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DROID Bionic Soak Test Incoming, Should be Ice Cream Sandwich

According to the flood of emails that just landed in our inbox, Motorola has invited DROID Bionic owners to test out a new software update. Since Moto and Verizon missed their original Ice Cream Sandwich deadline, and later told us to expect it in Q4, I’d say this is likely it. We were told last week by a source that the update would be here within 2-3 weeks.

Soak tests usually take a couple of days to start. Once they rollout to testers and are successful, the official update tends to go live a few days later.

Can you believe it?

Cheers T, M, M, and N!

  • s Lueck

    Not sure what update i got on Oct 23 rd 2012. But now my phone is slow and thru my extended battery in 9 hrs.and a third of my apps no longer work. So pretty much last update SUCKS. Roll back to previous version.

  • Leandro Pimenta

    After many calls to Verizon about my internet dropping Bionic, and after 2 warranty replacements, Verizon finally decided to send me a Galaxy Nexus to replace my Bionic.
    So now got a new working phone, jelly bean on it, and won’t feel like buying a new one anytime soon, therefore keeping my unlimited data.
    Tip: when calling Verizon tech support, ask for a tier 3 tech, they have the power to make these decision without talking to management

  • Dad’s the Tech Support

    My daughter had had nothing but problems with her RAZR after getting ICS. Hopefully, we can hold off on getting it on my wifes’ Bionic until after an update or two.

  • cizzlen

    Too late, my brother already switched to the iPhone 5

  • Zuki

    I gave up on my pos bionic. Sold my 3rd replacement and bought a maxx. Love it. Everything the bionic should have been.

  • kunqing


  • better off getting the razr maxx…..So disapjpointed in the bionic!!!

  • Tired of Lies

    It’s a lie. It always is. We Droid Bionic owners will never get what was promised or what is owed to us.

  • 9024Steven

    I’ve been running ICS on my Bionic for quite some time now, and can say that it did fix my data connection issues and allows for the use of both cores of the processor where GB did not. Anyone who says this phone is junk just hasn’t done their homework. Leaked versions have had a few bugs but overall, they’ve been so minor I’ve never bothered to load the 4 or so later versions of ICS for my Bionic. As someone else said in here, the hardware is equal to anything that’s come out in the last year and the build quality is Moto-excellent, as usual.

  • Bionic

    Sorry guys my source mis spoke. The soak is next weekend. Also jelly bean for bionic is mid 1sr qtr 2013. Sorry I said 3 pm today. It’s next weekend, possibly earlier.

    • Daniel Clifford

      hmmmm I wonder if more invites are going to be sent out then….Somehow my account on the Moto Forums changed to not be a part of the MFN so I have now fixed it.

      • Bionic

        It’s possible. I knew something was wrong today when I didn’t get a “further instructions email”

        • Why the hell wait until the weekend? I “downgraded” my phone back to 905 to get the “soak”. It’s driving me fricking crazy & I may just say screw it and re-install the leak!

  • Too Little.. Too Late. Dont get me wrong. I enjoyed my Bionic but having had the SIII for a week has totally made me forget about motorola.

  • Kolin Shapiro


  • bmclamb_nc

    How do you even get on the list for the soak test?

  • Sobr0801

    Sold my wifes Droid 3 on ebay with a dock for 190 bucks, bought a bionic for 160. Well worth the trade for 4g, bigger screen, and more ram. Overall with the ICS leak it has been working great. People who bitch about updates need to learn its the nature of android, if you want a more consistant update schedule, get an apple.

  • jowaldo

    Just got my S3 two weeks ago, but never thought this would actually happen

  • I still don’t believe it, gotta see it!

  • Jeff

    Ice Cream Sandwich? I’ve been running a stable Jelly Bean WITH data for a few weeks now!

    • fixxmyhead

      yea, yea we’ve all heard this comment before. “[old OS]?” ive been running [latest OS] for weeks now

  • Dan-O

    and pigs are spotted flying over the Brooklyn Bridge. Film at 11.

