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Here is the LG Optimus Nexus Sans Dummy Box, Does Sort of Look Like a Galaxy Nexus

The first pictures of what we are expecting to be the LG Nexus (LG-E960) appeared earlier this evening, giving us a glimpse of what Google has in store for November. Many of you were quick to point out the case surrounding it that seemed to be some sort of a dummy box, meant to disguise the device. Previous rumors had stated that the device actually looked more like a Galaxy Nexus in shape and size, but it was impossible to tell with that case around it. Well, until now. 

A reader of ours found another set of pictures of the device on a Russian forum, sans dummy box. As you can see in the pictures above, it does carry a similar shape to the Galaxy Nexus with its rounded head and chin. The screen appears to be almost edge-to-edge though, and the back carriers the similar crystal backing of the Optimus G – the device that the Optimus Nexus is supposedly based off of.

From the About screen, we can see that the device is running JellyBeanMR1 and goes by the codename Mako, just like the device from earlier. The camera on the back isn’t branded with 8MP or 13MP, but we are expecting it to be one or the other, just like in the two Optimus G variants.

Not a bad looking phone from LG. What do you think?

Via:  Baraholka

Cheers Kidtronis!

  • TheWenger

    I’ve been spoiled by the samoled on my GNex. It’s actually tough to look at my Nexus 7 sometimes because the blacks aren’t anywhere close to as awesome as my GNex.

    • Bob G

      The word you are looking for is oversaturated.

  • bogy25

    It looks like the last Nexus – just great – just like the iphone uninspiring design.

  • Anakin Solo

    Am I the only one who thinks this phone is too wide? It looks more like the RAZR (which I hate). Maybe it is just the camera angle? #FATPHONE


  • kauthor47

    I like how the “not” in “not for sale” looks like it was scratched off.

  • I’m digging the “pixelated rain” motif on the back of the device, but I’m still a bit reserved about the overall build quality of the device. Personally I’ve found a majority of LG’s phones’ build quality to be subpar.

  • HueThree

    Looks horrible. I hope there is another Nexus by another manufacturer.

  • Dave

    I actually like the look of the back. Definitely a more refined Galaxy Nexus in my eyes. Again, my only concern is the lack of LTE. To release a phone in this time without it would be a rather big oversight.

  • enV Nexus… Nexus enV… “get ready to be enVous of the Nexus”… help me out guys.

  • CopierITGuy

    My question is why would they make the LG Nexus look like Samsung’s Nexus. This makes no sense to me. I really like the look of the Optimus G, but this looks like a polished 1-year-old phone. Where’s the ‘new’ look?

    • Bigwavedave25

      Google might have requested a non “box” profile to keep the Apple lawyers at bay for the form factor.

      If they are going for Nexus phone “brand design” consistency, then this profile shape would be on par with all three existing Nexus phone devices. Consistency in design/shape/style helps consumers start to recognize your brand. Probably not a bad move for Google with all the crap they take about software fragmentation to have a little visual consistency to their phones.

      • CopierITGuy

        Ah, good point, Dave. You always have to be leery of the McApple douches and their trigger-happy attorneys. I do agree with the consistency of Nexus design and it building brand recognition. I just really like the look of the G.

        Who am I kidding, though. I’m not going to leave Verizon, so I’ll never see this Nexus. I really think one of the requirements for the Nexus program is that it should be carrier-agnostic. We have seen it happen with the GS3 – why not the Nexi?

  • Butters619

    No LTE. No Go.

    • It will definitely have LTE. What are you talking about?

      • Butters619

        The other rumor said it will work on AT&T and T-Mo. And a handful of rumors/leaked specs talked about all GSM and no LTE.

        I hope it does and all those rumors are wrong.

        • AT&T has LTE, Tmobile will have LTE next year. Being on those carriers doesn’t mean it won’t be LTE. That would be rather silly to leave out the wireless broadband tech that all carriers have/are moving to.

          • Butters619

            So this would be T-Mobiles first LTE phone? A year before they have LTE.

            Regardless, you skipped my second point. Most of the leaks say GSM only.

          • Sure, why not? Or, maybe there will be a non-LTE version just for T-mo. I didn’t skip the point, I have seen a few rumors saying that, I just don’t buy it.

          • Butters619

            Both the FCC report and the phone that leaked yesterday and is on XDA have no LTE 🙁

          • i think what he’s referring to is the article that has it as a tri-band phone.. 850/1900 were the only bands listed in the original leak. (which as you know are att 2g/3g, tmo 2g)

          • Lol yeah, that would be pretty dumb.

