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Verizon Makes HTC DROID DNA Official – Will Live Unbox it Via Google+, Launch November 20, New Press Renders Too

If that’s not “official” then I don’t know what is. As you can see in the screenshot above, taken from Verizon’s droiddoes.com site, the first news item listed says “DROID DNA UNBOXING.” The HTC DROID DNA is expected to be announced by Verizon this Tuesday in NYC, an event we’ll be at, but this essentially confirms it all. Not that we were second guessing it’s arrival, it’s just that we like it when the company that plans to sell it, backs everything we have been writing about.Β 

On this “unboxing” note, it appears that Verizon is teaming up with PhoneDog to do a live unboxing of the phone through a Google+ Hangout on November 19. That’s fun and all, but that could also mean that the November 20 date we have seen on leaked MAP lists is actually the launch day (see below).

Update: Β Reader Douglas noticed that on Verizon’s Google+ page, it confirms a November 20 launch. Following a mention of the live unboxing, it clearly states that this is happening “the day before it launches.”

And last, another pair of “official” renders has appeared courtesy of @evleaks. What can I say – the phone looks nice. It’s like an HTC One X, but all DROIDed-out for Verizon. The 5″ 1080p display will likely be the best in the business, the camera should rock, the quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor is blazing fast, and Big Red’s LTE footprint on this country will be taken full advantage of.

What do you think?

Via: Β VerizonΒ | @evleaks

Cheers Charlie!

  • wish this came in all red

  • sgtguthrie

    So what’s the status on htc’s unlock tool these days? Particularly on Verizon? My last htc device was a Blunderbolt, so I’m hesitant with htc already… But I need to be able to unlock it πŸ˜‰ I am missing that htc camera though, for sure!

  • iNfAMOUS70702


  • Michael swaim

    Just take my hard earned money now.

  • Looks really good.

  • Chris

    Hell. Yes.

    Just PLEASE have an SD Card.

  • Steve

    Battery has been said to be 2500 mAh on the Verizon version of the J Butterfly which about the size of the Razr HD

  • pug335

    Anyone see an external speaker???

    • Trevor

      It’s under the Beats logo

  • phoneprick

    Will this phone have an SD slot?

    • Trevor

      That’s the bajillion dollar question.

  • Avery Dejuan Herron

    Dammit they are gonna shaft the note 2 in some way because of this phone.

  • Steve Douglas

    The presence of an SD card seems to be mentioned no where… Any hints on if it will have an SD card slot?

  • Bionic

    Best HTC phone ever made.

  • Jim

    I really want this phone, but I may wait until it gets custom roms. I don’t think I can go back to Sense. I realize sometimes it takes a while for root/rom, but maybe we’ll get lucky and it will be a quick fix. Custom launcher will cover a lot of what I hate about Sense, however it still consumes resources which drives me nuts. Fingers crossed.

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    Note 2. Enough of the HTC stuff with Beats audio…..

  • master94

    Nice to see a company use Google Plus. Its so much better than FB

  • It’s either this or a Note 2. Either way whichever has the best Battery life I’m going with. Honestly I’d take a phone with a 4.3 in screen and a dual core processor as long as it was relatively thin and had an AMAZING battery that could get me 12+ hours of use in LTE. That’s the dream right there…one which I feel will forever remain as such…

    • Trevor

      Razr M?

      • I honestly haven’t checked it out but I doubt anything on the market currently will fill my needs of 12+ hours of screen time. Thus, the bigger the battery a manufacturer can stuff into a phone, the better. I do like Motorola’s build quality though.

        • Trevor

          I didn’t realize you needed 12 hours of screen time, I thought you just meant 12 hours of overall use. I think you’ll have a hard time finding anything that will give you close to 12 hours of screen time in the near future.

          • That’s why it’s a dream phone. Nearly any phone can get 12 hours of use if not sucking LTE and just being used for messaging and the occasional phone call…except maybe the T-Bolt…

    • Avery Dejuan Herron

      Ok should I post my galaxy s3 Barry life screen shots for you then out he’ll even my bionic and galaxy nexus used to get 12+ hours on lte and I use my phone alot.

      • I should’ve been more specific, 12+ hours of actual screen ON time πŸ™‚ Almost any phone, as you pointed out can get 12+ hours on LTE when sitting in your pocket or messaging now and then. My GNex’s absolute cap is 4 hours screen on time and I think you’d be VERY hard pressed to find anyone with anything more.