    • JoshGroff

      That wasn’t flying! That was falling with style.

  • ChrisDG74

    I’ve had ICS on my Bionic for months. Not rooted. Downloaded 4.0.4 from a link here.

  • Galaxy-S3

    So glad I returned mine after less than a week. Did they ever fix the buzzing in the headphones?

    • Diablo81588

      I never had a buzzing issue with mine, and I care about audio quality so much I refuse to use bluetooth. For those who were having the issue though, the first software update in November(?) apparently fixed the problem.

  • fauxshizzl

    Perfect timing! I just broke the screen in mine last night..

  • Pegleg

    These “soak” tests have proven to be less than ideal with MOTO. I participated in two different soak tests with my Droid-X. In both cases VZW released the update before the soak was even finished. With the second the update created more problems than it fixed and was then basically abandoned by both VZW and MOTO with no followup to correct the problems it created.

  • ME

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Don’t get your hopes up people. I can’t wait for an upgrade so i can say goodbye to moto forever

    • JoshGroff

      If you ran leaks, you would know Motorola’s had a few quite solid ones that were shot down by VZW. I bet you won’t be dropping them as a carrier though…

  • collinjw51

    HTC WHERE ARE YOU? I really want to like HTC, but the Thunderbolt thing has made me sour. My upgrade is here shortly after the holidays and I don’t care if the DLX can safely escort me to the moon and back, I will not be buying it…

    • JoshGroff

      Ugh, I really want to like X company, but Y phone had something wrong with it. (Bionic for Motorola, Samsung Charge, HTC Thunderbolt, LG Revolution, hell the iPhone 4…) You can’t judge a company’s reputation off 1 bad experience…

      • collinjw51

        The Thunderbolt is not the only phone HTC has neglected over its lifespan. You would just think the original flagship 4G phone from the largest 4G provider would mean something to HTC. They are even planning to sue Apple over the 4G technology used in a phone they don’t even give a sh!t about anymore.

        • JoshGroff

          The same can be said for a number of Motorola (off the bat X2 and D3 come to mind) and Samsung devices (Stratosphere, given some searching I could probably find more), LG I don’t really follow, but the G2X comes to mind as well.

          • collinjw51

            I guess the real question is which company HAS followed through with updates regularly? Only non-vzw nexii I guess.

          • JoshGroff

            Pretty much, lol. Although, unofficially the VZW G-Nex has updates within a matter of hours due to our wonderful dev community.

          • Tyler Chappell

            And by some sort of incredibly amazing and unexpected divine miracle in a crazy turn of events, it only took them 2 months to get to Jelly Bean! Imagine that! The 4.0.4 delay was an utter joke, they better keep with the current schedule, I think that 2 months on verizon’s CDMA network for an update is bearable, even if not entirely acceptable. 6 months however, for a nexus device, especially when its ICS to ICS, is flatout unacceptable.

          • JoshGroff

            2 months for a major version change, not that bad. Then again I can flash a ROM with the update within a day or so, so the official wait doesn’t bother me as much.

  • Andrew Howell

    I was involved with the last soak test back in August. Everything worked great except some glitches with VZW’s bloatware which is why it didn’t get released in Q3 as promised. I’m on the hook for this one too and suspect the same outcome. VZW is more concerned with their paying partners of bloatware than their paying customers contracts.

  • nexuschimp

    Kinda makes me wish I still had my bionic man I loved that phone the gnex’s build quality just doesn’t stack up.

  • Dom Alegria

    How get?

    • LarryP

      You should have registered your Droid Bionic with Motos website. Too late this time around but this is the third soak test so doesn’t mean VZW will approve in the end. It’s ultimately their phone and they have the final word.

  • LarryP

    I wouldn’t get too worked up just yet. This is the third time a soak test came out for the Droid Bionic and the other two were kicked by by VZW simply because they had issues with their “value added” bloatware. It’s ultimately up to VZW to deliver. Moto has done their part in the past but VZW continues to toss them under the train as being a bad manufacturer. At least Moto’s new VP has publicly spoken more than once on this while VZW keeps their flock of sheep in the dark.

