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Latest Rumor Says Google and Dish’s Wireless Service is Go, Launching in Mid-2013

Fresh off of this morning’s rumor, which pegged Google and Dish Network as pals looking to start up a wireless service of their own to compete with AT&T and Verizon, a new rumor claims to confirm that it’s happening. The folks over at 9to5Google heard word from sources who claim that the we could see this network by mid-2013 because Google is “deep in development plans.” They are under the impression that the service will be data-only and that voice and SMS services will happen via VoIP.

It’s tough to tell if this believable or not. The Wall Street Journal’s report said that Google and Dish were in nothing more than preliminary talks, yet this makes it sound as if we are under a year away from full-on Google wireless service.

You tell me.

Via:  9to5Google

  • Taylor Levesque

    Wall Street Journal did

  • this would be awesome..

  • If I were Verizon and ATT, I’d be crapping my gold-encrusted diamond studded pants right now. This level of capital into a wireless startup could make it a powerhouse.

  • Tony Allen

    Being a dish network customer.. *meh*

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    Don’t f#$k with my emotions SMOKEY!

  • CaucasionJ

    I’m sure you’ll have to have a Dish in order to have the network…and nobody wants dish..

  • YES! Since I’m no longer under contract with my shiny new Nexus 4, I will definitely be switching to this Dioogle carrier!

  • chris125

    If this is true bye bye Verizon once all my 4 lines are done come next Dec

  • romma

    Open bootloadres! Open Dev work! It will be a party like none ever seen.

  • romma


  • Diablo81588

    Holy unreliable. Brand new service with data only and it supports voice calls? No thanks.

  • PokerFaceMoose

    Since there will likely be no limits on voice or sms, what will the data limits be I wonder? So many people saying they will leave Verizon and unlimited data to go to something that very well may have limited data, with hardly any info besides the word ‘Google’.

  • If this happens you all can say thanks because verizon and att will learn a lesson and more competition will be better for all of us. Softbank giving sprint a boost and google with dish, this is going to be better for consumers no matter what.

  • poeddroiduser

    DISH is possibly one the worst firm I have ever had the unfortunate experience of dealing with. Corrupt, improper charging of credit card, inept and complete non-customer focused. FLEE QUICKLY GOOGLE!

  • I guess it could be possible if they buy other carriers towers. If they are trying to build their own network. Not gonna happen in 6 months unless they have started. Which is doubtful if no one is hearing about it till now.

  • Jwhap

    Does anyone know, could you use GPS radio with a satellite network, to achieve this and bypass the need for cell towers all together. I don’t know if it is possible….. Just a random thought.

  • WickedToby741

    If this is a data only network, what is likely is that Dish is looking for someone to fill the VOIP and IM hole and Google Voice would fill in nicely. It may be Dish’s network, but they may be looking to power communications via Google Voice.

  • This the best idea since sliced bread lol. Goodbye Vzw and good riddens

  • Jeff “Big Red”

    I can totally seeing this happening… This would make me want to become a dish network retailer again…

  • Mike Petty

    There’s really only one way that I see everything coming together by 2013.

    Dish is still waiting on an FCC waiver to use the spectrum, which likely won’t come until end of 2013, and according to Dish’s CEO, really not until 2015 (hardware makers aren’t building for Dish’s spectrum yet, takes time to design and build this stuff).

    Dish is in financial trouble, and the FCC is having a hard time believing that Dish could put together a nationwide LTE network; that they really might just want the waiver to make their spectrum worth billions more so that they have enough net worth to stay afloat/get some maneuvering room for buyouts or whatever. Even if they get a strong backer with Google, the plan is years out and tenuous in such a fast moving industry.

    But if Google buys T-Mobile, and comes in as the strong backer for Dish’s spectrum, then bam! All the potential FCC complaints go away, we have a current operator, and there’s enough spectrum to provide for massive growth and upgrades in the near and far future.

    It’s a glorious fairy tale, but the only way that this report makes any sense.

