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LG Nexus 4 Launching October 29 According to French Newspaper

October 29 – mark it down. According to French newspaper Le Figaro, the LG Nexus 4 will launch on that day. We have no idea why a French paper that has never been sourced in the tech industry before is breaking Nexus release date news, but hey, we’ll roll with it. They don’t actually site a source, just that they were told that October 29 was the global launch.

This date matches up to previously rumored release time frames and also matches the newest name that appeared in Carphone Warehouse inventory screen. Whether “Nexus 4″ is the final retail name or not remains to be seen. All I know is that October 29 needs to get here in a hurry.

To recap, the next Nexus will more than likely be made by LG, will rock a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB RAM, 8MP camera, 8GB or 16GB internal storage options, NFC, 4.7” HD display, and run the newest version of Android, which may end up as Android 4.2.

Via:  Le Figaro

  • ricky rozay

    How come Google doesn’t flood the airwaves with commercials? They have the money…

  • Just let Motorola make it. {{-_-}}

  • Worst Nexus Ever.

  • Akeem McAllister

    I read a great number of these comments but I could only hope a great company like Google would have a PR team that read these and report their findings based on “direct customer feedback” to actual developers and manufacturers!

  • E A butler

    no 32gb or SD card, no deal. Get lost!!!

  • BakerDude

    Regarding LG… I have no experience, sans OEM panels and batteries, which used to explode?, but I would like to ask a serious question. Is the LG hate currently justified, or is it distant past experiences? Exactly how much involvement does Google have in QA? If LG is such garbage, why would Google allow them to make a Nexus device?

  • master94

    LG Nexus optimus or G is a better name than 4

  • DanKemple

    seriously no 4g LTE = epic FAIL


    But it’s an LG…. c’mon guys, really? Maybe Zenith or Maytag will make a Nexus. Jump on that too?

  • The SoC in this beast is a pretty good reason alone to buy it. Finally a GPU that can compete with Apple.

    http://www.anandtech.com/show/6324/the-iphone-5-performance-preview (scroll down).

  • frankandsimple

    Hi Google.. I am fully confident you will do exactly what you did with your last nexus launch.. Phuck it up BIG TIME.. and release it to some foreign country first.

    • David Nguyen

      You might be right on that. We weren’t first on getting the Gnex. Also, some russian guy allegedly has the LG nexus 4 on hand, and some French news paper stating that the next nexus phone is soon to be release. yup, it sure does seems like we’re getting the short end of the stick here.

  • wpnx

    the picture still clearly shows 13 megapixel camera..yet you guys still insist it’s gonna be 8. Only time will tell…My money is on 13..

  • Bionic


  • jzwerlz43

    this coming to verizon?

  • David Nguyen

    Mark my words… a Nexus device has NEVER launched on time EVER. I’d say.. *breaking news*, Nexus4 has been delayed for x carrier due to x reasons etc etc… I’m anticipating like always, a December official launch. Don’t get your hopes up guys.

    • SeanBello

      if it’s released on certain carriers…

  • Sodev

    I don’t see the value in Google not officially announcing a new nexus phone by now. They could guarantee much more sales if they would have announced it in the summer..

    • DanKemple

      If they do people will stop buying other phones like the SG SIII, this way manufacturers get the most sales possible.

  • truename

    Le Nexus 4 de LG

    that sounds … interesting

  • I’m waiting for an Apple lawsuit since they had the iPhone4 first.

  • why on earth call it the nexus 4?? it’s 4.7 inches!? anyways i was hoping for a 32gb sku.. if this has only 8gb storage – NO THANKS.

    • Keith0606

      I think the name Nexus 4 is dumb in general but the nexus 4 is mentioned/possible b/c it’s the fourth nexus phone, not related to screen size. Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus,this phone. I don’t think it makes sense to call it that or use that naming convention anymore b/c as you said, the Nexus 7 is “7” because of it’s 7″ screen, which has nothing to do with the order the tablet came out. They should stick to one name convention.

      I’m not really a fan of any of the names they’ve mentioned so far, but Optimus Nexus is probably the best of the worst. Since it would follow the same path naming convention as the Galaxy Nexus.