    And with VZW about to release Razr Mazz HD, and then another slew of JellyBean loaded phones for the holidays, they’re main hope now is to keep as many of their sheep from straying from the flock by herding them into a new contract with their share everything data plan.

  • I remember when i went to buy a razr at launch and they were sold out. the guy at verizon said “why don’t you get a bionic? it’s pretty much the same thing.” walked out of the store in tears laughing my @ss off. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Had the Bionic for less than a year before the SGS3, glad I switched because I love this phone. I feel bad for the Bionic owners that were promised something and the company can’t deliver on their promises. I think from now on I’m going to stay with the Galaxy S line or maybe in two years switch to a Nexus phone that will for sure get the updates on time because Google knows what they are doing. Oh well, at least my mom will be happy lol, the Bionic has been slow since the day I switched it to her and I don’t know why. She doesn’t have that many apps and I check for updates on her apps all the time and clean the cache when she deletes a lot of stuff. Anyways, yay for Bionic owners, Moto is righting their wrongs!!!!

  • rjd2

    Thank god I just got big red to replace my bionic with a G-Nex. Loving every minute of it, the bionic is a terrible device that never should have been released due to the push back. This will be the 4th update that is supposed to “fix data dropping issues”. Sure thing.

    • Buy This

      me too dude! congrats. I was in shock for like days afterwords. Did you keep unlimited too?

      • rjd2

        Yes sir! I will keep this phone for a while until a new nexus comes out I feel is worth paying full retail for. Couldn’t be happier! Gnex runs like butter with 4.1, so snappy and smooth.

    • John Hogan

      Did you guys just complain to get it? My bionic has been bothering me but im not up for upgrade for another year….Could I get G NEx too somehow???

  • Murphy


  • Silver Veloz

    Question. Once we get ICS (OTA), which current phone will the Bionic be comparable to? And same question if (when) we get Jelly Bean.. Just want to know how the Bionic will stack up. Thanks.

    • Diablo81588

      RAZR, RAZR maxx, galaxy nexus, Rezound, etc.. Pretty much any phone released from late last year to the first half of this year. To be honest, there’s still no phone out right now that id rather have. That’s soon to change though ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yay! 5 months before my contact ends! No time to even enjoy ICS on my bionic. A little late for it

  • Heartless12

    Smh that’s terrible -__-

  • sandman3835

    Ah yes, the G Nexus… A “pure” google phone that’s not so pure, considering that it runs vanilla and… The carrier still gets in the way. Don’t get me wrong, its a good phone, but its the irony that I point out … ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mitch64

    feels like deja deja deja deja vu

    • Diablo81588

      Just saw that commercial minutes ago.. Lol

  • bill

    the only good part of this is that if it is a good upgrade,the bionic will be worth a bit more as i dump it to get a phone from a company that hasnt lied for over a year and run their customer base into the ground.bye bye moto. sad sad to see a company implode itself!!

    • LarryP

      Keep in mind, it’s been Verizon all along that’s held this up. Moto has delivered several (final) ICS upgrades over the past few months but because VZW had issues including their “bloatware”,they kicked it back

      • NuLLnVoiD

        It wasn’t the VZW bloatware that held it up this time. The last few builds were held up because of Adobe Flash issues. Even though Flash is a dying dinosaur on phones, this had Big Red freaked out.

        Personally, I say screw ICS and just put out Jelly Bean for Bionic and make us happy. Then Flash won’t even be an issue because it gets removed on JB.

  • mxracer

    Awesome! Hope they don’t bs around this time! I still own a bionic! Been waiting for this!!


