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Download: Gmail 4.2 With Pinch-to-Zoom [Root Required]

Ready to do some Friday afternoon tinkering? How does the new Gmail 4.2 sound? We showed you this new version earlier this morning, which includes pinch-to-zoom in emails along with a new swipe-to-delete/archive feature. They may sound like small improvements, but they are all things that you will quickly realize that you can no longer live without.

So in order to use this, you have to have root, because you are going to be moving around some system level files. You can try to do this all in adb, but I’m still not even sure that that is possible. If you are brave enough to dive into this, let’s do it. It should take all of 5 minutes.

Download:  Gmail2.apk [mirror]


1.  Download the Gmail2.apk from above and place it on your internal storage.
2.  Create a nandroid backup, just to be safe.
3.  Once your phone has rebooted, delete or move any Gmail.apk on  your device.

*You’ll need to look in /system/app for Gmail.apk and /data/app for com.google.android.gm-1.apk.

4.  Once moved/deleted, you should reboot your phone.
5.  Once rebooted, you can try simply installing Gmail2.apk on your phone.
6.  If that doesn’t work, put the file in your SDK/Platform-Tools folder and type this in adb:

adb install Gmail2.apk

7.  You should now have the new Gmail 4.2 up and running.

*Note – Depending on the ROM, there may be Gmail .odex files that will need to be deleted as well.

Via:  Android Police

  • Markus

    I just installed the old app and installed the new from the download colder. Works great

  • dick johnson

    I installed app — but how do I make the text autoreflow with pinch to zoom? I’m using stock browser on Gnex on BB JB and I have to click the screen twice to have autoreflow. I remember this was one of the nice features about ICSBrowser when I was on ICS but since upgrading to JB, what do I do?

  • i cant find the files to delete on AOKP build 4

  • Willard Potter

    Figures.. right after I made my last comment, It started working fine.

    I used ES File manager(make sure you enable Root)
    – I renamed the extensions on the two gmail files listed already from .apk to .bak, rather than deleting them, so I could revert if needed.
    – I copied the new gmail file to /system/app
    – reboot
    – renamed to Gmail.apk
    – Set permissions to rw- r– r–
    – reboot
    – check your app drawer, it should already be installed.

    You may not HAVE to reboot as many times, but I felt it was a bit safer. Hope this helps some that had issues.

  • Willard Potter

    Seems to be a no-go with AOKP JB Build 4 on Galaxy Nexus. I tried ES File Manager and got a parsing error, then tried ADB, which also lead to an incompatibility error. I’m not seeing any .ODEX files around, so i’m a little stumped. Has anyone figured out a way around this or should I just wait? doubt it’ll take too long before this is officially released.(at least I hope not. lol)

    • jimv2000

      I had the same problem. It worked for me after installing/uninstalling the version of Gmail in the Play Store.

  • CB Barry

    If I have to wipe my phone to install a new rom, will the installation of the gmail2.apk stick or will i have to reinstall this after?

    Droid-life is my like my crack haha

  • I’m running liquid smooth for the VZW GNEX and just downloaded and installed and it works. Didn’t have to move any files around.

  • Before I could install the 4.2 version I had to install again from market then uninstall, might be the odex files mentioned. d2vzw cm10

    • M C

      Had to do this also paranoid 2.17 gnex on sprint

  • I’m running paranoid android jb and I had to self install gmail at flashing so all I had to do was uninstall gmail(after a tit backup) and install gmail2.apk. if it was a downloaded NOT system app then its just a simple install no special work needed. By special I mean reboots.

  • Andrew Egger

    1. Download apk
    2. Navigate to folder with apk and copy the apk
    3. Navigate to /system/app/ and rename Gmail.apk
    6. Reboot and enjoy

  • Los

    dont know why but it seems to work only on ics and above

  • Crack Monkeys

    If you have ROM Toolkit you can backup the current Gmail and Data, uninstall, and then install the new version all without having to reboot.

