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Google Moves Ahead of Microsoft as Second Most Valuable Tech Company, Still Far Behind Apple

The growth of Google’s stocks over the past few months have won them quite a milestone today. Google has passed Microsoft and now stands as the second most valuable tech company behind Apple. It should come to no surprise of regular readers here, but it seems that Google’s hands in almost everything tech has been working out well for them.

If Google is looking to expand the Nexus brand in the coming months their stocks could gain even more value. Microsoft also has their Surface tablets and Windows 8 coming out soon though, so the battle for second behind Apple could get heated here pretty soon.

Via: The Verge

  • mechapathy

    For a company that gives many of their services away, this is pretty impressive.

    • frankandsimple

      LOL.. Google doesn’t give ANYTHING away.. Google is a ad company primarily.. and ALL of it’s products are designed for just that.. feed ad to the public.
      Not that I am saying anything about Google.. it is after all a business.. and no business gives things away.

      • mechapathy

        You misunderstand me. They got money by not charging you money.

      • Cowboydroid

        Google is a search company. You sound like an MSbot calling them an “ad company.”

        • Google IS a ad company. Where does 90%+ of Google’s income come from? They index the net and read your Gmail emails so they can sell targeted advertisements. They give away their service so people will supply them with more personal information so they can charge more for ads.

          You sound like a typical Google fanboy, clueless of how the industry works.

          • Cowboydroid

            They monetize search through ads. This is not news. They’ve been operating this business model for over a decade. They operate the same business model as every magazine, radio station, newspaper and cable network. Do you also rail against those companies for selling ads to support their business?

            You sound like a typical MSbot that repeats the same line, over and over and over again at the behest of Steve Ballmer. How clueless you are.

  • Manny

    Apple is number one for a reason From Macs down to the iphone, More productive people use apple products and will continue to use them. Example if your in the music buisness, your studio has a mac, if you design web sites u buy a mac, these are the folks that buy iphones and ipads. Hell, I believe hearing that the Microsoft commercials that Seinfeld was on were made with macs. Google’s got no chance.

    • Buckoman

      My studio has a Mac that runs Windows 7 with FL and Reason.

      I design websites with Adobe.

      People buy iPhones and iPads because they think FaceTime is the only way to video chat someone on the phone.

      Whoop-dee-fucking do. Go home, troll.

    • UrDoGG

      What world do you live in? I design websites on a PC using Microsoft and Adobe software just fine. My friend does studio work in Nashville and I go visit him quite often, and you know what kind of computers I see in half of the studios he works in? – Windows 7 computers.

      Again, go away.

      • frankandsimple

        no offense.. but you are in Nashville.
        Secondly.. he didn’t say web pages cannot be designed in PC..
        Come over to Hollywood where the big bucks in the studio business is.. and they are all pretty much macs. I know because I have a kin in that industry.

        • UrDoGG

          Am I supposed to be impressed that most people in trendy Hollywood studios use macs? Good records come out of Nashville all the time. Don’t believe the hype, Nashville is not just about country music. I’ve been to LA and all parts of California plenty of times. It’s a cool place indeed, but it isn’t the only place in the US that has good studios, and it certainly doesn’t set what the standards are for recording in the music industry.

          No, “Manny” did not say that web pages cannot be designed on a PC, but he implied that if you design websites then you buy a mac. Which would imply that a majority of website developers buy and use macs to do their work (which is absurd).

          I don’t know why I’m arguing with you, you seem like a pretty logical guy. It’s the Manny guy that keeps trolling here and posting ridiculous things.

          • Manny

            The Majority do and the majority of music studio’s do use macs. Just turn on MTV or VH1 no your little brother mixing music with his friends. All productive music studios,Use Macs. Genius. Apple products are used for a reason. The FAA approved iPads to be used for navigation, the military uses ios, the government uses iOS, not android. Market share is useless when you have over half of these devices running gingerbread and users activating the same phone 6 or 7 times a week after trying a new rom every day. These are facts not my opinion…

          • UrDoGG

            Look who came out from underneath the bridge to spout some more insanity. Please read my next few sentences very carefully. You obviously are not a fan of Android and have come here just to piss people off. No one wants to read your idiotic comments. Go away.

