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Google’s Nexus 4 Sells Out in 25 Minutes

According to Google Play, the Nexus 4 16GB and 8GB versions are either sold out already or have been pulled for other reasons. As of right now, both variants are completely gone and the only option is the “Notify Me” sign-up box. We first noticed them go live at about 8:38AM Pacific, and by 9:03AM Pacific, they were out.

Were you able to snag one?

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Cheers K!

  • Eric Blackman

    i got the email notification for the nexus 10 about 30 minutes after i ordered it, which was about thirty minutes after it showed up as available.

  • Tyler

    I think I just got an order to go through (3:10 EST). I installed Auto Refresh Plus for Chrome. Then, set it to refresh 1 second, and notify when it finds “ADD TO CART” It finally displayed a link to add to cart. I then quickly went through the order process. It might help to ensure you are already logged in, and have your google.com/wallet setup with an address and credit card.

    • danipepina

      how did you set de ADD TO CART LINK on auto refresh plus?

  • Jay

    So at 2pm EST time … I was cursing Google because I got shafter early on 2 minutes after they went live. BUT — 5 minutes later I am licking the cheese between it’s toes. Somehow my persistence paid off … I set chrome to autorefresh every 5 seconds with an extension … the 16GB goes in and out of notify me … any time it came up add to cart I added it and went through the process … last step it would boot me to an empty cart but after my 8th try, the order went through, I got my confirmation email and it’s showing up in my wallet.

    Hopefully I’m not getting 8 of these … or maybe that’s a good thing because some of y’all might need some love.

  • Sathariel

    It looks like the page is flicking on and off. I was able to refresh the page 10 minutes ago and it said the Nexus 4 was available. I managed to Add it to cart and checkout. The purchase is on my Google Wallet and credit card statement. I just got the confirmation e-mail from Google.

    For those waiting, just refresh the page every now and then and you may get lucky like me.

    • Sathariel

      Confirmation e-mail. Note the order time. =D

  • Nexus4

    I got one 16GB 🙂

  • The Playground is closed

  • mw630

    I wonder if people are randomly able to order this phone because of all the issues with the shopping cart this morning and people accidentally ordering multiple units. I’m wondering if they are making them available as people cancel their multiple orders.

  • I’ve been auto-pounding refresh and have gotten “ADD TO CART” to show up several times but every time I hit it is says there was an error and there is nothing in my cart… 🙁

    • I just ordered mine. It took an hour. Installed the Chrome plugin called “Auto Refresh Plus” and set it to refresh the 16GB Nexus 4 Play Store page every second until it found “ADD TO CART”. It worked like a champ. Over the course of the hour that I was auto-refreshing, it found “ADD TO CART” at least a dozen times. However, clicking the ADD TO CART button continually resulted in an error where my cart was empty. Eventually, it worked and I was able to order it (confirmation email and all). Stay thirsty my friends!

      • Tom White

        Came here to say exactly this.

        • Tyler

          I posted above, but this worked for me.

  • Prox

    Just placed an order @ 1:56PM EST for a 16GB N4, received confirmation number

  • Wes Thomson

    Don’t know if it’s a bug, but I just got a 16GB right now. If you flip back and forth between the 8GB and 16GB, every so often it will change from “notify me” to “add to cart”. First time it bugged out and left the cart, but the second time I was logged in already and it went through fine.

  • andrew galvin

    I got one. so excited!

  • whitney

    They are not sold out yet I was able to order an 8gig and 16gig. Keep refreshing the browser

  • I was able to get one at 9:35 PT after refreshing for about an hour. At first it just wouldn’t let me proceed after having it in the kart. Then after that I wasn’t able to get it back to the kart for about 30 minutes

  • I was able to snag a 16GB (don’t hate!) but not before I went on G+ and bashed because I thought I was unsuccessful in purchasing one. Nothing during the ordering process to indicate that the order went through. I kept trying to order after that too. Then got the confirmation email.

