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The Next Nexus Phone, What I Want to See

If today’s rumor is true, and Google does plan to unveil the next Nexus phone in October, then I can’t help but start putting together a list of features I hope to see. To be honest though, my list isn’t huge, however, there are some things I must have in order for me to feel really good about purchasing this phone. Because after all, I will be purchasing this phone, no matter what. Overall, I really just want Google to take pride in hardware for once, along with focusing on the bells and whistles of software. 


I actually do not care if LG, HTC, or Samsung make the next Nexus. I have to admit that I would be somewhat disappointed if it were to be Sony, as the designs of their phones, in my opinion, have been some of the ugliest in the business for years now. Motorola would be welcomed, but their name hasn’t been included in even one of the Nexus rumors that have come out over the last few months. I’d prefer HTC if they could build anything close to the quality of the One X. They aren’t likely to produce the phone though, so that leaves us with LG and Samsung. While I’m still in love with the overal design of the Galaxy Nexus and wouldn’t be disappointed with a slight re-hash, it feels like it’s time for some new blood to enter the Nexus game, which is why I’d prefer LG at this point. If the design is anything like the Optimus G, I’d be more than happy.


Display tech on smartphones has come a long way, even since the Galaxy Nexus launched with the first ever HD Super AMOLED display last November. It’s crazy to think that as one of the first 720p displays in the business, it is now looked down upon as not being one of the best in less than year. Samsung has now improved the HD Super AMOLED so much, that it is no longer PenTile and is noticeably better than the one on the G-Nex. LG is using True HD IPS+ LCD panels with an impressive pixel density and Sharp is ready to start mass producing 5″ 1080p panels, that are likely first headed to HTC.

For the next Nexus, I don’t necessarily need for it to be 5-inches at a 1080p resolution and with 448ppi. I just want it to look stunning, dump the PenTile arrangement, get incredibly bright, and show colors that pop off the display. LG’s new LCD displays are what I would prefer, since they use an RGB Stripe arrangement, can generate 470 nits of brightness while using less power, and incorporate a new G2 Touch Hybrid Display technology that makes it seem like you are actually touching whatever is on your display.

As far as size goes, the Galaxy Nexus and its 4.65″ display are as big as I would like to see. And to me, that’s only bearable because the navigation buttons are on-screen, giving the display about 4.3″ of usable space. With the Galaxy S3 and One X, which have hardware navigation buttons, their 4.7″ and 4.8″ displays are too big for my liking.


The 5MP camera on the Galaxy Nexus is one of the worst in recent history. Well, you could also argue that stock Android’s camera software is partially to blame. The reason I bring that up, is because the HTC One X has arguably one of the best smartphone cameras ever, but with stock Android on it, it’s camera immediately turns to garbage.

So for the next Nexus, Google needs to focus on not only putting in a quality sensor, but also fixing camera software. Samsung and HTC are changing the way smartphone cameras function with impressive new feature sets in their custom skins, so I would love nothing more than for Google to adopt some of them. Make it an 8MP camera, fine tune the stock camera settings, give me burst mode, and better sharing capabilities.

Build Materials

Please Google, do not make the next Nexus out of pure plastic. Apple is over there tossing in fine metals, glass, and polish, while each Nexus phone seems to be made of some of the cheapest materials on Earth. And this is why we would love for HTC to produce a Nexus, because they are taking materials seriously with ceramics and fancy “microarc oxidation” processes. Just give me a uni-body design and don’t use flimsy plastic.


Since the phone likely won’t have a carrier partner at launch, we are looking at having to buy it at full retail directly from Google. Hopefully Google sticks to their Nexus 7 approach and makes the phone ultra-affordable. The Galaxy Nexus is still available for $350, which if you haven’t figured out already, is a steal for an unlocked phone. Give me everything above in a sub-$400 package and you’ve got yourself a winner.


Aside from those 5 things, I would of course, love to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, a 2500+ mAh battery, NFC, LTE, etc. These things are all sort of standard these days (or are about to be), so they aren’t receiving their own section. But please Google, let’s not go OMAP this time around.

