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Video: Android 4.2 Running on the LG Nexus 4 Shows New Quick Settings Menu, Other Goodies Too

The crew over at Swedroid posted one of the first ever live videos of Android 4.2 running on the LG Nexus 4, this morning. In the video, we get to see the new Quick Settings menu that was hinted at a couple of weeks ago in a leaked 4.2 build. We were initially under the impression that a second swipe down from the notification menu would trigger this menu, however, you can see in the video that a tap on a new icon for the menu is all that is needed. It’s pretty slick.

In the actual menu, you can see brightness, data, WiFi, battery, Airplane mode, Bluetooth, and settings toggles/shortcuts. More importantly though, you can see a big button in the top left for the current user, which means multi-user support is coming to both phones and tablets in 4.2.

We can also see some of the new UI tweaks that Google has made in 4.2. First, the camera icon is all new and very pretty. Second, the stock Android clock is no longer a series of dots, and is instead a fully encompassed minimalist circle.Β Also, is that a 5th column of icons in the app drawer?

What else are you noticing? And how great does the Nexus 4 look?Β 


Via: Β Swedroid

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  • I think the settings notification shade is a modest try by Google but they could be better. They should be toggles, like in custom ROMs (tap to toggle, long press to access that setting) not just shortcuts to the settings.

  • master94

    I remember I was reading the apple forums and someone made a joke saying watch Google add another row of icons just because Apple did, well looks like they were wrong, Google added another columns of icons instead. πŸ™‚ Android FTW

  • KreeTerry

    So is the screen the same size as the gnex?

  • This is odd, bus hasn’t the quick toggle menus been available for other ROMs for a while now? I have TeamBAMF’s build and I have quick toggle menus. I guess Google takes hints from community of Android Devs and builds features into the base ROM. Good job Google.

  • johnc7995

    Anyone notice the stock browser is removed?

    • Justin Swanson

      I think it was removed from the Stock ROM on 4.1

    • MrWicket

      been gone since Jelly Bean, Chrome is now the Stock Browser

  • joejoe5709

    The phone is beautiful and LG did a good job of keeping with the understated Nexus style. I’m probably not going to upgrade though unless the specs are insane. Other than that, I cannot wait for 4.2! The quick settings don’t look any more useful than what you find in CM10 or AOKP, but I’m very very glad it’s finally available in stock form. For someone who keeps their phone stock and unrooted, this is huge. I’m really hoping for some much improved camera software. I can tell the GNex is capable of better photos and the controls could use some refinement. In response to some of the other comments, I much prefer the stock browser. Quick controls is where it’s at for me. If Chrome had a full screen mode with quick controls, I’d probably use it a lot more.

  • cloutist4

    i don’t speak swedish, but what are those two symmetrical holes on the bottom? anyone care to enlighten me?

  • Sivan
  • Travis_Del

    The dialer background also seems to have changed slightly. It has a blue-to-black gradient background in 4.1.2, but it’s an all-black background in 4.2.

  • Firelight

    No POGO pin connector?

  • Lugnuts McGruff

    So trivial little question here….

    Anyone know if this is an LTE compatible phone yet? (GSM LTE aka AT&T/Telus/Bell/Rogers/etc.. NOT Verizon)

    I’m assuming this will continue to be a pentaband phone which is great but LTE is basically a must have at this time.

  • Andy

    looks so much snappier than my SIII. who else things the SIII lags here and there. when launching and changing screens. My Nexus was much smoother.

    • Ethan

      Stop using stock Touchwiz. Nova or Apex launchers fix that issue.

  • HotRodJohnson

    Hopefully it will allow customization. I find I have to toggle NFC a lot lately.

  • moozicmon

    I’d say 4.2 looks promising. The phone itself? Meh.

  • PuzzleShot

    Personally, I like the new style of quick settings versus that second pull-down from that earlier video. It’s cleaner, it’s less clumsy (it’s a tap versus a swipe and the button makes it more intuitive and easier to explain), and you can toggle back to notifications instead of having to swipe the shade up and back down again.

    I also prefer it to persistent quick toggles because it’s just that much more space available for notifications viewing, but they’re still quickly available when I want them.

  • Sith77

    Either this thing seems super fast and beautiful or my rezound is just horribly slow and old

  • Performance still doesn’t look great on chrome with quad core and 2GB of RAM. what gives?

  • Charles Hobbs

    What about this new mysterious 380 degree camera???

  • Dustin

    Where is the headphone jack? It looks like it could be on the bottom or the top.

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    video is private. Can’t see it.

  • Video is private now.

  • private video is private

    • Refresh. And click play again. πŸ™‚

    • EC8CH

      does that mean we shouldn’t watch it on the plane.

  • enob

    Video is broken already! πŸ™ I hope someone copied it

  • Sivan

    I want a 32GB version, this is a non-starter for me if it maxes out at 16GB.

  • And it’s private

  • MichaelFranz

    Deja, Deja, Deja, Deja……oh wait wrong OS.

    Like what they are doing with the quick controls. not really liking the minimalist clock, and the clock font on the lock screen. Maybe fonts are a new option as well and the clock widget may be base dont he font you use.

