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Report: Samsung to Rebrand Itself, Debut New Logo and Image at CES

According to a report out of ChannelNews, Samsung is going to kill off the blue logo that you are seeing above and rebrand itself. This report claims that they have engaged with teams that have been involved in brand development for Nike and Starbucks, to help create a new image and look that will be unveiled at CES in January. There will be a new set of colors to represent Samsung, along with a focus on lifestyle activities in their ads, similar to what Nike has done. Their goal is to change the perception of Samsung as an “Asian brand” and into a global technology brand. This report also claims that Samsung employees have been told to hold off on ordering business cards until January.

So at CES 2013, we could see an all new Samsung. Do you care? How do you view Samsung now?

Via:  ChannelNews

  • cj

    its should be a worm eating thru an apple

  • paul_cus

    Samsung can change their logo all they want, they’re still Samsung, and I’m still not buying their phones

  • Jim McClain

    so now I will have to change all those signs,,,, well somebody has to do it,all pays the same

  • wm snyder

    how does this make me feel?Hmm i dont know this put it in a different light, a different perspective i mean this changes things aaah what was the question oh yeah…so are the bussiness cards going to have round corners or what type of icons…i mean this could totally relate to their products and totally wont go with my wardrobe!!

  • Justin Swanson

    Oppa, Samsung Style!

  • I love Samsung, by far one of my favorite companies.

  • Please don’t choose a dam fruit as your logo samsung. I know you love to get Crapple mad.

  • Butters619

    Please be a fruit. Please be a fruit. Please be a fruit.

    That would be the greatest troll in history.

    • Justin Swanson

      As much as I would laugh, I don’t know if it would have any lasting effect.

    • michael arazan

      The durian fruit? Asian durian fruit is a large fruit that smells like feet dipped in stinky cheese.

  • blooop

    Hopefully a simple design that won’t hinder the looks of any future phones to come.

  • Tyler Casilio

    Maybe they’ll do like a Banana shape logo to get back at Apple lol jk

  • Raven

    I have always loved their TVs and displays, but have never owned a phone from them. I don’t really care what their logo looks like as long as they improve the build quality of their phones and keep making great displays.

    • eric

      I have no issue with their build quality. The S3 is lighter than I’m used to, but it’s the quality of the cellular radio that keeps me from trading in my DroidX for an S3.

  • droidrazredge

    Their new logo should be Peaches with an “S” logo bitten out of it and the UI should be called cream. Because everyone loves peaches and cream.

  • I wish this article was about Verizon instead.

  • QuadNexus

    Change to a logo with three stars? i kid..

  • gp126904

    Meh is all I could come up with.

  • tomn1ce

    It’s going to be an apple with 2 bites on it…lol

  • Greg

    Is the new logo going to be some kind of fruit?

  • zepfloyd

    Samsung will be, ( •_•)>⌐■-■ Samsung’d. (⌐■_■)

  • Colors in logo??? Gay lol

    • Justin Swanson

      Just like Google, amirite? /sarcasm

  • Aaron

    I keep seeing comments referring to the “cheap plastic” feel of Samsung phones, but the GS3 didn’t feel cheap to me. But maybe I am a little biased because Samsung is the only company willing to release a flagship device on US Cellular. We’re even getting the Note 2.

    • honestly, i kind of like the “cheap” plastic. it’s strong, durable, and light. i prefer it to having glass and hard sharp edges everywhere.

      • Stevedub40

        Right on. At least it doesn’t scratch and dent before you pull the thing out of the box. People use the term cheap plastic because they have ran out of other excuses for awesome technology.

        • Justin Swanson

          I had an S and I have a Gnex now. The S1 was plastic on the back but it didn’t feel cheap. The phone took a beating but the screen never broke. I wish I was seeing the same thing from the drop tests with the S3.

          With that said, I will only be purchasing Nexus products for myself from now on.

          I recommend Samsung to my family though, they are easy to use and have a good enough build quality (S1, S2, Note 1, Note 2). I haven’t played with the S3 enough. I just hope they are as durable as my S1. Oh, and being in Korea doesn’t help since it’s basically Samsung vs LG and until the Optimus G came out I wouldn’t have considered LG.

      • how about light yet also feeling luxurious? just because said product is ‘light’ doesn’t necessarily make it ‘cheap.’

    • Sam’s Son

      I was a Motorola guy for the longest but have recently converted over the Samsung. I feel as if their phones are the closest thing that can compete with iphones in sells.

    • See the Nexus S…this was what started all that mess.

  • schoat333

    Hopefully they fix that crooked oval. I’m OCD, and it drives me crazy!

    • eric

      I take it graphic design and brand management isn’t your area of expertise.

      • schoat333

        Actually, that’s correct. Maybe you didn’t get the sarcasm though?

        • Justin Swanson

          Try the /sarcasm tag next time 😀

  • Captain_Doug

    Don’t care unless they stop using cheap plastic.

  • Mack

    Never been a huge Samsung fan after experiencing the Galaxy S Fascinate. Also LG did a much better job building a quality nexus device although apparently the Nexus 10 is pretty amazing. Too bad the Galaxy Nexus didn’t receive the same love, a new logo is a welcome change though.

    • PhoenixPath

      “Never been a huge Samsung fan after experiencing the Galaxy S Fascinate.”

      Own 3 of them. Love ’em. 2 of them are running Jellybean (AOKP) right now.

  • Sven Enterlein

    They need to come up with a cool logo that doesn’t involve a lot of text. Like the LG logo or the Mercedes-Benz star. Not sure if they have something like that already. Other than that I don’t think their company logo is that lame or outdated.

