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DROID Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich Update Finally Approved as Build 6.7.246

Ahhhhh yeah, DROID Bionic owners. We know you about threw your phone through the window when Verizon announced that the LG Lucid would be receiving Ice Cream Sandwich tomorrow, before you, but they came through moments ago. The support docs for the ICS (Android 4.0.4) update for the Bionic have been uploaded, which means that it has been approved and should start to rollout any day.

The update includes all of the goodies that you would expect in ICS, like new swipe-able notifications, a more stock Android look, quick folders, new lockscreen, better multi-tasking (press and hold “Home”), and data management. Motorola also tossed in Smart Actions, improved Google Calendar sync, improved Google Play, and updated all sorts of bloatware.

The update is 368MB in size. 

More info.

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  • superman0603

    My droid bionic hasn’t gotten any update yet :/

  • if unroot this will you get the ics update ?

  • Andy

    Bionic updated all by itself. I had to search to find out what the hell was going on. I HATE IT!! Looks like my phone is a frickin’ cartoon now. I guess they must be marketing to my 13 year old now. How do I downgrade?

  • Advisor1ks

    This new software is dreadful! My battery is gone after 7 hours. The contact list has every contact that has ever emailed me. There is no longer an option to have phone number only as your contacts. Service tells me that it is my problem because I might have an incompatible app. Now all I have to do is spend half a day backing up the phone, factory reset, load everything back on the phone. Great upgrade huh???

  • jjj202

    STILL WAITING FOR ICS ON CRICKET SERVICE!!! WHAT THE HECK??? Is there anywhere ELSE I can go to download and install my damn self???

  • Gordon Bush

    NOT worth it!
    freezes and reboots right when i need the phone to work

  • Bree

    My Phone is too cool now. 🙂
    …That’s all i got. (I’m not tech savvy, by any means)

  • jjj202

    It SHOULD have but my droids flashed to Cricket and it just chugs and chugs on checking update – nothing happens!!

  • Eric

    Since the update I can no longer access my contact list. I have a favorites menu that I never use but no way to see my contacts, please fix

  • zylen

    My only question is, why is the background dark and how can i switch it?

  • Lauren040508

    I still have not received the update and I have gone in and tried to manually do it, but it says that no updates are available. I still have version 2. something…..any tips?

  • jaybee

    How long did this take you guys to download and install? I’ve been at it for an hour on my Bionic and its said ‘upgrading media database’ for about 20-30 mins now.

  • Just found LTE OnOff which does work to switch off 4G on Droid Bionic. 4G Toggle does not.

  • 4G on/off option is gone from ICS. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix? Third party app (4G Toggle) doesn’t work either.

    • MattInPDX

      Use the Thunderbolt 4G toggle switch. They buried the hell out of that option. It’s in a menu with a bunch of other radio options now.

  • lf

    I received this update to my droid bionic. Is anyone else who received this update having trouble with email not updating automatically ( I have it set to do so every 15 minutes, but it does not, I have to manually do it). Also, the calendar feature is now more cumbersome. The new look of the pages, I think, is not as intuitive. 24 hours in, and I am not convinced this is truly an upgrade for me….

  • Bionic Lame

    My phone now freezes, won’t hold data connection, is slower than before, and feels like I am holding hot coals (it is overheating and almost scloding to the touch after I updated to ICS). About to do a factory reset and wait for my upgrade in a month, then throwing this POS at a wall. Been waiting for ICS for a year and now it has just F’ed up the phone worse than before. Done with this Bionic piece of crap. One of my coworkers has this phone and his randomly restarts. Mine just started doing the same thing after all my apps freeze (i.e. Facebook, web, eimail, task killer, during phone calls, texting, etc…)

  • My text message apps are completely malfunctioning. When I click on either of the apps to text it will think for about five minutes and then restart itself…?helppp

  • Brent

    How long should the update take? Is 2+ hours too long? If it is what should I do?

  • Still can’t get it.

  • Motorola Droid Bionic ICS
    Update (it does work!!)

    Wow, there are many web sites which you
    can find how to unroot/update ics. However I could not find any accurate
    information how to cleanly unroot/update ICS. I needed an answer because I was
    not able to install ICS. If your Bionic has been rooted, you will never, ever
    get OTA ICS by Motorola. You have to UNROOT your phone. Also, you need to have
    clean ROM (official) in order to update your Droid to ICS.

    Necessary software & files.

    Clean ROM (VRZ_XT875_5.9.902.XT875.Verizon.en.US_CFC_01.xml.zip)

    RSDLite 5.7

    How to.

