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Samsung Galaxy S3 Tops iPhone in Q3 for Best Selling Smartphone in the World

According to research firm Strategy Analytics, the iPhone is no longer the best selling smartphone in the world. During Q3 of this year, the Samsung Galaxy S3 topped the iPhone 4S to take the crown. Having sold 18 million units in Q3, the Galaxy S3 held a 10.7% share of the entire smartphone market, while the iPhone 4S held 9.7%, moving 16.2 million units.

Now, keep in mind that the iPhone 5 didn’t have the entire quarter to tally numbers, so Q4 could be drastically different. Still, this is a pretty big feat for Samsung, since Apple has owned this title for years. There truly are only two major players in the smartphone industry these days.


Via:  The Next Web | Business Wire

Cheers Nick S!

  • I guess it just sold better in some regions than others because in Central Florida I have seen only one SGS 3 and that was while eating out at a restaurant last month!

  • Akeem McAllister

    This is fantastic news. I am sure the greater the hardware and awareness of how awesome the Android Operating System is the more we will hear about reports like this. I think the beauty about Android is the number of options we have. Even if a phone sell a minute number of units that sport Android they are all working to put a dent in the fruit company hold on the market!

  • Prime7

    In Apple’s defense, though, 4S sales probably slumped when they released the iPhone 5. It would be interesting to tally up all iPhone and Galaxy phone variant sales and compare those.

  • Glad to see Samsung doing well with the GSIII, but I really wasn’t that impressed with it, despite buying my brother one. Still prefer my Galaxy Nexus’ design and obviously prefer stock android. They have to move away from that physical button, it’s like they’re going backwards in design. Still think they could go with some better quality materials and a better design – plus, please go stock and get it over with.

  • Michael

    As of now, i can still sell my year old 4S for $350 on Craigs and basically get iPhone 5 for free. Too bad GSIII won’t have as high of a resale value after a year from its release date.

    This should indicate which device holds more value and “quality” of a smartphone.

    • S2556

      lol i think you ment to type in BGR.com

    • Verizon

      So, higher price means better quality and better user experience? By this standard, the blinged out “designer” phones that are running Gingerbread and cost over $1K must be the greatest phones ever made. I know they are certain to fetch a higher resale price than any other phone out there.

  • Neomastermind

    Oh, the 4S? I thought these stats were against the 5. Now I’m not as impressed. I am impressed that the 4S was able to move that many units with 5 looming.

  • It’s about time Apple had some competition but they will just sue them instead of trying to improve their handset.

  • master94

    All I see whenever I look around is the GS3. Good for Samsung, looks like the American people are waking up from the delusion that Apple products are the best.

  • steve blowjobs

    apple should stop copying and innovate, all iphones are the same. only reason why apple is still in business is due to the fact that Fanboys are to stupid to know when they are being taken by apple

    • SchwannyT

      I agree. Look at the early Samsung phones and compaire them to the S3 or the Note 2. HUGE innovation. Now look at an iphone. @Trueblue711:disqus I agree too Samsung has really worked and deserve the title. They didn’t get it just because they were the first.

      • dangolds

        Yeah, I have to disagree with you guys on that one. I have an iPhone 3GS for work and will be upgrading to an iPhone 5 there shortly (I have a GS3 for my personal phone). My wife has an iPhone 4 to also use as a basis for comparison. The hardware design in terms of screen quality, use of glass, thinness, weight, etc has changed considerably over the last 3-4 years. iOS still looks the same in appearance but has added a good number of functions over the same timeframe. The real problem is that the iPhone 4s didn’t change in appearance compared to the iPhone 4, and iOS 6 didn’t change much compared to iOS5 aside from the map debacle. But if your point is that the iPhone hasn’t innovated or changed much since its early versions from a few years ago, I think you either haven’t used multiple versions of the iPhone or you’re just speaking out of ignorance. That’s not to say that Samsung hasn’t improved their devices considerably either, because they certainly have. But maps aside, I’ve played around a bit with an iPhone 5 and it has very much come a long way from the iPhones of 3 or 4 years ago.
        As for the original poster above, all iPhones are not the same. They clearly share a similar physical design and are rooted in the same base software, but there have been plenty of improvements over the years which is why a lot of Apple fans continue to buy the product. Unfortunately, the poster is too ignorant to realize that his own wording makes him come across as the type of stupid fanboy that he’s attempting to mock.

