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T-Mobile’s Isis Mobile Wallet App Appears on Google Play

The Isis Mobile Wallet app for T-Mobile is now live on Google Play. Rumors across the web are suggesting that T-Mobile is going to launch the mobile payment service on October 22 in two test markets, the same day that our sources said Verizon plans to. The app going live early is a bit surprising though, especially since T-Mobile and Isis haven’t actually announced that the service will go live on the 22nd. 

For now, the app itself is sort of useless. In order to use Isis, you have to have an NFC-SIM card, a supported device, and shop at a retailer that is “Isis Ready.” For T-Mobile, the supported devices will be the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, and Amaze 4G, all of which are NFC-equipped. To see the Isis “ready” phones for all carriers, hit up this link.

It shouldn’t be long now. With the app going live, T-Mobile and Isis will likely make an announcement any day.

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Cheers Nick!

  • SG

    Google wallet keeps all your credit card data in a cloud which is unsecure and prone to hacking, Even google can trace in which store you are using the credit card.

    While ISIS stores you credit card data in the Secure element in the UICC(new sim card). only your credit card companies can access your usage. So how it works is ISIS in the UICC provides a room for each bank and the keys for the room is set by the respective bank. So its tough to hack

    Google uses mastercard only to pay , in turn the mastercard bills you credit card, where as in ISIS respective bank/credit card will pay directly.

    Regarding rooted phone, they block using rooted phone due to security reasons, which is in turn good for us.

    ISIS is much much secured than Google wallet, It gives you 25$ for using the app. compared to 10$

  • liza

    pathetic Google addicts, you must be from California to be so narrow-minded.

  • Too bad I don’t have a line on T-Mobile so I can drop in and share my valued opinion of the software.

    Isis is an unmitigated disaster that deserves to blow up in the carrier’s faces. Pay extra money on these new, godforsken plans so users can have great apps like V-Cast ringtones, Blockbuster Video, and now Isis. It is shameful that a product that has existed for over a year is blocked by carriers because their software would fail otherwise.

    We better hope that if Apple ever wises up and uses NFC they will either go with Google or a standard that isn’t complete BS. Google needs to advertise Wallet more and try to ink deals with transit systems (like my local WMATA) that have been using NFC in cards and could save money by allowing the use of phones.

    Google Wallet has worked out of the box since day one, and now is a very useful application except when carriers try to block it out. Why this isn’t under the same rule as the Tether apps befuddles me.

  • SamsungFTW

    Oh, and check out their Youtube pages. Notice anything? Ratings and comments have been disabled. In otherwords, they *know* their comments page would look very similar to this one, and keeping with tradition, they block anything that can pose a threat. I mean really, who blocks comments and ratings? That kind of thing used to be pretty much reserved for Rick rolls.

  • SamsungFTW

    Wow, look at all of thes positive comments about ISIS! Oh wait… there aren’t any. Not even one. Does that tell you anything you monopolistic bastards? Like perhaps your customers do not have any interest in being your puppets? I hope the general population feels the same way everyone here does, and that ISIS is a failure of epic proportions.

  • DanWazz

    As long as this get more store to be equipped for NFC transactions, I see it as a good thing. I’m still going to use Google Wallet over these services. Retailers just better not have any “ISIS Only” BS going on.

  • G3spike

    Pathetic excuse for an an app that already exists and functions above and beyond this since it began using all credit card companies. Even more pathetic is how carriers are approaching this app, isn’t illegal to “block” Google from using their own apps on android phones( aka Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon).

  • omgitzjose

    i think the whole nfc sim is so dumb now that most new phones have it built in. its going to be confusing to the average consumer. i hope this tanks and they have to come crawling back to google one day.

  • duke69111

    Nothing like Google giving the carriers an option for NFC Payments and they have to waste their money developing their own, so they can control it. Pathetic.

    • c0Ld

      Pretty much what I think of it. It’s sad that this will quickly become more popular then Wallet just because of the advertising dollars that will be thrown behind it. I, for one, think carriers take plenty of money from users. I’m not touching Isis to give them an extra penny in royalties.

      …granted, I also rarely use Wallet. Swiping a magnetic card isn’t all that difficult, and my main credit card already has an embedded NFC chip if I’m really in the mood…

      • michael arazan

        Half the 1 star ratings want Google wallet. How can carriers block Googlw wallet from Google play?

  • Michael_NM

    ISIS: I See Irritating Software.

  • What an ugly app!

  • This is very interested especially since Im a tmo customer with a S3. So I can’t go to any place that has a paypass receiver and use it? If that is the case I’ll stick to Google Wallet.