    I mean, Dish isn’t even going to have any spectrum by mid 2013, and the LTE hardware to support their frequencies isn’t available, and likely won’t be until 2015, so I don’t know how they could be running a mobile network on it by late 2013….

    • WickedToby741

      Slow down there. There’s a clear reason Google hasn’t and won’t buy T-Mobile or any carrier: Monopoly. The FTC is already all over them for alleged anti-competitive practices, the last thing they need is to throw fuel on the fire by buying a wireless carrier. They’d be better off partnering with someone (like Dish) or creating an MVNO, but even then there are issues.

    • RoadsterHD1

      Doesn’t Directv own dish?

  • They need an LTE network of their own, using fiber as the backhaul.

  • cgalyon

    This could be good news… Wonder how fast they could deploy. If it’s like fiber, then it may be more of a long-term plan.

  • t3chi3


  • Mike Petty

    Uh, the FCC still needs to rule on Dish’s eligibility for it’s terrestrial network……..So, I doubt that it’s officially a go. Maybe tentatively, awaiting that decision, but I sincerely doubt it.

    Not to mention, they actually have to put stuff up on all of the towers then, put in the backhaul, etc, etc.

    You might see the first service area lit up by late 2013, but there’s a long road the haul between “Seeing” the service, and nation wide coverage.

  • Never been more so excited about a corporate joint venture!

  • arthuruscg

    Well, considering Dish’s frequencies almost butts up to Sprint’s and Sprint wanted Dish’s frequencies, there for Sprint’s equipment might already be designed to work in Dish’s freq (anticipated wining the FCC bid).

    I would see the companies working together. Dish leases in areas where sprint has already built towers, in exchange Dish builds towers in less populated areas for Sprint to rent out.
    So between the 2 companies, they might be able to take on Verizon’s coverage.

  • You guys forget “data only” network might also mean the possibilities of VoLTE.

  • Droidzilla

    I shall weep tears of joy.

  • sporty

    I’ve got and love Dish. Hope this happens. Verizon BADLY needs another big boy competitor to knock em off their high price saddles!!

  • ksat

    This will really make things interesting… Google Broadband & Google Wireless – both of these industries need a major shake-up and who better to do it than Google!

    However, I’m still a bit skeptical!

  • Paul

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Google had a whole division that’s starting to work on making such a service happen, I doubt it’ll happen that quickly or that they have already decided to work with dish network.

  • bakdroid

    Hopefully, if this is true, they go with Advanced LTE which natively supports VoLTE and would have a theoretical speed of 1Gbps.

  • stnkycheezman

    By “launching” they mean “Kansas City”….

  • Jim McClain

    If they wanted instant sucess they should have went with ditectv, dish is a joke

    • WickedToby741

      It’s my understanding that Dish has the spectrum. DirecTV doesn’t. No spectrum = no network.

    • fishtank

      ^^^^^^FuKin TarD

  • Havoc70

    I am soooooo hoping this is true…If so my contract with VZ will be coming to a quick end!

  • i wonder if my iphone will work on the google network, LAWL.
    (i have a vzw gnex)

  • My mind is tellin me no…..but my body………MY BODY is tellin me YES

    • Yep

      I don’t see nuthin wrong…

  • Brent Stewart

    What a coincidence, my contract with Verizon ends mid 2013 as well. *EVIL GRIN*

  • AlexKCMO

    No voice? Sorry, no deal. Voice is essential since it has better coverage than data. When I drove across Missouri last year, I only had voice, which is ultimately the goal of a cell phone.

    Maybe they should buy out Clear if that’s the route they’re wanting to go.

    • bakdroid

      You sir…are….an idiot.

      • AlexKCMO

        Great point. Really has made me rethink things.

        • bakdroid

          Good. Then I don’t have to frustratingly explain signals analysis and communications theory with you while you wonder why the sky is blue…

    • voip ?

