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Thursday Poll: How Much Data Did You Use Last Month?

Data usage is going to be a hot topic whether you want it to be or not. Now that carriers like Verizon and AT&T have created tiered and shared data plans, it’s obvious that they have realized what their next cash cow will be. Gone are the days of worrying about how many texts you sent or calls you made, in are the times when counting MBs and GBs are a daily task.

To get a good feel for the data landscape around these parts, we thought we would ask how much data you consumed last month. If you are on an individual plan, answer away. If you are on a shared plan, I’d love for you to share how much data your entire family consumed. And in case you were wondering where we got the poll options from, you can thank Verizon’s Share Everything plans for those. We built the poll around them.

How Much Data Did You Use Last Month?

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  • Welcomematt

    11 Gigs and damn proud of every one of them.

  • Turd_Ferguson

    I use on average 2-4Gb but since Watch ESPN has finally added Comcast and I have found the HBO GO app its been much higher!

  • I usually use around 3.5 GBs per month. Streaming Internet Radio (TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Rhapsody and Pandora). Then sometimes my Slingbox type device for TV.

  • Family plan with 5 lines and used 50gb total for all lines.

  • derek blaney

    9. 69 gigs of unlimited lte so far. Still have a few days to go

  • kylebrodeur

    Last month I used a little under 2GB. In July I used right under 4GB. I was in Austin for a week with no WiFi, Netflix and Youtube hammered my device.

  • getsome831

    17GB on Verizon and another 10GB over Wifi. Damn, higher than i though.

  • J. Gilbertson

    I usually use around 2 GB +/- 512 MB. I think the most I’ve ever used was 3.49 GB and that was mainly just because I had just bought and activated my RAZR. I downloaded all of my apps, games and music. For the most part I use my phone data for social, reading, browsing and downloading new apps and music. I don’t stream my music. Never been a fan of the Google Play Music app and its terrible shuffle algorithm and my data connection is a bit spotty in my office. PowerAmp ftw!

  • oh my god.. how can people use 120 GIGs a month??? Are you just downloading/streaming for the hell of it??? I thought i used a lot at about 10 to 12 gig a month…

    • Say goodbye to that LTE radio lol.

    • Diablo81588

      They’re cheap and use it as a home internet connection.

      • Cheap…. I pay upwards of $250 per month to Verizon for 3 lines of Unlimited data. UNLIMITED DATA…that means no limits, no restrictions, and no throttling, so who is to tell me I cant use MY unlimited data however I want to?

        • Diablo81588

          Unless you use all that data on your phones, you are breaking the terms of your contract. I find it hard to believe you could use that much data on your device alone.

          • Verizon could honestly care less about how we use the data. As long as the bill is paid they can’t really do anything. If they were to dive right in and try to break down the data packets being sent / received they would be breaking federal laws and even the constitution! Yikes! is $20/ month for tethering worth millions of dollars in fines, court costs, lawyer fees, etc. Verizon would be forced to pay for breaking these laws? No.

          • Diablo81588

            They would only be breaking the law if they throttle your connection on LTE. That doesn’t mean they can’t cut your service off if you are abusing the system. Every ISP has a “fair use” policy in the contract you signed that states if you use an unreasonable amount of data, and it is affecting the integrity of the network, they have the right to terminate your service whenever they see fit. Verizon ABSOLUTELY cares how you use your internet connection, especially if you’re abusing it by replacing your home ISP.

        • chris125

          Unlimited data on your *phone* anything else they can cut you off.

          • J Dub

            So people can’t use their phone as their media hub now? Streaming music and Netflix to their home speakers and tv? Not to mention music while traveling. Music and videos at work? Regular app updating? Emails?

          • chris125

            Uum email and updates would be the phones data…

          • J Dub

            So would everything else listed.

          • Diablo81588

            No one is saying you can’t use your phone to stream music and movies. The problem is when people illegally tether their phone to their computer without paying for it. If you pay for an unlimited hotspot plan, tether as much as you want.

          • leoingle

            So if i pay Verizon an extra 30 bucks a month, are you gonna stop being such a butthurt lil bitch and will your life be better? If not then dont worry about what other people do and mind your own business.

          • Diablo81588

            I could care less how much you pay Verizon. I will continue to worry about what people do IF IT DIRECTLY AFFECTS ME. I can no longer use upgrades and get discounted pricing on phones because idiots like you decide to abuse the network and ruin it for everyone else.

          • leoingle

            Can you provide evidence that that is the sole reason they did it? Because I can provide evidence of them saying 95% of users dont ever use over 2GB so that is why they did it.