          • Manny

            Dude I’ve owned OG droid,Droid X,Droid incredible,htc Thunderbolt droid 3 and a galaxy nexus that i recently sold…and honestly they all are crap with only the galaxy nexus being worth the money is spent. That is what android is 150 phones a year then a galaxy device which has bad signal and a bunch other $%$T wrong. If Google had the clout and cojones ever body here says they do they wouldn’t get pushed around the the carriers. While the carriers were all droling at a chance to get an iPhone they all look in a toilet and whoo hoo 8th razr maxx in 2012..we got a winner here.

          • DainLaguna


          • frankandsimple

            Well, having used both platforms quite extensively, I can tell you designing websites on a mac is MUCH easier.

  • Manny

    Google number 1….NEVER GONNA HAPPEN !!! Google needs to bring something new to the table and not just compete with a company that dominating everything. Maybe if those glasses they were making become a big hit is the only way. IOS is far too popular for android alone to take down.

    • mechapathy

      Maybe you missed the market share numbers. Or maybe I’m just feeding a troll.

    • Buckoman

      > Bring something new to the table.

      Like they have for the past 3+ years?

      • Manny

        You talk when Goggle brings something theirs…or home grown. The past 3 years all goggle’s brought is a new feature to someone else’s operating system, They don’t even design their own phones…goggle is good at one thing and one thing only. Search engine…

        • Buckoman

          I’m not here to hear your trolling dribble.

          Just stop responding.

    • DainLaguna

      So popular =better? Well by that metric android IS winning as it has more marketshare than ios.

  • TheWenger

    What I like about Google is that they make a huge majority of their money through ads. That means that where they truly innovate, they are free from having to worry about monetizing things and doing things just to make money (Android, Glass, etc.). As long as the user uses Google services, it’s good.

  • master94

    Google will be number 1 soon, so no worry

  • At least Google made their money the right way. They didn’t screw their customers over, charge outrageous prices or sue any company for Billions of dollars just for looks (**cough Apple cough***).

    Google will always be #1 to me because they are the company that truly revolutionized how we use mobile devices.

    • Manny

      Nope apple made billions from selling the original iphone, ipod and ipad… If google makes a device where they sell more than those 3 then you could argue. Right now your just talking out of the hole you sit on.

    • Cowboydroid

      You could literally be talking about Microsoft just as well as Apple.

      • That is the same reason Apple will become the next Microsoft. They may be rolling in the cash right now but in a few years when all the other OEMs plus Google decide to go after what is truly theirs Apple will be butt hurt!

    • Yeah, they made there money the right way, selling adds based on reading your emails and searches. That’s how Google makes 90% of its income. And Microsoft, Apple and Palm all had mobile os’s on the market before Google bought Android inc.

      Dude, you have no clue how the tech industries works or its history.

  • TD

    Google, innovation. Apple, Integration.

    • manny

      What and where did goggle innovate? Buying Android and then trying to compete with Ios. By adding features?? The only thing Google is good at is at the search engine buisness. Nothing else. They made more money off of their apps on the iphone than they do with android.

      • Buckoman

        > Google buying Android
        > Only good at search engines
        > Making profit from iOS apps.

        No, no, no. What, have you been living under the Apple branded rock since the Galaxy S came out with it’s copying of Apple? Sure, Apple made a great phone. Actually, four great phones. Google’s far ahead of Apple in features, fluidity, openness, and pretty much anything regarding specs. They own the largest email provider, the largest video upload site, the largest mobile OS marketshare, and are the ONLY ones to innovate.