      • name wise i have no idea (for this device).. however i strongly hope this isn’t the only nexus phone out this year.. if so i’d be disappointed and won’t be picking this up.. grrrrrr.. it’s very frustrating because i really wanted a new nexus.. 🙁

  • atari37

    I don’t know this so forgive me. Are the LTE driver open like the GSM drivers? If google skips LTE all together, I would imagine they are doing it to avoid delays in software updates and having to deal with the likes of Verizon and Sprint.

    • SeanBello

      I think that’s part of the roadblock with them, but CDMA drivers are the main issue. They aren’t open and it’s the reason why they stopped supporting the VZW version for awhile and still don’t support the Sprint version.

  • Aaron

    Never had an LG smartphone, but every LG dumbphone that I have had (or seen) was cheap and crappy. That was a while back, so maybe they upped their game. But I, for one, will not be an early adopter. Still hoping for a Moto Nexus anyway.

    • Every LG dumbphone I had was indestructible. The only one I’d say was sub-par was the dare which I never broke and lasted me 2 years but my girlfriend of the time whom I gave the phone to once I upgraded broke it while it was in her purse.

  • k_nivesout

    Kellen, the correct spelling for your usage is “cite”, not “site”.

  • i need a Moto Razr Maxx HD Nexus… that would be the ultimate phone… redic battery life, superb radios, pure google goodness.. when will this happen!!!

    • Akeem McAllister

      I am with you Davis, I want the same phone you just magically smashed together. It is almost as if Google is turning into that fruit company. They know what their customers want but are holding off. I have been holding out for a very long time and this is what they deliver to me?! I am oh so disappointed in Google. No matter how upset I am i will not turn away though so i am guessing i can still wait for the next best thing.

    • With a keyboard. {{-_-}}

    • Vasile Popovici

      Man your right ULTIMATE PHONE hands down. Are you listing Google we want better battery life on the Nexus Phones

  • Bigsike

    Me and my Galaxy Nexus will be buddies for one more year.

  • Ipoop

    okay so I dont think this phone is coming to verizon, i think verizon did a good job of F*$#&% up and scared of the nexus project from ever coming to verizon again. Id say most droid life readers are on verizon so please hype up some phone coming our way, With decent stuff like 4g lte and more than 8 gigs of space even for the cheap price no phone is worth putting out cash for if it doesnt have 4g, the nexus program is starting to look like the I-sheep project.

    • Josh Nichols

      What? Why would they put LTE in a European phone when there is no LTE in Europe? Does that somehow make any sense?

  • t12lve

    so seems to be a fake

  • Only LG nexus? 🙁

    • The Verizon galaxy nexus seems more and more like a blessing now.

  • Greg

    I’ll pass on this one. I want the Moto Nexus 5!

    • picaso86

      LG sucks big time bad move for the Nexus!

    • Sorry The Gnote 2 …

  • That there is no LTE is a huge slap in the face…

    • I challenge you to a duel…

    • Josh Nichols

      You realize this isn’t the US version right?

  • moelsen8

    freedom fries

  • Hard to see a reason to upgrade from my GNex. No LTE, half as much storage at best, and I haven’t really run into many issues with the memory/processor on my GNex being insufficient yet.

    • Josh Nichols

      The US version(s) if there is one will have LTE.

      • Maybe

        If Google launches exclusively through a carrier in the US that is probably true. Anyone want a repeat of the Verizon GNex debacle? I would probably pass if its a Verizon exclusive again.

        If they launch directly to the Play store, then having LTE would be quite a departure from anything they’ve done previously.

      • Larizard

        I really think this will go to the Play store as a GSM model for ATT and T-Mo, while another OEM (HTC or Samsung) will come up with a CDMA/LTE capable one.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Google. I DARE You to try to sell me a 16 or 8 GB phone with no SD slot…

    • ddevito

      then don’t buy one and stop crying.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Oh hush. What are you going eat any trash google tosses at you? 8GB is useless and 16 is on the brink of being useless with no sd slot

        • ddevito

          Actually, no – this phone doesn’t appeal to me. And until it’s announced, no one knows how much it will be. Like I said in another post, why does everyone think this will be marketed towards the high end crowd? Wouldn’t 8GB pretty much guarantee this thing’s going to sell for cheap?

          The high end device market’s flooded, Google’s now going to go after the next growth market: mid-range and low-range devices. Hence the Nexus 7 as an example – it can’t compete with high end tablets and it’s not trying to either.