          • How does it directly affect you? The users that use over 100gb are in the minority here and 4G LTE speeds are still shockingly fast so I really don’t see the correlation here. Verizon’s network was built for one reason and that is to MAKE money, they decided to make shared plans to improve their profits by charging absurd prices for data and covering it up by trying to make it look like a good deal.

          • J Dub

            So what happens if you hook your phone up to a monitor and also a bluetooth mouse and keyboard combo? Is that considered fair use?

          • Diablo81588

            Sure, as long as your using the phone itself and not tethering it to a computer.

  • cheezer88

    i use 6 to 10 only because i don’t have internet at home so i have to use my phone for everything.

  • Donnie

    1.4GB, which is about double my normal amount. I was travelling a bit and had to hotspot for a while.

  • 40.24GB, 4G just was activated in my area and it is faster than my home internet…

  • watchthesky

    I usually use around 1GB but my DSL was out for a few days so I tethered and ended up using 2GB in a day, oops.

  • Michael Quinlan

    I chose 0-1GB, but that’s too broad of a category for me. My actual usage was 268MB. I really can’t fathom how people in the 10GB+ range have time to do important things like, say, earn a living.

    • EvanTheGamer

      So you like download one app per month or something? Or use your phone 5 times a month? Wow, 268MB seems pretty damn low.

  • Who knows. When you are a crack flasher these stats disappear. 🙂

  • 22GB … No tethering a lot of downloading/streaming though. VZW 4G LTE FTW

  • EvanTheGamer


    lol j/k At least 2GB-4GB easily. Maybe more depending on my mood.

    • fixxmyhead

      LIES!!! screenshot or it didnt happen.

      u tethering to ur whole neighborhood?

      • EvanTheGamer

        LOL! I wish!

    • If you truly hit a full Terabyte I would be shocked!

      I just did a quick calculation and to get 1TB in a month it would require you to download over 33GB/day for the entire month!

      • EvanTheGamer

        Yeah… *cough*


  • Tom Christopher

    tethered droid razr playing DOTA2 on 4g….like a baus.

  • So much for needing an unlimited plan(end sarcasm).

  • Dre Fay

    27.12 GB used this month and still a weekend to go. Unlimited VZW= Retail prices are in my future

  • 900Bm, a month between me and my wife

  • I average 6gb a month. My wife averages 3gb a month and my son averages 2. We all use wifi when we’re at home too so the tiered pricing would obviously suck if we were to switch to it.

    • Stevedub40

      Amen. I was looking at my bill the other day to see if there was anyway I could move from unlimited, but my wife and I both average around 6GB/month, and there was a few 18-20GB spikes when I did not have internet at home. There is no way I could make it on a capped data plan.

  • Kyle Bailey

    For me it was about 3.999GB. But that was because I decided to go around campus streaming Google Music. I usually just save them to be played offline, but I got lazy this month after re-flashing my phone.

    • Ya Google music is what really sucks my data the only reason I whish I had unlimited.

  • Adrian Fishler

    all of the lines together was over 25gb

  • Carlton Madden

    It’s so rare that I’m anywhere that doesn’t have wifi. My wife and I share a meager 200Mb AT&T data plan. Last month we use 26.5Mb.

  • For my 5 line family plan, we used a combination of 3.8GB between us all last month. My father, being a truck driver, usually uses the most since he streams and uses it for entertainment on his off hours. I only used a pitiful 669MB, but have been known to use at least a few GBs on some months. My mother doesn’t even know how to use her phone, and my wife stays on WiFi all day at home.

    However, the record for one line was when my wife and I were dating she had my oid D2 and clocked 26GB on the first month… all on 3G and 1X. I’m still scratching my head on that one…

    I know I don’t use that much, but I like having the ability to go over if I need to. Plus I only pay $45 for all my lines combined and I can’t even get the 1GB shared plan for that price. So, I’ll pay retail until the end of time if I can help it!

    • noc007

      You pay $45/mo total? That’s what they charged for an unlimited data plan to begin with years ago. What grandfathered plan are you on? If I had that, I wouldn’t be bitching as much as I am now.

      • Talk & Text Plus Data 1400 – Basically its a $20 data discount on each line of unlimited. Add on top the 8% discount and its around $45/month for 5 lines of unlimited.

  • Booyah

    I’m at about 8GB from streaming Netflix and other streaming apps and tethering Netflix to my N7 where I don’t have good Wi Fi. Unlimited FTW.

  • I used more than 10GB last month. I tend to stream Lex and Terry on my 40 minute drive to work (one way). Now that college football is back, I occasionally stream out of market games using TuneIn.

