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Google’s Nexus 4 Sells Out in 25 Minutes

According to Google Play, the Nexus 4 16GB and 8GB versions are either sold out already or have been pulled for other reasons. As of right now, both variants are completely gone and the only option is the “Notify Me” sign-up box. We first noticed them go live at about 8:38AM Pacific, and by 9:03AM Pacific, they were out.

Were you able to snag one?

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Cheers K!

  • Got one at ~4PM EST

  • Nexus04

    So how long are we stuck with the Nexus on Big Red???? I want a Nexus4!!!!!!!

  • Tim Buchanan

    I have to be honest, I really don’t understand the Nexus 4. No LTE is one thing, but 16GB of storage? I don’t think cloud storage is as practical as we may want it to be. My next device purchase will focus heavily on how much onboard storage I can get. The N4 just doesn’t cut it.

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    What a joke. No wonder Apple runs circles around Google and android. Selling out before you can fulfill orders in 25 minutes? Nice business model Google.

  • KEEP REFRESHING!!!! – I just ordered 3 nexus 4 around 4 pm in central time!!! (i can prove it) .. just keep refreshing.. 🙂

  • Rick Kane

    In b4 these people realize it doesn’t have LTE…..
    In b4 same people realize how slow 3g is…..

    • Yeah, I had no idea this didn’t have LTE… it’s not like it hasn’t been reported 10Million times already. By saving $30 per month, I’ll be the one laughing… straight to the bank.

  • Jon

    Is that price right out the door or is that with a contract sign up?