        • wm snyder


  • Trueblue711

    I’m glad for Samsung. They built a real quality phone, and it’s paying off for them. When will the others finally catch on?

    Now for the GS4, please no more PenTile screens…

  • Nicholassss

    Its odd though that I’ve seen more iphone 5s than galaxy s3s bust be the market around where I live.

    • i can’t say i’ve noticed iphone 5s, but i also have to admit i’d be hard-pressed to pick one out of a lineup

    • Sam’s Son

      This article was comparing to the Iphone 4s. Not the 5 because truth be told, there’s no doubt you do see more people with the 5 over the gs3.

  • NastyEmu

    Coming from Moto, I initially wasn’t excited about about GS3, and only bought one because it was by far the best available phone that met my reqs (I wanted 32GB & microSD so the GNex wasn’t an option) when my contract expired in July and I needed to re-up to keep my unlimited data. Gotta say this phone has been incredible. Now I’m running JellyWiz and it’s even better. This phone rocks!

    • kdn102

      Ditto. I upgraded from an OG Droid -> SGS3 to keep my unlimited data. Even iPhone users have been wowed.

      • Go Hawkeyes

        Wow, that’s a major jump.

        • kdn102

          I was actually trying to hold out for a quad core phone, but keeping unlimited for another 2 years plus a subsidized phone won my heart over 😉

          • wm snyder


  • DanWazz

    Good for the SIII. The only Android phone I consistently see in the real world.

    • EC8CH

      I see lots of RAZRS too.

  • The other companies need to take Samsung and Apple’s idea of having a uniform phone and market it across all carriers.

  • r0lct

    This is another reason why IMO Google bought Moto. Imagine if Samsung now decided to try and dictate to Google terms of Android or even worse decided to fork?

    Google can’t put all their Android eggs in Samsung’s basket.

    • Velmeran

      That’s my concern with Samsung’s growth — been some speculation and rumors for a while that they may try to fork off of Android like Amazon did.

      Numbers like this will only add fuel to those internal discussions I would wager, as someone will say the sales are because people want more Touchwiz.

      • If they fork Android, they’d be kicked out of the Open Handset Alliance, and Google wouldn’t approve the devices for the Play Store, and it would all go down hill from there.

    • Trueblue711

      That is a good concern, but I think Google would remain strong by threatening to pull the Play store and all Google apps from the phone if Samsung began to do that. As much as Samsung’s success is due to their own moves, their phones would not sell without all the market apps, especially the Google ones.

      • r0lct

        I don’t think Google is too worried, otherwise they would have integrated Moto right away. I just think it’s their safety net.

  • fakekellex

    I think the true number should be Note 2+ GSIII. These are both premium, top end devices that combined are up against the iPhone, One X, Razr line.

  • Check, now the S4 will dominate most 2013 unless we see an iPhone 5S effort in march

  • SirSoloDolo

    My Apple fanboy friend blamed Obama and the sluggish economy saying people have to settle for cheaper phone over quality. LOL!!!!!!!!!

    • lol. Romney should’ve used this in his campaign — could’ve changed the outcome.

    • William Peterson

      That is funny. I was flipping through articles on the Verge and elsewhere and it seems that’s their new excuse. It’s everywhere. IDK, when I hold them hand in hand, the i*hone feels nice, but you can never pry my GS3 away. Unless it was a Nexus 4. But no such luck on Verizon, so…

      • mustbepbs

        The Verge? You mean The Applites? Every time a new iProduct comes out on that website you see them all gushing over it like they’re little school girls watching Justin Bieber. I can’t stand that website. I got banned and I’m happy about it.