        While your dock connector changes from proprietary to proprietary, I sit back and laugh even harder. When your big screen is an “innovation”, I’m already on the floor, unable to breathe from my uncontrollable laughter.

        Go home, get on your Apple branded computer, Apple branded bed, and look up how everything Apple is just falling. They don’t innovate anymore. They sue.

        And that’s how it’s going to be.

        • k_nivesout

          Google ahead of apple in fluidity? I like android, but that statement is just not correct. Also, to say that Google are the ONLY ones innovating? Not exactly. Show me an android phone with as powerful a chip as the A6 while getting as good of battery life on LTE as the iPhone 5.

          • Justin W

            Droid RAZR HD Maxx… Slightly less powerful processor, granted, but runs circles in battery life around the iPhone 5.

          • Buckoman

            The iProcessor is underclocked…

          • Buckoman

            Okay, AS fast as iOS. And the only reason the iPhone has great battery is because the processor is underclocked and moves icons on a screen. With barely any multitasking, things are merely “paused” in the background instead of running, allowing most power toward the current application.

            Allow me to be a little more clear with the “Only Google is innovating” statement. I meant as in Google v. Apple.

            Galaxy S3 has about ten hours on battery. JB should improve that. It’s taking some time, but still.

          • And to me that’s how a mobile OS should work. Whats the benefit of multitasking when your phones dead? Background apps should be paused when there not in use. Multitasking seems like a feature Google added to one up Apple but its just looks good on paper and kills batteries.

        • Manny

          Just like i thought, the comments were going to have nothing to do with the article. Most if not all android fanboys forget IT IS A BUSINESS and the article is about a valuable company. Goggle doesn’t exactly sell something. Not to a regular walk in customer now do they. And remember IOS is a Apple creation, All they do with android is ad features..that’s not innovation.

          • Buckoman

            “All they do with Android is add features. That’s not innovation.”

            I’m going to stop you right there. Just… Stop. I think we’re done here.

            And you had started bringing Android hate in the first place. Don’t even try.

          • Manny

            verb (used with object)
            2.to introduce (something new) for or as if for the first time:to innovate a computer operating system.
            3.Archaic . to alter.When has google done this with in android.? Are you kidding me.? Widgets? Notification bar.? When Google creates something that completely changes the game or at least moves the needle you let me know.

      • UrDoGG

        Go away. Please.

  • Murphy

    Good news.

  • Google will catch up to and pass Apple when Apple is still making the iPhone 10 and it looks identical to the iPhone 4 and Google is leading the cloud computing industry and implanting personal assistant chips into our brains. Hey, but by then the iPhone will have 10 rows of icons, woo hoo.

  • Meh. Once this hipster phase where everything they own has to be Apple dies out we will see a heated battle between first with all three hopefully. Then we’ll really be seeing the lawsuits fly from two directions.

    • DainLaguna

      Im a hipster and i use a galaxy nexus. Creepy huh?

      Lol to be fair, i think the whole ‘iphones are for hipsters’ hasnt been true for awhile…apple IS the mainstream now.

  • ddevito

    This is extremely impressive considering they’re core strengths make money indirectly. Advertising is a necessary evil for them and they’ve succeeded and change that game forever. Cheers Google.

    • Cowboydroid

      There’s nothing evil about targeted ads. Evil ads are the ones that have nothing to do with your interests.

  • italamode.com

    Congrats! lol the only reason why apple is still up there is because they’ve been at it a lot longer. 😉 what say we take a bit out of apple eh?!?!?!

    • Not true, Apple has way larger profit margins on all of their products.

      • Stevedub40

        Which really translates to “Apple simply rips you off for more money than it’s worth.”

        • I agree, and I don’t own any Apple products because I find greater value in other devices, but there’s a reason they’re number one.

  • Droidzilla

    Apple will be #1 in douchebaggery for a long time yet.

  • I have 300,000 shares.. I wish.

  • Don’t worry Google, you’re #1 in my mind 🙂