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Park Me Right For Android – Use Augmented Reality to Find Your Misplaced Vehicle

It’s happened to many of us before – we lose or misplace our cars. No one is perfect, it’s okay. To help us fight this problem, check out Park Me Right. Once you arrive at a location, simply open up the app and set your GPS location. When you’re leaving and can’t seem to find your car in that super crowded parking garage, open the app and look through the camera to find your vehicle. It’s that easy.

It’s a pretty awesome idea that might come in handy for those of us who are more forgetful than others. The app can also be used to find friends and places that you set such as home, work, etc. Below is a video that showcases the app in all of its glory and some European models as well. If models aren’t your thing, how about the Lancer Evo then?

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Via: Life Hacker

  • Saving the location every time you leave the car is kinda uncomfortable, instead you can use nfc tag in your car and when you take a phone out it can be done automatically 🙂

  • Carlos carrasquillo

    y is that kid riding his bike with training wheels alone on the streets?

  • Carlos carrasquillo

    y does it have to be an Evo Vlll

  • JY20

    What happens if it’s late at night and it’s dark outside?

  • Fappinator

    Casting was spot on for that commercial.

  • Since I have a Motorola phone (Bionic), I use their Motorola Car Finder app, which triggers the ‘capture’ event automatically every time the phone goes into or out of the car dock. Came in quite handy a couple of times at airports, malls and fairgrounds over the past year.

  • Easy_Alice

    They rented an expensive car.
    They hired a flashy model.
    They rented her a sexy outfit.

    then…. during the top, closing scene… the “ride off into the distance” scene…

    … the kid on the bicycle is accidentally placed on a hill that he can barely pedal up…. and the entire video is blown.

    Sloppy production values, guys.

  • Easy_Alice

    Can DL *PLEASE* start telling the price of these apps.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    As expected, she parked like s*** – right on the white line. She needs an app to show here how to park.

  • Me Myself

    I love her!

  • DanSan

    of course she parked all messed up, she’s a woman.

    ill take her evo 9 though

  • What a terrible parking job.

  • rumthin

    Will this app help me find my car in a 4 level parking garage?

  • Tom Z

    Is there an app that will automatically record your location when it disconnects from the cars Bluetooth system?

  • Rocketjrb

    Two words….. Carrr Matey

  • make me a sandwich

  • did anyone use Carr Matey on the OG Droid? It was similar to this just not with the augmented reality

    • Kat Meredith

      I still use Carr Matey. The pirate theme is fun.

    • Droosh

      I still use it too. Why mess with a good thing.

  • boston

    females. learn how to park

  • fallsgable

    This started off SOOOO well…SOOO promising…
    2 HOTT Euro women in a parking lot..they’re in mini-skirts, they’re lost…one thing leads to another…..then it cuts to a playground, and little kids on slides and bikes…..FAIL!!!
    2 girls 1 cup…or is this….2 girls 1 car….

  • Petar

    i hate people who park on the fracking line!!!!

  • EvanTheGamer

    It’s the only bloody brightly colored car in the lot…how could you not spot it?! lol

  • Joel

    Does anyone know if it knows your altitude? Like if you park in a big ramp and forgot what level your on?

    • streetlightman

      have fun trying to lock your gps in a garage

  • Besnik

    Can’t even park right.

  • Droid Burgundy

    I just star my location when I get out of my car.. works fine for me without any additional app.

  • wow, i wouldn’t mind an app to help me find her… i mean her car… i mean my car

  • Josh Flowers

    she had the “how did i get here?” look before the “where’s my car?” look.
    not a bad idea for an app, with AR

  • Pedro

    Seriously. If the app doesn’t automagically record where you walked out of your car, it’s just one of a thousand car finder apps.

    But +1 for the hot euro-models.

    • Cool_Lucy

      > just one of a thousand car finder apps.


      No one at DL knows that. They always seem totally oblivious to “another old app” and try to make it sound “new and amazing” instead.

      And then DL *DOES* pass up all the truly “new and amazing” apps out there.

    • Droosh

      I’ve always loved the whimsy of “Carrr Matey”

  • Look at that car. How could you miss it?

    • Futbolrunner

      Love the Evo even though I own an STi 🙂

      • I’m not a fan of the Evo by any stretch… but that one in particular is bright yellow in a sea of black, white, and grey. 😛 They could have used a less conspicuous car to better demo the app.

      • Droidzilla

        Same here.

      • Kurt Weber


  • Paul

    If you’re that forgetful, won’t you forget to save the coordinates before leaving the car?

    • Haha, or too drunk and probably shouldn’t be driving anyhow.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Has nothing to do with forgetfulness. If a lot is extremely packed(much like at Disneyland)…it is extremely easy to forget where you parked.

      • Paul

        But at those places, it’s better to take a picture of code and/or name of the area you are parked in. That way you know where you are going in the trolley back to your lot, not walking through all of them with your phone up in front of your face.

        • EvanTheGamer

          lol…yeah, that’s what I do…take a picture of Mickey on the big sign.

          • michael arazan

            or just use the app for drawing and draw your own map with the section and number. or text yourself a picture of the area you’re at.

          • btod

            Idk if you’re being sarcastic but that sounds awfully tedious.

        • I tape my phone to the roof with the ringer on full volume, then have someone call my phone while i walk around the lot listening for it

  • Very cool idea. I’ll check it out