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Minor Update VRALHE Headed to Verizon’s Galaxy S3 – Definitely Not Jelly Bean

A new update for Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 has been approved this morning as build VRALHE. The update is definitely not Jelly Bean, but does include a new “Enhanced Zooming Feature” for reading emails, browsing the web, and more. The update stabilizes Google Play and reduces device resets. And that’s it.

The update is 62MB in size.

More info.

  • kash417

    Has anyone experienced battery drain after this update? I got this update on Saturday and have not increased my phone use since then, but my battery is draining at a much faster rate now. By this time of the day, I would normally have 70-65% battery life left and I’m at 50%. Anyone else? Thanks!

  • My phone is less stable now than before:( Hurry up and release Jelly Bean!

  • I just received my update

  • Ivan92116

    just got the update…only noticeable difference is that it installed the Google Play Magazines app.

  • Just got prompted to download vralhe

  • M. Jacobi

    I wish they would have activated Allshare Cast so it would show up under settings. I have my wireless dongle, but it is of no use without that feature activated.

  • Chris Nelson

    and i was just getting used to google now… have to re-root and reflash google now again. grrr. Jellybean already please.

  • When are they going to fix the lack of Jelly Bean issue ??

  • hhj

    November 15 one month from now jelly bean with be out

  • Chuck

    Anybody actually get this update yet? Nothing here

  • Nna

    Can I update my phone if its rooted?

  • the copy paste bug would be a nice one to squash

    • Ryan

      Yeah it’s a pain in the ass and the stock media player freezes randomly

  • drew

    hmm pretty big for such a small changelog last one was only 30mb. Hopefully JB isn’t far behind. Hopeing for some not listed features. MY SG3 is basically flawless.


    • i dont have any GPS issue?

    • Mustang5Oh

      The one that doesn’t exist? My GPS locks 15 satellites in approx 6 seconds.

    • Dale Granberry

      Mine drops GPS constantly and can take anywhere from 5 seconds to 20 minutes to get a lock. Verizon is sending me a new one tomorrow so hopefully that fixes it. The

    • Yoderz

      For real. I never had problems until 3 weeks ago. I was using the navigation and it kept telling me to turn at the wrong location and eventually started giving me backwards directions (I was heading in one direction and the navigation was going in another). The next day the GPS wouldn’t lock anymore. Still can’t get it to lock.

    • Brian Aikens

      Took mine into Verizon because I was tired of the GPS issues after a few months. They told me they could not get it to work either. After 20 minutes it did work, which typically happens. They told me to bring it back and they will replace if it still does not work. Today, it did not work. Took it in, they told me it was the old (grey) SIM card, that I needed a new one (red). That did not fix it, so tomorrow I will be getting a new SIII.

    • Chris

      I had a bad gps radio in mine. Had to get it replaced. Flash to stock if not, then go in and show them. They will do a reset on-site and try maps again. If it still lags or is off location, then they will replace. Love my new one! FYI, I use gps every day for work and mentioned my reliance on it. Say you do too 😉

  • Shane Girodat

    I hope it fixes the wifi issue the wife has on her phone. It always drops the wifi connection then won’t connect till after a reboot. Not sure if it is just her phone or a hardware or software issue.

    • Jim McClain

      my wifes has that problem,also had a camera problem,verizon sent to another one, she was pissed it wasnt a new one, just a refurbished one, lol

  • Just another tease, glad they are making more positive adjustments, but since im already on Jellywiz and have that good Jelly Bean taste, the more I want! (which will always be that way no matter what im on!)

  • Man.. I can’t get the update since I’m on CM10 :/

  • I wish it fixed the radio issues on Verizon with the S3. I love my samsungs in almost every way but the crappy reception on Samsung phones when on Verizon really grates my cheese.

    If I only used a few hundred minutes per month, you might not notice it but when you use a few thousand minutes per month, it let’s you know how bad the radio issue. I have a 10 year old LG dumbphone that gets much much better reception.

    • michael arazan

      What is the dBm and asu, just out of curiosity. And are you sure it may not be the distance away from the towers? I have great phone reception because i have a regular tower a hlf mile away from my home, but my data speeds suck because the closest 4g towers are both 8 miles away. I read if you are anywhere outside of 4 miles from a 4g tower your speeds will suffer dramatically.

    • Andrew Davis

      I thought I was the only one who thought that the GS3 had bad reception. In areas where every other Verizon phone has bars, my gs3 won’t have anything. Or, it’ll show two or three bars and be unable to send a text when.

  • I want the ‘touch to auto-adjust exposure’ function on my camera. Also every other phone on the market does it.

    • JohnPA2006

      Open your camera, touch the gear (or settings icon) , slide to the bottom selection called Metering, you can pick Center Weighted, Spot or Matrix.
      Spot is the setting your referring to, touch a dark spot, its brightens the shot, touch a light spot it darkens the shot a little.

      • I’m checking this now. If it works, I’ll send you an extra 8-Ball Hustler Android Figure I have, if you want it.

  • Andy Greenlee

    When I go to settings> about device> Software Update and click check for update it tells me that the service is unavailable and that I should try again when the service is available. I’m on wifi and have no idea why this is not working….

    • I’ve been getting this message for a long time

      • Shawn

        Same. The last time I was able to check was Oct 2nd. I believe there was another update around that time that I still haven’t gotten

        • Hank

          That was the last time I was able to check too. (Oct. 2nd), it just says service unavailable, please try again when the service is available.