    The end of waiting is almost here

  • Justin W

    This sucks… I thought I was gonna be the first to bring it up to you guys lol. I got my e-mail while I was at work, took the survey, and am going to FXZ back to .905, and wait for the soak to begin.
    I’ve been on .232 for about 3 weeks now, and have to say I’m pretty happy with it. i’ve noticed some very minor issues – battery issues, mainly, but other than that, my 4G connection has been solid, handoffs between 4G/3G/WiFi have been solid. I actually am interested to see if the final version includes the new features that were included on the RAZR M (initially only one homescreen, swipe to the left to get quick settings), but I don’t think I’ll be so lucky.

  • O, hey, get the choir! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

  • In related news, Hell hath frozen over.

  • laughable…i totally trashed the bionic when the s3 came on the scene…I’ve been following the moto forums for laughter. I will never own moto again. Tried them twice. Will never do it again!

  • WickedToby741

    Too late. An upgrade is available on my contract Wednesday and I’m picking up a Nexus. I’m done waiting for ICS, so I’m going straight to Jelly Bean the best way I know how. Goodbye Moto.

    • Diablo81588

      Surely you mean the unannounced nexus right? Only a fool would buy that current trash of a phone this close to the new nexus release.

      • Bionic


      • Justin W

        I wouldn’t call it trash, as it’s not that bad of a phone, although, I wouldn’t get it since I know “the next big thing”. It might be an LG, but I think instead of upgrading to the RAZR HD, I’m going to jump ship to the next Nexus. Bought an N7 back in July when it was released, and I’m in love with it. I would really love a Moto Nexus though.

      • Dar

        Anybody that would even BEGIN to compare the paper weight they call the “bionic” to the gnex is only trying to convince themselves their money was well spent. Sorry dude, it wasn’t. You got tooken.

        • Diablo81588

          Paperweight? You’ve obviously never used a bionic. The only thing good about the gnex is the screen. Everything else around it is cheap garbage. Camera sucks, speaker sucks, radios suck, no SD slot, dreadful battery life, cheap cover glass, and on and on and on. You fools are so stuck on flashing ROMs that you push aside the fact the galaxy nexus is an extremely underwhelming phone.

          • WickedToby741

            I have used a Bionic, since release day actually. I had a lot of anticipation for this phone and it’s capabilities. It has fell flat in every regard. To start, the phone has had an unreliable data connection since day one. Then there’s the fact that it STILL isn’t officially running ICS, let alone Jelly Bean. Dreadful battery life is how I would describe my Bionic battery life. For instance, with me running one of the ICS leaks with smart actions enabled and making four calls today and checking a few emails, it took it a mere 6 hours to hit 10%. The GNex may be underwhelming, but at least it’s running Jelly Bean and has a more certain future. At the very least, it’s unlocked so I’m not stuck twiddling my thumbs while the manufacturer drags their feet upgrading it. Maybe they’ll get better, but right now Moto is dead to me.

          • Diablo81588

            Funny, the main issue with the current nexus when it was released was data and call drop issues. All early LTE phones on Verizon had data connection issues. If anyone says different, they’re lying.

            With the stock battery, I get an EASY 12 hours of use before I have to think about looking for a charger. Either your a heavy user, or you live in a fringe area of 4g. Also, if you’ve never a factory reset, that is definitely the reason your battery life is so poor, especially after the ICS update.

            It seems to me you’re so worried about updating to the lastest version of Android that you’re willing to go with a poor quality, defective phone. Don’t worry, you’ll soon realize that going with the current nexus was a major mistake. I recommend you keep an eye on that 14 day return policy.

          • WickedToby741

            Oh I will, but it’s hard to believe I’ll be going with a defective phone when I already have one. The Nexus and other 4G phones have HAD data drop issues, but they were fixed while my Bionic STILL HAS data drop issues, even after the upgrade to the leaked ICS builds. And I have factory reset, and while it fixes performance for about a week it then goes back to where it was before. I refuse to reset my phone on a weekly basis. In fact, the poor battery life of the phone is probably directly tied to it constantly dropping signal and having to reacquire it. And this is in Cincinnati, hardly a fringe 4G area. I’ve seen many more happy GNex owners than I have Bionic owners.