  • Knlegend1

    No it will be out soon I’ll wait. Obviously I’m lazy lol.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “Once Google updates Gmail in the Play Store, you will want to revert this process or at the very least delete the Gmail 4.2 APK you installed here if you want to update it from the Play Store.”

    I will just wait…

  • NightSpell

    I Don’t know about you guys but I just opened up es file explorer and pushed on the Gmail2.apk and installed and it installed just fine! So I don’t know why it says you need to be rooted and have to use ADB to install it.
    I using EVO3D rooted with Viper3d sense 4.01 with Anthrax Kernel with CPU & GPU over clocked

  • Easy install. Used titanium backup to remove gmail, reboot then install the new apk and done. Yankees baby!!!

  • Greg Hortin

    Works great thanks 🙂

  • Havoc70

    I made a backup with Titanium, Uninstalled through Titanium and installed using ES File Explorer worked perfectly.

  • descendency

    Root required to install an APK?

    • System apk.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      need to be rooted with the ability to mount the /system directory for writing in order to remove the existing Gmail APK.. but of course not to install an apk

  • Running like a champ on my S3/CM10

  • theWarden

    I’m running Liquid Smooth 2.0 RC5 (4.2) on my GNex. All I did was install the new APK through Root Explorer and it works just fine. No more checking boxes. JUST SWIPE! Thanks DL

  • How many dislikes can I get for saying that the droid-life community is terrible?

    • Since I know what you’re up to, I gave it a like.

      • Thanks for noticing. I’d like to inform you that no one has helped me install the app. This isn’t the first time the community has insulted me. Kellex all the more though. I honestly don’t know what that dude has against me. :/

        • ChuckDz3

          Insulted you?? So it’s insulting to not drop everything that people are doing in their busy lives to help you with something that if you took the time to read, you would find the answer?

          Come on man. Android has an outstanding community but it takes an effort on both ends. You have to do individual research first and then if you run into problems then KINDLY ask for help, don’t demand it and bash everyone when you don’t get a response in timely manner.

          As a disclaimer always states when doing things like this, Kellex nor anyone else is responsible for getting things to work properly on your phone or save you from any problems. YOU are the one taking the risk, so if you are unsure about anything you are doing, then READ, READ, READ. It really is not that hard. There are TONS of resources out there to help you with anything you need in the Android world that is why I love the Android community.

          • The Real Droid

            Busy lives??? that is funny. If you look at all of his articles they come from other peoples work! The only thing keeping him busy is stealing articles from other sites actually doing the REAL work!

          • Mack

            Droid-Life has a lot of original articles many by Kellen. Should he not showcase something to Droid-Life readers just because another site posted it first? There’s a reason why there is a tip section additionally a link and full credit is always given if the article is not an original piece. I don’t check Android Police all that often so I’m glad to read about this here, I also enjoyed reading the original article that was linked as well.

          • a.youth.in.Asia

            Will the real Droid please stand up …we’re gunna have a problem here!

          • michael arazan

            I’ve seen this site break articles before other news sites and blogs and vice versa, and THEY ALWAYS SITE OTHER NEWS SOURCES for breaking news and info, like what a real journalist would do!

          • I have seen many times before where Droid-Life was one of two sites that posted about something before any other site. Also maintaining a website is a full time job so i dont see why anyone can complain about being a noob and needing help. Go to the XDA developers page where just about every topic is covered with instructions.

          • michael arazan

            We were all noobs once

      • Me a douche? Look at all of my posts and tell me when have I ever trolled on anything. It is a large part of the community that has trolled me. All I’ve ever done is seek for help.

        • Asking woefully for help does not constitute seeking answers. Stop whining like a baby and do some searching. You know, that thing, Google?

          • whyteboyello

            According to the TV Bing works faster so you may want to try that!

        • Cause all I saw was you saying the Droid-life community is terrible, which I don’t think is correct.

        • ballin432

          hey, your mom has some Midol. Give that a shot to help the grumpies

        • billy routh

          You might as well give up, most everyone on this site are a bunch of nerds who think their better than e veryone else because they know how to tinker with their phones. Most of them have absolutely no life outside of android.

