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Google Revamps How You Use Google Wallet on Mobile Websites

After yesterday’s excitement about a possible physical Google Wallet card, it’s becoming more obvious by the day that Google is taking mobile payments seriously. To make Google Wallet an overall better experience, they are revamping how Wallet works on mobile websites, which has never been a good experience up until now.

Google has added in a button that allows you to add items to your Google Wallet cart which, instead of going through the website and filling in all your information each time, you can complete the order from Wallet separately. It’s the little changes like this that will really help Wallet to move forward in the long run. Now go and order all the things from the web!

Via: Google

  • gpzbc

    Cool! Unfortunately, Verizon still won’t let me install it. I am rooted and have tried everything except the apk. It just makes me nervous to install an apk for something like Google Wallet.

  • anezarati

    I knew it! Great addition, now ill never need physical cards again!

  • Google is about to put isis on ice! Nice 1 google.

  • Sirx

    Yes! Just a little further, Google, Keep it up!

    Then allow me to put my Google Wallet in an NFC chip. Then allow me to implant that chip into my skin!

    Then TEH FYUUCHAH!!!

    • Mack

      That’s just creepy.

    • jab416171


  • Chris Hollenbeck

    If your phone can actually run it. Mobile option is out for me. HTC Thunderbolt.

    • Adam Zweimiller

      This is on the web, not in the app.

      • Even a *gulp* iPhone will have this interface.


    Does this mean I can finally use my ten dollars I received when I bought my Nexus 7?

    • Rob

      Nope, because they have now eliminated the prepaid card. Only way to use that dinero is to request a refund

      • ERIC REED

        Dang…I guess it wasn’t mine to begin with

        • Rob

          You can still request a refund though

  • “Now go and order all the things…” Hahaha…that brought a smile to my face 🙂 Happy Friday everyone!

  • Prox

    If Google is taking Google Wallet seriously than why are they blocking it from Verizon phones regardless of the wants of Verizon?

    • Wallet is more than just the wallet app on phones…it has replaced the old google checkout on the web. The wallet app being blocked falls on Verizons shoulders not Googles.

      • Prox

        I understood the issue to be Google blocking it from the Play Store at the request of Verizon. Does Verizon control the Play Store?

        • The carriers can block apps from showing…for instance tethering apps won’t show for at&t phones. Not sure if that is Google bending to their will, or if they have some sort of control over that.

          • Tyler Bowden

            Didn’t Verizon get told that they can’t block apps because of a block of spectrum they purchased, or are they finding some loophole to keep blocking wallet.

          • The FCC ruled they could no longer block tethering apps or keep people from tethering on their plans…that’s all I know about.

          • cphilano

            They can’t keep people from tethering with tiered plans. Unlimited plans seem to be still under restriction.

          • cphilano

            Using their weight as the number one carrier to manipulate manufacturers. They are placing the blame on them while trying to maintaining the image of pro consumer network.

          • cphilano

            AT&T and other carriers are using the argument that wireless broadband is limited enough that allowing tethering would bottleneck their network because of out of control consumers. Basically, they argue that we’re untrustworthy to not abuse the network though they offered up unlimited data.

        • cphilano

          Verizon can’t block apps from LTE based phones. Verizon doesn’t control the Play Store, but they hold a lot of leeway with Google because of the amount of backing they put into Android phones. Verizon asked Google to not include Google Wallet in the app store and Google wavered based on not creating bad business. So technically Verizon isn’t the one blocking the app, Google is blocking the app at the request of Verizon.

      • michael arazan

        I think it used to be Google checkout back in the early to mid 2000’s, when you could sign your card into Google’s secure payment feature and purchase items from multiple websites with the Google checkout, kind of the same way paypal works. The first time I used Google checkout it gave me like 20%-40% off my first purchase.