The N4 is not.

  • ddevito

    k folks – order it and stop the bellyaching and let’s move on.

  • I think the glass back is a pretense to buy covers to protect it. That’s not to say that isnt true to all phones; it’s a good idea to protect it. But it seems kinda obvious to throw in a glass back that is prone to cracking to make us inclined to buy a cover at all costs. I don’t always use a cover for my bionic, but this one just demands it.

  • Okay guys, moment of truth. Do I ditch my T-Mobile Galaxy S3 for this? I can sell it in time but I’m not sure its the right thing to do…

    • JoshGroff

      If you want a faster phone with stock android, then yes. Assuming you don’t mind the glass back.

      • I love everything about the N4, really. Especially the glass back. What makes me nervous is the battery life. Reviews are polar opposites. Some say its pretty bad at 2h screen on and some say its great at 5h screen on. :/ I just fear I’ll be stuck and it won’t be enough, you know?

        • flosserelli

          I’d be surprised if the battery life is significantly worse (or better) than your S3. Get one and use it for a couple of weeks. If you don’t like it, sell it on ebay or craiglist.

    • Keep the S3. This is crap.

      • flosserelli

        Maybe for you. But if your current device is 2+ years old and you don’t need LTE, then it is definitely worth considering.

        • The only users who don’t need LTE are the losers on T-Mobile, which also happens to be the smallest of the Big 4. Also, 16GB max storage is complete joke: my 32GB GNex is already half full, and metered data plans make Google’s “hey just stick your files in the cloud” concept rather unworkable.

          • Bob G

            So……. you’re saying that 95% of the world are losers? I bet you also think that the world is flat and that when you fly off the coast of Florida, you fall off into hell.

          • Us losers on T-Mobile love out HSPA just fine, thank you very much! lol But really, HSPA is actually really good. Its fast enough (given the right area of course) and it seems to last a little longer on battery.

          • Droidzilla

            I’ve heard of people getting their identity from the car they drive; heck, even from the brand of phone they use (usually Apple people). But the wireless provider they use? That’s a brand new low.

          • Dr_Buttballs
          • Yeah its a hard life for me and my 20mbps HSPA42 download speeds 🙁

    • TheDrizzle

      Do you have the funds to just buy the N4 and then sell whichever one you don’t like after using both?

      • I don’t unfortunately. Well I /do but you know, Christmas shopping and a lot of birthdays coming up (Including my own) so I’m pretty washed out from all the shopping. You know, I think I’ll just wait until the community really explodes with roms and tweaks. Thanks for the help.

  • flosserelli

    Anyone concerned about the glass back should get a high-grade vinyl protector like Zagg invisibleShield. It prevents scratches *and* provides some structural support (similar to automotive safety glass). It’s not a guarantee, but your chances of surviving a drop will be significantly better.

  • Noel

    SSSSSHHHhhhh don’t tell :), u let the cat out of the bag….now we might have a re-do like the last time. I got an identical email from the play store at 9.28am. I will have to stay home for the next five hrs and try again like the last time…hope it will be a successful purchase and we won’t have the same problems like last time. I need the N4 16GB (wish it was 32/64GB) and the N7 32GB HSPA+….selling or gifting my 16GB N7.

  • Prox

    I got a message saying mine is shipping. I am stuck between selling it factory sealed or keeping it over the GNEX. what to do, what to do.

    • moelsen8

      keep it! i’m leaving verizon and my gnex too. kind of excited.

    • Noel

      Keep it and get a super case like one made by Otterbox (Commuter or Defender series)…but first get the bumper for $20 since the
      otterbox cases might not be available yet.

      • Prox

        I ordered the bumper but no word on the shipment.

    • moelsen8

      btw, did it say when to expect to receive it? are they overnighting it for you? i’m waiting for my shipping notification too on my backordered one (got the email last night saying this week..).

      • Prox

        I got a UPS tracking number. No word on speed of shipment till the UPS website updates maybe tomorrow.

        • moelsen8

          thanks. just got my tracking number too, and it also doesn’t show anything on the UPS site for it yet.

