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Wednesday Poll: What Would It Take to Get You to Buy the LG Nexus 4?

On Monday, after Google announced the LG Nexus 4, we asked the DL community if they were ready to buy one. Almost 70% of readers said “No” for a variety of reasons. The lack of LTE came up quite a bit, the lack of removable storage and the limited internal storage were there as well. Most of you are Verizon customers, so the fact that the phone won’t work on their network was also a big negative.

If there was something that you could definitively change though, that would get you to pull the trigger, what would it be? Would it need to be subsidized on Verizon? What if it had LTE, but was only available on AT&T? You tell me.

What Would It Take to Get You to Buy the LG Nexus 4?

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  • SeanBello

    LTE. if it had LTE only on AT&T, I’d make the move.

  • LTE on AT&T, I’ve currently got a GS3, so…

  • Only if Motorola made it.

    • Guest

      Why? What is special about Moto?

    • Take the RAZR Maxx HD, unlock the bootloader, sell for $300. WIN! I really really really wish the RAZR Maxx HD was available as a Developer Edition. And that it didn’t cost $600.

  • staticx57

    Sad that aside from the old SoC and camera inside my Gnex, the gnex is a better phone.

    • Diablo81588

      Hmm.. better radio, better speaker, better screen, better battery life, better build quality.. What was better about your phone again?

      • staticx57

        Yea, the better missing LTE, I totally see how that makes sense.
        Better screen? You mean LCD? No Thank you.
        Whats wrong with the build quality of the Gnex? It doesnt have glass on the back?
        Better speaker and battery life can’t make up for the fact that the LG lacks LTE, 16GB max storage, etc.

    • Droidzilla

      Yes, aside from the SoC, cameras, radio, screen, and build quality, your GNex is better.

  • plumed

    where’s the “all of the above” option…? Plus a “made by samsung” option too.

  • RoninX

    Add a physical keyboard and LTE. (Putting it on Verizon would be a bonus.)

  • Goo

    Pay my Verizon ETF. Even before the N4 I’ve wanted to go prepaid, the new Nexus only weakens the already fragile link in my contract chain.

  • flash713

    And mention of Sprint? Lol. If it was coming to Sprint I’d jump on it. Wouldn’t care about lte cuz I like in bfe. ;-p

  • theentropic

    I chose something else, because I want the first three options (LTE, VZW and more storage) to even consider it.

  • KreeTerry

    Put it on bug red, even if its just sold off contract and for more than the unlocked version. I just want to be able to use it, I wouldn’t mind it being sold as a “dev” edition type device

  • Daniel Aceves

    how about all four before I would buy it

  • Other. I know I’m part of a small crowd here but . . . physical keyboard.

    • That’d be sweet.

    • Guest

      If Android is about choices, then we sure as hell are not getting more of them as time goes on. In the past few devices and the rumors coming out of the mill, it seems we are going to be stuck with different Manufacturer flavors of 4.7-5″ button-less devices if we want a top device. I’d love to see a keyboard Nexus device in a small screen size.

  • Mario

    I’m already buying.

    • bry

      So then what did you vote for?!

      • Mario

        didn’t vote. obviously.

  • bry

    You boys sure do love you some Verizon.

    • SeanBello

      no we don’t, we hate Verizon. we love unlimited data.

      • Droidzilla

        Which Verizon no longer offers (I’m grandfathered in, too).

    • Sam

      If you travel at all, you would too. They really do have the best coverage. Since the LTE build out I can’t imagine going elsewhere – I’ve tried. Sad, really.. I really want the N4. Going January brings good news.

      • bry

        Hah, if I travel at all… My GSM phone worked great while I was in Tokyo earlier this year!

  • Verizon + LTE + More Storage + Allow me to keep unlimited data

    • More and/or removable storage that is.

      • Andrew Ruffolo

        nah, I would like a 32/64 gig option. sd cards at slower. Just give me a butt-load of storage internally.

        On your other things, definitely. I would like an LTE version on VZW like the GNex.

        • brando56894

          This. I’d be completely happy without a MicroSD card as long as they include at least 32 GB internal, more is better obviously.

      • PhillipCun

        It’s been said over and over and over and over again. Nexus will not have removable storage. The only form would be through USB OTG.

        I rather have 32/64gb options.

        • brando56894

          Yes, we know this, but the question still stands and that’s what it would take for some people to buy it. I don’t need both huge internal storage AND a MicroSD card slot, give me one or the other.