        • Liderc

          I got banned from there too lol. I got an email saying my comments were harmful to discussion and I looked back at all my comments there and had literally never insulted anyone – had barely commented there at all. I had just recently started joining discussions about the iPhone falling behind in terms of tech and they apparently didn’t like that.

          I thought they were supposed to be the “Better Engaget” and not have a bias towards Apple products but I almost think their writers are worse. Especially Joshua, he’s like talking about how he uses his Galaxy Nexus then he’s gushing over the Iphone 5 and it’s extra row of icons.

          The best part of his review is when he gives the iPad Mini design a 9 out of 10, but says that the device is difficult to hold in one hand lol. Gives the screen a 7 when it’s priced way above other similar tablets with better resolutions. Lost all my respect for him and them that day. I can’t take someone serious who has a bias that causes them to report poorly and give non-factual reviews. I had been going there for reviews to base purchases on and I can’t do that anymore after that.

          I may prefer Android devices, but I’ll at least be honest and factual.

          • mustbepbs

            My exact experience. Once he reviewed the iPad Mini and did coverage that day, I knew I couldn’t take the reviews seriously. I said he liked taking it in the butt from Apple and got banned.

            I called a spade a spade.

          • michael arazan

            , I saw a review on aots on g4tv that recommended buying the ipad 2 for the same price of a mini and the specs were equal to it but the ipad 2 was a lil better.

        • William Peterson

          That’s funny, sad and true.

    • Stevedub40

      Sounds like a typical response from an apple user.

    • dangolds

      Ummmmm…..isn’t the iPhone 5 selling pretty well? As readers below have commented, you’re comparing sales of a new model (GS3) against sales of last year’s model (iPhone 4S). There’s no doubt that the Galaxy line is a huge commercial success and is drawing tons of interest, but I’m pretty sure that the iPhone 5 is still selling like crazy. I just think there’s more of an equilibrium now where an iPhone model that’s nearly a year old is no longer guaranteed to be the best selling model in the marketplace. It’s still funny to me that the 4S was outselling all of the other Android phones though – some of those OEMs ought to invest a little more in their marketing departments.

      • Tessa

        Most Individual models don’t have to sell more than the iPhone. That’s because there are lots of models to choose from. If *every* model of Android phone outsold the iPhone for a quarter or two every year, Apple’s overall share would be a tiny fraction of where it is.

        Instead, this marks the first time that any one model of Android phone was individually so popular that it beat out the current iPhone, even in a slow quarter for iPhones. This means that, overall, the Galaxy S series is gaining on the iPhone. Maybe next year it will win 2 quarters, or 3. If so, I’m sure it will mean that we have to listen to lots of Apple enthusiasts talk about how market share doesn’t matter anyway.

        • dangolds

          I think the market share discussion is already happening now, and it’s a valid argument. Apple must realize that by releasing one phone/year, they’ll never be #1 in market share. But as it stands right now, they eat up the majority of the profits earned in the smartphone industry despite being a distant #2 in global market share. If they try to take more share, it will cost them from a profit standpoint. So the question is, what’s more important if you’re running a business? Is it as vital for Apple to be first in market share as it is for Google, given their different business models?

          Based on how well Apple’s devices sell, I’m assuming you’d acknowledge the reality that they could easily increase their market share by being like Samsung and releasing more devices in a year. Not saying this would make iOS #1 in share percentage over Android, but it could certainly get Apple into the 30-35% range for market share.

    • DId you tell him they were both $199?

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Although not surprising at all, it is sad that Motorola lost all their momentum from just a few years ago. I really thought we were witnessing a rebirth with the droid but it has been all downhill from there.

    • idk, the Razr line seems to be doing well. I’ve seen a lot in the wild. It seems like ever since Google bought them, everyone keeps wanting to see what’s next.