  • chris125

    It looks pretty wide, hope that is just the camera angle, also any word on if this will make its way to verizon?

  • C-Law

    On the info screen where it says full jellybean on mako, is this a shark or ff7 reference 🙂

  • cns2007

    No badging on the front. I hope that’s a Google requirement for participating in the Nexus program. This never bothered me much until I bought my GNex. The completely black front when off is very appealing to me. They can put whatever they want on the back for all I care.

  • MikeSaver

    Verizon’s so damn stupid

  • Dat bezel.

  • JoeInMO

    I just chatted with my friend that works at Google. She wouldn’t confirm or deny this phone, but she said there will be no more Nexus phones on Verizon. GSM only from now on.

    • Captain_Doug

      I wish I had a friend that works at Google…

    • I just chatted with my friend that works at Google. He couldn’t confirm or deny anything, but said that there would be more Nexus phones on Verizon.

      • Thanks for the laugh….I like what you did there@ Tabe

    • EDNYLaw

      You know why statements like this are completely unbelievable (other than the obvious)? Is anyone really foolish enough to think Google will flat out refuse to put it’s device in the hands of 80 million+ VZW subscribers? Google may not like carriers, they even might REALLY hate VZW (I empathize with that) but to immediately take out 80 million potential sales because they don’t want to deal with VZW. Google has a lot of money, but even they would care about the sales figures. And let’s not forget, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was the most popular Nexus phone, which also happened to be released on VZW, coincidence?

      • Havoc70

        I do hope you are right, but Nexus and Verizon means it isn’t really a Nexus, and that is purely Verizons STUPIDITY.

        • EDNYLaw

          I totally agree that it’s not a true “Nexus” if it’s on VZW. However, it’s indisputable VZW has the best coverage (3G and 4G) and I’m grandfathered unlimited and unless Sprint steps up it’s coverage, there’s no one else offering unlimited except Sprint and it’s terrible coverage. But most importantly, true it is not a real Nexus, however, being a Nexus, it has an unlockable bootloader. Unlock it, flash a custom ROM and custom kernel. The whole “real” nexus thing doesn’t matter if you’re buying a Nexus for the purpose that Droid-Life readers are buying nexus devices.

          • Bigwavedave25

            YES, totally agree. I’m not at all concerned about Vz kicking out updates (though they help with binaries a few bugs). I have only used one OTA update from VZ, and that was the first day I activated my GNex. Didn’t use them at all on my DInc.
            Mostly it is about the dev community following (porting other versions over for use with nice tweaks and goodies). I would say it is less than 30% of people that buy a “Nexus” device leave it stock.

          • EDNYLaw

            Exactly, and as I literally just replied above, once AOSP source is released, the developers merge the changes to the VZW GNex quite easily and flawlessly. I was using JB about a day and a half after AOSP source was released. Hell there were even earlier versions made from a nandroid of JB, those were a little buggy though.

      • florious80

        I really hope you are right, but the problem is that a Nexus on CDMA is not really a Nexus due to radio software limitation that keeps Google from updating the phone quickly. But I really hope Vzw gets another Nexus.

        • EDNYLaw

          True, but thanks to our BRILLIANT developer community, we VZW users can get the latest software upgrades as soon as AOSP source is released. The radios take a while to come out, but it seems those are rather hit or miss anyway. I know Francisco Franco is always merging the latest Google kernel source with is kernels and whenever AOSP is updated all the ROM devs incorporate the changes into their ROMs. We’re lucky as Nexus users on VZW, I feel sorry (and I used to be one of them) for all those on VZW without unlockable bootloaders. I’m done with waiting for VZW to grace us with an update.

  • Buckoman

    I’m going to be completely honest, the extreme chrome Reflective back of the phone with its camera placement makes it look like a phone from 2008.

    • Indeed. Really don’t like that. Save that stuff for the tweens…

  • the purpose of on screen keys is completely defeated when you have a massive chin on the phone.

    • Well, on-screen keys allow versatility in the button layout. But yeah… definitely shouldn’t need a Jay Leno chin on a phone when there aren’t any physical keys down there…

      • Yeah no dice. Im pretty much locked in on the Note 2. I personally dont want soft keys taking up my screen space, and it looks like even the note 2 has less bezel than this

        • Soft keys don’t really take up your screen space… They make the screen the size that they want it and then add a little more for the softkeys. So, if there were no softkeys the actual LCD would just be smaller

          • Paul

            I doubt that. They are still making the screens 16:9 and have a good amount of area under the screen where it could have been longer for the buttons.

