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Google Gesture Search Updated – Works on Nexus 7, UI Improvements, and Faster Performance


Google updated their Gesture Search app this morning, making it compatible with tablets such as the Nexus 7. They also improved performance, tweaked the UI, allow for custom actions on contacts, make searching for contacts without phone numbers a reality, and more.

One thing to keep in mind, is that Gesture Search is a great option for those who have had their on-device search killed thanks to lawsuits with Apple.

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Cheers Timothy!

  • Pete

    Gesture Search has just been updated today (8 Oct 2012 version 2.0.1) in Google Play so it now installs on Nexus 7 and Xoom.

  • Mei

    I love this app and used it daily on my phone. Good to see they have finally update it.

    If you constantly uninstall/reinstall apps, be sure to run an ‘Refresh Index’ once in while to keep performance top notch.

  • Dan

    I don’t get it. I have never searched my phone for anything. What are you all searching for that you don’t know where it is? That said, it’s a cool looking app.

  • vitriolix

    Wow, they really did improve this a lot.

    • NexusMan

      Havent played with it much yet….what did they improve?

  • NexusMan

    It’s about time. This was one of my favorite apps when I 1st switched to Android, but haven’t used it at all as of late. I’ve found that it’s actually a lot faster for on device search than the Google Search Bar. HOPEFULLY Google has THIS patented.

  • PC_Tool


  • fixxmyhead

    DP that is all

  • eric

    I went to download and it says that it is not compatible with my version. Using nexus 7 tablet

  • N8shon

    No dice. Nexus 7 says “Not Compatible” still.

  • Nlsme

    One of my favorite apps. Been using it since the DroidX. I use Apex, and have this as my swipe down gesture. So, I unlock the phone, swipe down on a home screen, draw at max 3 letters, and there is my app I’m looking for. Love it.

  • sc0rch3d

    is there a way to initiate actions on a GNEX via voice without having to touch your device?

    one thing i miss about my OG Droid was that i could start typing from basically anywhere and it would initiate a search. for instance saying “google” on Google Now is pretty cool, but only once you unlock your device / open the app / then use it.

    I want to pick up my device and say “Google – google google” without a single tap

    • That would probably be a battery hog. I remember my ancient moto flip phone had a hardware button I could press to voice dial..I miss that.

  • Funny, it thinks the D is a P in the above image.

    • j__h

      I do not think so…

      Look at the bottom clearly there is a P there.

      It seems the D is still processing.

      • bitpimpin

        Ur right… I didn’t realize that until I installed the app and realized how it works… and to be honest I’m kind of disappointed with the integration (or dare I say lack of) in this app. I was kind of hoping for an app I wouldn’t have to specifically launch; one that would let me start “gesture searching” from the home screen, from within the dialer, etc… after all, I thought features/apps like this were designed to save u steps/make life easier, not add extra steps

        • NexusMan

          It’s not that big of a deal. Place an icon on your homescreen and tap it. Same amount of steps as tapping the Google Search bar. I haven’t used this update yet on my Nexus 7, but in regards to the older version, on my phone, I’ve found it to be faster at on device search than the Google Search bar.

          • michael arazan

            I know chrome has gesture search, but does the JellyBean have gesture search for phone or tablet.

          • NexusMan

            Only through this app, and of course also directly on the Google site

    • bitpimpin

      Haha I know, right? I spent like 10 mins staring at it trying to figure out what was going on

  • James

    This seems to be working just fine on my Gnex also

    • mjmedstarved


  • Raider015

    Nexus 7 is greyed out on Play for me

    • Booyah


    • David Meckes


    • jeesung


      incompatible with both my Nexus 7 & Xoom 🙁

  • This is shibby!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I used to use it when I had my OG EVO… it’s cool… it works… but it just isn’t a big deal to me