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Google’s Niantic Labs Launches Ingress, An Open World Sci-Fi Thriller Game

This morning, Ingress, the newest application from Google and Niantic Labs, went live in Google Play. The game is being met with very high praises and they do seem to be justified. It is an open-world game, revolving around certain areas that produce a mysterious energy that could threaten humanity as we know it. There are two sides to join – the Resistance and the Enlightened. The resistance struggle to defend against the mind-controlling energy to protect humanity and the Enlightened who seek to embrace it. 

From the trailer and look of the app, Google spared no expense in its creation. Unfortunately, it is only in closed beta at the moment, but you can go request an invite down below. No telling how long it will take to be accepted though. Watch the trailer and let us know if you can get into a game like this.

Sign up for the beta here.

Play Link


Cheers Cory!

  • 6DoEasy9

    Meh…wasted no expense on hype, perpetual closed beta, ball hairs will be gray before users get an invite #fucksandbox #fuckgoogle #fuckingress #fucknianticlabs #epicfail

  • Zeophira

    hey guys
    so ive downloaded this game “Ingress” before on my phone with no problem. and somehow i accidentally deleted it and now for some reason it is saying that it is not compatible with my device!! i have a smartphone, so it should be compatible but its not. I dont understand what happened. can someone please help me out? i really want to play this game, its interesting and fun.

  • HuskerHog

    I got my invite yesterday. I actually received two. It looks cool so far. I did not have to input the code as the game started automatically without it.

  • M C

    This would be awesome with google glass.

  • iceburgh

    Just got the invite. I’m going in.

  • Kurtis Tamez

    Hmm just got my invite… Anyone else?

  • nsauce7

    anyone want to invite us?

  • Awesome! I’m so happy it’s made in google. In Proxy42 we are working so far on a similar concept, but instead of map we are using a contextual augmented reality solution, for a massive multiplayer real life first person shooter wich alterate the reality: if you want to be in the list of beta tester check http://uwar.co

    by the way using a game for introducing google glasses contextual capabilities is a great marketing move.

  • justaddh3o


  • joejoe5709

    Trippy. I wonder how this works and if it works in every environment including indoors like a mall or department store (granted your signal is good). I hope this isn’t restricted to major cities.

  • strozykowski

    Anybody consider the motivation behind this? Is it simply a game?

    This would be a really interesting way for Google to crowdsource the mapping of Wi-Fi and 3G/4G coverage across the world. Users discovering these energy hotspots and sending the data back to Google for more accurate maps or other uses.

    • Christopher Carr

      I understand they’ll be sneaking some advertising in there.

  • JMonkeYJ

    i think instead of “open world” you mean “augmented reality” game (open world is generally reserved for GTA-style games). i’m intrigued. never seen a good AR game before. maybe Niantic can do it?

  • Chris Cox


  • Bob G

    Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Downloaded and requested an invite. Here’s hoping it won’t take too long to get in on this wicked new open-world game!

  • So, one side vs. the other in a kind of augmented reality thing. Looks like Outbreak Zombie Apocalypse with a bigger budget.

  • This reminds of “Majestic” which was a great game…. until 9-11 happened… and then ceased to be fun…. Hopefully this will fill the void!

  • SchwannyT

    Ya but what if you live in a place as lame as Utah? Where even radioactive waste is trying to get out? 🙂 Go Jazz

  • Wow, looks amazing. Makes me wish (again) that I had an Android phone 🙂

  • MikeSaver


  • Ian Ball

    Hope this game sucks as much as reality sucks

  • csseale

    Coy? Or Cory 😉

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Once marijuana is legal in Seattle (and the rest of WA) starting December 6th, people running around looking for invisible blue diamonds really won’t seem that strange.

    • schoat333

      Diamonds? Do you mean the blue Doritos bag?

    • kidtronic

      It would be incredibly strange since marijuana isn’t a hallucinogen.

      • winstonthewolf

        Its clearly killed your brain cells if you believe that to be true

        • Preston

          You clearly lack in brain cells if you believe otherwise. Marijuana is NOT a hallucinogen.

      • michael arazan

        Technically marijuana is a stimulant, it stimulates areas in the left hemisphere of your brain

  • DanWazz

    Wait…I have to actually walk around?

  • JoshGroff

    Freaking awesome!!!

  • j__h

    apparently my gmail email is invalid.

    • enob

      You probably have a leading space.

    • ryan buky

      it said the same thing for me. I had to put in a different address

  • Meh… if I’m going out, I’m trying to live real life, not play some game

    • Ronald Andrew

      Of course. Playing a game would be like…fake life.

  • Lets hope none of the players are dealing with any psychosis or schizophrenic disorders.

    • JoshGroff

      That makes the game more fun though. :/

  • ddevito

    Hope this email alerts is better than the play store alerts.


  • ToddAwesome

    I’m in, curious to see what the actual gameplay will look like.

  • wachutlknboutwillis

    Has anyone been able to get into the beta and how long did it take to get the invite once signed up? Thanks!

  • Agreed it does look pretty cool. signed up and downloaded and patiently waiting.

  • TheWenger

    This actually seems kinda cool. It would be great to see the kind of interesting things they could do if the game and user base gets massive.