      • Erick Johnson

        Agreed. I know a LOT of my friends (the ones who don’t ask me about phones) opt for the Razr Maxx line over Samsung.

      • MttFrog13

        The problem for Motorola is that they’re releasing too many phones that are confusing consumers. there was the razr, the razr maxx, the razr m then the razr hd. Samsung keeps their flagship line pretty clear (at least within each carrier, there may be some variance within each carrier, but even this has become more uniform with the galaxy s III). there’s a clear line between the galaxy s II and the galaxy s III. There are probably more, samsung phones, but the only one I’ve heard of since the gs II is the gsIII. The gs III is an easy choice over deciding between the razr maxx, razr m, and razr hd.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Agree. Unless you have another carrier. You can have an SIII on any carrier which is pushing its success.

    • Kyle Fullmer

      Well if Samsung could come up with something that wasn’t an apple clone moto would be doing much better. They certainly make the better quality phone from my experience. Unfortunately Samsung has done everything they can to mimic apple and it has worked tremendously well for them.

      • it’s very rare that i mistake my GS3 for an iPhone. you might even say never.

        • Erick Johnson

          Yeah, the ‘Samsung copied the iPhone’ comments are becoming less and less relevant. Sure, the first Galaxy phones looked pretty similar, but then we saw a marked divergence from the GS2 on. Did Samsung mimic some of the iPhones features? Absolutely. Will anyone mistake a GS2 or GS3 for an iPhone or vice versa? If they do, they may need to see an Optometrist asap.

          • dangolds

            What they’ve cloned best has been the marketing. I don’t mean this in a bad way. They figured out how to market the Galaxy line to consumers just as effectively as Apple does with the iPhone. Now mass consumers believe there are two premium phone models out there: iPhone and Galaxy S/Note. Motorola and Verizon should take note and consider changing those goofy DROID commercials.

          • underCase

            So you don’t think it was the “buy a GS3 and some hot chick will give you a video of her doing something naughty” commercials?

          • dangolds

            Chalk that one up under “marketing” as well. Certainly MILFs making sex videos and funny spoofs of your chief rival sell better than listing out specs or getting into a holy war over software platforms.

          • Well said. I was at the mall last weekend and Samsung had a big shindig right in the middle of the walkway. I seriously thought it was an Apple thing from far away. Employees were on speakers, all wearing blue, devices on display, a guy drawing charactertures on a tablet, etc. It was drawing a huge crowd.

            Samsung knows how to market. Motorola, not a chance. The Razr line confuses people. Heck, I follow what happens and I still don’t know all the variations of the Razr. And the Drooooooid thing is just stale and cheesy.

          • dangolds

            The latest Razr Maxx HD commercial where the guy blows up the wall is beyond lame. Give me the Samsung MILF anytime over the random dude who lives in a random, 4-walled outdoor compound with nothing better to do besides blowing up his house with his phone.

          • Akeem McAllister

            This is absolutely true! Marketing plays a huge role in gaining numbers. I would only hope Google as a whole gets this. The Nexus 4 (sans 4G) could and still have the opportunity to be a big hit. I think as time progress and Android hardware manufacturers grow marketing will get better. Innovation within the Operation System is well beyond iOS it is not even funny. Those fruit fans are dying to get Android Beam!

