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DROID Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich Update Finally Approved as Build 6.7.246

Ahhhhh yeah, DROID Bionic owners. We know you about threw your phone through the window when Verizon announced that the LG Lucid would be receiving Ice Cream Sandwich tomorrow, before you, but they came through moments ago. The support docs for the ICS (Android 4.0.4) update for the Bionic have been uploaded, which means that it has been approved and should start to rollout any day.

The update includes all of the goodies that you would expect in ICS, like new swipe-able notifications, a more stock Android look, quick folders, new lockscreen, better multi-tasking (press and hold “Home”), and data management. Motorola also tossed in Smart Actions, improved Google Calendar sync, improved Google Play, and updated all sorts of bloatware.

The update is 368MB in size. 

More info.

  • Bionic

    Holy crap guys.. Breaking news. Motorola has pulled one over on VERIZON! Build 246 and 247 are the same. Motorola changed something minor in 247 to hide the jelly bean patch in 246 so Verizon wouldn’t know it’s there. This means we ARE getting Jelly Bean.

    • Bionic

      As long as motorola can build it before the support Window closes

    • Daniel Clifford

      Where do you get this stuff?

      • Bionic

        I have 3 sources. One at Motorola, one at XDA and one I’m not saying.

    • sargentmajord

      Again dude stop posting my information here an calling it ur own its pissing me off u clearly pulled it from my thread and I am reporting u my thread is located at http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php/topic/4796-wireless-moot-il-moot-with-a-vengence/

    • sargentmajord

      If ur source was real u would know that they are both completely different but like I said before u keep trying to claim my info as your own proof is here http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php/topic/4796-wireless-moot-il-moot-with-a-vengence/

      • altspeed

        LOL. Sarge, he kanged the post I put there specifically to see if he would post it here. He didn’t even reword the lead point. This guy is gonna cause me respiratory arrest from laughing too much. If I die, hunt him down and make him pay. LOL.

  • Fine with me, I’m still keeping Jelly Bean on my Bionic.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    My microwave will get ICS before my Thunderbolt does.

    • Bionic

      I wasnt aware that phone was even considered for ics

      • Justin W

        The Thunderbolt or the Microwave? There was a microwave that ran on ICS at some convention earlier this year.

  • Bionic

    According to one of my sources the soak test started at 5pm est. Has anyone been soaked yet?

    • sargentmajord

      Again u took my info an claimed it as ur own u took it from my thread here http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php/topic/4796-wireless-moot-il-moot-with-a-vengence/

    • altspeed

      I’ll sum this up by saying that you are a lying sack of sh*t that needs to f**k off and die. The only thing that could mae it worse is if you actually are someone on the fringes that purports to be our “friend” Just STFU and go sit with your nose in the corner. (yeah, I’m NEVER as civil as sarge because being banned from droid-life would be a feather in my cap, like a real journalist being fired from the national enquirer or weekly world news for having journalistic ethics)

  • Someguy767

    So, I’m curious. Does this mean the bionic IS going to get jelly bean or is that still up in the air? and if not, is there a stable build for jelly bean that I can flash on here? I’ve lost touch with anything bionic since droidhive went down.

  • Knlegend1

    Bionic users this is going to make your phones fill complete, but I just can’t get the bitter taste of how the carriers are treating us. In my opinion the Bionic owners should’ve had the ICS update before us Razr owners. Man I’m getting sick of the crap.

    • warnai

      verzion was the one sitting on the update, not motorola they couldnt get their bloat ware to act right so they held it up and them blamed it on motorola

      • Knlegend1

        I’m not blaming Motorola. They seem to want things to change and have made some great moves toward it. I’m just sick of always being behind on the Updates. That’s not cool.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Yeah, no more data drops!!!!!

  • karlbu

    Will it improve my ability to just make phone calls?out takes three tries to make a call.

  • Bionic

    Unfortunately build. 246 means Bionic WILL NOT be getting Jelly Bean ever. This is the last major update for this phone. The support Window is closed after this.

    • Tyler Chappell

      Truly sad, though fortunately, most people who have bought this phone should be eligible for an upgrade around May-June 2013. I think this update should be able to make them fairly happy until then.

      • Bionic

        Exactly how i fell. My update is in may and i plan to buy the motorola razr nexus type phone that will be out by then or soon to be out. Im willing to use my ICS Bionic for all of 2013 if i have to.

        There are great things from Motorola coming in 2013. My sources say there is a quad core intel powered Droid Razr “X” coming in q1. This phone might be the nexus as well.

