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Samsung to Announce Galaxy SIII Mini in Germany on October 11?

Today, Samsung Germany has started to send out invites to the press for a special announcement that many are assuming to be for the Galaxy S3 Mini. The Mini, which was first rumored in August, is said to sport the same overall look of the Galaxy S3, but come in a 4″ form factor and be powered by Jelly Bean and a dual-core processor. As for invite itself, it most certainly pokes at the idea of a Galaxy S3 Mini.

Something small will be really big. Get ready for a little sensation.

As for this thing coming to the States, there’s no word yet. We’ll have to wait until the 11th to find out anymore info. Would be kind of nice to see this phone in a smaller variant possibly.


Via: Phandroid

  • Muhehe

    If the new phone they are announcing has 4in 16:9 screen, apple is gonna sue samsung for having 4in screen…infringing upon the screen size patent just like how samsung make a rounded corner rectangular phone…LOL

  • Greyhame

    sounds like a good idea.. not everyone is in for a 5″ screen. 4.65″ is my sweet spot.

  • the GS3 is too small in my hands as it is. wished i could have waited for the galaxy note II

  • Davros

    I don’t know. Are they sure nobody has magically obtained a patent on 4 inch screens? 😉

  • Diablo81588

    Mmmm sensation..

  • tu3218

    my gf will love this news. She loves my sgs3 but doesn’t like the huge screen, so if this comes to verizon. she can ditch that damn iphone.

    btw..since upgrading to ios6, her phone has been freezing constantly. shes ready for a switch.

    • michael arazan

      I hear a lot of people in android and other forums bitching about screens being to large, like Engadget, verge, and some android sites (less at android sites). The people say the phone is too big for their hands, and so on if it’s over 4″..
      Bigger screens are great IMO, especially for watching videos and games. I’m 6’2 and i can do everything holding my Gnex in one hand, form factor is nice. I’d like to try an SG3, cause I really don’t see why people are complaining about size unless they are the izombies that feed off apple’s rectum

  • Trueblue711

    Good move, Samsung. A lot of people really love my S3, but they always say it’s a little too big for their liking. Hopefully it’s a 4.3″ screen, it makes a difference.

  • Trevor

    Not gonna lie, that quote from the invite sounds like they’re about to unveil a vibrator.

    • lye

      I think I would be interested.

  • I think I would be interested. My GS3 is just a little too big for my liking.

  • Good for all the people asking for a high end 4″ device. Personally using an international Galaxy Note that I love after flashing JB Paranoid Android, so not interested, but good for the ecosystem and skinny pants users 😉
    This one maybe is not 100% high end, but will easily fight the iPhone 5 if priced right (I guess that this is the idea, same dimensions).

  • Bewara2009

    Did you said the screen is going to be 4″ .. oh boy get ready for Apple lawsuit…

    • tlennon

      Soooooooooo tired of apple lawsuit jokes

      • John Davids

        ^this. get over it, folks.

  • UncleFan

    Needs to be 4.3″, 4″ is too small for a mid range phone now.

  • paul_cus

    I like this development, always liked small phones.

  • KB26

    What’s so gross is that people are willing to line up for the iPhone 5.

  • Diablo81588

    Question is, will it be HD?

  • HerroMoto

    Answer to the last question: not at all.


  • lye

    Oh my god it’s a miracle.

  • Interesting…