    • BSweetness

      This happens quite frequently with all devices. It doesn’t mean anything except that the service is unavailable (most often it’s something on the server end of things, not yours). Just try again later. 🙂

      • Andy Greenlee

        I have not been able to check for an update since September 28th. I try check 2-3 times a week and it doesn’t work.

        • Loading…

          The same thing happened on my razr maxx, all I had to do is reboot the phone and it started to work.

    • Yoderz

      From what I’ve found in other forums is that it’s a SIM card issue. Lots of folks are saying that going in and getting a new SIM card fixed the issue. I’m going to swing by a Verizon store tonight and see if that solves the issue. I’ve never been able to update.

    • Mark W.

      Same problem few days ago >> Real Fix = Change the SIM Card. Verizon Store crew = Incompetent and/or stupid.

      The problem was coming from last update corrupting the SIM CARD update line. And the new update supposed to fix that.

      Glad this was fixed before JB major update. Let’s hope that VZW will change the 2013 to 2012 JB Update.

  • burkett375

    Is there a new modem? Last leaked one was I535VRLHD

  • TheDrunkenClam

    This phone is still running ICS and not JB? What a shame.

  • DarkKingSilvers

    I have no idea if the last update had anything to do with it, but my SGS3 freezes to the point of having to remove the battery when I get two texts immediately after each other (using Go SMS Pro). Not sure if the issue is because of Go or the last update, but I’m crossing my fingers this fixes it.

    • i’m having the same issue with mine! get two texts back to back and i can’t even wake the phone up. have to pull the battery and then everything is good!

  • i wonder if this fixes the black screen of death i get every so often

    • I’m wondering myself. I get it several times a day for a couple days in a row and then stops for about a week before coming back.

  • Cipearman

    Kellex, Is this what you posted last week that was supposed to fix the “NO SIM” issue?

    • Doesn’t say that in the changelog, so I’m not sure. That was supposed to be fixed in the previous update, but some still complained that it did not.

      • cipearman

        So this is different than the VRALHD update you posted about on 10-10? Does the last letter of the update denote a sequence that they use?

        • Could be just slightly tweaked. They may have discovered a bug with HD.

  • Even though it’s not in the changelog, I certainly hope that it fixes the issue with some Mac computers not being able to see the device via MTP when you plug it into USB. That broke with the last update, so you have to transfer files via Bluetooth or some other means. That’s kind-of a major problem.

    • I have the same problem with the AT&T version actually heh.

    • AirDroid

      AirDroid. Nuff said.

      • JoshGroff

        I believe that falls under some other means.

  • So is this the new Play store & Gmail?

  • Skeptical

    Another worthless update from Verizon!

    • You mean another worthless update from Samsung, not Verizon. Samsung creates the updates. Verizon just tests and approves them. If you want to blame lack of features, blame the OEMs, not the carriers. Carriers just test to make sure they work OK on their network.

      • Phil Onyschuk

        Shawn, really? So Samsung held on to the Nexus Jelly Bean update for months? Or was that Verizon?

        • No, in the case of the Galaxy Nexus, those updates come straight from Google. Google submitted it to VZW and then it takes VZW a month or two to test and certify updates. Once they sign off on it, Google can roll it out. This same process is why the Verizon Xoom’s updates get held up for so long, and same goes with the Nexus S 4G on Sprint.

          With non-Nexus phones like the GS3, Samsung creates the update and submits to the carriers. Carrier testing can take forever. My only point in my original comment was that carriers have no interest in what features are added. Carriers only test to make sure that nothing major gets broken that would create a support nightmare for their support staff, and also test radio functionality to make sure there aren’t signal or connection problems.

          So if you’re going to bitch about the fact that a certain feature isn’t included, blame the OEM or (in the case of Nexus devices) Google, don’t blame the carriers.

          Carriers are certainly guilty of causing delays, but not due to new features.

          • Aardvark99

            Except for bloatware…

          • Well yes, carriers all require that OEMs install certain applications into the ROM as part of firmware for their devices. That stuff rarely changes in an OTA update though. That stuff is almost always hashed out before a device launches.

          • braves

            How is that iOS updates are available on all carriers at the same time? Is Verizon sucking up to Apple?

          • Apple has the brand that everyone wants. They have far more strong-arm leverage with carriers than Google does. Most people, if asked on the street, wouldn’t have any idea that Google even offered its own line of phones. Everyone knows what an iPhone is. Apple knows this and thus, they can play hardball with the carriers and get whatever they want. Carriers have to actually pay Apple in order to carry the iPhone. Apple is in a very unique position.

          • leroybrute

            Thus, your nuts!

          • enemyisyou

            Exactly. The carriers have to pay full price for the iPhones, so they actually lose money on every sale. They eventually make it back in monthly charges, but that’s a pretty big hit right off the bat. One of my buddies works as a sales rep in a VZW retail store and they are trained to show customers EVERY other phone first when the customer asks for an iPhone.

      • JoshGroff

        Less changes at once can lead to faster updates. (Less room for error and easier debugging.)

    • Another worthless whiner.

    • Loony2nz

      Let me get this straight. It’s not the update you were hoping for, but it does fix some issues that other people have. So because it’s not to your liking, it’s worthless?

      Privileged much?

    • chris125

      no update is worthless, anything that makes the device better how is that a worthless update? Boohoo it’s not jb so it’s worthless. Whine much?

  • chris125

    That’s pretty good it didn’t have many issues out of the box. Love my sgs3