      • Daniel Clifford

        Most of us Bionic owners are just going to be stuck with the awful choice of upgrading or losing unlimited data :/ (to hell with paying $500-$600 without the upgrade discount)

    • Andrew Ross

      Oh, you mean I get to keep flash, too? Shucks, sure ruins my day

    • Motorola has announced on thier facebook page that Bionic will be getting JB
      We’re happy to announce that DROID BIONIC by
      Motorola is getting Android ICS in phases starting today. But that’s not
      the only sweet treat we’re planning, DROID BIONIC will also receive
      Jelly Bean in the coming months. Keep up to date about software upgrade
      news with the Motorola Android Software Upgrade News site: http://moto.ly/bionicics

  • tsheets

    Does this mean the soak test is the next step or that the soak test was successful? I just checked and it tells me my device is up to date (100% stock).

    • altspeed

      will start pushing sometime between midnight pacific time tonight and 5 pm pacific tomorrow

      • tsheets


  • capecodcarl

    That’s great it only took 12 months to get this phone upgraded to Android 4.0.x, but the more important question is how long will it take to get an official Jelly Bean upgrade? Didn’t most of the vendors agree to support their phones for 18 months after release or are they going to conveniently forget that or claim the phone is not powerful enough to run Jelly Bean? :-/

    • I’m hoping that the plan for BIONIC users that the new CEO talked about is Jelly Bean, because the $100 credit is really nothing. I can probably sell this for double that on the market, and it might even just be worth keeping as a back up.

  • kixofmyg0t

    The RAZR HD goes on sale AND Targa gets official ICS. It’s a big day for Moto.

  • konfusion

    plz fix my freaking 4G already! So over Motorola rn

  • Rtech9

    It would get approved the same day I sold it.

    • Justin W

      I was going to say it would get approved the day I buy the RAZR HD. Oh well, too late now. I guess I’ll just have a toy to play with now 🙂

      • Same! I got the Razr Maxx HD… kinda just to force ICS onto the Bionic. I knew finally giving up would work 🙂

  • just a question, has anyone overclocked their Bionic past the 1.2Ghz?

    • matt masino

      Yes i can hit 1.35 on my bionic. in quadrant i can get 3200 – 3500

      • RoadsterHD1

        What ROM are you using?

    • altspeed

      There is a rare bionic that has the OMAP 4460 chipset rather than the 4300 (less than 1% of the very early ones) there is one of those around clocked at almost 2.2.Ghz that puts up 6500+ quadrants.

      Mine is OCed to 1266 and does about 3200 quadrant with the hardware acceleration flipped on and the smartass v2 governor

  • Ant R

    Too late already bought a new razr hd

    • You know that Motorola is completely fine with that, right? More money for them sooner.

    • Me too. My wife got my Bionic though. Funny too because I just reverted back to stock Gingerbread for her this morning!

    • altspeed

      I’m a serious player on that one too since DjrBliss came through on the root exploit for it, may still wait on the dev edition for the bootloader

  • domdoyle

    How can you get it now without waiting for them to push it to phones?

    • hkklife

      You could go ahead and install any 1 of the number of leaks currently available, now that straying from the upgrade path is not a major concern

      • Already on 247

        This will only install over GB 905. If you stray you will have to return to 905 to get the ota.

  • this is awesome!

    Awesome! Been waiting months for this…. Bring it!!!

  • Just another reminder of how happy I am that I dumped mine when the GNex was released…

  • Guest

    JB is coming in early 2013 according to my source in Moto. believe me or dont that is fine but its the truth. 247 will be released as a patch to JB. the razr and d4 will be the same as well

    • Bionic

      Wrong. Only. 247 contained the patch for jelly bean. We’re getting. 246

      • Guest

        correct. but my source told me we should be getting the patch portion of 247 soonish? holiday id assume…

        • Bionic

          Well i have my sources too and they totally disagree. They are telling me that the support window closes in 5 months or less and it takes 4-5 months to build a jelly bean build for bionic. My sources say we’re done and we get the $100 credit twards a new phone.

          • someguy767

            i hate to be a stickler, but you guys need to confirm with your sources once more, you’re taking my hopes on a roller coaster ride here. I actually want the jelly bean update to this phone. It is an incredible device, even though everyone keeps bashing on it because of motorola’s delays in updating it, I actually don’t want to upgrade my device til i see the sony nexus phone out on the market. Especially since I’m still on the unlimited plan, and can’t upgrade unless I buy the phones at full price.