  • kixofmyg0t

    I used to use over 10 GB a month when I had Gummy on my Bionic. Then switched to the 232 leak and saw my data use cut in half. Gummy seriously had something going on with it.

  • 15GB so far this month, and that’s w/o doing any tethering. Our home DSL is craptastic at best, and the VZW 4G LTE is a lot faster, so I do everything on my phone.

    • +1 for craptastic lol

    • leoingle

      Thats the exact same position I am in now. before i got 4G at my place i used maybe 50MB, now i used 5-20G a month.

      • Joshhud

        You guys have 4G but not high speed cable internet?!?!!? crazy

  • js

    From Sept 1-27…Only about 3.11GB

  • jak_341

    I average about 35 to 45 gigabytes a month.

  • Adam Medina

    A few months ago ,I moved and didn’t have cable internet for a month and used 60GB. I though Verizon might catch on to me tethering but they never said a word lol. No throttling either.

  • pimfram

    Phone says about 10.66 GB.

  • i use between 50-300g depending on the month (use hotspot for home net), i pay for double unlimited (phone + hotspot), im going to burn every mb i can untill they pry it from my cold dead hands. ill buy phones @ retail until the end of time, i win in the end always 🙂

    • Butters619

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      • fixxmyhead

        its porn. tired of that stupid internet slang

        • Michael_NM

          It’s “it’s.”

          • It’s actually its. Not It’s.

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          • Michael_NM

            Nope. It’s a shame that the apostrophe often loses its place.

          • You realize you just gave the same example twice?

            The baby’s rattle is over there; it’s blue.

            The baby’s rattle is over there; its rattle is blue.

          • fixxmyhead

            Touche but i was talking about stupid words like prOn , pwned and stupid crap like that

        • Its porn, I’m tired of that stupid internet slang.

          • noobslice

            it’s = it is

          • J Dub

            Or it’s. As in it’s shoe. Shows possession.

          • JoshGroff

            His shoe, her shoe, its shoe. There is no apostrophe to show possession on pronouns.

          • brandnew234

            Your right.

          • Dom Suppa

            Its you’re ………….. Figured I join in on the fun.

          • @jdubau55:disqus : Nope. It’s is an abbreviation of “it is.” This is an exception to the rule in which you use an apostrophe and s to show possession. To show possession you omit the apostrophe in this case.


          • Droid-Life-and-Grammar-Nazis

          • bkDJ

            JoshGroff is correct. “Its” is only possessive. “It’s” can only be “it is” (it’s cold today) or “it has” (it’s been a pleasure).

    • woot

      how much u pay for unlimited hotspot?

      • antinorm

        If you have unlimited data, unlimited hotspot is $30/month extra.

        • msr

          You can use foxfi phone doesnt need to be rooted as well as other options for tethering

      • Brian

        Use a ROM to get it for free… and it will just use your data plan’s data which for you would be unlimited.

    • fixxmyhead

      damn do u work? i cant even use that much even if i tried and i watch movies on netflix

      • It isn’t that hard, I use around 50-100gb and its mainly from YouTube and Netflix! I use the HD Station on my Razr and have the HDMI out to my HDTV so it streams full 720p YouTube and full HD Netflix which can chug data!

        • fixxmyhead

          Well i dont have a hd tv so i can only watch it on my N7.

          • The N7 is far more HD than my 720p HDTV, if you had it set right to view in full 720p HD it would display the entire picture.

          • fixxmyhead

            Oh yeah I forgot but the shows on netflix are not hd at least the ones I watch. And every time I try to watch hd movies or videos on YouTube my N7 has trouble playing it. I have an N router rated for up to 150 transfer rate but for some reason it always stutters and doesn’t pull big MB’s. I have an app that shows how much data Ur pulling and when I turn on the HD option it barely pulls down 1MB a second. Btw my Internet connection is 10MBps it should be fast enough right?

          • I have an N+ at 300mb/s and it can’t even pull a 720p feed from YouTube without stoping to buffer. However it is mostly the ISP’s fault, SpeedTest may say you can get 10mb/s but just about every other program will say otherwise, unless your ISP has guaranteed speeds there isn’t much you can do besides pay extra and get a higher plan or switch ISPs.

            10mb/s should be plenty to watch in 720p but like I said, unless you are truly getting the 10mb/s it won’t matter.

          • fixxmyhead

            yea i get that too damn those greedy stupid ISPs. ill stick with my current plan cuz its pretty cheap and its ok for now its not a big deal for me to watch in HD

      • DeathfireD

        Run a streaming music player for a few hours and you’ll easily use 1GB or more.

