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LG Spectrum Ice Cream Sandwich Update VS920ZV7 Approved by Verizon!

Quite the week for Verizon, I’d say. The LG Spectrum Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.4) was approved moments ago, making this the third of the week from Big Red. This update was due months ago, so owners of the Spectrum are probably ecstatic with this news. That is, if they haven’t chucked their phone into a wall and picked up a Galaxy S3 yet.

The update introduces an update UI, with lockscreen shortcuts, new ICS multi-tasking, data management, better notifications, quick settings in the notifications pulldown, power saving modes, Verizon’s Remote Diagnostics tool, and more. As one would expect, this update is massive and should completely re-enhance the user experience on the Spectrum.

Typically, when these documents go live, the update starts to rollout within a matter of days. Be sure to let us know when you receive it!

The update is 384MB in size. 

More info.

  • They announced ics is rolling out for LG Spectrum on 10/19…15 days later still waiting for it!…anyone else still waiting?

  • vyper06

    Is anyone hating the photo ID when calling someone with the new update?? It is way too stretched out that you can’t even tell what the picture is

  • Macdaddio

    I finally updated my LG Spectrum to 4.0 ics. Theres more features to play with different choices to customize my front swipe screen. Alot of widgets to choose from. The top bar is half blue, change your battery to show the percentage left. The dail pad is a bit different not as bold as the original can get use to it. The edit contact has less choices but you assign ringtones from there. I dont like the setting page which is white, and the widget for music is still the same which is a let down. Overall im happy with the upgrade….

  • Macdaddio

    Finally upgraded my spectrum to Ice cream sandwich 4.0. Most of the features are better. The front swipe screen has different variety to choose. More Widgets to choose to customize. Dissapointed with the music widget still the same, the setting page is white but all in all Im happy with the upgrade….

  • [email protected]

    GOT IT! And not all that thrilled. PLEASE tell me I’m an idiot. Whats wrong, it seems slow and boring

  • scmfstewart

    Received ICS for my Spectrum at 1pm on 10/23/12 Eugene, Or …So far noticably much faster speeds online and a more crisper visual looking system, so far so good and Facebook loads everytime now.. Go Ducks!

  • Just got it OTA. Version 4.0.4 Off to check it out

  • Heather D

    ICS is going OTA to my LG Spectrum here in Eastern AZ as we speak.

  • TJ Ptak

    when should we expect this to happen?

    • Happening now. Check for update. Just got it on my Spectrum

      • j norman

        Got it a couple hours ago!!

  • Azazel_Hellion3

    Yeah! Now I can update my phone… oh wait, I traded it in for a droid razr. Oh well.

    I’d still choose RD-D2.

  • jonesy7926

    Has any one got the update for ics yet?? I haven’t 🙁

  • PhoenixPath

    Just for grins, threw AOKP on there (B40) and damn….once they get data working, it’ll be damned near perfect. Hopefully some ICS love from LG will help in this department.

    The thing flies. Blows away my Nexus on ICS. Kicks it’s behind on benches as well…

    I really wish the software on this thing hadn’t been such utter crap to begin with and it had gathered a larger following ..if this alpha of AOKP/CM floating around out there even shows *half* of what could have been possible with this device,

  • Dorian Brooks

    I’ve tried the OTA & Upgrade ASSistant. Both tell me GB is up to date OS, & I live in Houston. You’d think it would be released here at the jump. Sad….

  • JetBlue

    Can the LG Revolution owners get some love? LG shafted us after they gave us GB after ICS was released and said we were getting ICS then released the Spectrum.

  • LostCauseSPM

    It’s about @#$%’ing time!

  • Travis Shepherd

    Anyone see it yet? My wife has the Spec. & I keep telling her she’ll love ICS.

    • FergU

      You can manually access it via the settings menu.

  • rdoib

    Humm hope the batter doesn’t, take a hit with every upgrade battery seems to get shorter. I am talking about gingerbread ics to jb.

    • the battery life with ICS is suppost to improve drastically

      • j norman

        Got it today…my battery has new life!

  • At least you guys are getting an update along with moto owners getting updates or info about updates. HTC seems to have conveniently forgotten us Dinc2 owners and the poor unfortunate Thunderbolt owners. Mind you I’m talking outside of getting a custom ROM. Aerovan’s CM10 is awesome btw DInc2 owners.

    • Travis Shepherd

      Not only that, but what happened to HTC all around, no new device in how long? It’s kinda sad, & this new 5″ phone that’s rumored to come to the states by year end has that very intrusive sense that was on phones before the…Incredible 4G I think.

      • michael arazan

        if you have been reading DL HTC is about to come out with a new lte quad core phone

        • Travis Shepherd

          that’s the one i’m talking about, very rhyme-esque sense looks to invade this new phone.

    • Kim

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  • The Fifth row.. It’s fantastic.

  • zepfloyd

    We got an ! in the title, wow. Happy hour start a little early there Kellen? 😉

  • where the hell is 4.1.2 for the Galaxy Nexus already?

    • m0nkeychimp3000

      It’s in my pants. Maybe you should help fish it out.

  • Mario Mendez

    no longer Verizon’s secondary red headed step child

  • Hmm….

    Just texted my co-worker. She’ll be ecstatic!

  • chris125

    ICS for everyone

    • Chris

      Not yet for the Thunderbolt! ):

    • Zach Armstrong

      Or the Incredible 2.