In somewhat realistic terms, what would your next Nexus be?

  • Scott Haggerty

    I agree with everything on your list but would add a radio with ALL frequencies so it would be a one time purchase that can be used on GSM & CDMA w/LTE anywhere!
    Ah, good to have dreams!

  • i might be the minority but i think sony’s newer designs are some of the most appealing ones, and that motorola’s designs, from the OG droid to the RAZR M are some of the ugliest.

    • trumpet444

      The OG was a robot, not a princess

    • SeanBello

      I’m with you on that one. can’t stand the RAZR designs. I don’t like sharp angles. it hurts when you’re reading for awhile.

  • NYAvsFan

    I mainly want a better battery. Take a hint from the Razor Maxx. Even with custom roms and kernels my phone’s battery life is horrible.

  • Everything else can remain, but I just want a better camera and better radios than the Gnex. Those are the two things, and the only two things I would definitely want upgraded. I would like HTC quality cam and optics, and Moto quality radios. Or at least something that doesn’t have the poor (though functional) voice quality of the Gnex. And yes, I’m rooted and have been running the latest radios. Not much difference.

    Cam and radios. Upgrade those please. Thanks!

  • Alexander Garcia

    OOOHHHH GAWD YES!!! Bring it LG! Make it all happen! =)

  • I think its time we see a Nexus with a keyboard…just saying…OG Droid was a hit..lets bring it back!

    • Brendon Martin

      Boo. Learn to type on the screen like the big kids.

  • Lizz.0

    Here here!!

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    What i want more than anything is for it to drive the GNex price in half.
    I still need a travel phone thanks to VZ’s network and getting a GNex for $175 or so would be awesome

  • woobaker

    and a AMAZING camera..not a meh this will do pos

  • Everything you said, with removable battery and micro sd slot.

  • Rick Lopez

    I hope the next Nexus phone removes Gmaps and youtube that would make it Super Sweet!

  • Chuck Finley

    If the LG Optimus G is going to be the design on the LG Nexus, let’s lower that bottom bezel and get some more screen real estate, especially since it would be a Nexus with no need for room for hardware buttons.

    I haven’t owned an LG phone since the enV and the Dare so I’m interested in how LG smartphones look, feel, and perform…

    Although, I wouldn’t mind seeing two options for Nexus, this year…a “regular” option by LG and a phablet option from HTC.

  • What’s wrong with plastic? I hate metal 🙂 Seriously, my fingernails touching my OG Droid’s back then always gave me those goosebump moments. No such problems with the GNex.

    Also, I love the Sony designs! But their phones suck.

    For the camera, low-night sensitivity trumps everything. I would rather they stick with 5MP, but give us a super low-noise, low-night sensitive sensor. Of course, 8MP will be better.

    But what I want the most is more than 1 Nexus phones. Please, give us more than 1 choices!

  • Honestly, I’d love for Motorola to be a contender with its Razr M hardware design. Just bump up the screen size and keep it edge-to-edge.

    • Captain_Doug

      And get rid of that double chin.

      • hkklife

        Give me a Moto Nexus phablet with a 5″ 1080p screen, JB 4.2, RAZR MAXX-style monster battery, microHDMI output, S4 Pro , 2Gb RAM, and 32Gb (if not 64) internal storage.

        • Bump that down to under 5″ and I’d probably buy.

  • Ethan Ash

    When you said “unibody” I cringed. Unless battery life is completely maxed out (we’re talking RAZR MAXX territory) I really want the option to swap batteries. To me that doesn’t come at the exclusion of good materials. However, the openness of the Nexus name makes me really want the ability to swap batteries – it’s a life saver as a college student who can just pop in a battery in the evening and head back out at 100%.

    • SA_NYC

      I totally agree with Ethan. I don’t think I could live with a non-swappable battery, especially the way my G-Nex gulps power. I misplaced my spare for two weeks recently, and it drove me nuts.

      • Brent Cooper

        I had the G-nex for 6 months. I was swapping batteries about 4-5 times per day. Now I have the maxx and it lasts me most all of the day. So I agree that a phone with non removable battery definitely needs battery in the Maxx range.