      • AlexKCMO

        VOIP is fine. The problem is with a weak signal, you’ll never get a phone call. I can make calls on a weak analog signal. Analog signals also travel faster and have better attenuation rates that digital signals.

        Good luck making a call over a 4G signal with 1 bar. Analog will handle it fine. I’d rather be stuck in the middle of Missouri with a VZW Analog signal than a GW 4G only signal.

        • bakdroid

          OMG…stop! Seriously, you have no clue.

          • AlexKCMO

            I’ve never seen someone so mad over Disqus.

            You my friend are the true moron. Only someone without intelligence would repeatedly call someone an idiot without anything to back up his claim. If you have something to say, then state your rebuttal. Otherwise, leave the conversation.

          • bakdroid

            Fine, you want to be publicly embarrassed ..make it so. Everything you have been saying in your posts are completely wrong. Analog cellphone signals for use by the public have been shut down since about 2009. All phones in the US run on either GSM (which is a combo of TDMA and FDMA) or CDMA. Both of which….are DIGITAL. VoIP or VoLTE is capable on both 3G and 4G signals. Distance of signals has to do with both frequency and power usage, where as analog signals ran on higher power transmitter than digital (which is why phones have gotten smaller over the years). The reason feature phones run on 1x is because there is no reason to put a 3G radio into a phone that is not designed to use large amounts of data, nor has the processing power to handle the speed of incoming data at 3G speeds. SMS msgs can be sent without a data connection as they are processed on the “ping” signal that is sent and received to locate the phone and active towers. However, data is required to send MMS msgs. The reason you could not surf and talk on Verizon was the nature of how Verizon’s CDMA network operates. Most phones still on Verizon are like this that are in 3G zones. The way around it is to add a second radio so when the primary radio is in voice mode, the other is enabled to operate and allow you to surf. LTE radios are designed off the GSM standard and can operate voice and data simultaneously Also, when Verizon switches over to Advanced LTE, they will enable VoLTE and shut down their CDMA network except for a basic “backup” channel until a complete switch over is made.

          • AlexKCMO

            I don’t feel embarrassed at all actually. If you’re going to try to insult someone over the internet you really need to try harder. I did mention it had been a while since my networking class, so I don’t know how one would be embarrassed for being wrong.

            With that said, you need to double check your facts. I know for a fact you can’t send/receive texts over the non-1x network. As I mentioned my drive across rural Missouri, I received about 10 texts at once as soon as I got into 1x range. I was not roaming at all for the record. That might not be the analog network, but I had no data connection, only voice.

            My evidence is anectodal, which means I am unable to cite. You seem to believe you have all the facts. How about you cite some sources there chief? LMGTFY doesn’t count either.

          • bakdroid

            The fact that you are taking classes proves that you have no clue what you are talking about. One network class teaches you nothing. Need to be in the real world little one. As for 1x networks, I have been in rural Missouri, traveling out to Ft. Leonard Wood, and there is no loss in data signals, so perhaps you are on a different network then Verizon and your point of evidence is moot. Again, there are no analog signals on cell in the US. SMS travels over the cell locator ping. MMS travels over data.

            As for knowing what I am talking about, I am an engineering manager working in DoD. So trust me, I know what I am talking about. You better go now. I am sure your mommy is calling you to have dinner, some nice dinosaur chicken nuggets, before she bathes you and tucks you in with your woobie.

    • Steve Benson

      Hey dumb@$$, do you know what VoIP stands for?

      Here, I got this: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=voip

      • AlexKCMO

        Son, I’m well aware what VOIP is. Maybe you should Google the difference between Analog and Digital networks.

        • bakdroid

          Again…please stop before you hurt yourself.

    • You do know that they would have to make their own towers right? Just as your “voice” signal had a tower. The strength of the signal determined by frequency if you have a sold 1X/3G/4G or Voice for that matter. Currently the most pushed strength is strictly voice, so if they amplify the 4G signal then you would always have a connection.