          • Bionic

            According to my guy, this is it. Motorola does not have the resources to support this over 1 year old phone anymore. This is why we’re getting the $100 credit. .246 and .247 are identical, why? Because one has the jelly bean patch and one does not. They were waiting for the decision makers to decide if they wanted to do jelly bean or not. The fact that we’re getting .246 is motorola saying “were done”

          • jfr69

            @comiskeybum:disqus Seriously – your “sources” seem to be all over the place as well.. You’ve been adamant all night that there’s no way JB could ever come because it’s only in 247, even though there are other more reliable sources that say otherwise. Now you say your “source” says there might be a JB patch in 246. Not a good way to show your sources as being credible. Considering the number of devices slated for JB, with no definite timeline from any manufacturer, I’m not inclined to believe your sources, when there’s far more contradictory statements to yours than ones that match it – especially since it appears you’ve been pulling quotes from other sites & saying they’re your sources as well…

          • CrazyDave

            WEll MY source says that the next one will come wings, shoot laser beams, and can even make me a taco salad!

          • jfr69

            Isn’t it funny how Motorola today posted their list of phones getting JB? And what do you know.. the Bionic is ON the list. http://www.droid-life.com/2012/10/19/motorola-posts-list-of-phones-not-receiving-jelly-bean-confirms-which-phones-will-get-the-update/

          • Daniel Clifford

            If so that kinda sucks. I mean don’t get me wrong, hell yes ICS! though after knowing about .247 I did get my hopes up.

          • Bionic

            True, but im just happy to get ICS. My update is in May and I plan to buy the Motorola Nexus which will be out by then most likely. ICS on my bionic can hold me over until that time, LOL

          • Guest

            lol mines next september… then im leaving VZW for elsewhere bc ill lose my unlimited data… it sucks bc we all know if ICS was on time we would easily have JB. and idk ill go check with my source again to see if i miss understood or whatever

          • Bionic

            Im staying with Verizon because i love their network too much. But have faith my friend, there are whispers of Verizon bringing back unlimited data. Is it for sure? no, but people high up in verizon are considering, thats all I will say for now.

          • Bionic

            My source now tells message motorway may have hidden a jelly bean patch in the. 246 build. Wow

          • altspeed

            your sources are full of crap then, we have the actual timestamps from the build of 246 courtesy of @sargentmajord and that JB patch was applied to the 246 build on september 20th, the build date of the 246, there is no difference of consequence between the 246 and 247 except for Punit Soni’s flawless gamesmanship. Motorola went into this deal with a pair of aces that LOOKED different (differring build dates, one sourced from moteng USA (motorola engineering USA) and the other sourced from motengROK (Republic of Korea) so that they could give up an ace and still have the same ace in a slightly different wrapper. Bionics WILL receive Jelly Bean Q1 2013, go check the dates at motorola or go to the news page of droidforums,net and see the same table. Sarge and I have been in the same clique, sharing the same “rumors” that ALWAYS pan out for over 8 months. Ignore these assholes sarge, everybody that matters knows they are just recycling your info, attributing it to sources that would have no knowledge to begin with, and just being general pricks about knowledge they are getting out of your feeling of responsibility to the community (or at least your friends in the community). Screw ’em.

        • someguy767

          I saw a post that said bionic was supposed to be getting jelly bean as well but that was last month, before the ics upgrade, and theres only 6 months left, if it took them a year to give us ics, i doubt they’ll be able to do anything in 6 months..

          • Bionic

            it takes 5 months to build a jelly bean build. simply cannot be done

        • someguy767

          i meant that theres only 6 months left in the supposed 18 month support window.

        • sargentmajord

          Do stop trying to knock off my info u are completely wrong an have no idea what’s going on people don’t believe him he’s stealing info from my thread herehttp://www.droidrzr.com/index.php/topic/4796-wireless-moot-il-moot-with-a-vengence/

  • JeffColorado

    Congratulations…you guys managed to get it before the LG Spectrum. You are no longer the official red-headed stepchild of Android.

    • Mario Mendez


    • Cain Gantt

      Oh, no. We still are. Or at least the red-headed stepchild of Motorola.

      • It’s Verizon who’s been sitting on the update.

  • fixxmyhead

    came here for the bionic comments

  • Batman

    Too little too late. I ditched my BIONIC two months ago in favor of the SGSIII.

  • bobukcat

    Maybe I’ll be able to get a better price for my Bionic on eBay now!

  • pacomcg

    Finally. I can’t wait to get it.

  • Dom Alegria

    I am on 5.9.905.XT875.Verizon.en.US and I am rooted, will my phone update without a problem?

    • RoadsterHD1

      don’t think so. You may need to un-root

    • Already on 247

      Root is not an issue but you will lose root with the upgrade. Easy to re-root afterwards though. You will need to remove forever root though. That’s not the same as root and will make the upgrade fail.

      • Dom Alegria

        I have never heard of forever root, I have voodoo OTA RootKeeper tho.

        • Already on 247

          I’ve heard voodoo ota rootkeeper will in fact retain root so you may be good to go.

      • I’m running. 223. How do I fxz back to. 905?