    • michael arazan

      I would pay full retail for it on vzw, and i would love to buy the lte phone from google just so vzw doesn’t get any of the money.

  • Kevin

    If they would put this subsidized on Verizon like they did with the Galaxy Nexus, I would buy it as soon as my upgrade is available. I don’t really care about Verizon’s update speed because I haven’t been using stock ROMs anyway. And since I don’t plan on leaving Verizon, I’m happy to pay less to get it subsidized and to be able to get insurance through Verizon with overnight replacement.

  • Bauce40

    I don’t like Verizon, I don’t like the fact they rule their phones with an iron fist (minus the iphone). I don’t like the fact we get updates for the Galaxy Nexus months later. The only reason I’m still with Verizon is simply unlimited data while I’m still on contract. If I could buy the phone from Google off contract and use Verizon’s LTE and get updates from Google, I’d be a happy man, but that will never happen.

    • yarrellray

      You need to get over this Verizon hog wash…

      • squiddy20

        And you need to shut up. Who the heck are you telling people THEIR thoughts and feelings, aka opinions, about Verizon are wrong? Good lord you are stupid and self-important.

        • Dain Laguna

          to be fair, he didnt say he was ‘wrong’ about them ,or how to feel about them. just that he needed to be over them. you can be ‘over’ someone and still love them right?

        • its a phone not a tootsie pop

  • Plerisei


  • Christian Chew

    It’s interesting to see that the majority of voters said they simply want it on Verizon; however, most of the Gnex users that don’t root complain that the phone doesn’t get timely software updates when the reason they don’t get timely software updates is simply because of the phone being on the strict Verizon network.

    • coolsilver

      Root users have an option to go with the unofficial updates. They complain but only because it takes more effort. Also it is hard not to root after a year since warranty from manufacturer runs out.

    • Nathan

      I want it on Verizon, and while it would be nice to have timely software updates, I don’t really care THAT much as long as it is guaranteed that it will happen eventually. I just want the phone to come to Verizon. ROMs work great anyways.

  • Make it work on Verizon or Alltel, since that’s all we have around here. 🙁

  • John

    Should do a poll & see what majority of your readers are on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.

    • michael arazan


  • ChrisI

    Where’s “all of the above AND somethting else?”

  • bose301s

    Available with LTE and Verizon radios, no need to be subsidised by VZW though.

  • Asuriyan

    For me the answer would be to differentiate it more significantly from the Galaxy Nexus. It’s just too incremental an improvement (in the ways it is improved) to get excited about.

    The price is fantastic for an off contract phone, though. Wish that would catch on.

    • Sam

      You say that, but the fact is it will be much faster and more battery efficient with a vastly improved camera and more ram. The screen should be superior as well. I’m not a fan of integrated batteries, but if it’s efficient enough it shouldn’t be an issue.

  • LTE, microSD slot, on Verizon

  • Guessing I’m in the negative here, but with the spotty signal on my Verizon Gnex, I’m on WiFi constantly and rarely get to make use of LTE. Combined with horrible customer service, hidden fees, nonexistent updates, and their idiotic branding (Note 2 anyone?) I’d grab a Nexus 4 on prepaid HSPA+ without a moments hesitation.

    • Guest

      I am with you on lack of need for LTE: on the move I find 3G speeds sufficient for anything I would be doing while moving around, and other times I am within earshot of a Wifi connection. I would prefer to have more consistent coverage over speeds

      • Exactly. Many times I can’t even get reliable 3G because its stuck trying to secure a 4G connection.

  • Rick Wilson

    I put something else, as I just need to come up with the money.

  • Derek

    I like the price for an unlocked phone. At this point I just need my VZ contract to expire and I’ll jump back to Tmobile on a no-contract deal.

  • VZW LTE. I am up for an upgrade in Feb and this would have been perfect. Now what do I do?

    • Guest

      Get SGS3 and unlock the thing, AOKP is pretty stable on it

  • Make it available in Canada on Play Store. $300 is great price. I’d go for it.

  • I just like my Galaxy Nexus…

  • If Google offered to buy me out of the remaining 3 months of my contract I would buy one

  • Ethan Ash

    I’d like to add (and probably speak for many) that my “put it on Verizon” is qualified – I would only want it on Verizon if Google finally laid down the law and pushed updates themselves.

    • Guest

      Right, but that won’t happen until Verizon starts getting hurt by their anti-competitive practices

      • Jarred Sutherland

        And their anti-competitive practices just get pushed to the back when AT&T does the exact same thing. Man I really hate hearing both carriers stupid commercials about how great their share everything plans are.