    • DC_Guy

      If your choice is coming down to battery life then I think you’re going to end up going the Note 2 route with the 3100 mAh battery.

      • I’m thinking you’re correct, good sir. If I can manage to get a phone that gets 4+ hours of screen on time I’ll be happy. I like the direction these smart phones are taking, I’m a bigger fella and having a phone that fits my frying pan sized hand is nice πŸ˜‰

    • Steve Douglas

      Is that’s the droid razr maxxx hd??

      • Steve Douglas

        Sorry just saw on screen time.. you need a phone powered by a flux capacitor and 21.2 gigawatts to get you back to 1985 πŸ™‚

      • Again, no phone on the market gets 12+ hours of screen on time, it was just an example of my dream phone. And the cameras on RAZRS are crap, don’t want to go that route

  • I want my Note 2.. After going into a At&t store and playing with a N2 for a bit, I want it more then ever.. The battery (or lack there of) on this thing is killer to me.. And the new touchwiz is way better then sense..

    • Agree 100% bring on VZW’s Note 2!

  • steve30x

    And it ALL boils down to the mystery battery that will be a deal breaker for many and that and no 32 gig version.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I’m starting to get and have been burnt out on samsung. My original incredible is alive & kicking with good software! To by the DNA and get a pair beats headphone is a deal to me. To buy a phone an get a stylus, um awkward. I’m sure I’ll b pleased with the resolution!

  • rob

    I cant believe that more havent noticed that the unboxing is happening the day before the launch which means this thing is available on the 20th. Also, if they went cheap on the battery, all of the wonderful specs wont matter a bit. Phones today must last more than one day.

  • dezz nuts

    Give me the note 2!!! Droid line sucks!!! That is all…

    • Except for the OG Droid. He deserves props for really ushering Android into the mainstream public eye. But as for the rest of the Droid line, you sir, are correct

  • Tyler Casilio

    I want to see the size next to a Rezound then I’ll decide

  • Nexus

    Posting my S3 on eBay now.

  • Ohiwastedmylife

    The only strange thing about this phone is the sensors above the screen. The HTC Butterfly J does not have those same sensors, I wonder if it will have anything special up there!

  • TechGuy21

    will have locked bootloader, bloated, and outdated after 6 months not counting lack of updates from VZ. no thank you

    • DJyoSNOW

      That’s why you ROOT an move silly.


    No thanks ill continue to wait on my note 2 to arrive…

  • rohmbd

    Nexus 4 and straight talk here I come.

  • rohmbd

    No on screen soft keys, will not be my next phone. More companies should reference googles reference devices and stop being douche bags with batteries.

  • That will be interesting, I like phonedog’s reviews.

  • Anon

    Interesting, but I’ll wait to see the following:

    -Has battery life improved on HTC phones?
    -Has the Sense UI become less intrusive and less resource-intensive?
    -Has construction quality improved? (to me, the exterior build quality of the Thunderbolt is the high-water mark of HTC phones, even if it was a little heavy; phones after aren’t as good)

    Can’t wait for the Droid Life official review.

    • chris125

      1- No
      2. No
      3. HTC is known for some pretty solid build quality- the thunderbolt just sucked in every department lol

      • Anon

        While buggy in software, and having poor battery life, the Thunderbolt’s outer shell and case was excellent, IMO. The built in flip-out stand was also well done.

        I turned down the Thunderbolt at work when offered one, but I wouldn’t turn down a good phone that came in a Thunderbolt shell.

        • chris125

          Yes I had one but it just seemed rushed I mean the casing on the kick stand wore off in a matter of weeks and it had many quality control issues for many, myself included.

    • LionStone

      1) yes.
      2) yes.
      3) Of course, HTC build quality among the best.

  • Spider210

    oh sweet goodness

  • Christopher Moch

    I don’t care if the damn thing comes with a Chinese hooker and a 9000mah battery….Verizon has sold me their last htc slab with horrible battery life and never there software updates. Bailing out as soon as I can…thinking of chucking this thunderbolt at their Corp offices as well

    • laffingrass

      You picked the phone…

      • Christopher Moch

        exactly… I picked a phone that was promised updates, was sold to me free of flaws… the radios are garbage, constant data drops, battery life is below horrid. Truth is when they sold the thunderbolt they sold a beta device complete with flaws they had little intention of fixing.

