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First Gameplay of Angry Birds Star Wars – Four-Legged Walkers, Wookiee Bird and Lightsabers Included

The moment we have all been waiting for – gameplay from Angry Birds Star Wars! Not to sound too delusional, but for the first time in some 3 years, I find myself at least slightly interested in an Angry Birds game. Wookiee bird? Lightsabers? 4-legged walkers? If that poster above isn’t enough to get you worked up, then at least give the clip below a shot. 


  • michael arazan

    I wish lucas arts would start releasing all the old games they’ve had in arcades and nintendo’s consoles for over the past 20 years and port them to android. The games are already made, it would be easy money for them.

  • Hatyrei

    Holy Birds… 😛

  • This actually looks like they’ve added some innovative new features on top of their old gameplay model, thus making this look like an appealing game.

  • summit1986

    Clouded, the future of this game is.

  • Dwight Crane

    Oh hell yeah!!! Day 1 🙂 hope they have an ad-free version.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Highly doubtful considering the fact that there was no ad-free version of Bad Piggies.

  • Lord_Vader1941

    LordVader is not amused…

  • EvanTheGamer


    • Droid Burgundy

      I find your lack of faith disturbing….

      • EvanTheGamer

        LOL! Most excellent comment, young Padawan.

  • Michael

    Angry bird + lightsaber = winning

  • Havoc70

    Heres my $$$$ !

  • Droid Burgundy


    • MrBlonde04

      I think…..it’s free…..

      • FCBFlesto


  • Slipstream

    After that, I kinda want this.

  • Incredible.

  • Michael_NM

    It’s a shame that Lucas films hasn’t capitalized on every possible merchandising opportunity available. /s

    • Droid Burgundy

      YESS!! That’s it.. give into your sarcasm! It only makes you post stronger..

  • Chris

    Ok that looks Badass!

  • Lol. Looks great.

  • Thomas

    Oh boy….