      • AlexKCMO

        It has to do with network switching. The voice network is the most stable of their networks. Remember the days when you couldn’t surf and talk on VZW 3G? That was because the radio switched to 1x mode for voice. Now the radios can handle more than one mode simultaneously (1x for voice, 3G or 4G for data).

        It’s been a while since my networking class, so I may be a bit off on this next part. 1x is “2G”. Switch off your phone’s data, it doesn’t say 1x, it gives nothing. That’s just the analog towers that are still used. Analog signal has stronger building penetration and further attenuation limits. 1X is voice over data, which again, why you can’t surf and talk with that mode, the digital cellular network. Dumb phones still connect to 1x for voice calls. SMS and MMS cannot be sent without a 1x connection at minimum.

        Yes they could just amplify 4G, but it would require many more towers to even reach the coverage of the existing analog networks. Do you think you’ll be able to make a call over 1 bar of 4G service?

        • bakdroid

          Again….you are an idiot. Please stop before you look even more like a complete dumbass.

    • WickedToby741

      Coverage does not equal voice. This would be a new network, predicted data only. That doesn’t automatically mean that there won’t be any coverage where other carriers have only voice coverage. Theoretically, this network would have data coverage everywhere the major networks have only voice coverage and voice will be done over a data connection. It’s very optimistic,but with Google funding it it could be possible. I would almost think this would have to be an extension of an MVNO or at least have roaming agreements because the upfront costs of developing a network from the ground up are huge.

      • AlexKCMO

        That’s the problem, most of those MVNO networks suck.

        If they’re planning on launching next year, I’m not optimistic about comprehensive coverage.

  • kfath1978

    I’m in Giggidy, giggidy, gig-gi-dy!

  • I cannot believe this is true. If the network will be launched mid-next year, there’s no way we heard so little about if because building a wireless network is a very “Visible” task.

  • EraserXIV

    If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

  • Mapekz

    I’m not getting my hopes up if this venture is going to target only rural areas without solid 3G/4G LTE coverage already. I want to benefit from their service as well in the big cities. It most likely won’t be restricted – that doesn’t make sense to do if they are going to spend so much money – but it’s still possible it won’t be everywhere just like FiOS.

  • omgwtfbbq

    Just in time for my expiring contract! IT WAS MEANT TO BE.

  • duoexo

    If this is true, i would stay with Verizon as my LTE is unlimited. If they were to snap it away though, i’d switch. So for now cellphones at full price for me.

    • Mapekz

      I was originally going to swap to T-Mobile for the Nexus 4/7 but I agree, after seeing how solid my connection was in NYC in Sandy’s aftermath I cannot underline how important 4G LTE is for me. Doogle (Googlish?) needs to offer something fairly competitive before I sign on and that may not happen until 2014/2015 earliest.

      • Yep

        Dishoogle! 🙂

  • RW-1

    Do you really expect anything less than “preliminary talks” until they actually firm up something? If this came ot pass it could be a major gamechanger, no one is goin gto officially spill it beforehand.

  • Diego Diaz

    They can finally take advantage of their Gizmo5 acquisition a few years back.

  • schoat333

    I just hope Google keep the customer first mentality. These other wireless carries seem to have lost that in honor of putting share holders, and record profits as the priority. That’s great for short term, but piss your customers off, and you will lose all of that revenue long term.

    • Steve Benson

      I think they’re goal is to offer off-contract only phones at an affordable price and also offer dirt cheap data- at least from everything I’ve read.

    • Sadly the only people to suffer will be the remaining customers and non-executive employees.
      CEO of pissing everyone off and running the business nosefirst into the ground will cash out a nifty severance package and live the rest of his life in wealthy retirement.

  • Outlook: Verizon profits to soar in Q3 and Q4 next year with millions made in opt-out fees

    • JSK

      I dont think you grasp the comparative cost of a plan vs. ETFs. It is never a benefit or a bonus for them to collect ETFs than continued service charges. ETFs are just a small consolation prize.

      • …a severance package, if you will

        • bizi

          If this network goes live I’ll have Verizon’s package right here…. ….