        • Quite true. The Tbolt had been in the wings of testing for so long that they had almost moved on and forgot about it. Then, before they moved on to their next flagship they remembered it and thought “oh yeah, that thing has just been gathering dust, let’s slap the go ahead on it and put it into production, wait, what’d the testers say? Crap?Garbage? 1.5 hours of screen-on time?Meh…ship it”

          • klaybka

            The extended battery in the Thunderbolt really helped. Plus if you rooted and rom’d it all the other problems pretty much went away as well. It really wasn’t a bad phone after all of that. Was just really heavy! I’m concerned that this battery isn’t changeable and I can’t find anything about an sd card slot?? Those are pretty much deal breakers. I wonder if they are going to pull what Motorola did with the RAZR and later release the same phone but with a much bigger battery.

  • ddevito

    I wish HTC spent time designing and making their Verizon phones look their their GSM counterparts and Win Phone 8 devices. I swear every Verizon HTC looks the same.

  • Radgatt

    I will be getting this phone.

  • rob281

    Gotta love the FU Verizon gave Samsung and the people wanting the Note 2

    • Terrance Gilmore

      <one pissed off Verizon customer

    • Your right its so stupid this wait for the Note 2 has been killer. Im confident that the wait will be worth it, its just been annoying

    • DC_Guy

      Ugh…I know right! I’m really hoping they end up sending out the Note2 pre-orders BEFORE 11/27.

  • What a sham !! Where was aaalll this hype and promos for the GNote 2 and maaany other phones ?? Back to Tmobile and GSM I go ..

  • Alex Boro

    its possible it could be delayed if verizon needs to slap more logos on the the device

    • turfgrass64

      Well there’s no home button, so I think that area is safe;)

      • It’s on the volume rocker

        • TheCheapGamer

          Now that’s just low…

  • chris125

    Looks good but want to see what battery life is like before deciding.

    • evltwn

      I’m guessing it’s gonna be around 2100mAh like the One X+.

      • chris125

        Hopefully that is enough juice for it and its not thunderbolt version 2 with awful battery

        • drparty

          Pretty much guaranteed to have terrible battery life. The One X+ is going to be using GSM most of the time, while this will have a bigger screen, same battery and Verizon LTE coverage.

          This battery size in this phone is a terrible mistake. HTC just doesn’t learn.

          • chris125

            Plus this has a larger screen, 1080p along with lte

          • Tony Allen

            The screen is really all you have to go by.. battery life on the Galaxy S3 with an S4 and LTE is pretty darn good. I expect this to be similar.

      • It’s a 2500 mAh.

        • evltwn

          Where have you seen that?

          • evltwn

            Here’s the J Butterfly’s specs which this phone essentially is.


          • That doesn’t mean the LTE variant is the same. I’m pretty sure DL has touched on the fact that it has 2500 mAh as well.

          • evltwn

            Pretty sure they haven’t. That’s why you see so many questions/comments regarding battery size.

          • Multiple other sites have said it then, although I’m pretty sure it was on here.

          • evltwn

            I’ve found at least 2 that claim 2020mAh battery.

          • That’s absurd. That thing will last about 3 hours screen on. Obviously, nothing is official yet.

          • evltwn

            I understand that. In my 1st post, I said I was guessing about 2100mAh based on the One X+. After your comment I searched a little more, and since this phone is the J Butterfly in Japan, just branded for VZW, it makes perfect sense that it would come with the same battery.

          • I’ll still stick to the 2500 mAh claim until proven wrong though. πŸ˜›

            See you on Tuesday.

          • evltwn

            ok. I hope I’m wrong for the sake of those who are thinking of buying this phone. Even with if it comes with a 2500mAh battery, I still think battery life is gonna suck.

          • Yeah, I was going to buy this phone, but I have decided to grab the N4 instead. This thing just will not last long due to those specs.

          • evltwn

            I’m happy with Droid RAZR MAXX HD and it’s huge battery.

          • I’m a crackflasher, otherwise I’d go with that as well.

          • evltwn

            One other reason I think it will come with 2020mAh battery is because we’ve never seen a manufacturer switch batteries based on carriers. We’ve seen it done with processors, but not batteries. Like Samsung did with their Galaxy S3.

          • Radgatt

            The galaxy nexus GSM had a smaller battery than the one that was on Verizon

          • evltwn

            Ok, I stand some what corrected….1750 vs 1850…almost no difference at all. Those were also removable batteries, so you could buy bigger batteries.

          • evltwn

            Still rumor until tomorrow. Like I said before, I hope I’m wrong. We shall see.