    • brando56894

      It’s a give and take scenario: for it to be uni-body it would need to have a MASSIVE battery like the one in the MAXX for it to be worth it since you wouldn’t really need an extended battery at that point. My Rezound has a horrible stock battery (1650 mAH) and the extended battery is worthy (2850 mAH) but the back cover is loose (yes it’s the official VZW one) and it completely destroys the look and feel of the phone so I rarely ever use it. Uni-body doesn’t have to mean that the battery is non-removable, it should just mean it isn’t quickly removable like the Nexus 7 as opposed to certain iDevices that have glued and soldered in batteries. You should be able to buy a new battery if you want to, because as we all know battery life goes down the tubes 6-12 months after you buy the phone and it may be time to swap in a fresh one.

  • I would like to have a phone that has great battery life.

  • Tim

    The next Nexus must support Verizon’s LTE as AT&T’s network (both LTE and HSPA+) has gone into the toilet since being phlooded with GS3s and iFone5s.

  • Asimoalex

    Really another one the galaxy nexus isn’t even a year old?
    Don’t get me wrong I will buy the new one but really? I know they bought Motorol , but damm

    • But the Galaxy Nexus WILL be a year old soon enough.

      • Asimoalex

        Still though it’s gonna be like the bionic razr fiasco again

        • What? How? The Nexus One, Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus were all released at around 11-12 months after the previous… That’s what people expect! It’s absolutely not like the Bionic/RAZR thing, the RAZR was released like a month after the Bionic! Little bit of a difference there…

    • HTC1

      who cares!!! I wish they would release new phones every day. Why do people say “too soon”??? I don’t get it. I’m sick of waiting for stuff. I want everything NOW!!!!!

  • strikeir13

    CDMA support, better battery life, YES better camera, and better OEM accessory support

  • Naga Appani

    F**k, I hate LG.. I cannot think LG being nexus… Oh no….

  • MatthewSimmons

    Better screen and better camera.

  • I was mostly happy with the Galaxy Nexus, but had a few issues:

    1) The phone’s quality felt cheap. I’d like some metal on it this time around.
    2) The camera is god-awful. But a decent camera on the damn thing!
    3) The battery issue was fixed with the cheap extended battery option (which I appreciated), just make sure that mistake isn’t done again.
    4) The speaker is TERRIBLE! Too quiet, small, and tinny sounding. I miss my OG Droid’s speakers 🙁

    Other than that, I still maintain the GNex is the best phone available right now. The S3 is getting a bit too big for some people’s tastes, and the GNex hit’s that sweet spot of size/performance/price.

    • billy routh

      If the S3 is to big and the Nexus is the best phone then why is the S3 out selling all phones? I have both but have barely touched the Nexus sense getting the S3 because Samsung just adds so much more to the usefulness of android

      • It’s my opinion. Of course the S3 is outselling the Nexus…it’s a newer phone and being advertised all over the place.

    • Mustang5Oh

      I just left the GNex for the SGS3 and you might be a little crazy. The GNex is a great device minus it’s few flaws as you listed but it is 100% not the best phone out right now. The SGS3 is one example of an overall better device like it or not.

  • edge to edge display, curved glass, LCD would be a letdown IMO, but with the onscreen buttons, it may be a must have. slimmer design, aluminum body. i want iphone build quality with android software…best of both worlds. quad core, 2gb ram, 32gb, 8+ mp camera with some new software, then the typical NFC/gyro ect.

  • BustNHeadsDaily

    Removable Battery!!!!!!

  • Tutunkari

    Tegra3, 2GB RAM, 4.5″ screen, 32GB internal, SD Card, oh and a version not bastardized by Verizon. I’d prefer not built by LG because I find their phones to be hideous. Give us another HTC Nexus.

    • Captain_Doug

      Why Tegra 3? If this phone will be released in 2013, then Wayne, would be a much better pick. A15 processor, Directx11 GPU, and 28nm die. Due Q1 of 2013. Dream big my friend.