    • abqnm

      Don’t get too comfortable. I see the end of unlimited coming within the next 1.75-2 years, MAX. That is likely the reason they are requiring full price upgrades to be able to keep it. If they let you sign a contract, they would have to honor the plan for the duration of the contract. By discontinuing the ability to sign a contract with unlimited data, that gives them ~2 years from June to get everyone off a contract with unlimited, and then they can just drop the plan entirely without violating their end of the agreement. That said, they will likely lose a lot of pissed off customers when they do it though. Sprint may be an alternative (since they seem to want to keep going with unlimited), but not really a great option until 2053 when they get LTE up to where Verizon has it right now…

      • michael arazan

        Yes, but sprint is now heading in the right direction, they are 6 months ahead of schedule for starting their true lte network, it was announced to start up in 2013. Not to mention keeping unlimited. If more people start to move to Sprint from att and verizon, they would be able to cover areas larger and faster with their network and 4g. If verizon tries to screw me, I’m going to sprint, living in st,louis, I’m going to bet it’ll have lte from sprint before the end of the year.

        • abqnm

          Yeah St Louis is likely for Sprint. So far they have announced and rolled out mostly small cities or obscure areas though. They did this same thing with 3g rollout years ago which is why I left them for Verizon. They took 3 years to even cover the top 75 metro areas in the US. They skipped big cities and rolled out 3g to BFE first. They seem to be doing the same with 4g.

  • T4rd

    I just got 4G/LTE in my work area last month. I used to use 1-2 GBs/month. This month I used almost 4 GBs.

    Verizon can suck a dong if they think I’ll move to a tiered plan. No way I’m paying more for less service. I only use use 3-4 hundred mins/month, so unlimited talk is useless. So is tethering if you plan to do anything other than browse the web much (and I’m already tethering for free anyways =p).

  • JDHokie

    I’ve never used more than 2GB/month. I use WiFi at home and work, and don’t really stream much content to my phone. I’ve started tethering my N7, though, so I expect my usage to go up some.

  • idk

    I used a little over 7 from Spotify and Netflix.

  • I find myself sticking to wifi most of the time due to the battery life drain you get with LTE. Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

  • schmaltzy

    I got my S3 before the shared plans started….then, middle of August, 4G got turned on in my city. So just to stick it Verizon I would leave my 4G on all the time and use ti to download ROM’s. Racked up 7.5 GB in about 2 weeks.

  • technician199

    112MB of mobile data and 2GB on wifi.

  • With LTE and Unlimited … who cares ? lol

  • Bigwavedave25

    I average around 12GB. Range form 6-30+GB depending on circumstances.

    • Apostrafee


      • Bigwavedave25

        umm, not sure if my other comment is going to show up…”abuse reports”? hahaa. Of data or what? Outside image link to photobucket?

        Basically showed i’m at 32Gb for the month currently. Some tethering involved. netflix, youtube, web, roms, etc oh yea, and letting my wife’s iphone jump on the 4g goodness also. 😉

        • Apostrafee

          That’s intense

      • Bigwavedave25

        ah, figured it out.
        here you go.

  • Rob

    Before having an LTE device I usually had less than 1 GB a month; since then I have been over 5 GB every month. Ahh the joys of LTE and unlimited data… for now.

  • triangle8

    Mobile data usage is between 1-2Gb, but total usage is much higher with wifi…

  • Braden

    Approximately 120 Mb …

  • BigLa

    I technically use well over 10GB, but I’m almost always on WiFi. Still rocking unlimited data though…

  • lp

    if you flash roms often (via galaxy nexus. of course), this can cost you ~700 MB per set-up…TGFUnlimited Data.

    • Kyle

      Why. Do you not use titanium backup, and re-download all your apps. That seems like a pain.

      • Corey Hass

        Downloading the ROM itself…not re-installing all the apps.

  • I use about 6 a month. Tethering from my Gnex to Nexus and using YouTube is what gets me. Which is why I’d be dead if I ever switched to a tiered plan.

    I will be buying full price from now on sadly, unless Sprint someday gets LTE up like Verizon does.

    • I know in Gainesville, I’m getting 16-20 Mbps, while Sprint’s website claims 6-10 w/ a max of 20; I was getting 22-23 Mbps one evening in Ocala.

      • In Central Florida when I first got my Thunderbolt 2 years ago I was getting consistent readings of over 40mb/s and spikes as high as 60mb/s. It was awesome but for me 20mb/s is still plenty.

  • No idea.. I flash a new rom every 3-5 days, so my counter resets. Whats the Verizon short code and tag to find out via text?

    • #DATA

      • T4rd

        Or you can just download the My Verizon app to check it.

        • Ugh… why would you do that?

        • Droidzilla

          You could also pee in your own face to check your body temperature, I guess.