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Share Your Google Drive Content With Fellow Google+ Users Starting Today

Today, Google has announced the ability to share your important or not-so-important documents from Google Drive right to your Google+ profile. People in your circles that you select on the share page can then view the files while others are left in the cold. This is a great example of how Google is tying all of their services together. So far, you can share PDF files, videos, slideshows, and more.

Go give it the rundown if you’re so inclined.

Via: Google Drive

Cheers Nick!

  • hiway12

    we use gDrive daily it is an integral part of my work and personal life. I love it

    • NexusMan

      I don’t really use it…can you tell me what the benefits of it are over other services like DropBox?

      • inzandity

        There are a couple reasons I use Gdrive over dropbox. The biggest one is the flawless integration with my GNex and with the Google “Suite” (gmail, picasa, etc.). Another one is the larger storage right out of the gate (5GB vs 2GB). I do actually pay the 5 a month for 100GB though too. The prices are cheaper than dropbox as well. But, the winner for most is being able to edit your docs right inside the Gdrive client on your phone or computer without having to open it with another word processor.

  • Pegleg

    Google drive is down right now.

  • Silver Veloz

    I have Google+ and Drive both ready to go, I haven’t taken the time to utilize them. I just started playing with Google+ a little bit. I’m hoping to integrate like others have. People who are regular users give a big thumbs up, so maybe I should make more of an effort.

  • TheWenger

    G+ is by far a superior architecture than any other social network. But what sucks is that nobody uses it.

  • Akashshr

    Google+ over facebook anyday, Its just cleaner and keep you away from nonsense pictures thats populated everyones wall!

  • Anthony Stewart

    I like google+ better than facebook.

    • OreoMan

      Agreed. I actually removed the facebook app from my phone and not checking my page as often as I used to. I might even remove my account next year. I get tired of all the friends liking pages that I don’t care about feeds.

      • LewisSD

        I deleted my fb about 5 months before google announced g+. I do like checking out G+ once in a while and I can definitely tell you that you wont miss fb.

  • inzandity

    It’s a complete shame that Google+ hasn’t taken off yet

    • Amen to that. G+ puts all other social networks to shame. Though I would argue that is has taken off, just not to the monumental amount that FB and Twitter have.