    • zaxwashere

      why settle for a tegra 3?

      I’d rather have an s4 dual than the tegra and with the s4 quads on the horizon i see no point in the tegra 3

  • Jeff Tycz

    I would like to see better battery life from a nexus. All the other manufacturers can seem to do so why cant google

    • Diablo81588


  • Cipher Zero

    In completely unrelated (but important) news, a vulnerability in the Android OS was uncovered where users would unknowingly activate a malicious code by clicking on what appears to be a phone number, after clicking it, it activates a code that will wipe your device. No Android device was able to tell the difference between phone numbers and USSD. Google has issued a fix, although I’m not sure how many, if any devices received the fix yet (I have a Nexus 7, but none of my phones are Nexus devices, simply Android phones that I’ve rooted and ROMed. For those who would like to read more information, I came across it here:

  • How about a dock that is available the same time the phone is…

    • A-freaking-MEN!

    • Seriously, the accessory game from Android OEMs sucks.

      • Diablo81588

        Except for Motorola 😛

        • brando56894

          The first smartphone that I had was the OG Droid and I bought the media dock (useful) and the car dock (complete rip-off at $50 for a piece of plastic and a suction cup, no charger included like the media dock, but still extremely useful) and used them both constantly. I bought an incredible a year later with my mom’s upgrade and didn’t really care about the docks that much since it was an intermediary phone and I’d be getting rid of it in 6-9 months.

          When I bought the Rezound on launch day I asked the VZW Rep if I could get the dock along with it and his response was “we don’t have any, I don’t think they make any for it.” which made me sad. The media dock was awesome because it doubled as an alarm clock that you didn’t have to turn on to see the time. I know car docks are available but I’m happy with just placing the phone in my dash area for the moment. I wish all phones adopted the GSM Nexus pogo pins so if you wanted to listen to music and charge your phone all you had to do was plop the phone in, instead of connecting two cables. #FirstWorldProblems

      • TG

        my biggest complaint. they could double their money with accessories. apple wins big time here.

    • anon

      And a car dock, too.

      Phone vendors, listen up. You lose my money every time you introduce a phone that doesn’t have a bedside dock and a car dock. I’m talking to you, Samsung, and you, HTC; I want OEM products as they’re generally made the best.

      I’d like to ditch Motorola for their poor treatment of Bionic, Atrix 4G, Electrify, and Photon 4G owners, and you other vendors are making it much harder to do so.

  • Towelie420

    Quad core Processor. At least 2gb of RAM. At least 8 megapixel camera. And the battery must be removable.

    • *At least* 2 gig of ram? 2 gig would be such an overkill unless you plan to multitask 50+ apps at once. 2 gig would be cool, but 1 gig is plenty and definitely not a deal breaker. I am with you on everything else though!

      • vincet3

        Necessary evil for running ChromeOS front end upon plugging HDMI in..

      • Captain_Doug

        Not true. A Nexus should be around long after most phones released at the same time. 2GB of ram may be more than the average person uses, now but account for heavier users and more strain as phone tech progresses. More is better.

        • Can’t argue there. Don’t get me wrong, given the choice I would definitely go 2gig. I’d just wonder what it’d do to the price. : Especially if sold through VZW… never again will I get a subsidized phone through them.

          • Captain_Doug

            You said it. If Verizon provided a “bring your own phone” plan with an unsubsidzed phone plan, I would be so happy. I hate being in a contract with them though. Never know what crap they’ll pull. I’m not sure the price would be too affected by another gig of ram. My bet, less than $10. I’d be willing to pay it. If it was like $50 though, yeah, I may pass.

      • trumpet444

        Remember hearing this in the 90’s? ……….”A 1GB hard drive!?? You’ll never use that much space!!”…….. Not disagreeing with you, but with some of these games today, give it a few months

  • I personally would love to see a moto nexus… their build quality in my opinion is second to none.. other than that I would prefer quad core, 2 gigs of ram, a great big battery (razr maxx) and on verizion…

    • Daniel Rosseau

      What you said, but all carriers. And I really want 32gigs instead of 16….I hate worrying about space when I’m shooting video. But honestly I love the Gnex minus the average battery life….I want a phone that will easily last two days!


