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DROID Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich Update Finally Approved as Build 6.7.246

Ahhhhh yeah, DROID Bionic owners. We know you about threw your phone through the window when Verizon announced that the LG Lucid would be receiving Ice Cream Sandwich tomorrow, before you, but they came through moments ago. The support docs for the ICS (Android 4.0.4) update for the Bionic have been uploaded, which means that it has been approved and should start to rollout any day.

The update includes all of the goodies that you would expect in ICS, like new swipe-able notifications, a more stock Android look, quick folders, new lockscreen, better multi-tasking (press and hold “Home”), and data management. Motorola also tossed in Smart Actions, improved Google Calendar sync, improved Google Play, and updated all sorts of bloatware.

The update is 368MB in size. 

More info.

  • MGardnerDA1235

    IT’S HERE!!!

  • jack

    Upstate ny here. Update is downloading as we speak.

  • luke

    connecticut….manually received ICS ota at 530am this morning!

  • bvyrk

    Receiving my update while I type:)

  • philt

    The OTA update of my Bionic just started. Finally!

  • Jason

    Jacksonville, Florida. Wife just downloaded it.

  • 89tigerfan

    my doenload just started yea baby cant wait

  • Ant R

    Downloading now

  • Jason

    Finally, Finally, Finally!!!! I’m in Ohio and I took a shot running the forced update just after midnight and there it was! My wife and I, who both have Bionic’s are now running ICS!!!

  • bornlyr

    Got the update in Phoenix

  • Danny

    Just got my ICS!

  • Just got ICS (ATL)…Finally! Now the wait for Jelly Bean begins.

  • ICS just hit my Bionic at 12:30 am on the 23rd.

  • bckerr

    Finally getting the update Monday night, Reading PA

  • noe c

    Hey everyone just checked manuallt for update and it was there checked wifes phone also there. Down loadind as i post. By the way im in the southern middle Washington st.

  • cmg

    I’m downloading now, in Colorado.

  • Wildizzy

    they just released it last night for some bionic users ! Verizon got emails today about the release

  • kjohnsonsc

    I still cant get it

  • Mark Duenas

    Does anyone have it yet? Is it posted for download anywhere?

  • Seriously, where is this update?

  • Anyone have the non rooted manual update uploaded?

  • David Lanza

    The wait is killing me

  • Bruce

    Still waiting

  • LJ

    Has anyone got ICS for their Bionic yet?

    • Randy

      i am downloading ics as we speak

      • Guest

        Got my ics this morning. VERY NICE.

    • PhilT

      Same here. Mine is installed as of this morning. One caveat that I discovered. Apps that use AsyncTask.execute() for parallel execution of tasks will no longer get parallel execution. I had to change my own app to use AsyncTask.executeOnExecutor() for ICS to get the parallel functionality. So, some apps that haven’t been updated for ICS could execute slower.

    • Leslie

      Am I the only Bionic user with issues?! I downloaded the update, and now my text messaging doesn’t work!! My calls weren’t working for HOURS. I’m hoping I can send and receive texts soon. This is absolutely RIDICULOUS! =/

      • yes yes. I have the same problem. I don’t know what to do..

      • courtney

        how did this end up for you? I updated a few hours ago and can’t access text messages from ANY app… avid user of Go SMS Pro and all I get is a black screen, and the stock texting app loads forever. I reeeally don’t want to have to do a factory data reset and lose all settings, not to mention 10,000+ texts. (although the app backs up texts every night, I’m not sure how to retrieve them). let me know how it worked out please?

      • Had the same issue. Took many hours for the phone to return to normal function.

      • jaydeebee

        I’ve been downloading it for an hour plus now. ‘Upgrading Media Database’ is all its said for a 20-30 minutes

      • KJ

        Me too. None of my media files are readable and my battery lasts a whole 5 hours when I’m not even using the phone it says media is using 82% of battery life, but i don’t have any media apps running. Is there any way to reinstall?

    • ChannelChaser

      Tried to download, but update failed. On phone with Verizon tech support now.

    • howarddinits


    • mke

      just got ics sat long after it should have come out think I’m going to like itjust goto updates in your phone settings it should be there

  • iklein

    Waiting is stupid

  • Charlie

    still waiting for the INC2 Update. ugh

  • payback

    What the heck? My bionic still says. 905 is still latest.

  • besch2410

    I’m waiting for the update to roll everyone back to eclair

  • Jason

    It would be awesome if someone could post something useful on here like where can we get the download instead of bickering about who copied who’s info or anyone who feels the need to let all know they sold their bionic.who gives a shit?can we get some useful information???

    • You can’t stupid. It’s still in soak test. Pay attention.

      • Jason

        What are you 12? The post says any day now and it’s been a couple of days. I used to come to the DL forums for useful info from the knowledgeable android community and instead has turned into some CNET squabbling and name calling. A little disappointed.

  • Mike Camp

    Anybody know where one can download and apply the update manually? It’s been 2 days now and I can’t wait any longer!

    • You can’t, it’s still in soak what’s. It’s not actually released to the entire public yet.

  • Ken

    I have a quick Question: I am forever rooted (stock) and have frozen my
    bloatware. Will either of these two conditions prevent me from getting
    the update?

    • Generally speaking, the frozen apps will prevent the update from working. For good measure, I’d unfreeze those apps for sure. Root shouldn’t make a difference.