      • haha no it was a joke. I understand it’s a lot less. I was implying that a lot of people will leave

  • so does this mean we’ll need walk around with a satellite dish attached to our phones? and they’ll go out when it’s stormy, or cloudy? 😉

  • Dude

    Verizon, you took away my unlimited, if this deal happens we’re done after my contract. I don’t even need the details in order to expect a better deal.

    • im still grandfathered with unlimited. but im jumping ship anyway

      • Same here, I want those cheap non-contract phone prices, not to mention pure Google experience. I’m still satisfied with my VZ Gnex till this becomes reality.

    • Greg

      Verizon didn’t take your unlimited away, you gave it up!

    • tomn1ce

      My contract ends in Nov 2013 that gives me enough time to see how Google and the early adapters play on the Google network if this becomes a reality. If all goes good I’ll jump ship. I still have unlimited data plan on vzw and loving it with my G-Nexus

  • Ken Bosse

    glad my contract is already and up and I’m month to month..the only hope can be that its reliable (if this is true)

  • jcorf

    I really hope this is true!

  • JSIN

    If its true thats right about the time my 2 year contract is up with VZW!

  • D

    This is where cooperation could work…if Apple, Google and Microsoft weren’t at each other’s throats they could combine on a data-only network with a provider like Dish and basically say F U FOREVER!!!!!! to every cellphone carrier in the U.S. I’m sure each of those companies hate carriers more than they hate each other.That would just be so beautiful.

  • mechapathy

    Rumor has it I’ll be leaving Verizon Mid-2013.

    • Same here.

    • ProfessAndObey

      Just in time for my contract to expire. Of course, if they launch later or never, I’m still leaving Verizon to switch to a prepaid plan.

      • My contract ends in May. Just in time. Looks like I may ride out on VZW to see what happens.

        • michael arazan

          I bet they’ll have better speeds than verizon too, no more having to deal with verizon’s “speeds” of 12 mbps here anymore, and speedy updates galore for every device they carry, hurray!

          • FAL_Fan

            I’m lucky enough to pull anywhere from 14-19 Mbps in my home with only 2 bars of 4G, though not as fantastic as others I have heard I am fairly pleased.

  • O…………M…………….G

  • enob

    Wouldn’t they wait until next November with a new Nexus? Do any phones even support data only and VoIP?

  • Looks like I won’t have to look to Verizon for my Galaxy Nexus replacement next year!

    • ProfessAndObey

      No matter what, don’t. Even if this never materializes, you can switch to a prepaid MVNO and save a boatload of money while avoiding getting treated like garbage from Verizon/ATT

      • I’m seriously considering doing this when my contract’s up, especially if Google keeps pumping out nexuses at 299/ea. I get great service with VZW but I’m always jealous of the ATT and Tmo customers who can just go get any GSM phone and use it, even if their carrier doesn’t sell it. I’m not fond of the way Verizon handles their phones, either…the bloat and pointless lockdown, not to mention their drive to plaster VERIZON all over my phones. I’m glad they offered the gnex but I seriously doubt we’ll see another device that open on that carrier for a long time, if ever again. After 2 years on a Droid and a gnex since launch day, It’d be REALLY hard to go to any device that didn’t have the openness and dev support that I’m used to.

        • ProfessAndObey

          Couldn’t have said it better myself.

          • Jared Nichols

            +2, agreed. I’m having a very hard time deciding what to do but I think I will wait it out to see what happens, my contract isn’t up until april but I’m def. excited to see where things head

  • Joshhud

    Well this is great except they will only have service in KC for the first 5 years and only using data? that would be a lot of phone redesigns.

  • J

    Where do I sign where do I sign?!?!?!?!?! Screw big red!

  • If this does happen, what happens to Android? Do the other wireless companies say screw you we’re going all in on Windows Phone and iPhone.
    It’s unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

    • They will have to compete not collude

  • JoeInMO

    This is difficult to believe… neither own a nationwide frequency license and they would be forced to buy bandwidth from existing providers. That would put them at a significant price disadvantage.