          • Mack

            So am I right to assume you have met most everyone on this site and know them well enough to know that they all have no life? The problem is that he started to be a dick out of frustration while people were in the process of trying to help him.

        • Mack

          When? Look below at your “Dear Kellex…” comment. Just to name one.

    • wakefinance

      since this is a news site, why don’t you go to one of the many rooting forums like xda or rootzwiki instead of bitching here. jesus. and no, i don’t know where are the files you’re asking about

      • Tim242

        Uninstall Gmail from Titanium, reboot, install apk.

    • Steven Cornea

      Android community! stop everything that you’re doing and help the person who doesn’t read directions

    • JulianZHuang

      if i say, ios and android both got their own good and bad, i will be dead in here.

    • radiohead14

      i tried to help you earlier, but had to get off the computer, since you know.. it’s a friday and some of us have other things going on in our lives. now i see that you want people to hold your hand also while spoon feeding you. go do some leg work man and at least put an effort like the rest of us. i’ve already told you some things to get you started, yet you come crying here like everyone is against you?? after your display of immaturity here, i’d rather not help you any further. if you can’t figure this simple procedure out.. i highly advise you don’t tinker with your phone any further as well.

    • kOnEkT

      Wow dude, because you don’t know how to do your own research you’re gonna rip everyone here? You’re the definition of a douche. Every one of us learned to do this stuff by doing our own research, reading XDA, droid-life & other blogs, various websites, etc. Take some control of your life rather than relying on everyone else to do everything for you.

      Just a thought, but if you can’t figure this out, maybe the task is above your skill level at this point and you should hold off. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t have pinch-to-zoom & gesture deleting/archiving for now. No one on this site is saying they’re “better than you” as some post stated, it’s just that not everyone is your own personal live chat service.

  • Chuck Ehrlich

    Ahh..just uninstall gmail and install new 4.2 apk

  • Hobbzey

    Off topic, but what model of phone is that pictured?

    • Pandalero

      HTC One X

    • summit1986

      Looks like HTC One X


      HTC One X

  • eddieonofre

    meh I’ll just wait for the update to go live in GPlay

  • Chuck Ehrlich

    I don’t see the gmail .apk in system/ app

    • I got that part. The com.android signature is the one I can’t find.

      • wickets

        The problem with reddit is that you go there for gmail install help and before you know it r/gonewild is on your screen instead hahaha

    • Cryosx

      delete it with titanium backup or anything similar and then install

  • There is something so satisfying about swiping to delete emails…

    • One of the best innovations in UI this year for sure. I know the paradigm has been around for a while but I do believe Google is the first to really be leveraging it for every use case where it makes sense (notifications, applications, photos in the gallery, and now emails). It’s a very satisfying gestures.

      To me what trumps this though is the way you can now “throw” apps or widgets off your homescreen. One of the most hated things about homescreen management for me was having to press and hold then drag to the trash can which was annoying on phones and down right ridiculous on tablets.

      • I really hope (though I don’t at the same time) Google patents this gesture like how Apple has patented slide to unlock and pinch to zoom. They need more patents like this where they own the most obvious and arguably the best way to perform an action. I really think swipe to delete/dismiss will be one of those things that is expected of a mobile device.

        On the same token, I hate that stuff like this is patented in the first place but that’s hating the game not the player. I wouldn’t fault Google for protecting itself.

      • I plus’d your post because you used “paradigm”.

  • Adam Medina

    Wow. Android is finally catching up with iOS. Good to see.

    • Cam


      • iOS has pinch-to-zoom in mail and have had a slide gesture which would pull up the option to either archive or delete. But seriously, the mobile OS game is pretty much a giant game of leap frog. One company comes up with something and the next takes that idea and slightly improves it and jumps ahead.

        So yes, iOS had these features before Android but the swipe to delete/archive is implemented better. Pinch to zoom in email is arguably going to be the same in any implementation. And seriously, in general the iOS mail app is horrible compared to Gmail on Android. The only thing it really had on Android was pinch to zoom.

