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Holy Sh*t, Google Sucks at Selling Devices Through Google Play

At 11:58AM Pacific, the LG Nexus 4 went back up for order through Google Play. The following is the story of one man trying to buy one. 

“In stock,” hooray! Do work, Google.


Checkout screen, profit! Click, “Proceed.”

Wait, what…error?

Refresh! Umm, now my cart is empty?


Try everything, all over again.

Oh, you think I’m a spam bot, Google?

Refresh. Refresh.

10 minutes later. Sold out.

The end.

  • K. Nelson

    I can point out one problem right away. That “captcha” does not show “fadwors” it shows “fackwors”.

  • nerd rage.. lol! seriously though for those of you still waiting to get your hands on one – keep at it.. you could always hit ebay, get the nexus 4 on contract or buy it sim free from which ever retailers to have them (carphone warehouse / o2 in the uk.. etc etc)

  • Ihatenexus

    This whole thing is a mess and so is the phone………Ahahahahahahhahahahhahahah!!!!!!!!!!!

    • flosserelli

      The phone is so bad that demand melts the servers.

      Yeah, that makes perfect sense.