            The phones are arguably matched spec-wise. Camera quality is just as poor for both. Battery life is poor for both. Both have pentile with the edge going to the GNex because it’s of a better quality. Motorola may have better radios, but when they haven’t bothered fixing the software in the year it’s been out it’s worthless. But with the Nexus I get Jelly Bean right away, no waiting. Plus, it’s unlocked like the Bionic so I can upgrade to the next version as soon as I feel without waiting for Verizon. And lastly, I can buy the extended battery for the GNex and still fit an Otterbox over it. Look, you don’t have to agree with me, I’m just telling you the reasons I’m over the Bionic and getting a GNex. For me, I can overlook any flaws of the GNex because they either don’t concern me, aren’t as bad as what I have now, or can be fixed more easily (extended battery that doesn’t look like a tumor, unlocked bootloader, etc.). And it’s only $50 and I have another upgrade available next September.

      • WickedToby741

        Nope. I do indeed mean the Galaxy Nexus. The LG Nexus hasn’t been directly pinned to Verizon yet, and besides I’m gun shy about LG phones. I’ve seen too many people have issues with the hardware. That and add that to the fact that the GNex can be had for $50 right now online, it’s still a Nexus, and I’ll be off contract next September and I’m going for it.

        It’s simple really. I can either continue to twiddle my thumbs and hope ICS rolls out officially or spend a mere $50 and jump straight to stock, smooth Jelly Bean. Plus, I’ll never be in this scenario again because the GNex is unlocked, so my phone’s fate rests in my hands.

  • Diablo81588

    Got the email. I wonder what build it will be..

    • Bionic

      247 confirmed

      • Diablo81588

        Have you flashed that build? Just curious how much better it is than 232. Didn’t wanna flash a later build and not be able to fxz back to 905.

        • Bionic

          No but it’s confirmed. I believe it has a patch for jelly bean on board but not sure. Further evidence we are being fast tracked to jelly bean

        • Lambo_21

          its amazing. been using it since it got leaked… normally i wait, but honestly ICS makes all the difference in the world… oh and heard i nice rumor of JB by Q1 2013 for BIonic, Razr, D4, and Maxx

          • Diablo81588

            Good to know, thanks.

  • Buy This

    Too little too late. See you when you make a Nexus, Moto

    • Buy This

      Guarantee the downvotes are just that Bionic d-bag trolling over and over. What a loser that dude is.

  • Got my soak test email earlier. Too bad I’ve been running it for over 2 weeks already thank to HOB!!! Thanks Samurai!!!! .247 Bionic!!!!

  • dave

    Its really sad that Moto released the Bionic because they had to more then they wanted too…….

  • No!.. I believe it when I see it!

  • bassman418

    Who cares? My old HTC incredible my 5 year old plays with has been running Jelly Bean for weeks…. lmao
    With the flood of moto devices after the. Bionic, does anyone even own one?

    • Diablo81588

      You’re an idiot. The bionic had an aosp jelly bean ROM the day after source was released. Your incredible is running official ICS right? Oh that’s right, its suck on aย laggyย version of gingerbread. Lets compare apples to oranges..

      • bassman418

        I’m sorry but i’m not an ‘idiot’ rocking a Motorola , let alone the Bionic. I’m perfectly happy with my Gnex. Thank You…….

        • bassman418

          WOW, why are some people so ANGRY? ๐Ÿ™‚

          • azndan4

            Because Diablo is trying to justify his poor choice in locking himself in to a two year contract with a device that was obsolete within 2 months of its release.

          • Diablo81588

            I could care less about a two year contract. If I wanted a new phone I would buy it retail anyway to keep unlimited data. I’m perfectly happy with my phone and wouldn’t trade it for anything out right now. Keep on trollin’ dan.

      • nodataconnectionlolz

        this idiot id replying to EVERY post that people are making saying they got their bionic replaced, lmao. Someones mad they are stuck with that paperweight

    • Buy This

      used to. Got it replaced with a G-nex. Threaten to leave VZ, they will throw you a bone.