  • PDR


  • Seanamous

    DL, PLEASE take this glorious news as an occasion to update the stock photo you use for the Bionic. My phone hasn’t looked that terrible in a long time and now no one’s should 🙂 Thank you! And yay!

  • Taylor

    How do you update it?

  • OK, so I upgraded to the leaked 4.04 ICS some months ago. What do I do to go over to the official OTA version?

    • You need to FXZ back to 905, then take the OTA update.

  • Unrelated Note: I have an Otterbox Commuter case for a Bionic. I took that turd back to Costco and am left with the case. First to pay the $6 to Priority the mail thing to ya gets it for free otherwise. Call it a consolation prize for your redheaded stepchild nearly being forgotten.

    • altspeed

      puit your money where your mouth is and email me the details at altspeed-@-gmail.com (spamproofed you should know how to fix it). BTW what color commuter?

  • CaptM

    Ok, this is probably a really stupid question, but one that I have always wondered about.
    Where on the Verizon site do you find the page shown above?
    I have searched through Verizon and have never been able to find where they list there “Software Updates” for specific devices. Do they hid it or bury it somewhere deep in their site?
    I’ve been trying to find it so that I could keep checking for this very issue.

  • Has anyone been able to pull the update?

    • someguy767

      yeah i got it this morning, so far its better than the 232 leak i used to have, and a lot smoother too

  • Someguy767

    I just started using it, i got the uodate at 4am today. Its super smooth

    • CaptM

      It’s now after 4pm in AZ and I still have not been able to get it.

  • Silver Veloz

    I think it’s great that our Droid Bionic is causing so much stir after being out for over a year. I like being in the Droid headlines. Will we no longer be, as they say, the red-headed step-child of the Droid world? Hope everyone’s eventual ICS update goes well. And Jelly Bean, well, I’m optimistic. Happy Friday everyone.

  • Leo

    ICS is almost 2 years old!! Hopefully this will really come before Google announces JellyBean’s successor at the end of the month.

    • allen

      Nope. The source code for Android 4.0 became available on November 14, 2011. One year.

  • JWellington

    How often do you hear the words Finally and Verizon together?

  • Gavo265

    I can’t wait. As a guy who can’t afford to hop phones, this is amazing. Any idea on the battery life with this?

    • BubbleSort

      Spare batteries are $5 on Amazon for the Bionic. I keep a spare in my wallet due to Google Now draining life.

      • Gavo265

        I’m buying one now, so cheap. Overall, is the battery life improved or lessened with ICS?

        • 9024Steven

          Yes it is slightly improved when comparing setting for setting. ICS comes with a much more in-depth batter management function that will help improve batter life even more.

  • They should just skip straight to jellybean to make up for the neglect we have had…

    • 9024Steven

      Can’t skip ICS and go to JB, JB is an update to ICS. It adds a few features but nothing major over ICS, which is a major upgrade to GB. Think of it as going from XP to Win7 and JB would be like a service pack for Win7.

      • True well bring on he service pack lol! I still wish we went straight to the new jellybean..

  • Frankie Castle

    I just know I am never buying another Moto product. 🙂 no jelly bean no money we waited almost a year..

  • Anon

    and this is why i sold my bionic months ago for a galay nexus

  • Adam

    to late I just Upgraded to the RAZR Maxx HD today LOL!!

  • Chris

    This has to be a joke…..

  • jewvee

    HOLY ****!

  • sargentmajord

    OK people there have been 2 user here knocking off my info as there own when they have clearly pulled it from my thread the users are username BIOnIC and username guest if u want real reliable info please follow my thread here. http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php/topic/4796-wireless-moot-il-moot-with-a-vengence/

    • Guest

      Pssshhh. You think you’re the only guy with friends in the business. Please dude.

      • sargentmajord

        Yes when u knock off my info word for word from thread an don’t give me attitude I am pissed cuz these guys are trying to claim credit for what my friend an I provide to the android community

        • Guest

          I’m sorry you feel that way but fact is my brother works at Texas instruments and he knows a lot. I’m just saying you’re not the only person to privileged information.

          • sargentmajord

            I understand that and I am not talking about TI or any other privileged info I am talking about the info that I have posted an BIONIC is plagiarizing an claiming credit for it an if that was happening to u u would be pissed to he also post about the raxr X and moto nexus those phones dont exist yet they are still in mock up phase and he is saying to expect them by q1 is he insane they haven’t even been built yes an only I know about them (but now everyone does) because I know for a fact that nobody has a contact in the dept thats creating these devices the only thread on the entire internet except those who are coping my info is this thread http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php/topic/4796-wireless-moot-il-moot-with-a-vengence/

          • Guest

            I can’t speak to that. But I can speak to the Bionic jelly bean patch. I myself knew about this around 7pm tonight because of my brother.

          • sargentmajord

            Thanks kinda funny since TI has no involvement in android what so ever they only make chip sets an moto isn’t involved with them anymore they have Intel now so what u just said is complete bs not to mention the jelly bean patch was put on 246 3 days ago not today at 7 pm

          • Bster83

            Ding ding ding! Round two! Fight!

          • Diablo81588

            That’s not true.. TI had to make drivers for hardware acceleration in ICS. They’re more involved than you might think.

    • Bionic

      I apologize. I was simply trying to spread the excitement. No harm was meant and you have my word ill stop or at leather credit you.

      • sargentmajord

        Please provide credit where it is due I would greatly appreciate it