  • Add to cart link is back for the 16gb…


  • Colin Huber

    Just received this in my email, two hours after the release. Luckily I ordered, but damn, that’s messed up.

  • gk08

    I can’t believe Google was not prepared to scale it’s store. I had the 16gb in my cart and then check out would not work and eventually it disappeared from the cart. Tried to buy the 8gb model and ended up with three. SMH.

  • Xious

    If you click between the two variants (8GB and 16GB), the option to Add it to Cart shows up. Not sure if it allows you to buy it, but it’s worth a shot for anyone that wanted to purchase one. Just click the 8GB (under Choose Another Nexus 4), then the 16GB, and back and forth until the option to add it to the cart shows up.

  • Jimmy Chen

    N4 16G in stock again.

  • Just got my 16GB finally. Keep trying!

  • Nitin

    Keep refreshing…its will show up in stock…

    • mike

      I did that, and got it to work, but then it told me that my cart was empty after adding it. maybe they caught on to this?

  • Jonathan Barnhart

    Looks to be back in stock now! Got get it while you can.

  • Nitin

    Keep Refreshing its available….

  • Zander

    Got a 16 gb at 11:53 am est . SUPER PUMPED!!!

  • I just bought one. I was one of the failed attempts, people keep trying. If you keep refreshing over and over again every now and then the coming soon says add to cart. It keeps failing but one of them just went through and I got one. Go people go!

  • JoYu

    Since so many people had problems with checkout I’m thinking (hoping) they pulled it to fix the cart issue. We’ll see!

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    So if you are stil trying to get one keep refreshing the page and trying. I just saw someone post that they got one at 1pm est and I went back and after a minute or 2 of refreshing I got this

  • Marthur Jones

    I was finally able to get my order through for the 16GB version of the Nexus 4. Only way it would work for me was if I unchecked the option to link it with my Google account, I tried this with the option checked and it wouldn’t work, then tried it again (for the second time) unchecked and it worked… then everything went smoothly. I also had to remove the bumper from my shopping cart. However, this could have just been a coincidence.

    The bumper said it was sold out too, but after refreshing the page a few times I was able to order it as a separate order.

  • satsmine2k4

    Google Play store order manager should be fired immediately…

    • SeanBello

      ever try calling and getting one? I don’t think there is a physical person that’s responsible for it.

  • ddevito

    I bought an N4 and a Samsung Chromebook. Merry Xmas to me!

  • bucky500


    • bucky500

      sorry for caps, also it was 16gig. Keep trying I hope slowly everyone can score one 😀

  • Availability keeps flashing, was on twice but now off. Crazy.

  • JoshGroff

    Oh the things I’m gonna do to my Nexus 4 when it arrives. 🙂

  • veRdiKt

    wow after a stressful 50minutes i finally got a hold of the 8gb n4. yesssssssssssssssssssssss.

  • Harsh Karn

    I almost impulse bought …. then pulled back .. damn me 🙁

  • Joe Levin

    It’s back up

    • Joe Levin


  • Brent Stewart

    People keep complaining how Google botched this launch. Chill out folks, carriers haven’t been much better in the past. I can still remember clearly how badly a lot of the Droid launches were on Verizon last year. Not to mention the Xperia Play launch – on a carrier.

    • SeanBello

      delays are a totally different story than what Google has done with the past 2 launches.

    • Kurtis Tamez

      Come on Moto and Verizon do PHENOMENAL work. The Droid Bionic went smooth as home churned butta! hehe

      People are just getting way too uptight about this stuff.

  • taylor banasiak

    ok now up to 3 nexus 10 tablets 2 phones

  • markgbe

    snagged 8gb. yay

  • Dave

    What a huge clusterf…seriously, had one 16 GB in my cart, went all the way to check out but then it keep timing out loading my Google Wallet information. So I never got the chance to click “Buy”.

    Now they’re sold out. Horraay! Another day I suppose, but still frustrating.

