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FileBeam for Android, Transfer Files From Dropbox to a Friend’s Account With NFC

Here’s a neat app we just uncovered thanks to a reader submission. It’s called FileBeam and it utilizes our device’s NFC technology to transfer files straight from our Dropbox accounts right to a friend or colleague’s Dropbox account. Once you’ve logged into your Dropbox account through the API, you can then select which file/folder to transfer, then simply tap the two phones together as you normally would, and boom, the file is available on the second device holder’s account. 

If you utilize NFC often on your phone, then give this a shot. And hey, if you weren’t using it much before, maybe this will help you use it more.

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Cheers Fernando!

  • D.C.

    Maybe I’m missing the point of this app, but wouldn’t it be simpler to just share the file directly within Dropbox? What’s the point of using NFC when it can already be done device-to-device via the Cloud.

    • moon1991

      That is a great question. In order to share folders on Dropbox, you need to create a folder, and drag the files into the folder. You also need to know the email addresses of people who you want to share the folders with.
      FileBeam skips all those steps and transfer the files directly. (Keep in mind that the app doesn’t help with sharing folders.)

  • Scott

    Wouldn’t load on my RZR running IC? Google play said not compatible.

    • moon1991

      Does your phone have NFC? Some IC supported devices don’t have NFC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/FileBeam?ref=ts
    If there are any questions, feel free to talk to us!
    We are very friendly developers.

  • Follow FileBeam on twitter too! It needs fans and supporters <3

  • moon1991

    Hi, my name is Fong and I’m one of the developers of FileBeam. We are planning to add more features to the app. Let us know if you have any questions!Thank you all for the support. Like our Facebook page to get latest news: https://www.facebook.com/FileBeam

  • Hey kellex,wow that was fast, didn’t think you’d put my article suggestion up so fast.

    • moon1991

      Saw your comment in the other article. Thanks for suggesting FileBeam to be featured on Droid Life. You are awesome!

      • Your welcome.thanks for making an excellent and simple app

  • martyh

    I just checked this app out on the Play Store: in the app’s description, which I don’t see mentioned in this mini review — the FileBeam app must be running on both devices, i.e. the sending *and* the receiving devices. (If this is mentioned in the vid, my apologies; I wasn’t into watching the vid.)

  • florious80

    And this is why android is better than iPhone 5, since last year…

  • MafiaMM


  • socalrailroader

    My name is not Fong Chin! Crazy program 😀

  • Guest

    Now I just need friends D:

  • OreoMan

    Wait, Apple decided to pass on this technology, so is anyone using this? It must be bug. It’s not cool until Apple says it is! /S

    • Haha. Apple phones has never been imo as great as Androids. Their other products however, are genius. So comparing mobile app standards to those of an iPhone isn’t exactly something I’d agree on.

  • Josh Flowers

    if they implement Drive, then i’m on it.

    • hohoho +1 sir

    • MikeSaver

      Yes I use drive!

    • moozicmon

      They are planning on adding more cloud services soon.

    • michael arazan

      I have Box 50 gb, Dirve 100gb, and Minus 10 gb, need a way to transfer for these, not to mention does it allow transfer of large files like HD videos.