    Same size, NFC, ALL CARRIERS, plastic is cheap…and durable! I would rather have durability than a broken phone. all other internal specs can be upgraded! how about a Hulk Green color?!

    • I don’t mind plastic either, though the durability of iphone 5’s aluminum body is pretty interesting. I wonder if the signal reception takes a hit with alloy bodied phones?

    • I love Hulk! but don’t know about a green phone lol

    • CopierITGuy

      Not hulk-green, Andy-green!

  • moelsen8

    i miss my og droid speakerphone. i used to use it all the time. the gnex’s speakerphone just flat out sucks. that’s something i want. and radios. hell, why not just say it.. i want moto!

    • MicroNix

      Unless Google seriously cleans Moto up, I don’t want another phone from them. They seriously screwed anyone with a D3 and their craptastic software. Never again until they wipe Motorola off the front and replace it with Google.

  • Captain_Doug

    OMAP wold be fine if it was the 5430… I agree though, current or next gen please.

  • Andrew Remmers

    I’d like to see the edge to edge of the RazrM but with a slightly larger screen 720 or 1080p, good with whatever. NO CRAPPY PLASTIC HOUSING. Same or more storage, with 2gb of ram and a better processor. I personally think the software buttons are a smidge to big as much as I love them.

  • Isn’t the plastic build supposed to help with signal reception? I’ll take plastic any day if it gives me good signal and 4G coverage.

    • hkklife

      Bollocks. My metal OG Droid, Droid X and Bionic ran circles around this rotten Galaxy S3 as far as reception and call quality.

  • Blootzm3

    Galaxy note 2 nexus style. Picture in picture and a free basic case with holster and stand alone stand.

  • I think at least 2 gigs of ram and a large battery, I didn’t realize how much I wanted a big battery until I had the Razr Max.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a 4.5″ device but I know most people think that is too big.

    • Captain_Doug

      4.5″ isn’t too big depending on the bezel. A 4.5″ screen with RAZR M like bezel is only 2.49″ wide. That’s more manageable than some 4″ phones.

  • moelsen8

    woo i live for nexus hypebeasting! bring on nexus season!!! 😛

  • Yes, a screen where whites aren’t slightly yellow, doesn’t suffer from image retention, a radio that can keep a signal and a battery that doesn’t die in 20hrs… while idle.

    • evileclipse

      How old is your nexus? Mine is brand new, and I swear to you that the background on this page is pure white. I hear people talking about yellow screens on the gnex and I’ve never seen anything like that. I have quite a few different screens that I checked it against and it really is the purest white of them all. I am rooted and rom’d , but I never messed with any of those settings before. Maybe that’s it, or maybe newer models don’t have those same problems, but mine surely doesn’t. I have crazy good eyesight, and my nexus screen is absolutely flawless.

  • Adam Cox

    i want to see a RazrM variant for the next nexus. 4.3 screen, edge to edge, with a spec bump on all carriers. Cant stand the fact that phones are getting bigger and bigger.

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    I just want a Super AMOLED display, or at least a display that can display equivalent blacks (not interested in the added contrast). The SLCD2 displays on the One X, quite frankly, suck in that regard. Otherwise I have no qualms, as long as it’s a Nexus, I’m buying it. Though the Galaxy Nexus is gonna be with me for quite some time.

  • elliott9000

    Everything that is in my G-Nexus plus a bigger battery (I dont care if the phone gets thicker as long is it still fits in the docks) and 2gigs of RAM. Also LTE on verizon is a MUST.

  • MikeSaver

    I just hope its on Verizon so I dont have to switch carriers. Who cares if they take forever to update their software when you can just root? But they should stop taking forever to update nexus phones.

    • Anon

      Unless Google does better negotiations with Verizon on how Nexus phone updating works, a Nexus on Verizon is only slightly better than a non-Nexus on Verizon.

      Google should ensure that all Nexus phones can get updates directly from Google, so Verizon doesn’t get to give customers the shaft.