          • Can’t speak for other manufacturers doing what they want, but that’s not the case with the Galaxy Nexus.

          • JetmanFL410

            I agree with @Tabe.

          • smwandrie93

            BS, measuring a G-NEX right now, and from the bottom left hand corner of the soft buttons, to the top right hand corner of the screen, its 3.66 inches, .01 more than what its supposed to be… measuring just the buttons is a good .25 inches

          • What? I’m not sure what this has to do with anything.

        • Jackson

          Yea unless these are all purposely leaked to throw us off and the phone is just irresistible then I’m getting the note 2 because its so fully of features I won’t need to root which is scarey cause I flash like twice a week

        • steve30x

          Some games on the Nexus Galaxy display three dots while on landscape mode (like most games are) and it bugs me when that can be taken up by the screen.. maybe its just certain games or apps so yeah soft keys are “iffy” IMO.

    • Ray

      I totally agree. That’s why Samsung’s Galaxy S3 received Best Phone of the Year on T3. It’s because it was designed properly.

      When will we see a phone that has the screen real estate covering the entire front side, instead of black framing around the screen.

      • That would suck. We’d constantly be launching stuff on accident because there’s nowhere to put our fingers but on the screen!

    • Alexander Garcia

      Umm… That chin will prevent you from mis-tapping the screen with the buttof your palm. That chin is actually there for a reason.

    • the top bezel houses the sensors and the camera, and the bottom bezel is there to provide the aesthetic symmetry to the device(and also for the notification LED). I don’t see a problem with this design though.

  • MichaelFranz

    I don’t know if this is legit. I feel like Google was so proud of putting the headphone jack on the bottom that they wouldnt move it back to the top. Granted this is a pre-production if anything. But I got a feeling this may not be it. Hope im wrong it does look nice though

    • mvp314

      Me too. The settings menu is blue now like honeycomb instead of the grey in ICS and jb

  • Does Verizon not allow phones to connect to their network that they don’t sell? Meaning is there some reason Google couldn’t sell a CDMA/LTE version of this phone for Verizon customers?

    • They haven’t previously allowed it, so it’s yet to be seen.

    • Dave

      Well you could argue that the development versions of the Galaxy S3 and the Droid RAZR M aren’t sold by Verizon but allowed on their network. But that’s probably a deal they made with the OEM.

      I find it hard to accept that Verizon will ever get another Nexus device after the last debacle.

    • EDNYLaw

      FCC Block C regulations says they can’t block other handsets from connecting to their network. However, if the devices don’t have the required radios, it’s a moot point. And something tells me, since CDMA is a dying technology used by only a few carriers, if the device isn’t designed for VZW’s network, the OEM won’t just throw those radios in the device for good measure.

      • Yea, just seems that VZW and Rodgers would be huge markets for them. Obviously the technology is behind, but the customers are still there. VZW is the biggest cell phone service for Android phones in the US so why not make a compatible phone is there is no rules against it?

        • EDNYLaw

          It would, but putting in an LTE chip is a battery killer. If they’re not going ot use LTE then they’re not going to put it in. However, as someone over on XDA pointed out, these images surfacing are from users in different countries. Countries that may not have CDMA or LTE. Google/LG isn’t going to put in a CDMA or LTE chip for every conceivable spectrum for both in a non-production model. If VZW gets the phone, it’ll have LTE, if it doesn’t have LTE, VZW won’t sell it. However, with the non-production model specs confirmed, I’ll be passing on this device anyway unless it gets stepped up for production. 8GB of storage? Seriously? My 32GB is just perfect, though I wouldn’t argue with 64GB and a non-removable battery is a no go. I pop my battery out when I bootloop all the time, plus I have a couple extras, not that I really need them for my GNex because Franco’s kernels are amazing on battery, but I like knowing that if I expect to be away from a charger for a LONG time, I can pop in a new battery.

  • People really like that the sparkly bling on the back? Meh…

  • Bionic

    Pass, motorola please

  • Bionic

    why a different body?

  • UrDoGG

    I was a little worried when I saw the pics with the iPhone-ish looking case, but after seeing these photos it’s all good. It does look like a thinner GNEX. Though, I’m still concerned about the amount internal storage and rumor of a non-removable battery. I will be eligible for an upgrade in November, so if it comes to Verizon, then I would seriously consider it.