          • dangolds

            I wonder what Android fans on sites like this think of the whole marketing issue. It’s worth noting that Samsung is tearing it up on sales by marketing themselves as the newer, cooler alternative to Apple. Nowhere in Samsung’s commercials, however, do you see or hear any reference to Android, Jelly Bean, Google Now, quad core processors, benchmark tests, notifications, or custom ROMS. Many fans on this site swear by Android for the features I just listed and/or several others, but the general public pretty much doesn’t know or care about this stuff. The general public will buy the “cool” phone regardless of OS. So now that the GS3 is drawing customers by generating the same type of buzz that Apple does, does that mean millions of Android users through the Galaxy platform are the equivalent of iSheep? And is that acceptable to some of the diehards on here just as long as an Android phone was purchased over an iPhone?
            For the record, I don’t think most people who buy either platform are blind sheep, and there’s plenty of reasons I could argue for buying either an iPhone or an Android device. I’ve owned both platforms and like them both for different reasons. But given the general disdain that’s reflected on Android-based sites for the sheer number of people who buy iPhones (“they don’t know any better”, “they are blindly following Apple”, etc) why would that same rationale not apply to purchasers of the GS3? You really think most of the tens of millions of GS3 purchasers did so because they fell in love with the spec listing, swore by Android only devices and couldn’t wait to root their phones the moment they opened up the box? Many of these customers were simply made aware of the device through aggressive and effective marketing, and upon purchasing the GS3 realized they liked what it had to offer. That’s pretty much been the reason why the iPhone has been successful for the past 5 years. So does that mean we now have both G-sheep and iSheep to unnecessarily insult?

          • Akeem McAllister

            Great points. I am happy with any product that has Android in it. I am guessing I am a sheep of some sort. Although I still have a deeper love for Android. I love what Android does. With Apple things just seem too rigid and unreal. Nothing to me is unique when I see a few of my friends with iPhones. These people I know are even too lazy to change their ringtone. One of their phones ring and everyone is looking at their phone. Quite embarrassing and ridiculous if you ask me. Granted their ringtones does not have to be obnoxious songs but something unique. I just love Android simply for pure innovation and renovation of already great ideas.

            I am not blind to the fact that Google is a business and they are all in it for the numbers. Either way I will be more happier in the end if Apple and Google can make a mends and create a better way of communication among the platforms despite the OS you are dealing with. Back to my original point marketing is key in this business. Some Apple users love their phones because that is what is marketed to them. Android users love their devices as well but for different reasons. I think a phone connection study should be conducted to see the difference. Indeed Samsung has been on marketing success and has convinced me not successfully yet but have made me want to get a SGSIII.

          • Erick Johnson

            Excellent point. At the end of the day, even if your product is the best, you aren’t going to be successful without a strong marketing campaign and a healthy amount of hype. Employ masterful marketing and sales will follow (as we’ve seen).

          • Sam’s Son

            How does a galaxy phone look similar to an Iphone? If that’s the case then why do Iphone users ask me “what kinda phone is that”. Don’t you think if it was an Iphone they wouldn’t have to ask that. The only similarity i see is the button in the middle. That’s it.

          • Erick Johnson

            The first generation Samsung Galaxy phones bear a striking resemblance to the iPhone. Are there very noticeable differences? Obviously. Do those differences that prevent them from looking similar? Nope. If you don’t believe me, Google it. If you still don’t agree after Googling it, I think you’re either being stubborn or you found the wrong pictures.

            Anyway, regardless of what smartphone you have, people are going to ask you “is that the iPhone” and “that isn’t the iPhone, what is that?” Seriously, I’ve been asked how I like my iPhone (I have the Droid X) and I’ve seen people ask my friends what phone they have (he clearly had an iPhone as did the person asking).

      • iamjackspost

        What does samsung “cloning” apple have to do with motorola? They have no one to blame but themselves for poor sales.

      • Jeff Tycz

        LOL in what world does the GS3 look like the iphone!?!? because I dont want to live there

      • Sam’s Son

        Could you please explain how Samsung is an Iphone clone because right now you seem really uninformed with that statement.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        I think Moto needs to mass produce a single phone across multiple carriers. Nice thing about the SIII is regardless of which carrier, all of the devices are somewhat the same so they can eventually share accessories and docks. They can also advertise the device themselves and skip the carrier ads. Also, like Samsung has done.

      • pappy53

        Yeah, quality-wise, no one can touch Moto and Apple.

  • Bill Boguniecki

    And a wonderful device it is…..conrats Sammy!