    First, download 5.9.902
    official rom(VRZ_XT875_5.9.902.XT875.Verizon.en.US_CFC_01.xml.zip)
    from http://eclipserom.com/resources1/Believe me. I tried
    many times. All other rom from any other site WILL NOT WORK!!!

    Second, you need to roll
    back your Android to 5.9.902 manually. You need to install RSDLite 5.7. How to
    use this RSDLite 5.7? Go here http://droidbionicroot.com/droid-bionic-unroot/how-to-unbrickunroot-your-droid-bionic/

    Third, once you finished
    second step, go to Setting ->About Phone -> System Update. It will ask
    you to download “5.9.905”. Down load it and let your Bionic install it. Sit
    back and wait (about 20-50 mins depends on your network traffic).

    Finally, go to Setting -> About Phone
    -> System Update again after installing 5.9.902 official ROM. This time, it
    will ask you to install 6.7.246.XT875.Verizon.en.US (been waiting for how long?
    LoL). Click download and let it install that ICS ROM. Yahoo?? Grates, you have
    now ICS on your lovely Bionic.

    You know I think ICS works
    very good on Droid. My camera on Bionic, ROCKS, like new phone (flash timing is
    very accurate, so I can take as many pics in the dark, seriously). Battery life
    has been noticeably improved, smooth operation, better display. Thank you Moto.

    If you have question, send me email [email protected]

  • jezebelle

    got it

  • Vaneza

    Anyone with a Bionic that keeps getting an error message that says “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped”? If someone can please give me an input on this?

  • I just got my update on 10/23/12 sweet worth the wait. Lets not take so long next time. Chris from MN.

  • JJJ202

    My droids flashed to Cricket, how do I update?????

  • Jeff m

    still nothing – when I try to pull it up myself, it just says checking for updates and SPINS forever! any suggestions?

  • l8kerjuan

    is anyone else not able to send or open text messages?? HELP

  • I can’t believe it! The Moto-guys actually came through!!

  • Received the update in Massachusetts today! works great and 4.1 is in the Bionic’s future too! Looks like the Bionic is making a comeback after a long run and maybe even leaving some phones in the dust

  • robb

    I got ICS on my phone about an hour ago, I got the notification this morning but it took me this long to get it on to my phone, I kept getting an update failed message, I had to use RSD Lite to flash it back to 902 then update from there, but now it works and it is amazing

    • Jason

      Can you elaborate alittle more on the process? I have been seeing some other peeps with a install problem or a bad install. I have a gnex but the wife has the bionic, been following it closely. Her install went well but others are having problems and I think this will help alot of stock users.

  • joe saint

    Downloaded and installed ics this morning. Over 4g, took approx 45 mins including install. Sweeeeet

  • Damon Burro

    “Checking for available update. Please wait …” Going on forever… Not prompting me to update.

  • p hart

    Just got ICS update on my bionic. Took about 5 to 10 minutes to download.So far so good.

  • Just got my update.nj
    Its awesome!

  • Dave

    It started to download early this morning in Phoenix, Arizona. I got the download at 5:30am.

  • Finally got the notice this morning, downloaded and installed. Started to boot and it has been “upgrading media database” for about 4 hours now. Not sure if it is hung up or just due to my large amount of MP3s. I also use Gallery Lock pro, so i’m wondering if that encryption is screwing something up. anyone have any problems with the install?

    • Matt B

      I, too, am stuck on this part. Have lots of media as well, but unless it’s copying the actual files I don’t understand why a database upgrade is taking so long. Quick Google showed one other who mentioned this problem, but his upgraded only lasted ~35 min. Let me know if you figure anything out.

    • JasonS

      The same thing happened on my Bionic during the soak test. I also have a ton of songs and photos. Remove the MicroSD card and the install will complete shortly. After the upgrade is complete you may not see your photos in the My Gallery app. But they are visible if you have a File Explorer. To get the Gallery app working, go to Settings, Manage Apps, All, Media Storage, Clear Data. It will take a few hours, but your photos will be indexed and show up in your Gallery app. After the upgrade, it took about 4 hours for my phone to start working normally. It was very sluggish and unresponsive until it finished indexing. After that finished, it started working great!

  • Boinie

    Just got my ICS update. All I can say is WOW!. Can’t wait for JellyBean!!!

  • Tim Martin

    Did anyone else notice that the GetDeviceID API is supposedly available? I guess unlockable bootloaders are coming too.

  • Chaser457

    San Diego!!