Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Updated, Brings Imperial Assignments System and More

I really wish Ron was around to write this piece, since apparently he plays this game like a madman. Regardless, an update is now live on Google Play for Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, a game that reminds me a bit of SimTower, only because I was raised playing computer games on Windows 95.

In the update, players now have access to over 100 new missions thanks to the addition of the Imperial Assignments System. With this, the Emperor wants more work to be completed on the galaxy’s most superior weapon, so you best get to it!  (more…)

Disney Interactive Announces Star Wars: Assault Team, A Card-Based Game for Android

Ever since Disney acquired Lucasfilm two years ago for $4.05 billion, the company has bombarded consumers with Star Wars games, apps, and television tie-ins. And they’re just getting started. Disney Interactive, in partnership with LucasArts, announced the launch in unnamed markets of Star Wars: Assault Team, a new turn-based strategy game for Android, iOS, and Windows 8 devices. (more…)

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Now Live on Google Play, It’s “Episode 8-Bit”

Star Wars

Disney launched Star Wars: Tiny Death Star to multiple platforms this morning, including Google Play. In this title, you take command of an 8-bit Star Wars world, where you must construct the Death Star into a thriving metropolis. You hire galactic citizens, put in retail shops, and even create secret imperial levels to do the Emperor’s bidding. It’s quite the nifty looking game, and it sort of reminds me of the old SimTower game, where you build your empire floor by floor.  (more…)

First Gameplay of Angry Birds Star Wars – Four-Legged Walkers, Wookiee Bird and Lightsabers Included

The moment we have all been waiting for – gameplay from Angry Birds Star Wars! Not to sound too delusional, but for the first time in some 3 years, I find myself at least slightly interested in an Angry Birds game. Wookiee bird? Lightsabers? 4-legged walkers? If that poster above isn’t enough to get you worked up, then at least give the clip below a shot.  (more…)

TeeFury’s “Wrong DROID” Shirt Takes Aim at Licensing Fees, Parodies Star Wars

As Android fanboys, we love a good t-shirt design that includes anything related to our favorite mobile OS while taking pot shots at the competition. Today’s TeeFury shirt (that is available today only), is a great example of all of that. The shirt is called “Wrong DROID” and is a parody on the R2-D2 capturing scene by Jawas in Star Wars, but also a “satirical take on the license fees” that Android OEMs pay to the likes of Microsoft, according to its creator.  (more…)