          Read the writing on the wall, listen when Eric Schmidt talks, you might learn something. He clearly stated 6+ months ago Android is going to be geared towards the lower-end of the market. And to top it off, there’s a chance there’s going to be MULTIPLE Nexus devices. WHY? Perhaps because they’re targeting multiple channels of the smartphone and tablet market.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            No one that isn’t looking for a High End Phone is going to buy a phone full price from Google for more than they could get on Contract in stores…. The NExus phones aren’t geared to the lower end user because they don’t “get it” they don’t get why the phone matters. Why pay full $400 or more for a phone when their carrier has an option for $100? . . . Nexus phones are Developer devices/Tech-Geek phones first.

          • ddevito

            Is the Nexus 7 high end? No.

            Nexus devices were made to set an example to OEMs to make a phone, and thus far – yes, you’re right – they have been high end.Nexus 7 isn’t high end is it? But that may change. Why on earth would they offer only 8GB of storage if they’re planning for this to be a high end phone? Doesn’t make sense.
            Perhaps the 16GB will be unlocked – maybe the 8GB version will be subsidized through carriers – who knows. My point is we gadget freaks drool over Nexus phones because they are available unlocked and offer a stock experience – but that doesn’t mean they’re only for us – it makes sense for Google to go after the low end market just like they did for the Nexus 7.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            you know who doesn’t want a phone for 2 years with only 8GB of Storage? The same users with older android phones that complain that they keep runnning out of space and have to uninstall apps. It’s a massive annoyance. Just had a friend paranoid about whether she should get the 64GB iPhone because she used to run of of space on her OG EVO. I know the OG evo only had 1GB of storage… but 8GB with the Huge apps these days and all their “extra content’ you’ll be in the same situation.

          • ddevito

            people in the mid-range and low-range phone markets don’t give a flying f#%k about storage.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            The Low-Range and Mid-Range markets are a PART of the larger markets. That includes many users in the US and Europe. “Market” doesn’t mean different country.

          • they WERE developer / tech geek phones…. with the way things went down with the gnex and now this, they are garbage

          • Maybe

            Nexus 7 is entirely consumer oriented. Not a hint of geek in the marketing or design of the phone. I wonder if that signaled a direction change for the Nexus program?

          • Greyhame

            Disagree wholeheartedly about the phones. Pinocchio makes the point. Low end users will buy a subsidized phone on the cheap.

            Tablets, there I’ll agree they’re after the low end market. But still disagree they’ve wholly shifted focus there. The Nexus 10 with higher DPI than the “new” ipad speaks contrary to your post.

          • ddevito

            Where are you reading that this phone will be unlocked only? Of course it’s going to be available through a carrier and subsidized.

          • Greyhame

            Hadn’t considered that. Figured it would follow the example of the N7 and be available for direct buy through the play store to avoid any carrier intervention. That has been hinted at several times here. Time will out.

            EDIT: When I first read your post, it read it as Google ditching high end devices altogether. Hence my initial disagreement. Now that I reread it, I see you’re not saying that.

            I can see how some people complain about the GNex, and rightly so with VZW’s weak excuse for a replacement program. But at the time of release, it was very high end, except for the camera/speaker. VZW and their work (or lack thereof) with Samsung on the radios ruined the device for many here. It’s a shame. As far as I’m concerned tho, it’s the best phone I’ve ever owned.

    • capecodcarl

      The current Galaxy Nexus comes in a 16GB with no SD slot and people don’t seem to have a problem with that device. If anything I imagine this will allow them to keep prices on contract-free phones below $400 which is fantastic.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        My Verizon and Sprint Nexus came with 32GB. Otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it.

        • capecodcarl

          This is the international GSM version though. The GSM version has never had more than 16GB of flash. If there’s a CDMA variant I’m sure the $649 MSRP will more than cover the cost of an extra 16GB of flash. 😛

  • Dave

    I’m betting we’ll be seeing US carrier variants of this phone with LTE but probably not at launch.

  • This all sounds pretty great except the no 32GB option, and maybe the LG part.

    • Stephen D

      Yeah. If there is no 32 gb option and if it is made by LG, I’m most likely keeping my GNex until next year.

    • Larizard

      The saddest think about that hoax from Android and Me is that, the most awesome bullet points (Customization Center, Project Roadrunner) were probably fake, while the most terrible ones (8 and 16GB storage) could turn out true…


  • Blah

  • Butters619

    Here’s hoping to a Moto Nexus with LTE and at least 32GB on board next year

    • radiohead14

      here’s hoping for it this year

      • Butters619


    • Daniel Rosseau

      And a Maxx style battery with the Razr M style bezel!