  • theentropic

    As much as I want this to be true, I’m pretty sure it’s bogus. What is the point of having a mobile phone if you need to be on a WiFi network to make and receive calls…

    • Geoff Johnson

      No one said you need to be on WiFi, it will be a data-only network. Verizon is also going this route with VoLTE. Phone calls and SMS will be data-based.

      • theentropic

        Good point. My reaction was more of a knee jerk “VoLTE and VoIP are different things even though they fundamentally aren’t” kind of thing.

      • Alan

        But what I dont understand is if verizon is going with VoLTE then wont they have to increase the data allowances or would they bring back unlimited

    • Andrew Denniston

      Wifi? voip can be done over the network.

    • No one said anything about wifi.

    • WickedToby741

      There’s no need for Wifi, although Google’s free Wifi hotspots could play into this. It is predicted to be a data only network, probably LTE, so think Google Voice for calls and messaging. It’s like the network everyone has dreamed of where it’s just data except it’s actually maybe coming true.

  • r0lct

    Hopefully if this launches they don’t sell service through the Play Store… 😛

  • How would Google handle the times when you are outside their service area?

  • At this point’ I’ll take literally anything to kick the US carriers in the face.

  • Geoff Johnson

    I really hope this is true, but I don’t see how it could happen so quick. Look how long it takes AT&T and Verizon to deploy LTE.

    • r0lct

      I would imagine the first 1 -3 years would be major metro areas only will fall back to WiFi or even GSM sim data.

    • Greg Morgan

      Well remember, there have been rumors about Google doing this for over a year now. It’s possible they’ve been working on it the whole time and managed to keep it secret.

  • I have been waiting for been, No more 3rd party can come between us when it comes to updates and Bloatware!

  • Fantastic, the wireless industry needs a shake up like this. Having minutes, texts are pointless anyways with Google Voice.

  • onDroid

    I want to believe this, but my instinct is telling me this isn’t true

    • John
      • JoshGroff


    • r0lct

      This could also be intentional leaks to affect bargaining with ATT/Verizon over the Nexus program and their updates.

      Edit: Just like how they got involved with the spectrum auction with no intention to buy it.

    • Larizard

      But this rumor makes the reasons for the non-LTE Nexus 4 so much clearer.. as per Andy Rubin, and I paraphrase, “We will sit back and wait for the [LTE] technology to evolve.”

      Maybe because they have plans to be a GSM wireless carrier themselves?

      • Kevin Schotts

        But the nexus 4 does have late here in Canada on band 4

  • monkey082506

    Contract on Verizon is up in June…contract with Google starting in June? I like the possibilities. Plus if they charge anything like they do for 1 GB to the house ($70 a month) this may be a pretty cheap service!

  • Dr_Buttballs

    Looks like Cthulhu heard my prayer.

  • Steven Gonz

    Google should buy T-Mobile.

    • r0lct

      why bother, if dish has the spectrum they need no point in buying up legacy network

      • onDroid

        Just because they have the spectrum doesn’t mean they have the infrastructure. They still need thousands of cell towers. That will take a long time to build up.

        • r0lct

          Carriers own very little towers. They are primarily maintained by third parties and leased to many different carriers and companies.

          • onDroid

            The way i understand it the big players like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and to a lesser extent T-mobile own their own towers. Metro-PCS and other regional carriers lease those company’s towers. The only time the large carriers use other towers are when you are roaming. If Google wants to compete with Verizon they are going to need their own towers.

          • Clarence

            Hi – I would love for Google/Dish to enter the market. Incorrect on tower ownership, most are owned by tower companies, not by the wireless carriers. Ownership is: Crown Castle 22,251; American Tower 22,059; SBA Comm. 14,842; AT&T Tower 10,690; T-Mobile Tower 8,782; Global Tower Partners 5,683; Verizon Wireless 1,400; and another 100+ tower companies. A Crown Castle tower may have antennas from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, whoever including Google/Dish.

