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Google Street View Coming Soon For the Grand Canyon, Now I Don’t Have to Go

So that’s how they do it! At this year’s Google I/O, Google showed off the “Trekker,” which is the above camera-backpack contraption that allows Googlers to get a Street View of things, even when there isn’t a street. The Grand Canyon is one of the areas that doesn’t technically have many roads inside for their vehicles to access. At this moment, a team of Google employees are trekking around the GC and capturing images that will soon be made available in Google’s Street View application. 

I’ve always wanted to go, but now it looks like Google just saved me the trip. Grade A work, Google.

Via: Google

  • jaxxmjd

    I hope they brought lots of water. My wife and I manged to down two Camelbaks going rim to river and back in the same day.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I’ve run that beotch… R2R2R baby!!

  • That would be an awesome job! Basically like going hiking on a vacation to the Grand Canyon except they have a few hundred thousand dollar camera on their back!

  • vonny571

    While it’s amazing that Google is documenting so many things, can this still call this street view? I mean, that is about as far from a place you might be driving as you can get.

  • Bryan

    This is why Google truly is awesome! How many companies would spend the resources on something like this?

  • radiohead14

    meanwhile… an apple employee is walking around aimlessly near their store, taking pictures with an ipad for ios maps.

    • Bryan


  • Guest

    i wonder if Google pays for Chiropractic visits with that type of job-equipment

  • JDub

    Dont feel bad Tim. I lived in Phoenix all 30yrs of my life and haven’t been there yet.=(

  • You will want to see it in person even more after you see it on Street View! It’s amazing.

  • fallsgable

    That’s the LEAST SUBTLE upskirt camera I have EVER SEEN!

    • fixxmyhead

      upskirt videos ftw

      • summit1986

        soooo creepy…

        • michael arazan

          You Forgot To Mention the whole thing works off an android phone!

  • i wonder what phone that dude is using……….?

  • Hey Google, could you swing by my house to see if I left my lights on?

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    It is a funny article title, but a lot of truth in that.

    When i finally went to Perth earlier this year after it had been on my list for decades, i had used street view to see where things were, etc. It almost felt underwhelming when i was there because i had seen it so real already on google.

    • lostsync

      I don’t know much about Perth, but, personally, despite seeing tons of pictures of Big Sur and also Times Square, being in those places was a whole different deal than looking at them in Chrome.

  • that’s good! looking forward to seeing the grand canyon, probably would have never been able to go in my life.

  • 2001400ex

    I want that job. Who did I piss off to end up with the job I have now?

  • GreenMeansGo

    That guy’s gonna need a good chiropractor.