    • Inquizitor

      I honestly always hated the clocks pre-ICS, and I think they’ve been getting better and cleaner with each new release. I hate how the GSIII still has such a crappy, disgusting clock font, makes no sense to me.

  • I noticed an extra row in the apps window.

  • cheezer88

    It’s that a user name in the top left?

    • Yep – general consensus is that this phone will support multi-user access, though how it will be implemented and what it’ll actually mean isn’t clear atm

  • rehughe

    When can I order and for how much?!?!?!?!

  • MeWantz

    That I can’t buy it yet!!

  • wakefinance

    we do get an extra row of icons!! in the app drawer

    • EC8CH

      more like an extra column.


  • adam

    5 columns of icons in the app drawer.

  • 5 columns of icons! YES! πŸ˜‰

    • That could easily backfire. There are a lot of 4 columns widgets that don’t scale well, or don’t scale at all.

      • Greg

        5 columns are just in the app drawer.

      • First off he said in the app drawer, secondly app drawer has always been 5 columns. It was an Apple joke dude

        • anezarati

          the app drawer has always been 5 rows, not 5 columns

          • my mistake. you’re right. rows not columns

      • TylerChappell

        Pay attention better next time, it appears to only be in the app drawer.

    • Well I guess they say be careful what you wish for…

  • @Droidexaminer

    noticing 5 being the new number for set of rows in app drawer


    looks like the app drawer is 5×5 now instead of 4×5

  • igotgame

    They would have been better off just copying AOKP toggles honestly.

    • Agreed…too many taps to change a setting in Google’s way. I prefer just to swipe down, hit a button, and continue what I was doing.

      • TheDrizzle

        The awesome thing about Android is we get to choose how we want to do this! Gotta love it.

      • r0lct

        For non-power users you need to separate notification from settings toggles IMO to make the UI clean. Hopefully 4.2 will bring voice commands for settings making it even easier.

        • HotRodJohnson

          It’s actually in Google Now, but not enabled. I look forward to these too.

      • Jeff Broders

        Agreed…widgetsoid works great for toggles in notification pull down

    • Travis Myers

      Agreed, although I use CM10. It’s still nice to see this in stock though. It’s a lot better than IOS. I hate having to change settings on my iPad.

    • This is honest question, not trying to be a jerk. But why do you people need so many settings toggles? Why do you need toggles at all? Do you really turn on and off wifi, bluetooth, sync, GPS, adjust brightness enough to justify quick toggles? I haven’t changed a setting on my phone since I first got it. I never turn anything off and just leave brightness on auto.

      I just don’t get it. It’s not 2009 anymore. Leave that stuff on, it’s not hurting anything.

      • igotgame

        i turn wifi, screen rotation, LTE, torch, and sync On/Off all the time. So yea while you don’t do it…a lot of us do.

      • Canyons

        Manually toggling these settings when not in use greatly increases battery life. That’s how I’m pulling 15 hours unplugged at the end of the day and still sitting at 50% battery on my Galaxy Nexus.

      • Derp.

      • lostsync

        There are tons of reasons to do this…autobrightness has a different idea of what the appropriate level of brightness than you do, you’re in part of your house or yard with weak wifi but 4 bars of 4G, you want to turn on tethering, or are on your last 10% of battery and don’t need to waste it trying to stay connected to the 1 bar of 4G you get at your desk…plus in my rom, i get a flashlight there, toggling of wireless ADB, and so on…I’d hate to have to dive into Settings each time I wanted to change any of that.

      • Nathan Buth

        Two words. Battery life. If you are a power user like the majority of the viewers of this site then it is easy to burn through a battery quickly. Being able to quickly turn on and off the gps, bluetooth, or wifi, sync can easily prolong your battery life. Same goes for changing the brightness. And it keeps you from having to use a widget to do so if you have it in the notification bar.

  • No stock browser there.
    Only Chrome (and honestly, judging actual Chrome’s perfomances, that’s not a great thing, imho!)

    • PyroHoltz

      You like the stock browser better than Chrome?

      That’s surprising, I’ve had nothing but great luck with Chrome on my Gnex.

      • I loathe Chrome. There’s just something about the stock browser.

      • I use the stock browser quite a bit. Seems to perform better. Gnex as well.

        Chrome is great on my nexus 7.

    • John

      Chrome is nice, but I still need my quick settings + flash support for now. I’m glad we can still side load old stock ICS browser.

      • MikeCiggy

        Maybe we can expect an update to chrome with those features as well as the announcement that it will now be the stock browser. That would make some sense.

      • hfoster52

        why don’t you side load flash?

        • John

          I do, but Chrome doesn’t support flash even if it’s installed.

    • Prox

      As much as I do like having flash. Didn’t Adobe say they will not provide any updates or fixes to any mobile Flash program?

    • TheWenger

      I like the style of the stock browser better than Chrome. The dark colors look cooler IMO. But Chrome is too awesome for me to use the stock browser again.

  • LiterofCola

    As far as build goes, it looks okay. Nothing to write home about.