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Google Pegs October 29 as the Day to Announce Something New in Android

Ready to see what’s new in Android? Google sent out press invites this evening for an event that will take place on October 29 at 10:00AM in NYC.

The only clues as to what we can see, if you can them that, are in the quote “The playground is open,” and the fact that the invite looks a lot like the Google Now screen. We will most likely see the LG Nexus 4, a new version of Android (with new Google Now features), and hopefully, that 32GB Nexus 7 that keeps popping up. Other than those three things, it’s anyone’s guess.

Will they introduce Android 4.2? Will there be multiple Nexus devices? We will know in two weeks.

  • conveniently scheduled on the same day windows phone 8 is coming out

  • Jovie

    I have faith that Google will somehow make it up to me that one week after I bought my Nexus, they would slash the price . . .otherwise I may return/exchange it.

  • NEXUS 9 please……..

  • Rebranded Nexus Q?

  • Raven65

    Official Nexus 10 Tablet announcement (with pricing and date of availability)?

  • Viciousking1914

    Where the heck is my NexusQ….moving into my own spot and that will be my first toy.

  • totti2k2

    Maybe the Nexus Q will be announced..again?? lol

  • skeptic

    perhaps change of google upgrade alliance terms from 18 months to 18 hours after release?

  • DanWazz

    Looks like my theory of Google pushing updates so fast few can keep up (even devs) is coming to fruition. They’re making it so that the only way your software is up to date is buying a Google Nexus device (even though that’s pretty much the case now, now they’re just emphasizing it).

  • I think they will launch one device and not mention any other nexus devices at this event. If they announce Nexus 4 with “more nexus devices in the future” no one will buy the Nexus 4. They would be shooting themselves in the foot by announcing changes to the nexus program.

  • We’re thinking too small… I guess they’re opening up Google Glass to more developers. If I’m right, someone (Sergey) should give me a pair. πŸ™‚

  • lye

    I hope they release a jungle gym.

  • Royal2000H

    “The playground is open” in a Google Now screen. Maybe developers can now integrate their apps with Google Now through a new API.

    “Play ______ on Pandora” etc

    • Anon

      This would be awesome a Google Now API could bring so many features to apps.

    • smartguy05

      OMG, this. Google listen, I want this.

    • geocab

      Yes please.

  • Mariano Corzo

    An open API for Google Now would be great news too. Imagine the possibilities if developers can connect their apps with it. I’m anxious.

  • Jon

    I hope that Google has finally figured out some way to allow the 3rd party OS modifications in a non-obtrusive way that somehow still allows for underlying updates of the core OS. Basically making manufacturer mods to android like skins that can be changed or shed at will by users. That would blow my mind.

  • PuzzleShot

    Isn’t “The playground is open” the tagline they used for the Nexus 7?

  • Finally! Time to know my possible next cellphone πŸ˜€

  • Keith G

    I’m going to guess it indicates that they are opening up the cards api to developers somehow.

  • Gabe Martin

    New desktop version of Android.

  • jaybar

    I’m hoping for multiple nexus devices for “the playground”, but I’m going to be realistic based on what we know and say that they’re gonna reveal the LG Nexus, and maybe the 32GB Nexus 7

  • Bionic

    Nexus Q enabled sex toys.

  • C-Law

    The playground is open was already used in a nexus 7 ad. I just don’t see there being multiple nexuses

    • Noel

      At least two if u count the LG Nexus 4 and the 32GB N7…then again there could be more. I see a playground full of Nexus devices…in what combination will be revealed on the 29th


    Well, there are the “three dot” style menu icons on each card, showing that “Join us for an Android event” is a card. Now why would they put that statement on a card and not in the search box and put the other statement in a card? Hmm…so many theories. Maybe the Android event card having a menu icon signifies that there are multiple options to choose from – multiple Nexus manufacturers, multiple Nexus 7 storage denominations…ugh. I don’t know.

  • Velmeran

    Didn’t Google also use that “The playground is open” line when they advertised the Nexus 7 on google.com for a day?

    • Charlie

      Yes, they did. Which, to me, dashes the hope of this multiple Nexus thing people are saying. It’s just their “motto” of sorts. Still the the LG Nexus is the only one we see. And no Verizon love this year. πŸ™

      • bitpimpin

        Unfortunately I have to agree with you… big time πŸ™

  • So that means I could have 4.2 on my GNex and Nexus 7 before November.

    • Tyler

      Depends on which carrier your GNex is on. If its not an unlocked version you will probably be waiting a couple of months. But yes the Nexus 7 should get it rather quickly and most likely right after they release the source code.

      • Justin Swanson

        It could be like when they announced 4.1 and someone leaked a nandroid so people had it before the source code got posted πŸ˜›

      • I had Jelly bean running on my vzw gnex the day after it was announced at io.:-)

  • Datboijon

    It may be a bit of a stretch but I see a clue to 4.2 in there. You have 4 blue buildings and two red bridges. And can’t wait to see what they have in store for the next nexus

    • James Jackson

      and the dot of the “i” is directly in between the building and the bridge. 4.2…

      • Karl

        Blue and red are also the first and second colors (respectively) in the google logo. The first and second digit, if you will.

        Haha this is kinda sad.

    • Emilio Fahr

      Hey, I think you may be on to something!

    • BTLS

      And the ship way out in the water is Big RED sailing away from Nexus program…

      And the the yellow person on the beach obviously means 14+MP cameras on all future Nexus phones… duh

    • WhereBrooklynAt

      It’s actually just one bridge and probably the most famous in NY- the Brooklyn Bridge.

      • Datboijon

        Always a smart ass. U know what I meant lol. And I’m from so sorry I don’t recognize your infamous bridge.