          • evltwn

            And I was right. A 2020mAh battery.

          • :)


      • chris125

        That still isn’t anything for a 1080p 5″ phone with lte.

        • LionStone

          Whoa…so when did you get the chance to test a 1080p 5″ device with LTE? That’s right…never! πŸ™‚

    • Ohiwastedmylife

      Battery life should be pretty decent, the S4 pro in the Optimus G allows the phone to last longer or in some cases as long as the Galaxy SIII, and I do not hear any complaints about that phone. The new SLCD3 display will also be much more efficient so I think this phone will be fine. If HTC’s stock jumped almost 10% because of this phone, I think it will not be a flop like previous phones.

      • chris125

        But that doesn’t have sense or 1080p screen. Htc is known for notoriously bad battery life so will be interesting to see if they figured something out

        • michael arazan

          If it has less sence than the one x and fixed all the bugs the one x had it should be pretty decent, I’m hoping.

      • Diablo81588

        You’re forgetting how much power it will take to render a 1080p display. More efficient or not, this is HTC, and mediocre battery life is guaranteed out of the box.

    • yarrellray

      I just can’t figure out WHY Htc picked Verizon for this Device. Htc would’ve been better off choosing Sprint or Tmobile for the future of this device.

      • chris125

        Because Verizon has more customers than tmo and sprint combined? Not that difficult to understand

      • Diablo81588

        Because T-Mobile and sprint are garbage bargain bin carriers?

  • TH14

    Anyone know anything on the UK release?

  • Alex h

    To late. Left Verizon went to straight talk bought the note 2 and love everything. Verizon sucks

    • How are the data speeds? I’d like to do this with the Nexus 4, but reluctant to give up unlimited LTE. Still, paying $100/mo seems ridic.

      • Alex h

        I gave up unlimited data to. At my job I couldn’t even get one bar of 3g. Picked up straight talk sim for att and get full service everywhere. I pull anywhere from 2-5 Mbps easy. Thats plenty fast for my needs. Straight talk is only $45

        • Dean Rossano

          What are the data limits with straight talk? I’m usually on wi-fi but it’s always good to have a backup plan

          • Alex h

            People say 2gb a month but no one knows for sure. They also say leaving the proxy settings blank on the APN straight talk won’t know how much data you’ve used

        • Diablo81588

          Att has coverage? Since when?!

          • Alex h

            I actually get better coverage then I did with Verizon. In buildings especially.

  • Korey Page

    I think I might be sold on this phone. I might just get it to try it out first. Anyone else feeling that way?

  • Brent Cooper

    Nice specs rattled off there at the end, but battery wasn’t mentioned. I hope its not awful.

    • Sadly the majority of HTC devices have puny batteries that completely cripple their devices. HTC knows how to make a badass quality of phone, and they even have the best android skin (even if it is resource heavy) but when it comes to putting a meaty battery in there, they always skimp

  • This is going to be BA!

  • Guest

    The second Google+ post on the Verizon page says Nov. 19th is the day before the DNA launches, so it’s highly likely the 20th is the release date.

  • 4n1m4L

    Eh, soft keys… can’t go back. And older apps will force an on screen button to appear anyways.

    • Daniel Medlin

      Can you site anywhere that may have pics or a video of this? I would really like to see this. Sounds awful.

      • 4n1m4L

        Ah. Well that’s a relief. In my search I found that HTC has fixed this in the one series by making the recent button be dual function. Your choice to either have an onscreen button or long press for menu or long press for recent apps. I’d still prefer on screen buttons all the time.

        • Guest

          I’ve read horror stories about straighttalk online though, that the fine print says you can’t do streaming or youtube or lots of things, and they disconnect your service if you use it too much. Guess you haven’t run into problems with them?

          • 4n1m4L

            You missed. πŸ˜›

          • Alex h

            Lol yeah he did

          • Alex h

            I haven’t for the first month I don’t sit and watch YouTube all day tho so it might be different. They also say when entering the APN setting if you leave the proxy blank straight talk can’t tell what your doing with your data. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I’d say give it a shot order a sim card and plan for a month while keeping Verizon like I did. Just don’t transfer your number over yet leave the proxy blank and just watch YouTube stream music and download stuff all day and see if they shut u down within the month

  • ok

    It has like no bezel, i’m wet.

  • Douglas Chen

    The second Google+ post by Verizon says Nov. 19 is the day before the phone launches.

    • Indeed it does. Let me update. πŸ™‚