  • TheDrizzle

    I want the GF to get this so bad, but I have concerns recommending this to her considering the glass breaking and no LTE, etc. She likes Android and I just want her to have a pure Android experience. What do you guys think, this or the Note 2?

    • Bob G

      Is she going to put the phone in her pocket or clutch/purse/bag/tote?

      • TheDrizzle

        Pocket yes, probably not in her purse.

        • Bob G

          Then go with the N4.
          Unless she has hands that can palm your head, the Note2 will make her wish she got an iphone instead………or just bring her to the AT&T store and show her the Note 2 and have her play around with it.

          • LionStone

            Odd thing is, the two Notes that I have seen so far in the wild were being used by petite women…

        • Christian Chew

          Bringing her to an T-Mo store would probably be better. They have both the Note 2 and the N4 on display.

          • TheDrizzle

            We don’t have one where I live 🙁

    • kretz7

      If you haven’t already, I would suggest checking out a note2 first hand. I knew it was big, but wow, I quickly realized why they had LeBron James do their commercial.

  • Sigh. US only makes me sad.

    • The ironic thing is it’s the country in which the phone is least useful vs. its competition thanks to the latter’s lack of LTE support.

      • Droidzilla

        Depends on where you are. The best data speeds I see for Verizon LTE in my town are around 20Mbps. The best speeds I see for T-Mobile HSPA+ in my town are also around 20Mbps. The worst for both is around 3Mbps. That said, I’ve seen significant, across the board drops in data speeds on Verizon since the iPhone 5 came out.

        • ArrowCool

          ^ This. He hit the nail on the head. I can attest in the Boston area that since the iPhone 5 was released, Verizon’s 4g speed has dropped considerably.

  • cgalyon

    After the article discussing the problems with the glass back, evident problems with thermal throttling, and the relatively low build quality revealed by the teardown, I ended up returning the Optimus G and bought a Note 2. Support for the Note 2 is pretty good so far and as the device grows in popularity, hopefully the dev community’s interest will match it.

    The support for the Nexus 4 is, of course, superb. No device is as open as a Nexus. However, I just had too many concerns regarding LG’s build quality and design. Hopefully Google will address potential problems with the Nexus 4’s construction and most people won’t experience any significant problems.

  • gswan

    cant decide about the nexus 4 ever since seeing the glass back cracking issues…

    • Bob G

      Might as well get one and never touch it until a proper case comes out then.

    • MttFrog13

      There’s that and then the ghosting issues that have been mentioned in at least one other review that I’ve read that are holding me back from ordering this.

      • Ghosting is a problem on Super AMOLED screens. My Galaxy Nexus has the same issue after less than a year.

        • NexusPhan69

          Nexus 4 doesn’t use a Super AMOLED screen….

          • I didn’t say it does.

          • NexusPhan69

            I’ve even more confused about the purpose of your original comment now.

          • Bob G

            he rhymes with roll

      • The N4 doesnt have a ghosting problem, that guy was ridiculous for including that in his review. He also claimed that all other LCD displays to HIM have the same problem

    • Ihatenexus

      Piece of crap phone and botched release. Bwahaha, I-Nexus sheep get what they deserve!

      • zwade


      • kretz7

        I have a difficult job and some days when I’m not able to solve a problem, it helps to know that there are bigger idiots than me in this world.

      • Rafa Sandoval

        i-nexus? it isn’t an apple product. *facepalm*

    • Ihatenexus

      Lets see………
      Poor Build quality
      Snap, Crack, Pop glass
      No LTE
      Horrible Battery life
      Botched Release
      No SD card
      And most important of All a “Kool Aid Drinking” following bunch of Morons who are blind.

      The truth hurts doesn’t it!!!

      • Mack

        Have you ever held one or did you just see a review that made you an instant expert?

        Chill man it’s just a phone, no need to get all upset because you don’t like it. Last time I checked no phone was perfect albeit some will be better than others. Somehow I don’t think you hate the Nexus 4, otherwise you wouldn’t be coming to a site like this to talk about it.

        BTW love me some Kool Aid. Try some, you might actually like it. 🙂

        • Bob G


          • Mack


      • trollharder