    • altspeed

      safestrap will also make it fail, craps up the preinstall the update is looking for

  • b00mb00mchuck

    I wanna know if this breaks the lapdock

    • hkklife

      Unless they removed it at the 11th hour, it makes Lapdock and Webtop mode AWESOME!!! It wad really solid on the earlier ICS Bionic betas I played with in the summer. It is basically a stock Android ICS tablet experience now. Damn Moto & Google for abandoning Webtop mode just when it started to get good.

    • altspeed

      no, it’s different, they call it “tablet mode” like a tab with keyboard, some people like it better, some don’t

  • Illinipoke

    awesome!! Now I just gotta get off the olllllld leaked 5.9.901 somehow. That leak made mine rock solid and I never budged off of it. Its a very GOOD phone, just horribly supported.

  • pingpongping

    Awesome, gonna have Key Lime Pie by end of month.

    Nexus ftw

  • Yes!, I can now use a “legal” version!

  • Manny

    Too Little Too late for this POS Device

  • is there somewhere to download the file? I’d have to do some work before it gets applied

  • fauxshizzl

    I was running one of the leaked Verizon builds from months ago that ran perfctly fine, can’t imagine what took until now to finally push it out. But it doesn’t really matter because I cracked the screen in mine a few days ago and picked up a Gnex off Craiglist.

    • mke

      how long did we have to wait to get byonics doesn’t surprise me I had to wait so long for the update it took at least a year of themnow saying next month next month for the phone come out at last and they still hav.nt gotten voice recognition correct

      • mke

        yeah Scooby would say Verizon is sucktacular biotic came out in secret ics after razor release

  • I didn’t know ppl still use bionics.

  • does anyone know if this update will overclock the bionic across the board? will they all be stuck at 1ghz, all at 1.2ghz or will it be like all the other leaks some at 1ghz and others at 1.2 ghz?

    • Already on 247

      A test is performed during the upgrade to see if the cpu can run reliably at 1.2ghz. If it can it gets bumped, otherwise it stays at 1ghz. The ota will be identical to the leaked 246 build so we will see both speeds reported.

      • altspeed

        the “stress test” theory has been debunked, it’s based on how many clockslots your processor has, some 4430s have 4, some have 5, 4s stay at 1000 (hackable), 5s go to 1200

        • Justin W

          How is this determined as far as manufacturing it go? Mine jumped to 1200mHz when I flashed the leak, so it must have 5 clocksets, but I got mine within a week of release date. Wouldn’t that mean that the first “group” should all have 5 clocksets, the second 4?

          • dirty

            Girls have 3 cock slots

          • Diablo81588

            Got mine on release day, 1.2 for me. Early adopters got a special treat 😛

      • ozoscar.

        If this is the case i don’t think it will be fair for the ones who get stuck at1ghz.

    • Handy

      the official update overclocks to 1.2

  • Only took a whole year. Good job Motorola.

    • My Bionic got the update this mornig and now its acting real crazy nun of my stuff is responding phone barely charging. so how does it work does my phone have to be fully charged?

  • About damn time!

  • Well that means no Jelly Bean for us. .247 had a patch fire JB. .246 does not..

    • JB Patch? What?

    • altspeed

      read above, you’ve got bad info, same patch in 246, just good poker. BOOMER SOONER!

  • steve30x

    wow thats sad..it took that long?

  • One of those “Is this real life?” moments

  • LeviSnuts

    nice to have finally have an “official” version underneath the awesome SafeStrapped Jellybean thanks to Hash and Dhacker

    • pkooistra

      Which jb rom are you running?

  • Yeah Man


  • Silver Veloz

    Trying to compose myself (without tearing up) – YES!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!

  • edubbz


  • FortitudineVincimus

    That is one POS phone that should have just died off

    • altspeed

      and you sir (or madam as the case may be), are an unmitigated idiot, a waste of space and oxygen

    • altspeed

      or better yet, a POS person that should have died off, I’m betting apple fanboy.

  • thomas

    Bout damn time!

  • So does that mean no $100?

    • No that is for Jelly Bean. Which, it probably won’t get. lol

    • altspeed


  • bakdroid

    FINALLY! We can go home!!!

  • David Dudovitz

    Droid Incredible 2 Why!!!!!!!!

    • that’s what I’m saying…. this is crap! I can’t wait to see the incredible 2 run ics.

  • epsalon135

    You know hell just froze over…
    (I’m still happy though.. )

    • Should help really change this phone for the better. I forget how big of a jump 2.3 to 4.0 is.

      • It is a fantastic jump. Even the early leaks are a vast improvement. Been running .232 on my wife’s Bionic (last leak that could get back to GB), and she’s never been happier. Now that I know the final version, I’ll grab it and get her updated!

    • Gavo265

      Hell really did freeze over, we’re getting JB on top of this. Wow.