    • michael arazan

      and an sd card slot like almost every moto phone out there.
      Problem is Google is pushing drive to get it more mainstream and more people using it, that’s why the chromebook has only 16gb, N7’s 8/16 gb, and now the nexus phones.
      Might be a while before we see better storage, which sucks for thos on att vzw on teired plans, they will be streaming everything, not to mention volte and making phonecalls over their data stream too. Google needs to realize carriers are making data their cash cows.

  • ToddAwesome

    Clearly the cell phone manufacturers are in cahoots with the carriers, less internal storage means more using the cloud, which means more data to gobble up. Thanks Big Red!

    • Josh Nichols

      Because Verizon is the only carrier in the world with tiered data right?

      • ToddAwesome

        Check out the big brain on Brad!

    • You say thanks big red, but from everything I have read about this phone there is no LTE therefore no Verizon support, so how is this on Verizon?

      • ToddAwesome

        Simply using a little bit of my own experience to lament new phones coming out with LESS internal storage. It’s curious is all.

  • Stephen

    Why would I ever buy a Non-LTE device?

    • JoshGroff

      It’s obviously the GSM unlocked model, if AT&T or Verizon were to get one, they would put an LTE chip in it. Also, I assume the LTE chip would increase the price of the phone (quite a bit for whatever reason,) like the current G-Nex.

      • AndroidUser00110001

        Does not need LTE chip since it is built in…

        • JoshGroff

          Not in the GSM variant.

    • fixxmyhead

      to actually get direct TIMELY updates from google

      • Stephen

        i use CM or AOKP.


        • fixxmyhead

          direct updates are more stable and come before those. its the reason my wifes galaxy nexus is still stock. im tired of constantly having to update roms it gets boring

          • Stephen

            i’ll take LTE and CM over a nexus that gets direct updates first but still uses dial up

          • fixxmyhead

            dial up? i think ur mistaking it for the sprint version one. hspa+ is good enough just cuz it doesnt get like 40mbps doesnt mean its slow. as long as everything loads quickly thats the only thing that really matters

            and u might as well get a ‘regular’ phone if u dont care about timely updates cuz whats the point its not even a REAL nexus its just another phone

          • JoshGroff

            What’s it get 21? That’s faster than my home WiFi connection. I might consider breaking my contract for a GSM nexus to use T-Mobile’s unlimited plan. They and AT&T have the only 4G where I live, and this 3G connection is getting on my last nerves.

          • fixxmyhead

            yea its rated 21

          • Stephen

            …”good enough”

        • Ibrick

          and what exactly do you think CM and AOKP use as a base for their builds?

  • I don’t care if it is 8 core, 12mp with an IPS display and latest Android Nexus OS… I will never buy an LG phone again.

  • Angryunibrow


  • But the picture says 13MP O_o

    • That is a photoshop magical picture. Not the actual device.

      • mustbepbs

        Why use this picture instead of the leaked/rumored ones?

  • j__h

    That bottom bezel needs to be reduced… it spaces your hand further from the screen and with big screens my hand needs to be as close as possible for easy use.

    • Josh Nichols

      That’s a photoshop.

      • j__h

        I looked at the real picture and what I said applies.

        • Josh Nichols

          Sorry, hard to tell with half of these comments referring to the above photoshop as the real deal, and the other half talking about the other pictures

  • duke69111

    Does this officially strart the count down and push back of another major phone release. 🙂

  • x0lliex

    Do not want. Bring me a Nexus with minimum 32GB of storage and on-screen buttons without a big chin and we can start talking.

  • ToddAwesome

    NEVER trust the French!

    • David Verba

      I wonder if they drop their phones like they drop their rifles…..

      • QQpayne

        WAIT, whoa, hold on a second there buddy…they have rifles?!?!?!

    • AndroidUser00110001

      I would rather have a French army in front of me than behind me….

  • Greyhame

    That name doesn’t lend much credence to multiple OEMs putting out Nexus efforts.. Optimus Nexus is nice and short tho.

  • mustbepbs

    I can’t wait to see the price. This phone is perfect for me.

  • Diablo81588

    Why that picture?