        • EC8CH

          It’s a trap!

          That’s what I think everything I see those poor vzw customers encircled by hitech cgi trickery.

    • MicroNix

      Who down voted this? Seriously, WTH!

  • Have my Verizon early termination fee dissappear…

  • Make it LTE, put it on sprint and make a nice trade in offer for nexus owners

    • newboyx

      Sounds strangely like what I just said. 😉 nice to see you motcher41!

  • F Verizon if I could afford 2 of these and the etf I would bounce off that network

  • Verizon capable is the breaking point for me but please Please PLEASE don’t sell it through Verizon. They’ll just muck it up.

    • CRH45

      Then don’t buy it on verizon. Nobody is forcing you to.

      • bose301s

        You CAN’T buy it on Verizon.

      • CRH45

        Forgot the “if verizon offered it” part lol

    • Wait what? You specifically DON’T want it on Verizon. If you’re on Verizon, why wouldn’t you want it, at least for other people who might like to buy it. And if you’re not on Verizon, what do you care anyway?

      • Guest

        Because screw Verizon! I’d love to see people start switching away from VZW and onto other networks thus bolstering competition while hitting Verizon where it hurts.

  • Bill Anderson

    Have Verizon cancel my ETF so I could get the Nex4 and go to a pre-paid plan…

    • This = something else for me in the poll.

    • My contract is up november so time to get the nex4 on tmobile.

      • Danrarbc

        Get the unlocked one off contract.

        • Justin W

          Then go with StraightTalk – you can use it off of either TMo or ATT’s towers, so you get the same service essentially. No point in signing a contract. to pay more when you’ll save more by doing $45/mo

          • JMonkeYJ

            TMo has a $30 off contract plan, tho…if you can stay under 100 minutes (or don’t go too much over) that’s a crazy deal

          • Justin W

            I noticed they had that plan. I’d love to go with that but we don’t have very good TMo Service in my area. I’m gonna piggyback off ATT with Straight Talk because I will still have access to their HSPA network, which will work fine for me. I’m still gonna miss 4G LTE though.

          • Danrarbc

            If he isn’t looking for unlimited everything T-Mobile’s $30/month prepaid may be cheaper. StraightTalk’s T-Mo SIM isn’t Micro either (but could of course be cut down if you prefer their network, say you want their speed)

      • yarrellray

        Smart move you want the Tmobile Lg Nexus 4 with it’s HSPA PLUS 42MPS network. It will be very enjoyable…

    • CHRIS42060

      I just called to inquire about how much my ETF would cost me. Its about the price of the Nexus 4 on contract at T-Mobile. I am going to hit up a store and try to work out a deal haha. The guy on Verizon pretty much lied to me about T-mobile. Apparently when you piss off multiple customers lying is an acceptable customer retention tactic.

      • yarrellray

        Yeah Verizon is a pretty sad conclusion without question….

    • mechapathy

      Exactly this. Next Nexus, assuming Google will continue to sell the Nexus devices themselves at these price points, I’m gonna rock the Straight Talk unlimited SIM, I’ll buy it immediately and simply wait til Dec 15th to get the SIM and say peace out VZW.

      • yarrellray

        It’s about time people wake and look at the options that are out there besides this Verizon crap…

        • exactly, but verizon fanboys will tell you otherwise

          i have verizon but thats cause work pays for it, if i didnt have an option for a work phone, i would be on tmobile’s walmart plan rocking $30/month with an unlimited data(up to 5gb before throttle), unlimited messaging, and unlimited calling(google voice) with a brand new nexus 4

          • PhillipCun

            LOL, well Verizon is the FASTEST and best in overall coverage. Can’t complain about that.

            BUT Verizon did cripple the Gnex. Call me a Verizon fanboy if you want but i pay $28 after tax for 1500 minutes and unlimited everything. How? 5 years ago I worked at a VZW retailer.

            But that Tmobile plan is awesome price! But Tmob coverage cannot even touch VZW. So VZW fanboy? Yup! There are so many reasons to be one.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Verizon is only the fastest due to LTE and others are deploying it now. Their 3G EVDO network was pitiful compared to even HSPA. In my neck of the woods, we are supposed to have LTE according to the coverage map but we don’t and 3G signal is a joke. T-Mobile with their 2G coverage of this area will actually be as fast as Verizon. Might as well pay less for the same crappy speeds around my house (except I will just use wifi at home).