    • brando56894

      My thoughts exactly, I have just recently seen how pitiful AT&Ts service is compared to Verizon’s. My GF has the S3 on AT&T and in a 3G (UMTS/HSPA) area she’ll be lucky to get 1Mbps, meanwhile on Verizon’s 3G (EDRP) I can usually get at least 2 Mbps. Hell even in an AT&T LTE area she was getting ~17-20 Mbps where I was pulling 51 Mbps (insane, I know, I was about to crap my pants lol)

      • Shane

        This is completely dependant on location. It’s quite the opposite in the part of so cal that I live in.

  • I don’t want an LG Nexus, but I do want LG’s “Next-Generation Lithium-Polymer” battery tech in it. That or something similar/better.

  • Alcor34

    I am sure Google will do good software wise…. hoping Verizon sees another Nexus, which i will of course get, Please oh Please make sure the radios are excellent and not like the let-down that Samsung produced.

  • Michael_NM

    Nexus 7 pricing is what I want!

    • Yes, $350 for a phone is a little steep for me. If the price was in the $200 to $250 range then I could really consider a nexus.

      • I think that’s a little unrealistic. $400 for a high end device, off contract is more than fair. You’re asking for contract pricing as full msrp.

        • I know it’s unrealistic…it would just be nice.

        • maynardtwinn

          Why is this unrealistic? Do the radios really cost $200 dollars to put in the phone? This is a legitimate question, are we getting screwed or are the radios really that much?

          • Materials cost is only part of the total cost. The manufacturers still need to make money and pay employees . I think the average high end phone costs ~$200 in materials. That was the figure a year or two ago anyway. I assume it’s more with lte radios, bigger batteries and higher resolution displays.

          • maynardtwinn

            Except that if they follow the model from the Nexus 7 then then sell a phone at little to no profit to make money off the play store. Anyway this is what I would love to see, is the Nexus 7 type pricing on a phone.

          • Paul

            It’s a lot harder to cram everything into a small phone vs a tablet. Also, along with that making sure the placement of antennas will receive good signal and not pick up noise from parts in the phone is important.

            Though I do still think phones are a little overpriced off contract.

      • Baconator

        Really!? Other devices with the same specs cost WAY more than $350 unlocked. $200 is the price of high end phones on contract. Maybe you need to re-think your price points for buying a high end phone. I’m not trying to be mean, just realistic.

      • maynardtwinn

        @Jordan Hotmann you gave in too easily… this is NOT unrealistic. It just requires a change in mindset. The cost of a phone is hidden in the subsidy so there is no downward market force on the price. This is the problem with the contract model we are in, no competition on price = expensive phones.

        • If you have experience in a small business you should know that price wars don’t always benefit the consumer. In fact, it usually leads to lower quality products being a main-stay, and few companies willing to produce higher quality products because the market is so small.

          On top of that, the more low quality Android devices in the market, the worse it is for the entire ecosystem. It’s already having a large effect on Android right now. I feel like we are finally getting out of the “low quality, cheap” stigma. A price war would just throw us back into that category.

          • JB

            So you would argue that the Nexus 7 is lowering the standard for android tablets?

            I also think that fewer devices per manufacturer would allow for higher profits with lower prices. Why do manufacturers feel the need to keep developing/releasing bottom tier phones when there’s last year’s flagship already developed/sourced/etc?

          • That has yet to be seen. It definitely could lower the quality standard. Google is selling the Nexus 7 at a near loss. If other manufacturers try to compete at that price point, without an after sale revenue source, they will have to lower the quality of the materials they use.

            I think we all know how terrible the $80, off-brand tablets are. They create a distaste for Android tablets because of the horrible experience they provide.

      • JB

        Picked up a brand new Pantech Burst a week ago for $100 off contract. Not the top dog in the Android pile but it’s blistering fast and is getting ICS in another week or so.

    • moelsen8

      yeah seriously. if they can price it at $400 (or lower of course) on the play store like the gnex was,.. instant buy for me.