  • MikeCiggy

    Was hoping for the word Nexus on the back… why with Google…

  • cobjones

    Actually looks very very nice.. I think LG just won over some people.

  • red014

    I LOVE that back panel.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Drool… Nerd-Gasm! =O

  • Luxferro

    Can’t wait to upgrade and be rid of my galaxy nexus’ crappy radios. samsung devices just seem to have the weakest wireless on them.

  • bitch_please

    That is one extremely sexy device. Much, much better looking than previous nexus’s. Can’t wait.

    • I just can’t get over the beadazzling on the back. Looks like something for a tween girl. =/

  • jimmyk0789

    @droid_life I’m not sure if anyone else pointed this out but looking at this I BELIEVE THERE MIGHT BE MORE THEN ONE NEXUS PHONE. The back of the phone says (with Google)
    Instead of just Google like the other nexus phones and the with Google was mainly used for stock android devices (g1, droid1, g2, g2x) I know the droid X and thunderbolt had it but I don’t think many others did except stocked androids

  • Oh how cute, the back is all sparkly……………… ….

  • Kheir Francis

    not a bad looking phone, though for sure asus would be producing the next nexus, but Im sure LG wont dissapoint.

    • ASUS aren’t good at phones really. Not their department.

      • i dunno… i really like the padfone…

        • Never tried it (not even seen it for sale in the UK), but I didn’t really like the design. Was a bit…bland.

  • Jacob Svonavec

    3500mah battery??

    • Bunklung

      From the picture, the back cover might be non-removable. So it better be huge battery!

  • OafleyJones

    Well that’s disappointing.

  • R Ras

    I’m on an OG Droid right now. I was thinking of getting a SGS3, but I think I’ll wait for this phone

  • Ron

    all rumors abt the specs n makes.. any news on the pricing?

  • NexusMan

    I think the phone looks fine, but am disapointed in the resemblance to the G Nex. If I were to switch phones, I do want a different, “better” design from my last.

  • KRS_Won

    I might consider buying my first LG phone. Has to be LTE, CDMA, and GSM all in one.
    ..Not bad.
    Since I’m grandfathered-in, I’m still considering the Dev M or dev SGIII. Wish there was more info on the RAZR HD.

  • Jeremy626

    the bottom bezel is HUGE. disappointed…ugh.

    • I think the bottom bezel has to be large so that the keyboard is positioned in an area more easily used by fingers – making it a necessary evil. And I am guessing that a floating type pad eliminates too much screen area at the top.

      • MikeCiggy

        Hope it is equipped with a huge sexy LED in that chin.

      • Paul

        Maybe, but if chins are necessary the phone might as well have capacitive buttons…

    • Steve Benson

      Stop with the bezel comments. You’re an idiot.

      • JetmanFL410

        I agree. Go make your own phone with zero bezel. Or go buy the RAZR M if you are really concerned with your bezel. I could care less about the stupid Bezel

        • LiterofCola

          I agree, such insecurity. I’m actually thinking about getting this if it comes out for verizon

    • Captain_Doug

      Looks smaller than the one on the Gnex. Good enough for me.

      • C-Law

        Looks larger to me

        • Captain_Doug

          Oh missed one. I took another look and I agree. the bottom bezel does look slightly larger. Forgot to edit this comment to say “whoops”.

    • It has to be, for functional reasons. The GNex had a similar bezel, what’s so wrong now?

    • Valayil Abraham

      I agree. It looks out of proportion. Hope this is not the final look.

  • if this comes with 32 gb of storage i am sold

  • billy routh

    Holy giant bezel, Batman

  • I’m really liking the back bling. I just wish they’d use metal and glass rather than plastic.. Hopefully $299 price tag and VZW! But that seems like a long-shot.

  • Matthew Merrick

    my god that back cover looks hideous. >_< looks like my sister's purse, not a cellphone.

    • UrDoGG

      I agree, that is the only thing I am not crazy about with the overall design.

  • Jon

    hell of a bezel on the bottom considering no capacitive buttons

  • Have a look at the Linux Kernel. It’s 3.4 instead of 3.0.x like in current Jelly Bean versions. Interesting detail worth mentioning.

    • Linux kernel is on 3.6 now I believe, so maybe it’ll get updated before release. This does say 3rd September after all.

  • Jon

    Does it look like an LCD screen to anyone else?

  • C-Law

    Very disappointed with the audio jack on top! And huge bottom bezel. I’ll keep my gnex another year

  • andrew galvin

    praying to god this thing is on VZW.. I would def buy this phone assuming it has > 16 gb and LTE.