          • PhillipCun

            @google-32aa97aaa2f2beb3c2bcc71d886b9fc6:disqus This is true. Their 3G is the worse in the nation, and thank god I only travel to large cities LA, OC, SF, SB, SD, and of course Las Vegas baby. I usually have 4G so I guess it works in my favor and so far I am more than happy with my service.

            I came from AT&T and Sprint before and my experience with VZW has been spectacular. this is definitely YMMV.

          • Dain Laguna

            even if thats true, you are touting an advantage the average person cant. if i was in your postion, i’d be happy to.

            now back to reality.

          • bleeew

            Damn! Thats pretty cheap. You can buy a phone off contract(to keep unlimited data) and still save.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

      Seeing how awful Verizon has handled multiple situations regarding the GNex, I won’t ever believe anyone will be able to experience a Nexus like Google intended them to. It was always one thing after another, starting at the pre-launch with the issues regarding Google Wallet, all the way up to the latest set of delayed updates. It especially infuriated me seeing Verizon’s attitude whenever one of these issues arose, along with a lack of any kind of an acknowledgement regarding how upset their customers were.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Same here, but it looks like in February that I am just going to to eat the ETF to move to prepaid. Nexus 4 here I come.

      • JMonkeYJ

        thinking about eating mine, too. it’s a pretty tough decision. it pays off in ~6 months, tho, which isn’t terrible, but still feels like wasting money

  • Rob

    Put it on Virgin Mobile

    • Diablo81588

      God no. Virgin is the worst network available. Sprints value brand, yuck!

      • Rob

        No contract wins. Not going with ATT, T-Mobile wouldn’t stop sending texts for a feature my phone wouldn’t support, including at 3 AM (and T-Mobile support, if you’re reading this, extending a contract because one of the members of the household is leaving because they are pissed with you is NOT a way to keep the other half of the contract)

  • casbar

    All it would take for me is $300. I’ll pay the extra 50.

  • T4rd

    Putting it on Verizon and having LTE is one of the same. Verizon is no longer releasing smart phones on their carrier without LTE starting early this year.

    I would require it to be on Verizon and have no less than 32 GBs of storage.

    (lol @ instant downvote..? WTF?)

    • GotSka81

      Verizon is not the only carrier with LTE.

      • bose301s

        I think what he meant is that if it was on Verizon it would have LTE, having LTE could mean Verizon or ATT.

      • Kevin

        Since Verizon doesn’t have HSPA+, LTE is a lot more important on Verizon than it is on ATT or TMobile though. Releasing a GSM-only phone on ATT is viable. Releasing a CDMA-only phone on Verizon would be a joke imo.

      • Some people are saying though that they want both Verizon and LTE and I think he is trying to point out that if it were Verizon that would imply it would have LTE.

    • bry

      Clearly it was because you said “Verizon” too many times in one post.

  • Jigga_Z

    I’d leave Verizon for this phone since it’s so inexpensive to buy unlocked. I want to hop to one of T-Mobile’s really affordable plans, but I’m still on a family plan and that’s where I’ll stay for now.

  • Michael Heller

    What if you’re already going to buy it regardless of any of the options listed in your poll?

  • Nothing, I’m pretty happy with my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon….

    • yarrellray

      You poor soul… How much is Verizon paying you to say this… You need to get real buddy….

      • squiddy20

        So because you (now) hate Verizon (again), no one can possibly like Verizon? A year ago you wouldn’t shut up about how Verizon was “the devil”, until you signed up with them for the Galaxy Nexus. Then you wouldn’t shut up about how “pimp slapping” Verizon’s LTE was. When you couldn’t afford their service any longer, you started saying how you were “kicking Verizon to the curb” in favor of the cheaper with less coverage, T-Mobile. Your hypocrisy and stupidity is absolutely hilarious!

  • Dustin Wen

    At first I was skeptical of LG because I love my Galaxy Nexus. But after seeing some footage of the build quality, I’m interested. After some good reviews and holding it for myself, I’ll order it.

  • cmiram

    How about Verizon LTE?

  • Captain_Doug

    Slightly smaller screen. That is all. For you downvoters, it’s just a preference. deal with it.

    • Guest

      I agree, a choice of a smaller screen would be great! 4.3-4.5″ without physical buttons would be a great choice for many

      • Captain_Doug

        On screen keys ftw!

  • infogulch

    Something else = 1. I’m not broke. 2. I didn’t just buy the Galaxy Nexus. 🙁

  • All of the above?

  • Verizon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!