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HTC DROID DNA Coming in White, Brown, and Black in Other Countries?

According to Chinese site ePrice, a global variant of the HTC DROID DNA may not arrive until early December. While that’s not the best of news, since the U.S. version is expected to arrive on November 20, the good news is that it may come in a trio of colors. Leaked in a series of renders, there is a chance that we’ll see white, brown, and black variants of the global DNA, which falls under a similar “DLX” codename. 

With the codename and build looking identical, we would assume that this version of the phone will also sport a 5″ 1080p display, quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, and run Jelly Bean. This is being reported as a separate device than the HTC J Butterfly which comes in red.

As far as we know, the DROID DNA will only come in one color scheme here in the U.S. – black and red. I have to admit that after seeing the white render above and the red J Butterfly, that I was hoping we’d get more than one choice. We’ll know for sure tomorrow.

Via:  ePrice | PocketNow

  • good luck for me that i dun have to buy the stupid exclusive verizon phones in germany 😛 i woudl never get a new phone by signing a contract anyway. I pay the whole price at once

  • Wow! This looks so much sexier than the iPhone!

  • raven81

    Please let those choices come to Verizon.

  • cocamoxb

    I just called VZW and asked if I could pre-order the “HTC Droid DNA” that is suppose to be announced tomorrow, 13-Nov-2012, and the rep told me that the new announcement for tomorrow is the HTC Windows Phone.

    She said that for the HTC Droid DNA, she would have all the information on Friday 16-Nov-2012. She said to call back Friday and she would have all the details.


    • cocamoxb

      Also, she said the Windows Phone will come in white, black, & blue…..FWIW

    • raven81

      Why would they have an event for a phone listed on pre order on their website……is.

  • BroRob

    Is that the micro USB at the bottom (in the photo of the white phone)?? You can see in the same photo it isn’t on the left side like the other HTC phones. Crossing my fingers it’s at the bottom showing we are moving to a standardized spot for the micro-USB!!!

    • Verizon

      The only standard feature of Android is that nothing is standardized.

      • BroRob

        That is why we are destroying crapple with all our alarm clock, docking stations and portable speaker sales… oh wait…

        • Verizon

          You are preaching to the choir on that. To be fair though, Apple doesn’t make most of that, 3rd party companies do. I agree that if there was some form of standardization on ports then it would be easier for 3rd parties to make such things. The easiest would be a micro USB charging connection and bluetooth connection for audio.

          • BroRob

            Exactly! BTW Samsung makes a wide variety of electronics, why haven’t they made these alarm clocks, speakers, docks jeez Someone take my money! 🙂

          • Verizon

            I may have to do something about this. You think Google would be willing to give me start up money?

  • As someone stuck with Verizon, this is the first phone to make me consider moving on from my GNex.

    But, as someone with grandfathered unlimited data, I’m remembering that I’ll probably have to pay $600+ for my next phone, whatever it is :/

  • Verizon

    I’m a little wary about getting an HTC device on Verizon because of updates. It was almost 9 months for the Rezound to get official ICS. I’m aware that this is a Verizon issue since the international phones don’t take this long, but it still gives me cause for pause no matter the specs. Combine that with the notoriously bad battery life HTC generally offers and I have to take a further step back.

    I’m not trying to bash and I really hope this will be an amazing device. These days though I want Razr Maxx like battery life out of every phone and if not Nexus like updates then at least Razr M like updates.

    • BroRob

      THIS!! I still have a TBolt and flashed the ICS leak a couple months back. The ROM has been solid, but where is the OTA update? Also to further cloud the decision is the reports of HTC losing money hand over fist. My luck I’ll buy the DNA and HTC will shut down 2 months later sticking me with a device that will get no updates.

  • Kevin Brosseau

    I must say, I was feeling the white phone with red buttons when I saw the image on this article. I was like, “Damn, that is one sexy phone.”

  • Tyler Casilio

    The black with red trim looks best to me

  • droidify

    The red accents look terrible. I know that’s a verizon thing but I won’t be buying it. I don’t want my phone to look like a vampire

  • Dain Laguna

    White would be…incredible. 2 other phones in the droid line come in white so its a possibility.

  • Paul

    Can’t wait for the DNA announcement tomorrow.

  • thedonxr

    The buttons are hardware, but they did put them in the right order…

    • Tyler Casilio

      I think they were going with the Nexus’ order. and Home is in the middle for GoogleNow, it would be weird if it were anything else

  • QQpayne

    Am I the only one really looking forward to see how good this phone is?

  • MotoRulz

    Strong contender against the Note2. Now I have to make a decision… This thing looks beautiful.

    • Not to sway your decision, but remember that the selling point of the Note 2 is the pen and all of the software enhancements that Samsung has done. We aren’t sure that HTC has done anything to help us take advantage of the big screen.