    • They seem to be calling almost everything a “Galaxy” these days [at least their mobile devices]. They could do something cool with that.

    • Why not just the silver SAMSUNG…

  • Christopher Riner

    I’m actually looking forward to this, and I’m really hoping that they do something nice. Nothing wrong with a company like Samsung wanting to change their image after a while, at a time when their company is really starting to become a star. Not that they haven’t been huge in the tech world, but they are really starting to do a lot to step away feom the rest IMO.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    0.0 interest

  • the oval is going to be on the bottom. *boom* Mind. Blown.

    • Jacob121791

      We are really going to use this Joke forever arent we…..lol

      • maybe next year we’ll get the joke we’ve been waiting for 😉

        • Mike Yost

          Wait, how did you do that thing with your joke?

          • droidrazredge

            I just shared my joke with my friends by touching jokes.

      • JoshGroff


  • ToddAwesome

    Blue ovals and block letters are SO Asian. So Asian.

    • ToddAwesome

      Wait, Ford is Asian?

      • i think they use Asin transmissions in some models? that’s pretty close

      • Danrarbc

        Ford’s logo doesn’t include block letters. It’s script – Henry Ford’s handwriting in fact.

        • ToddAwesome

          Amazing, know what else is amazing? How far superior anything from Asia is over a Ford!

          • Danrarbc

            Except not, but lets not go down this road on an Android site.

            Pun intended.

          • ToddAwesome

            Party pooper.

          • billy routh

            Ford does suck!

          • Zander_206

            Haha good talk. At least Ford didn’t get bailed out by us for going bankrupt….. lay off

          • i have no clue why Romney didn’t hammer Obama with this one when he said “he wanted the american auto industry to go bankrupt”.. but i digress…

    • michael arazan

      What’s wrong with a company being seen as an asian company? Europeans and Aussies love going to asia for holidays. The US likes most of asia, as long as it’s not N Korea or China.
      Even Marty McFly saya all the best stuff is made in Japan

  • DanWazz

    I wounder what piece of fruit their new logo will be.

  • EC8CH

    “chain the perception”???

  • antinorm

    Calvin relieving himself on an apple?

    • ha. coming to pick-up truck rear windows near you!

  • EC8CH

    Why do I have a feeling this is going to turn out to be extremely lame?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      turn out? it already is.. like consumers really care about logos

      • EC8CH

        I thought the whole “inspired by nature” GSIII thing was labored and stretched.
        (I do like when the GSIII guy holds a spot in the i*hone line for his parents though).

        I prefer Google’s banding and approach to design. It focuses on function instead of reaching for silly things for inspiration. At least that’s how I see it.

      • Aaron

        Of course consumers care about logos. That’s what keeps Apple in business.

      • sirmeili

        Just because if you ask a customer if a customer cares about logos and they say no, doesn’t mean that they are affected by a logo. Logos go a long way in brand recognition as well as portraying what type of company you are (elegant, “young and hip”, etc). Companies can pay a lot of money to get a good logo and rebrand themselves.

  • Mikeg1969

    Maybe it’s just me but their current logo does not make me think of them being an “Asian” brand.

    • now that i really look at it, i have to admit the logo looks a little outdated/lame, but yeah, not really “asian”. if anything, it looks kind of anonymous. the name samsung probably conjurs up more of the “asian”-ness i guess

      • lostsync

        “Samsung” has always made me think of a nice monitor, or this one flip phone I eventually beat to death with a 2×4.

    • eric

      The logo is only a small component of their brand. Rebranding means a lot more than simply changing their logo.

  • hope part of the rebranding is using something other than cheap-feeling plastic in their build materials

    • sirmeili

      I guess the important thing to take from what you said is “cheap-feeling”. I don’t feel as though my phone in and of itself is cheap (GNex). I don’t necessarily believe that something like glass or aluminum is all that much better in terms of durability (perhaps even less so when you consider scratch-ability or denting). As a matter of fact I love that the battery cover on my phone is very flexible and is hard to break (yes, I carry 2 batteries at times so I can swap out when there isn’t a charger available). It is something that I didn’t like about my OG droid. It was nice it was metal, but taking the battery cover off was a PITA sometimes.

      So I guess that plastic in this regard has been given a bad name as opposed to other materials. It’s light, durable and flexible. Things you might actually prefer in a mobile device.

      • tomn1ce

        You had a hard time taking the battery cover of your OG Droid! I had a hard time keeping the damn thing on the OG Droid. I even lost it at some point but, the replacement I got from amazon.com held on tight though. Other then that I was happy with my OG Droid.

        • sirmeili

          Yes, and those stupid metal clips that held it on would often run up under my finger nail while I was trying to get if off. Besides, that, yes, it was a wonderful phone 🙂

      • Yeah, that’s what I was hitting at too. I initially wrote “cheap plastic” and had to add cheap-feeling. I also have the GNex, and while it’s not a bad feeling phone (significantly better than other Samsungs I’ve held), its build isn’t quite what the OG Droid and Droid X I came from were. Those things were solidly built and felt like it.

  • I hope they jokingly reveal the Apple icon with an “S” inside first.

  • Is their new logo just going to be an orange with a bite out of it?

    • Sven Enterlein

      Nah, that could be interpreted too close to a lemon

    • EC8CH

      Asian Apple Pear

    • T4rd

      Damn, I came in here to say almost exactly that =p.

      But now I’ll say that I think it should be an Apple with a mushroom stamp on it =D.

    • Alchemy08

      You slice oranges not bite into them.

    • underCase

      Nah, a cherry.

    • jj

      Takes two bites to make an S.