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Gmail Now Allows Searching for Text Inside Attachments

Today, Google is indexing all of your Gmail attachments and allowing you to pull up search results based on text that is inside these documents. Previously, users could only search for file types, document names, or the text that came along in the message that had the document attached. This should certainly help a few people out who can’t seem to find that important file.

Results may vary as Google has just begun listing out the data, but I tested it on a .txt file and it worked like a charm. It is said to work for many file types including PDF, DOC, PPT, and more. Thanks, Google!

Via: Life Hacker | Google System

  • steve bentley

    Hasn’t yahoo mail had this functionality for years?

  • JB

    Why do we need a separate “gmail” app? Wouldn’t it be better to just have the “gmail” app features integrated into the “email” app? Why do you want me to use two separate apps when one will do? Why, Google, Why!

  • Read that as “GMail now looks inside and reads your attachments”.

  • PC_Tool

    “anything on emptying trash altogther yet.?”
    “Where’s the Delete All feature?”


    You people just figured out Google is scraping your personal information? Really? Just now? Wow.

    Ya know, somehow I don’t think anyone, especially Google, gives a crap what’s in your attachments….but you might: Hence, the new ability to search them.

    Enjoy! (But do feel free to over-react and jump ship in some overly dramatic (and futile) attempt to restore your “privacy”…if only for the purposes of entertaining others with your stories on how you’ve stuck it to “The Man”)

  • Tyler Casilio

    Where’s the Delete All feature? What about that?

  • fauxshizzl

    As much as I love DL (and I do) how come you guys are so far behind Android news? I read this article on 4 other blogs (that do not revolve around Android and Google) hours ago. I really don’t mean to complain, but it just seems strange a website dedicated to all things Android is always the last to post anything relevant to it. I always come here to read your take on the articles I already read elsewhere as they are usually the best, but it just isn’t “news” anymore by that point, but a different opinion on it. Not trolling, just curious.

  • flosserelli

    Google had better patent this before some *other* company tries to.

    And for all you paranoid people worried about privacy issues…don’t email anything that you wouldn’t want seen on a billboard ad. Email has ruined the professional & private lives of many people. Don’t be one of them.

  • Sambi

    for a second i thought there is a new app called “Gmail Now”

  • JoshGroff

    Time to put on the tin foil hats.

  • Ri

    anything on emptying trash altogther yet.?

  • eddieonofre

    privacy issues alert?

  • josby

    That’s cool, but I wish they’d work on substring searching of regular mail contents instead. It’s a pain not being able to find an email because you can only remember how the first part of the word was spelled (e.g. an unusual name). I can’t believe they still haven’t implemented this.

  • Yet we still can’t control zoom…

    • michael arazan

      if you go inside the settings of your phone you can adjust the screen’s text size.
      Settings–Display–Font Size

      • That doesn’t help at all with large images in HTML emails.

  • Just wanted to say this. I’ve used an iPhone quite a bit (playing around with my moms), and the Gmail app for Android absolutely destroys the e-mail app in iOS. Much like the rest of iOS, it’s very dated feeling and very limited.

  • Wow, getting a lil personal aren’t they

    • Seriously, do you have any idea how much info Google has on you, and THIS bothers you?

  • I love Google.

    • Agreed. I’ve pretty much signed my life over to Google. I use every one of their amazing services. If they flipped the switch and decided to go full on evil, I’d be screwed.

      • PC_Tool

        Thankfully, the very thought of that happening is, well….laughable.

        • It’s not so laughable to some of my Apple fanatic friends. One of my friends is a serious Apple fan and is convinced Google is trying to take over the world and waiting to “flip the switch” and take over the government.

          • PC_Tool

            Ok, I’ll narrow it down a bit:

            Laughable to all but the mentally unstable and those forced to interact with them. 😉