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Hamilton’s Adventure Hits Google Play – Puzzle Solving Meets Indiana Jones

In the mood for a game that will more than likely take you forever to beat? This is Hamilton’s Adventure. Released exclusively for Tegra-powered devices, the game mixes an Indiana Jones-type character with some extreme puzzles that would fluster some of the world’s greatest minds. The goal is to simply reach the end of the level, while outsmarting the enemies and collecting as many coins as you can. And of course, watch out for the evil boss characters. 

The game is so epic that it has been split into two separate applications on Google Play, each selling for $3.99 and weighing in 1GB+ of total space. Each. If you’re up for the challenge and are sporting a Tegra device, check it out!

Play Link: Part 1 ($3.99) | Expansion Pack ($3.99)

  • “Puzzle solving meets Indiana Jones”…. So…. Indiana Jones?

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  • hkklife

    Once again, for all of the apologists and naysayers screeching that no one needs more than 8 or 16Gb of internal space (or that a big microSD card and/or the cloud can replace internal storage), let me point out fine 3D games such as this or whatever the latest is from Gameloft/EA/Madfinger etc.

    For anyone wanting to keep more than a handful of the latest games on their device, 32Gb is the bare minimum you want in a contemporary device nowadays and going forward. Assets updated for 1080P displays will only gobble up more space.

    • 640k should be enough for everybody!

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        • Anti-spammer

          You speak in riddles and your jedi mind tricks won’t work on me. Your uncles cousin may be doing stuff for under 14 months, but I’ve been wise to your kind for over 14 years!! You can take your spamming rant for a swim, because I fart in your general direction. Smell it?! Taste it?! Yes, that is the smell of rotten cabbage my friend!! [manical laugh]

    • JoshGroff

      I had Bard’s Tale’s HD download, Dark Meadow, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Chaos Rings, Horn, and Asphalt 7 on my 16GB N7 with room to spare, not sure why you would need more than 6 HD games installed concurrently, but whatever.

      • Sirx

        I would’ve downvoted you as well, but I can’t if I don’t register 🙁

        Your logic is not sound–you are making hkklife’s point for him. Yes! More space is absolutely needed, especially at the usage you just described. Unless the ONLY apps you ever put on your device are 5 or 6 ginormous games.

        You not only need a device for now, but at the prices they demand from you for a high-end tech product, you need one that can satisfy your storage needs GOING FORWARD as well.

        • JoshGroff

          250 (now 200) is chump change for a tablet. My G-Nex set me back more.

          16GB is more than enough for gaming, and most people don’t need 6+ high end games installed at once.

      • gambit07

        That’s not sound logic, it’s a specific use case.

  • According to the play store, it’s available on my (non-Tegra) Galaxy S3.

    • Same here. Anyone willing to put their $3.99 in to test it out?

      • hkklife

        I have a few promo $ left over and this does look awesome. Should I go for it on my S3 or my N7?

        • N7

        • gambit07

          Or you could install to both?

          • Yeah, buy it once, install it everywhere! Personally I’m interested in if it installs and runs on the dual-core S3 though.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Tegra-Only Games FTW!! 🙂

  • faggy Tega only games! BS!

    • EvanTheGamer

      Go away troll. Or buy a Tegra-powered device and stop your whining.