      • MotoRulz

        There are currently three things that favor the Note 2 right now. The S pen, the software enhancements, and everybody I know has the GSIII or they are getting the Note 2. This phone has an uphill battle before I change my mind… You have to do an initial un boxing and just touch on some of the features as soon as you get your hands on the DNA PLEASE.

      • GABravo2005

        So happy that I have until Dec 16th to make my choice. I bought my GNex from there along with the Buy Back program, and combine that with their new policy to price match online retailers, and some Reward Zone certs…. I am hoping to see what HTC has to unveil for us manana. If it is nothing that blows my mind away then Note 2 it is, and yes I have held it in my minuscule hands

  • Damn, that’s a sexy slab of Android goodness.

  • DRaY

    HTC!!! Please copy the specs of the galaxy S3,.. need i say more????

    • JoshGroff

      So you want a lower end phone? Interesting.

      • Paul

        Whoever disliked this either knows nothing about the DNA or is a pissy GS3 owner that can’t handle not having the best spec’d phone currently sold.

  • Butters619

    I wish I had the money to import international phones.

  • Verizon

    Brown? Really? Black, white and red I understand, but brown?

    • itznfb

      Why does everyone always hate on brown? The GSIII in brown looks great. Look at all the 2013 cars available in brown. Obviously people like it.

      • Verizon

        I’m not hating on brown as a color. Clothes, leather products, car interiors, couches, wood furniture all look great in brown. I just think it is an odd color choice for electronic devices or anything plastic. Especially for something you hold in your hand or up to your face. They either look like someone was trying to go for a wood or leather tone and failed or you just sh*t in your hand. Neither is that appealing to me. If you like it, then I hope it is an available option for you.

    • paulmike3

      Whever I see a brown device, I instantly think of the brown Zune. Ew.

      • Verizon

        This just proves my point that brown makes people think of crap.

        • Knlegend1

          Hey now I still use my Zune to this day in the gym. Great investment. Had I known it was almost dead when I bought it I probably would’ve got the galaxy player. Now that’s crap.

        • michael arazan

          For all those people who drop their phones in toilets, this will hide those “skid marks” on the phone

    • a.youth.in.Asia

      Definitely copied the Slll

      • are u nuts? where did they copied s3 u pathetic fanboy!

        • a.youth.in.Asia

          You worry too much

  • cooksta32676

    Droid DNA, it’s all over your hand.

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    Can’t wait to get it and TRASH Sense. Stock JB on this bad boy would be nice!

    • hkklife

      With 32Gb or even 64GB of internal storage + a 3000mAh+ battery, this would have made for the most amazing Nexus ever and a true flagship for the brand. I really would like to see Google pushing 2-3 Nexus handsets and 2-3 tablets (in varying sizes/spec levels) with new iteration of the OS.

  • Shadowstare

    1. Will the Global version still be CDMA or GSM?
    2. A white one would be very sexy.

    • Verizon

      Global versions of phones are typically GSM.

      • Global phones essentially have to be GSM. Not sure there is such a thing as an unlocked CDMA phone.

        • Verizon

          I was thinking of Global as in Verizon Global which are CDMA/GSM or CDMA/LTE/GSM as apposed to international which are just GSM. You are right though, there isn’t such a thing as an unlocked CDMA phone.

  • user311

    Looks like HTC is already reaping the benefits of their patent agreement with crapple being the phone is white, rectangular and has rounded corners…How revolutionary and magical!

    • cooksta32676

      Don’t forget stunning and beautiful.

    • Tyler Casilio

      Right, they just made this phone yesterday and we didn’t know about it for months…

      • user311

        Gotta love serious answers from obvious jokes… btw, Webster’s dictionary called, they need a photo of you to link to the word “oblivious”.

        • Tyler Casilio

          What’s their number? I don’t have it. I didn’t know it was a joke, the rudeness is appreciated.

  • Liquidretro

    Let’s hope for good battery life on this, and it will jump to the top of the list for a new phone.

    • That seems to be the running theme with HTC’s phones, but hopefully they’ll pack in a big battery. Compared to the Note, this looks nicer, but the S-Pen is a big selling point.

      • Liquidretro

        For me the S pen has very little appeal. Beyond drawing or playing a game or two I just don’t see pulling it out and using it. I also think over the course of 2 years it would manage to come loose and get lost. I guess the biggest place where I might use it is with gloves on, but not sure it would work doing that since I think it still probably needs to pick up the electricity from your body.

        • JoshGroff

          I don’t know about that, I’ve owned had a DS lite since it came out and never lost the stylus. (except for the one time I took it out and had it sitting on my desk)

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Let’s hope it doesn’t have a botched Multitasking system.

    • I think this is really the only worry most of us have. Well, that and timely updates heh.

  • leenephi

    Looks a bit sexier and thinner than the last images I saw. Cool.