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Lockitron Aims to Manage Your Home Door Locks From Anywhere in the World


Are you ready for the future of home door locks? Lockitron is introducing a new WiFi front door lock system that should work seamlessly with your existing front door lock, turning it into a home security system that can be managed from anywhere in the world via phone. Unlike other tech-inspired locks, this doesn’t replace your lock, it simply slips over top of it and is then managed through an Android app or web interface. 

Once installed, you can use your Android smartphone (or any mobile phone for that matter) to unlock your door easily through an app or via text message. You can manage users who have access to it, specify a time for those users to have access, maintain that list of users via web interface, unlock or lock using that same interface, or use Bluetooth 4.0 at your door, so that you don’t even have to take your phone out. The Lockitron app will even notify you if someone has knocked on your door, thanks to a sensor inside. Oh, it does NFC too.

This new Lockitron is not out yet, but you can reserve one today for $149. This reservation means you will be a part of the first batch to go out in March 2013. So you know, you aren’t charged the $149 today, but are instead holding a spot in line. It comes in 3 color variations, so hopefully one will match your current decor.

Via:  Lockitron

Cheers Jared!

  • Willard Potter

    I was just looking at their full deadbolt model a few weeks ago but the $250 turned me away.. I see no mention for compatibility with deadbolts that use a key on both sides though. Kinda doubting it would be possible without leaving a key in the lock maybe?

  • digitalicecream

    This will only work if your door is perfectly aligned, if your deadbolt rubs, you’re locked out. Crappy homebuilders…

  • SeanBello

    Unikey is better, cheaper (think it starts at $99), doesn’t have the weird SMS thing, you can send temporary keys to people, and it supposedly will start shipping this month.

  • this thing is nothing more than a wifi toy with a motor that spins. $150? What a rip off

  • BigLa

    I had been contemplating getting the deadbolt version of this over the past few weeks, but the $295 price tag seemed steep. Now that it’s discontinued, seems my decision is easy. Definitely in for $150

    • i disagree. 150 is still way too high for this device. Considering you could get the whole shebang at home depot for under 100. you cant control it by phone but this thing is just absurdly overpriced given its nothing more than a wifi toy that spins your lock.

      i need to make this for $50 and i’d still be making a good profit

      • John

        My thoughts exactly

      • BigLa

        Well considering the only other similar products, like the Schlage and Kwikset Z-Wave options, are all 150+, the pricing seems about right to me. Factor in that you don’t need a Z-wave controller as you do with the others, and you actually come out ahead. If I want to rid myself of house keys, which I do, this is as good an option as any.

  • moelsen8

    wait, so what about the bottom lock on the handle/knob?


    Am I the only one creeped out by that dude’s chest hair?

  • mmoreimi

    who knocks on doors? I use the doorbell…

  • a.youth.in.Asia

    A certain knocking sequence can also unlock it, if you forgot your keys at the office and your phone is locked in the car

  • Butters619

    I was going to make one of these for a microprocessor class I took, but I was far too lazy and I didn’t actually have to make it to get an A.

  • Brian

    1. Create a kickstarter project
    2. Don’t use an existing standard like z-wave
    3. fail hard

  • Stephen Vanderwarker

    I am a little worried about the whole SMS thing. That’s sketchy. If you can disable that I will look more into it. Haven’t really read a lot about it except some Reddit comments. Looks promising. I love home integration. Smart homes are the future in my opinion

    • michael arazan

      You should see the article about bill gates home, freaking incredible automation he has, i read an article back in 2003, and it was state of the art. Can only imagine what it is now.
      Also it would be easier for thieves to break into houses easier, sooner or later word leaks out from employees on exploits and good hackers will create a keycard or scanners like with credit cards that’ll read the code or info.

  • master94

    Very impressive.

  • shawn

    What about the door knob, this is only for your deadbolt.. Noway

  • nightscout13

    How secure is it though?

    • I think a thief will take a rock to a window before he hacks your door lock man..

      • nightscout13

        Quite right, except an insurance company will not grant a claim, if there is no sign of break-in.

        • more than likely you would have a log of the last time the unit was accessed if they were really that picky. But, I think you are mistaken anyway. People rob houses with stolen keys all the time and I have never heard of problems with a claim going through

      • michael arazan

        Is it more secure than having a specific key that I control and the only person who has it, so it cant be copied?
        And breaking a window is very loud, especially with homes with the double pain energy saving windows.

        • Yes…to void out a lost key you have to change your locks, with this you simply press …void.

  • nightscout13

    No NFC integration? WHYYYYYY

    • WHYYYYY cant you read? is does have NFC too!

      Yes! Our Android uses a Lockitron NFC tag which triggers a command to toggle your Lockitron. Once we know how many Lockitrons to make, we will send out a survey asking whether or not you would like a Lockitron NFC tag at no extra charge.

      • nightscout13

        Are you with the company? Thanks for pointing that out, i should have finished reading.

    • Ben

      From their website:
      Yes! Our Android using a Lockitron NFC tag which triggers a command to toggle your Lockitron. Once we know how many Lockitrons to make, we will send out a survey asking whether or not you would like a Lockitron NFC tag at no extra charge.

  • Warren G

    Oh good they finally seemed to have dropped the price from $400.

  • joe

    Then there’s an increase of homes broken into by hacker thieves or regular thieves when the user issues accidental unlock commands.

    • Hunter

      People who occasionally forget to lock their doors without Lockitron are also susceptible to regular thieves.

  • Cool…until everyone starts using it…and then it gets a virus…and then all the doors around the entire globe unlock simultaneously…and then thieves run rampant in the streets looting every house the pass…and then chaos ensues…then total anarchy…etc…

    But other than that…it’s pretty cool 🙂

    • Hunter

      You don’t get out of the house much do you?

      • Hoo Chee

        he accidently locked himself in and is waiting for that global unlock virus to get him out.

    • 1bad69z28

      I wonder if this is the same company that presented this same technology on “Shark Tank” Hmmm interesting.

  • ChuckDz3

    I’m curious to see if you can block key access for those unwanted apartment maintenance guys going inside while you are not home. That would be awesome.

    • Hunter

      Probably not, since having a key would mean you could apply whatever force you are capable of turning the key with and it doesn’t look like it would be sturdy enough to stand up to that. At least you would get a notification.

      Also blocking facility staff access to your apartment is most certainly a violation of a lease and they would then not allow lockitron.

    • Mark

      According to the site:
      Lockitron will work even if the internet or power go out. And of course, you can always use your original key.

  • We were looking for a system like this at our second home in Illinois.

    • been

      I have something similar to this on my Porsche.

      • Hunter

        My dog has an embedded microchip. nbd

        • KleenDroid

          I send a text to my wife and she does what I want her to do.

          • Big Johnson

            I also send a text to your wife and she does what i want her to do.

          • KleenDroid

            With this product I will be able to deny your future access. And if not at least I’ll get a text.