        • And existing customer base. With Dish they have to convert Dish/Google customers in to “Goosh Wireless” customers.

          • mechapathy

            Aw, man, I was really hoping for “Diggle Wireless”

          • New_Guy

            Oh my God, that almost hurt me =D!

          • I just about spit my drink on my monitor reading this.

          • Diggldly Doo!

          • ArrTooDeeToo


          • Sporty


          • Scott Breitbach

            If the demand for the recent nexus devices is any indication, I don’t think this will be a problem.

      • PhoenixPath

        I am not sure Dish has all that much Spectrum, and T-Mob has a network already 100% compatible with all (Non-VZW) Nexus devices. They could easily build up from there.

        • r0lct

          Well if that’s the case I would imagine a purchase of some type to get more spectrum will be required to step in the game for real.

        • Mike Petty

          Dish would get a conditional waiver for ~40MHz of spectrum. T-Mob has ~60MHz, and that’s kind of the lower limit of what is typically considered as needed for a scalable cell phone network. Google/Dish would likely have to go out and buy two nationwide 10MHz spaces to operate in if they want to take it nationwide.

          • georgeez

            Mike … or partner with Sprint.

    • Jillxz

      NO , Google should Not buy T-Mobile. I would not ever be able to have it as T-Mobile and Sprint almost non-existent n my area. Verizon is the one in my area. can use AT&T , but have a lot of connection problems here.

  • angel maldonado

    Thanks Google, fack u Verizon

  • r0lct

    So major metro areas only for quite some time, if even true. At least a first step.

  • motcher41

    I would leave sprint in a heartbeat if the service was widespread and had an affordable unlimited data

    • affordable unlimited data: yes
      widespread: no, at least not initially

  • CodeToJoy

    I hope it’s true… with a data-only service plus Google Voice integrated, there’d be no need for traditional minutes/sms messages on a contract.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking with this rumor. It would only make sense. Your Google Voice number would be your main line, operating on data, and would handle all SMS and voice mail stuff, getting rid of the “dialer” app for phones on Google Wireless (or whatever the supposed “carrier” would be called.) I think it has the potential to really shake up the industry…

      • Andrew Taylor

        But what about MMS no MMS on google voice. Granted there are alot of ways to send pics, MMS is for sure the most convienent if you want to send one picture to someone

        • ProfessAndObey

          Email can do higher quality.

        • Envision a service with a data only connection and you don’t need MMS. Think about it, MMS is basically just data. Why use MMS when you could sync all of a person’s contacts up to Google+ and instead of sending a MMS you could do a picture share to Google+ with content restricted to that one person. You don’t need MMS for simplicity anymore when sharing content to Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter or the like is so easy.

          • laffingrass

            Not everybody has or wants a social networking profile.

        • CodeToJoy

          Do many people use MMS anymore? I can’t remember the last time I did – it’s much easier to send media through e-mail.

      • I agree. But you know the traditional carriers will do everything in their power to prevent this or at least buy themselves some time to play R&D catch-up.

      • Barrock Odumass

        How are you going to make calls without the dialer? Cell phones do not “dial” in the traditional sense because they are wireless. You still need to call other phones using a phone number.

    • tomn1ce

      Google needs to stop treating GV like a step child and integrate it more to the OS. I hate when I open up a notification on GV and I try to go back to the main screen of GV and it takes me completely out of GV

      • That’s what Android apps are supposed to do.

        If you’re looking at a message, and want to go to your inbox, use the up icon in the top right corner. (It’s pronounced “up”, but looks like a back arrow)

    • Barrock Odumass

      No they’ll just charge you a premium for data used on voice calls. They need to make money and simply charging for data alone may not provide enough revenue to keep the system going and provide a profit. Remember business exist to make money. They will need to develop a model that generates money and it could be premiums for data usage.

  • Greg Morgan

    Oh please please please please please be true….!

  • Kevin Olson