  • Charlie

    Nexus 4, 32gb Nexus 7, Google Now enhancements, but that’s it. Still undecided if they officially announce 4.2 or not. I think we would’ve seen more leaks if anymore devices were coming.

    They might “open the playground” as some of you are referencing, but if that is the case, we wouldn’t see devices from the program until next year. IMO

    • Tyler

      I agree, I think we may get a sneak peak at what we will get in 4.2 that will be released at google io. Fingers crossed that im wrong.

  • UrDoGG

    Google has really impressed and surprised me with what it has brought to Android in the past year. Here’s to hoping they keep it up.

    • bitpimpin

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembered that…

    • Emilio Fahr

      I do hope there is much more to the announcement than what we are already certain of.

  • Mc

    Good thing I get paid in two weeks

    • NexusMan

      Saving my money as we speak…

  • thedonxr

    Glad its on the east coast so I don’t have to wait an extra 3 hrs! πŸ™‚

    • florious80

      You got that right! I always had to wait till lunch to see the announcements. XD

  • jak_341

    Key Lime Pie. Please let it be KLP. My GNex needs it!

    • Raj

      No. Just friggin no. Too much too soon. JB just dropped and you have 40% of your user base still on Gingerbread. You all keep touting “choice” as Android’s greatest strength – well, you’re also massively sacrificing people feeling they’re on a common experience, too. And that’s all that matters to the cud chewing masses. You power nerds (and I use that term with the utmost respect, seriously) are in the serious minority of Android users.

  • Andrew Merewitz

    How can I get tickets to this event.. its so close to me πŸ™

  • i have some bold predictions other than the ones previously stated above

    yes i agree with the other comment stating how the playground is open referring to the playground as the nexus program but it could also mean that you can open the play store with google now which isnt that big

    also the 32gb nexus 7 could mean that there is no 99$ nexus 7 and that there will be different pricepoints such a 175$ for 8gb and 200$ for a 16gb and 250$ for a 32gb

    my last idea is that they wont update android just google now. the reason why is the very low percentage of phones on jb even im worried i wont get 4.2 til maybe march because of verizon
    once again just predictions nothing to cry about could be wrong just ideas

  • austin

    I’m excited, can’t wait πŸ™‚

  • Dillon Brown

    I’m really excited about 4.2. I have really felt that google has been on a role with ICS and JB and updating all their apps with stellar features and UIs. They have been doing some great innovation work and I think they aren’t going to disappoint but blow us away.

    • Futbolrunner

      I’m still waiting on JB for my GS3. Last official word was that im not getting the update for another few months. Man, I’m gonna be so far behind.

      I heard there aren’t that many stable JB rooms for the gs3.

      • Dillon Brown

        Nowadays its all about the nexus, even though the gs3 is a great phone, carriers and OEMs leave are hands tied. my gnex is old tech but jelly bean makes it run like new and I prefer it to better spec phones lagging behind on software.

      • thedonxr

        I put aokp build 3 on my friends vzw gs3 no big bugs definitely stable enough for a daily driver

        • Jon

          Just make sure you make a full backup before you try AOKP or Cyanogen. I keep trying these out every other week or so and I end up returning to one of the Touchwiz ICS based ROMs like BeansTown because of bugs.

      • OhAaron

        Cyanogen Mod & AOKP are both very stable. I’ve used both on my Verizon GS3. I use Cyanogen as my daily driver, because it updates automatically now as if it were the stock os.

  • Predicting the announcement of more than one Nexus OEM this year, 32 GB Nexus 7, and finally, improved Google Now. I would say Key Lime Pie, but it’s a bit too early, there’s a huge confusion and mess on who and what is getting Jellybean already. Google needs to act quickly with carriers to improve this update system, its just not working.

    • NexusMan

      I agree with all of your predictions, and would also add the possibility of a new and improved Google TV with Voice Search and, maybe even an update to Maps!

  • Here’s hoping “The Playground is open” is referring to the launch of a nexus program that allows any manufacturers to come in and play…provided the follow specific ground rules set forth by the almighty Goog

    • Emilio Fahr

      EXACTLY what I was thinking/hoping/praying for.

      • michael arazan

        What if they unveiled all the nexus phones from all the participating manufacturers all at once? Crossing fingures

        • r0lct

          Unless we see a FTC certification of another device by then I doubt it.

          • Emilio Fahr

            Yeah, it seems like they could just announce the initiative but not reveal any phones but the LG Nexus for now.

          • r0lct

            Good point. That would be great if they did just that and said the LG was the first of many.

    • Paul

      It does sound like something like that. It would be weird for them to say something like this and then only announce one phone and a memory upgrade on a tablet.

  • BloodiedWraith

    I just really want a new Nexus device for VZW -_- I would love for Google to be able to sell a VZW compatible Nexus 4 direct from the Play Store and bypass VZW directly. I know VZW can allow it to be activated because obviously Motorola and Samsung sell developer edition phones so it’s not so far fetched of an idea. I would buy it in a heart beat because that means I wouldn’t have to worry about when I was getting updates on my phone if I decided to keep it stock… (who am I kidding, I’d root it in a heartbeat and install Bugless Beast)

    • NexusMan

      I agree

    • To be fair, if step 1 is to root and find a rom that common, hardware should be the #1 concern (assuming it being CDMA doesn’t totally screw you on developers not wanting to mess with the hassle).
      The specs on this LG are solid, but I have a feeling there is much better coming shortly.

  • Murphy

    Hmmm, the playground is open? Maybe an announcement of multiple Nexi manufacturers?

  • Kane Stapler

    “The playground is open”… the nexus playground? New open Nexus program?

  • Get me in there please haha

  • First!