      • r0lct

        This is why I could live with a spec bump Gnex for the hope of a cheap phone. If they could fix all the GNex faults (battery, camera, radio) and put in their new non-pentile screen like the Note 2 and keep it at $400 I could live with the plastic.

        • Greyhame

          don’t forget weak speaker. before ROM’ing, I could never hear the damn thing.

    • Cipher Zero

      That’d be great! I’d love to buy a phone outright for less than $300, but I doubt it’ll happen as there are still the radios (GSM, HSPA+, CDMA, LTE, you kjow, whatever carrier you happen to be on if you live in the U.S.).
      If they do actually put out a Nexus phone for $300 or less, I think we would quickly see all kinds of sales records being broken. Some subsidized phones cost more than that. Insurance for a phone over two years can cost not much less than that. I wouldn’t hold my breath, but we can always hope!

      • brando56894

        It would be awesome if they did make the Nexus have a multi-band radio that worked on every network, I know some phones can already do that (for example my Rezound), but it would be awesome to know that if you hate the carrier that you’re with you have the safety of knowing that you can keep your phone and just switch to another network without having to drop hundreds of dollars on a new phone, even if it’s the exact same device as what you currently have, just with a different radio. One phone to rule them all! 😀

    • Spencer

      I’m such a noob for asking this question…

      Anyway, if I were to buy the 400 dollar version (unlocked) of the Galaxy Nexus (or the new Nexus phone when it comes out), could I then use that as my phone for Verizon instead of my Bionic, even though my contract goes until next summer? (This, of course, assumes that Verizon is a carrier of the next Nexus phone).

  • Look there goes a unicorn. O_o News must be slow.

  • goatodoom

    I hope it has another row of apps on the homescreen.

    • Matt Tithof

      Agreed. Loved to see a Gnex 2 with a taller screen :p

      • PC_Tool

        You joke, but get rid of the wasted space on the top and bottom and expand the screen a bit? (along with getting rid of PenTile..)

        It’d be yummy.

        • michael arazan

          Absolutely take advantage of the space on the face of the phone, I believe that motorola is finally trying to with an edge to edge display, but all edges with minimal bezel. Also more battery, especially if the better high quality screens like the new sharp will eat energy. Green technology is just not at the point yet to really save energy yet, especially on small devices.

    • Nex


    • John
    • #winning

    • +1

    • CopierITGuy

      I just spit my sweet tea on my monitor!!!

    • amazing

    • The Phallus Nexus

    • Post of the day. Right there. 😛

    • S.Ober

      I’m hoping for ear pods.

    • Lte_Addict


  • Dustin Wen

    Zero bezel would be amazing

    • Yes, that would amazing

    • For sure. I really like what Motorola did with the Razr M.

      • azndan4

        You gotta be kidding me. Zero bezel? How about the giant chins at the top and the bottom? And even the part that is arguably “edge to edge” is barely any better than what HTC or Samsung puts out.

        • benb70

          Personally, I like the chins/raised bezel. It protects the screen, and, from a recent encounter my Bionic had with the pavement, now know why the manufacturers put them on.

          • brando56894

            My OG Droid took a few hard falls on asphalt from about 3-5 feet up and survived each time with only a scratched chassis.

  • I’d like to see more N.F.C used, to unlock my car door, home ext..

    • 1) I think you meant etc. not ext.
      2) NFC to unlock doors is something that car manufacturers and lock manufacturers would have to work on, nothing to do with the phone.
      2a) I don’t want NFC to unlock my doors, because you know it’s eventually going to become a security issue. I don’t even want to use Google Wallet via NFC for the same reason. NFC is great for certain things, but I think we’re sacrificing security for utility a lot these days.

      • MKader17

        Put a tin foil hat on your Nexus and stop worrying about it.

      • Kane

        NFC to unlock doors would be nice. Its no less of a concern than anything else. Think how easily it is to pick a lock. Car alarms are easily defeated with the proper tools. Many people hold up a card to open doors in Enterprises and Collges. RFID which is basically the same is used in US passports.

      • Google wallet + nfc is just as safe as a plastic card.