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Mysterious LG Device LG-F240K Gets Benchmarked, Sports a 1080p Display

I wouldn’t say that we are surprised by this, but according to a benchmark over at GLBenchmark, LG is testing a new smartphone with a 1080p display. HTC already has one in the DROID DNA, Samsung will reportedly unveil their new 1080p HD Super AMOLED displays at CES in January, and Sony has mentioned the idea, so why shouldn’t LG join in on the fun? This is where display tech in smartphones is going, after all. 

So what else do we know? We can see a model number of LG-F240K, a codename of “geefhd,” and an Android version of 4.1.2. The display resolution is showing as 1920×1080 and the processor  is a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor clocked at 1.5GHz with an Adreno 320 GPU.

What we don’t know is what the device will look like, how big the display will be (5″ makes sense though), and which networks it will run on.

The interesting part of this situation, is the fact that LG already released the Optimus G last month followed by the Nexus 4 this month. Neither sports a 1080p display, but both do sport the same processor as this new phone. I’d hate to call a phone that makes a jump to a 1080p display a “small change,” but unless there is a new processor, more RAM, or some new innovation, it sort of is.

Via:  GLBenchmarkEngadget | TechKiddy

  • Before they made this jump, they should work on battery life if you ask me…

  • Why can’t companies focus on battery?

  • Paul

    They don’t have anything competitive for Verizon though. My money is on it at least being available with them.

  • LG Nexus Phablet? XD (I don’t like phablets but itll be exciting)

  • Christopher Moore

    By this time next year we will be knee deep in 1080P phones. I can’t wait for the Note 3 to make that jump to 1080P.

  • chris125

    Maybe its for Verizon? Since they got left out of the optimus g and nexus 4

  • Greg Filardo

    Pretty sure 720 vs 1080 is indistinguishable on a screen that size, 1080 on a phone is like nipples on dudes.

    • Christopher Moore

      Every review I read so far loves the screen on the DNA. Even the Apple fanboys at theverge gave it a 10 out of 10 for the display. Just face it, 1080p is the new benchmark when phones are released next year. And lets not forget that the price is excellent for what you get. I would have paid more for a removable battery and more memory. But for me I’m getting the Note 2 because it’s a well balanced package “if” you can handle the size.

      • Diablo81588

        No one said the screen was bad. You completely missed the point of his post.

    • Diablo81588

      Completely agree. You shouldn’t say that kind of blasphemy around these spec whores though, otherwise known as 95 percent of DL readers. A bigger number is better, just like megapixels on cameras right?

      • HAHAHA I like your last sentence, I dont think Nokia phone camera’s are so much better than 8MP with HDR (like the Nexus 4 and *cough*iPhone*Cough*. HAHAHA I have so much against windows 8 phone, maybe because it is crap and in 6 months windows 9 phone will come out and no one will get updated HAHAHA those windows fanboys.

      • skinja

        Why are you complaining? You sound like the people who said 256KB should be enough memory for anyone back in the early days of computing.

        • Diablo81588

          More ram has a legitimate purpose. It allows for more apps to be stored in memory. 1080p in a 5 inch display has no advantage, and does nothing but slow the UI and drain battery.

    • Greg Filardo

      From the downvotes it looks like there are some techies with sensitive nipples.

      But seriously 1080 on a phone is a complete waste: waste of money, waste of processing power, waste of battery, total waste. Even 1080 TVs need to >32 inch and viewed in good settings (proper distance, not too much ambient light) to be able to tell the difference between 1080 and 720.

      A good 720 TV is better than a bad 1080 TV, same goes for phones. I’m sure it is a great screen, but watch, there will probably be roms to drop the resolution to give you better battery/speed with no noticeable difference in resolution.

      • skinja

        So what if a 1080 screen is overkill. I still want it to be an option. This is the natural progression. Eventually we will have 4K screens and folks like you will be complaining for some reason.

    • Paul

      Eh, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Note 3 being 1080p makes it look slightly better, depending on how close people like to hold it. Having a super high ppi also makes it possible for games to look more smooth and real, vs cartoony with all the edges looking too sharp. Though I don’t thing the adreno 320 is good enough to make a difference there. Either way I’d definitely rather have more rom or a better battery than 1080p though.

    • techpro1993

      Why I found all my sour grapes here.

      Choosing between $299 720p and $199 1080p display is a walk in the park.

  • a.youth.in.Asia

    MetroPCS? Hahahahaahhaha

  • Ibrick

    Wonder if we’ll actually see this in the US.

  • Jared Nichols

    verizon please

  • Nick

    I can’t believe how fast manufacturers are pumping out 1080p displays! It seems like just last week I got my GS3 and first laid eyes on a 720p smartphone screen. I remember how amazed and in love with it I was. Now screens like that are just old tech it seems.

  • So 1080 displays are obviously the trend now. I can’t wait to get my 1080 Nexus 4 on Google Wireless next year.

    • That’d be flippin’ sweet. Hopefully the rumors are true.

      • michael arazan

        This could be an LG tablet