  • RW-1

    Can anyone else imagine an alternate universe where VZ Phones are unlocked, they give you a credit and moto releases a Nexus completely open aka the OG ? It would be sold out in less than this did…

    Oh cripes, what WAS in my coffee????? 🙂

  • Thanks Google, for actually having 13 phones in stick for today’s “release”. If you’re caliming to sell hardware how about you acutally build some and take my damn money!

    • RW-1

      If they had 13, thats 12 more than ASUS typically had for the Xformer releases …

  • Nayners

    Got mine! 16GB @ 8:32 PST

    • JoshGroff

      My order finally processed at 12:17 EST. Can’t wait for that bad boy to ship.

  • NeedName

    People need to chill if they weren’t able to get one.

    In the past the Nexus line didn’t sell very well at all. Now, suddenly, they are a hot device and I’m sure Google ordered as if the Nexus 4 was going to sell similar to the Galaxy Nexus.

    So, relax, and be happy that the Nexus line is finally taking off.

    • RW-1

      Seconded, it’s not like you will NEVER get one …. I’m not, going to just await the code on AOSP and place on my VZ GNex, already have the KB and the camera/photoshpere. I’m hearing the wifi connectivity thing to particular devices doesn’t appear to be in the build, can anyone confirm when they get theirs?

    • guna15

      its the price point that brought everyone. and I am pretty sure that’s exactly what goog wanted.

      two of my friends who never bought android devices wanted this one and they are totally disappointed. one of them wanted to order as a birthday gift….and now he is looking for different options.

      btw, I did get confirmation for my 8GB N4. whoohoo….wanted 16G but that’s ok.

      • NeedName

        Google does have some learning to do on launching products — that’s for certain.

        However, let’s not forget what apple usually does — they know full well they will sell millions on pre-orders & launch day yet they always cut the number of devices available short, thus they can “sell out” every time to create more hype.

        At this point I think Google just didn’t think they would sell as many as they are.

        • Just glad I got to sit on my couch instead of outside in the rain.

  • MttFrog13

    google will never get a launch right. The stock only last 25 minutes during the middle of the day when most people are working on a day when they released it unannounced? How many did they even make available, a few thousand?

    • JoshGroff

      I ordered mine while at work. O-o Your point?

      • MttFrog13

        Point is that there was only a handful of people who even knew the gnex was going to be available at noon. Either because most people are at work and not able to browse the internet, and the release was only made known this morning. Anyway, this handful of people crashed the website and sold out the nexus 4. That’s a sign of a terrible launch.

        • JoshGroff


        • If they “knew” it would be available at noon they were wrong.

  • thronez

    I’m hoping my N7 HSPA order went through, charged my bank/shows up in google wallet yet no confirmation email nor a order receipt or history on google play. Anyone else getting this?

    • mw630

      As long as it shows up in Google wallet – you are ok. I got an e-mail confirmation on my order immediately, but I was lucky and ordered right when the page went live. I went back in and ordered the bumper. It showed up in my google wallet but took about 35 minutes before I got the confirmation e-mail

      • thronez

        Thanks! Now lets hope their shipping standards are above their server standards

        • mw630

          Hopefully it’s like the gnex. A lot of people who ordered that on launch had it the next day.

  • Incredibly disappointing launch. You had no more than a 5 minute window to get a 16 GB Nex4. Pathetic. Huge opportunity lost for Google to sell a massive number of phones.

    • Wait, so, if I’m reading this right, the fact that they severely underestimated the initial demand (which is truly massive compared to all previous Nexus devices, mind you) is enough to make you feel that the current devices aren’t worth procuring in a few weeks when they become available again?

  • michael centeno

    sweet!!!!!! was able to order 10 of them. hello craiglist!!!

    • JoshGroff

      Pro wait for it fit. 🙂

  • Robot Architect

    had it in my cart. got in when it went live. but all i got was an error. thanks google. 😐

  • Dude

    This is the definition of disappointment from Google. Errors everywhere and whatever happened to that email notification. Grrr