        • Tim242

          Android has had it in the mail app for years. It’s the Gmail app that it’s not in.

          • That’s true. Honestly, I’m not too familiar with the stock mail app as I don’t really use it. I did use it once and didn’t like it compared to Gmail and feel it has it’s own set of problems.

    • Maps

    • fixxmyhead

      same thing can be said about apple maps

      • Jason

        Not really. Not catching up at all…

    • Tim242

      Good luck with attaching any files other than pics on iOS. STFU

  • Dwight Lyman

    Galaxy S3 here running AOKP JB. Deleted the two files, rebooted, moved Gmail2.apk to systemapp and rebooted. Works perfectly. Thanks

  • T4rd

    Eh, I’ll just wait for the update through Play. I use K-9 Mail for all of my mail boxes.

  • Preston

    Getting this error

    3523 KB/s (2906222 bytes in 0.805s)
    pkg: /data/local/tmp/Gmail2.apk

    when trying to install through adb. After doing all of the other steps. I don’t think my rom is deodexed (AOKP JB Build 3) on GS3

    • kdo23

      You are deodexed with aokp. Uninstall reboot and install new gmail. Use titanium back up if needed. Other option is to use is file explorer and unzip your gapps and replace the gmail in there with this one and repackage. That way you will have the new version on each new flash.

    • even after I deleted the files in both /system/app and /system/data it wouldnt let me install either. BUT! When I used root explorer and move the APK from the downloads folder to the /system/app folder and ran again it installed. Try this! Good Luck!

    • jimv2000

      Same error. Worked after installing/uninstall the Play Store version.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Telling me it can’t install because another system file of the same name with different signature is installed. Help?

    • I just uninstalled gmail w/ TiBu and installed the new apk. No issues.

    • Did you delete the .odex files?

    • RW-1

      If not deodexed, did you reboot after renaming/deleting the old gmail files?

  • Is this an update that should come to the actual GMail app eventually for us nonrooted, stock people? Yes, we do exist….

    • John

      Of course…I’d imagine it’ll come as an update in a couple weeks (around when they announce the new Nexus)

    • Preston

      Yes it’s supposed to be with stock 4.1.2, but I’m sure it will let you update if you aren’t going to be on 4.1.2 for a while

  • Bigwavedave25

    Oh sweet! Thanks!

  • About to try on BB. I’ll update in a bit.

  • MikeSaver

    I’m not brave enough. I peed my pants just thinking about it.

    • It’s really pretty easy to do. Just make sure you have moved all of the old Gmail .apks out of the way.

      • Where do i find the .odex files? When i delete the gmail file it says it does, but it doesn’t.

        • radiohead14

          system – app

          • That is where the Gmail apk is. I know that, but where are the .odex files Kellex is talking about?

          • radiohead14

            .odex files are within the same folder where your gmail apk is.. hence system – app

          • I don’t see them. This is what mine looks like. Help me out dude.

          • jimv2000

            Just got it to work. Had to delete the two files from the article, reboot, install and then uninstall the Gmail app from the market, then installed the one that I downloaded from this article. Kept getting an error about not being able to install otherwise.

          • radiohead14

            i assume you knew this already, but if not – if the rom you are using has been de-odexed, then you won’t see them.

          • I am running the latest BB ROM, 4.1.2
            I don’t know if it is or not.

          • Bugless Beast is deodexed. Read the ROM posts.

      • Dear Kellex,

        I don’t know why it is that you’d rather get an Iphone than respond to me. What is it that I did to you?

        • Here’s a tip – POST LESS, READ MORE. 99% of people who know anything in the Android community learned it by going out and searching for the answers to their questions – BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN ANSWERED. Also, remember all those disclaimers at the top of the posts for any ROM you ever installed? Do not expect support for a product brought to you for free that was not intended for the general public.

    • Don’t do it Kellexs way, un install Gmail with titanium backup, then move Gmail 2 from download to system/app via root explorer, then click on gmail2 and install

  • Thanks for this!!