  • moelsen8

    I really miss my bionic. That said, I got the upgrade to ICS in December last year.. 10 months ago.. when I sold it and bought a gnex.

  • Got Verizon to replace my wife’s with a Razr due to poor connectivity.

    • Diablo81588

      Damn you 905..

      • Justin W

        905’s radios were horrible.. They worked for me for the first few days, but after that it was all down-hill. Unfortunately. ICS .232 is a lot better though – haven’t lost connection with 4G, 3G, or WiFi since I flashed it.

        • Diablo81588

          Agreed. Data is rock solid with ICS. Only issue I’ve had is the occasional media audio mute bug. I’m sure that’s been fixed in newer builds though.

  • Stephen

    absolutely ridiculous

  • No way! I don’t believe it, but I like the sound of it:)

  • Daniel Clifford

    Additional comment: I was in the previous 2 soak tests….that does not mean I will be invited to this as well does it? Currently have no invitation. :/

    • Diablo81588

      Why was this down voted? From what I read, if you didn’t give feedback to previous soak tests, it might make you ineligible for future ones.

      • Justin W

        I read that too, and I’m definitely gonna make sure I provide some at least. Even if I switch to a Nexus device, I wanna make sure I have elegibility in these things in the future if I do go back to Moto.

      • Daniel Clifford

        Cool, def. did on the first one, thought I did for the second one as well. No idea why the down voting, just looking for some input. Guess people don;t like that! Thanks for putting in your 2 cents though.

        • Of course, they also warn that commenting about the soak test on public forums (as compared to the special private Moto forums set up for each test) can also get you dropped from future soak tests

  • Malcolm James II

    Who still cares?!! Unfortunately I had to scrap my Bionic for a RAZR MAXX due to the lack of support and updates. Of course this is coming out months after Jelly Bean is available to top it off……smh…..

  • Manny

    The Bionic still has GingerBread??..

    • the bionic was a perfect of example of good hardware by moto crippled by unfinished software. I would hate to have been forced to take gingerbread on such a capable device for this long

      • Bionic

        thats why people who have flashed leaks are reporting its like having a brand new phone

        • Cain Gantt

          I can attest to this. Especially the CM10 roms. I don’t remember the last time I booted into Gingerbread on my Bionic… thankfully enough…

        • Justin W

          What Cain said as well… I have the .232 leak on my phone, and it’s friggin awesome. I’ve tried the CM10 Alphas, and they leave a lot to be desired, but as always, they will get better.

        • WickedToby741

          I’m running the 232 ICS leak on mine and it’s better, but still far from great. I still have data issues, battery life is still atrocious, and there’s still noticeable lag, especially when using the keyboard. Buying the Bionic was my mistake. I should have waited, but that would have been hard with a malfunctioning OG DROID screen. Regardless, I bet on the Bionic and lost big. My patience has run out. I want the latest version of Android. I want an unlocked bootloader. Motorola is clearly not an answer to those desires, so it’s time I leave them behind.

  • Daniel Clifford

    Hell yes!!!

  • hamlin

    Would be nice

  • whats a bionic again?

    • Bionic

      blow me

      • you mad bro?

        • Daniel Clifford

          Hell yes! Been a long time coming ๐Ÿ˜›

          • bionic was a screen break waiting to happen anyways. Damn things did horrible in drop tests. It was like motorola designed the phone, forget it needed a display, then glued one in at the last minute. They were not even flush with the bezel, stuck out like 3/32nd’s past it! Lol i had more cracks with that phone than a freshly minted iPhone 4.

          • Daniel Clifford

            Really? I have not had a problem with mine (in that regard) and I bought it on launch day.

          • Mine was launch day too, cracked it a week later – craigslisted for the razr on launch day. Uncle still has his, already went through his insurance 4 times now. 99 cent phone turned into 400 bucks real quick! Oh well, I guess ya gotta case the fragile ones.

          • Diablo81588

            Its not fragile, you need to be more careful with your 600 dollar phone.

          • r0lct

            All the insurance carriers drop you for a year after 2 claims. Doesn’t add up.

          • Diablo81588

            WTF? You must beat the hell out of your phones then. Its just standard gorilla glass. I still don’t have a scratch anywhere on the screen, and I bought the phone on release day. The screen doesn’t stick out, its beveled on the edges like that for looks. Just part of the design.

          • sk102704

            What? I bought mine launch day, have never put a case on it and besides a minor nic in the metal around the screen, you’d never now it wasn’t new. My Bionic has turned out to be as much of a tank as my OG Droid. You must have gotten a real crapper.

          • fixxmyhead

            its not how its built its how u handle it. my s2 still new and i dont use gimmicks like cases or screen protectors. screen still clean with no scratches or anything. well i did scrape off the fake chrome around the sides with my nails but it looks better in all black. ive also slammed it one time when i was drunk on the carpet hard , battery popped off but nothing else

          • trollololol

            Seems like you got butthurt over it in some bad kinda way.

          • LarryP

            You must have the beta version. I’ve dropped mine more times than I can count, it’s been splashed from several boating excursions and even taken a run in my dogs mouth thinking it was his toy and it’s still keeps running. Yeah, it looks like hell now but its built like a tank.

          • cheezer88

            @bananabait:disqus i dropped my at least 6 times on a concrete floor just to barely get a scratch. i had mine since launch day. this screen was massive.

      • fixxmyhead

        YES!! take that

  • Jwhap

    I can’t believe it is only getting ICS…..this is sad! The worst part of the Android ecosystem is how flawed the update process is and has become! Granted, I have not been on a non-rooted device in 3 years, I realize that this is the ultimate impression the consumer is left with. The Bionic should have released with ICS!

    • MattInPDX

      Which is caused by carriers such as Verizon. If the carriers didn’t demand that their crappy bloatware be installed/work and we could just get vanilla loads then updates would happen more often and we’d all be much happier. Not to mention that the “fragmentation problem” would be much smaller.

    • Bionic

      Bionic owners are getting fast tracked to jelly bean, trust me, i have my sources. Expect Bionic to get jelly Bean in January

      • Daniel Clifford

        I’m holding you to this!

        • Bionic

          This is what the new CEO meant when he said he has a plan for Bionic owners.

          • LarryP

            No, Soni posted the “rest of the story on Google+” yesterday as to what what he meant by Plan. And he’s only the VP, (spokesperson) not CEO

    • Diablo81588

      ICS wasn’t even announced when the bionic was released. It came out in September of last year.

  • LordStickMax

    Too little, too late. I love moto but the bionic or any other non-razr 2011 phone got screwed.

    • Droidzilla

      Whereas that’s true, I think it’s unfair to write Moto off now that they’re under Google ownership. This is the first sign of things to come, I think. I’m going to reserve judgement until the end of Q2 2013. If they haven’t proven themselves a new company by then, then I think it’s safe to say the Google Influence wasn’t as strong as we had hoped.

      • LordStickMax

        actually i agree with you. i really like moto, they are the biggest american mobile hardware vender, that isn’t apple. im still hoping for a Moto Nexus.

  • Brandal Wagener

    Congrats Motorola, you’re making up for your mistakes. Now when does my Electrify get ICS?

    • WickedToby741

      Making up for their mistakes? This IS a mistake. The Bionic has been out over a year (debuted on 9/8/11, I know because I bought it on release day) and it’s just now MAYBE getting ICS? The RAZR got it when? A couple months ago? All the while many Bionic users have been continuing to struggle with data drops since the beginning, including myself. This should have been released months ago. They blew their huge Q3 window they gave themselves, and that’s inexcusable.

      And don’t anyone dare suggest that running ICS leaks is the answer because that’s not an acceptable option to 90% of the people that bought it. Don’t blame it on Verizon either because look at the Atrix and Photon. No Verizon yet still no ICS. Huh. Puzzling isn’t it? Atrix 2 I believe just got update a few days ago, almost equally late with the Bionic. Is that Verizon’s fault? The truth of the matter is you can keep blaming Verizon, but the true blame rests with Moto releasing too many phones and their engineers being unable to support them properly.
      The Bionic and it’s entire existence is and was a mistake. Ask yourself why the Bionic exists when the RAZR was released shortly after. I’ll give you a hint: $$$$$$ Moto has continually and systematically screwed over Bionic owners. You can’t call fulfilling something that should have been guaranteed from the start “making up for your mistakes.”

  • Bionic

    FYI, the OTA will be pushed at 3pm EST tomorrow. I have my sources.

    • Daniel Clifford

      Holding you to this too!

      • Bionic

        LOL. The only thing that can mess that up is a server problem. The soak test go out in batches of 50 per hour. So you might not get it at 3pm exactly. And always remember that just because you get a soak e mail doesn’t mean you get soak tested.

        • tmyinc

          I know who you are ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Anthony

          It’s 2:45 EST……

          • Bionic

            I said STARTING at 3. Not everyone gets it at 3.

          • Yeah… But I want it NOW!!

    • John

      Ya, so did androidandme & you see where that got them ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • fixxmyhead

        haha zing

    • Buy This

      Your sources are probably also trolls

      • Bionic

        Says the unregistered pussyyy

        • Buy This

          lol. hi hater.

    • apollo

      Yeah right, I’ll start watching for Santa’s sleigh too…

  • Bionic

    I got my soak e mail!!! woooo hoooooo

  • sakebomber77

    just got my email

  • T4rd

    Yay, hopefully this means no more “bet it will get ICS before the Bionic” posts.

    • Joe Bionic

      Now the posts will be “when will I get jelly bean?”

      • michael arazan

        Sucks for sprints photon which is Identical to the bionic almost, my friend was just notified for no ics, and was given a $75 discount off a Motorola ICS feature phone at full retail, sucks to be him.

        • Diablo81588

          That sucks. Figured the photon would get it for sure. Seems most tegra 2 devices aren’t getting upgraded for whatever reason :/

          • T4rd

            Including the Atrix.. which debuted with the Bionic (though before the complete overhaul/delay of the Bionic due to Tegra not working with LTE at the time). There’s no reason why those phones can’t run ICS/JB well.

  • Radgatt

    When did ICS first debut?

    • A year ago.

      • Radgatt


    • hkklife

      if you are just referring to the first ICS leak for the Bionic, I believe it was 2232 and it arrived back in June of this year. So, yeah, this thing has been basically ready to go for quite a while now but Verizon keeps shooting it down. Every Bionic ICS build since 232 has been pretty solid and the last 2-3 builds are actually better than the existing ICS build on the RAZR line.

      • I bet Verizon shoots it down because they hate their customers, not because it’s not ready for prime time…

        • hkklife

          Well, assuming someone bought a Bionic on release day, they would be ready for an early upgrade in May 2013, so VZW has no incentive to keep updating existing devices. Thry just are hoping to push users into a new phone and contract (hopefully on a shared plan too) as soon as possible.

      • Dave

        Actually, after the 3rd build it was better than the ICS for the RAZR. One big reason is that they fixed the lapdock issue with that build.

      • Kane

        There have been numerous ICS leaks after 232 but didn’t get any press. I think 235 was the last until could not longer downgrade. There were leaks after that and that some were using. Thats probably long been remedied. I don’t have a Bionic personally but bought one for non techy family member.

        • Anon

          .232 is the last you can downgrade from. With .235, you cannot.

  • ssss

    About time

  • How do I get in on this soak test?

    • chris125

      register with the motorola feedback network. It is to late now though

    • Daniel Dlugos

      In Soviet Russia,Bionic soak you.

      • moelsen8

        You’re my new favorite moto commenter.

    • LarryP

      You have to register your Droid Bionic with Moto via their website.

  • Lambo_21